Body NO. 308 Chapter a gas

I'm Hollywood, the newest chapter, the No. 308 chapter, the air, the flying astronomy

    “Hey, breakfast,” Nicole put the trays in front of Eric and sat down on the other side. ⊙

    Eric, who just sat down at the table, looked at the things in the tray and asked, "Milk, and, I said, I don't like single-sided frying."

    "Love not to eat, and, I have a notice to go to New York for a few days, come back and don't come here, you will continue to let the servant prepare breakfast for you."Nicole poked the salad in front of him with a fork and said.

    Eric smiled: "I haven't lost my breath yet. Drew left yesterday. Today, you are gone. Isn't there me alone in the villa."

    "Hey, that's what I am doing, anyway, you beckoning, there will be a woman willing to pounce on it," Nicole said discouragedly.

    "Okay, okay, I formally apologize for my behavior yesterday, Miss Kidman, forgive me, okay?"

    "Not forgiven, you are a jerk, my…That hurts for a long time. ”

    Eric spread out the newspaper on the table and said, "That's not blaming you. If you don't always seize every opportunity to call me, it won't happen."

    "you……I don't talk to you," Nicole lowered his head with a small mouth and gasped like a breakfast in front of him, squeaking the vegetable salad bite, as if biting Eric.

    The girl used to look like a steady and steady look. Before Eric hadn't seen the girl's gaffe, it was the first time I saw Nicole playing a little temper, and it was really cute.

    Laughing and getting up, took the milk from the refrigerator and poured a cup for himself, and pushed it to Nicole: "Would you like a glass of milk?" If you always eat salad, your body will not hold it. Good shape. How do you suddenly have to diet? I still prefer the feeling of flesh. ”

    Nicole glanced at Eric again and poured himself a glass of milk.

    Eric laughed, took a few mouthfuls of milk, and ate casually while looking at the newspaper in front of him while eating breakfast.

    After a while, Eric suddenly put down the tableware in his hand and took a piece of newspaper, and the photos on the newspaper were clear at a glance. It was the scene when he met Cruise yesterday. The photos were taken through a glass window. Eric and Nicole are just a back, but Cruise and Paula.Wagner's face is very clear.

    "Tom.Cruise criticized Ghost in person and suspected that it was falling out with Williams. ”

    "Hollywood's famous Director Eric.Williams' new film is in the midst of intense preparations, and the male Heroine candidate has become the focus of attention. Yesterday, our reporter found Eric.Williams and Tom.Cruise meets at a famous restaurant on Willy Avenue in Hollywood, suspected to be Eric.Williams invited Tom.Cruise joins his new film actor.

    However, things seem very unsatisfactory, through Tom.Analysis of Cruise Lips. Our reporter found that the negotiations between the two sides seem to be very unsatisfactory.

    Cruise In the name of Williams, the actor who played "Ghost" was 'very stupid'. Tom .Cruise is not with Eric.Williams talked too much about Ghost. Instead, she talked with Williams's female companion, Nicole Kidman, who made her name with Sleepless in Seattle. She once invited Nicole Kidman to join her new film and called Ghost again. Heroine didn't have any room to play, just a vase that kept crying.

    Cruise and Paula.After Wagner and Williams separated, Williams and Nicole Kidman sat in the seat for a long time. Because of the backing, we couldn't know what the two men had discussed. However, after a while, Williams immediately got up and Nicole Kidman looked anxiously. Go out.

    Look at the situation, we are the playboy to Nicole Kidman and Tom.Cruise's conversation was very dissatisfied, perhaps because Nicole Kidman starred in the new film of Cruise, and he was angry and left, between Williams and Nicole Kidman, probably because of Tom.Cruise, and there is a crack. ”

    Eric reluctantly read the newspaper a few times and handed it to the opposite Nicole: "Look, there is something wrong."

    Nicole took the newspaper and read it in front of him, and then snorted: "There is nothing wrong with the news on the news, and there has indeed been a crack between us."

    "Nicole, in fact, your little temper looks very cute, don't believe you to take a look at the mirror."

    "Humph!"The girl is coldly snorted, ignores Eric's teasing and continues to eat breakfast.

    Eric didn't have the heart of breakfast. Although he didn't care about falling out with Cruise, the comments on the newspaper about Cruise's evaluation of "Ghost" had to be taken seriously. If not clarified and counterattacked as soon as possible, Wan A media will turn its attention to "Ghost", which may lead to a preconceived notion in the public. It’s too bad to have a reputation for a bad movie before it’s started.

    Picking up the newspaper and coming to the living room, dialing Kapoor's phone and negotiating with the other party, Kapoor said that he would contact Cruise to make a statement as soon as possible.

    There is no comment on Eric and Nicole on the newspaper, indicating that paparazzi of tabloid newspaper really only knows part of the conversations of several people by lip language, not recording, otherwise, Cruise and Paula.After Wagner left, the conversations between Eric and Nicole were more newsworthy and would definitely be exposed.

    Putting down the topic, Eric returned to the living room again and looked at Nicole, who was still eating breakfast slowly. He said: "Tabloid newspaper reporters will read their lips. It seems that they should be more careful in speaking later, even if no one has no bugs around them. I can't talk nonsense."

    Nicole rolled his eyes at Eric and ignored it. Eric continued to read the newspaper while eating breakfast. But this meal is not destined to be so calm, Eric quickly saw another pair of men and women on the other side of the newspaper, the man looked attentively, and the girl's face was also a faint smile.

    Shaking his head, Eric picked up the newspaper and got up again to go to the living room, dialed a phone call and explained it, and finally returned to the living room. Finish the breakfast.

    Have had breakfast. Eric drove Nicole to the airport. Only to the headquarters of Firefly.

    When I came to the company, it was almost ten o'clock, but it just happened to catch up with Robert at ten o'clock.Shey agreed to meet.

    Because "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Box Office was a great success, these days Robert.Shea’s mood is inevitably a bit different. After all, when Firefly acquired the new line, the market value of the new line was only 150 Million USD , Robert .When Shea took Eric's trouble, she barely knocked out 10% of the shares from Eric. Increased your share of Firefly's share to 25%.

    But then, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was released. The film won the 30 Million USD Box Office in the first week, and the heart was ecstatic, Robert.Shay is inevitably caught in a big loss.

    Because if he insisted on not selling new lines, then the success of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" will be exclusive to the new line.

    In terms of the current Box Office trend, the movie Box Office has more than 100 Million USD without any problems in overseas markets, video tapes and surrounding markets. It’s also very easy to get a total profit of 100 million, plus this movie can develop a sequel. With this movie alone, the market value of the new line can be doubled at least.

    "If you don't sell it, how good it is," Robert.Shee has been in private for more than once these days, but nothing helps.

    In a small conference room in Firefly, four people sat down in a small meeting table, Robert.Xie Yi introduced Eric to the two people around him and said: "Eric, this is the script I have chosen these days. Should you look at it first? Oh, and, these two are Ronald.Bath and Nancy.Price, the scriptwriter of this script and the author of the original novel. ”

    Eric nodded and took the script and looked at the title of the cover. The eyebrows suddenly picked up and said "Sleeping with the Enemy."

    In memory, this is a movie starring Julia. It looks like Box Office is still very good.

    "Eric, is there any problem?"Robert .Shee saw the strangeness in Eric's expression, thinking that Eric was somewhat dissatisfied with the script, but this time, with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" as a foundation, Robert.The spirit of Xie Yi’s heart has also increased greatly. He even thinks that even if he failed once, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” has already transferred a lot of money to Firefly, and the money should have been his. So even if Eric objects again, Robert.Shea has no intention of compromising.

    Eric shook his head: "Nothing."After that, Eric let go of the script and quickly flipped through the page.

    After a few minutes, Eric read the script and looked up at Robert.Xie Yidao: "Robert, are you sure you want to make this movie?"

    Robert .Shee definitely nodded. "Eric, you said before, I won't intervene and I pick the script. As long as I choose, you will sign it."

    Eric heard Robert .She is unwilling to be in the tone of voice. Of course, he can understand why, smile gently, and said: "Of course, I will definitely speak, this thriller script is not bad, yes, you have Actors. ?"

    Robert .Shee had already planned to dispute with Eric. See Eric this time without any objection. The original incomprehensible atmosphere could not be vented. It suddenly became awkward and silent, but then he said: "Yes. This is also my day with Ronald.Bath and Nancy.Both of them came to the cause, Ronald, for you. ”

    I have been sitting in Robert .Ronald Road next to Shay: "Mr. Williams, this is the case. After the script was written, I and Nancy agreed that the film was made by Julia.Ms. Roberts is best suited to Heroine, but we have made an invitation before, but Julia.Ms. Roberts’s manager refused directly, and Mr. Shay said that maybe you can help. ”

    "Robert, what do you mean?"Eric looked at Robert again .Shea.

    Robert .Xie nodded: "I also think, Julia.Ms. Roberts is the most suitable Heroine in this movie. I also personally gave Kapoor.Sid called, but Kapoor said that Ms. Julia didn't like the script, so she didn't want to play. I think, with your relationship with Julia's, you should be able to help persuade. ”

    Eric rubbed the script for a moment and nodded. "Okay, I will try it."

    "Eric, we don't know you and Julia's relationship, so please give me an accurate answer?"Robert .Shei continued.

    Eric raised the eyebrow, thought about it, or nodded: "Well, I promise Julia will play, but in terms of pay, you need to talk to Kapoor personally. Now uta is gone, I am just a good friend with Kapoor. So it's impossible to slap on Julia's pay."

    "This is no problem at all," Robert.Xie Yidao: "Yes, this movie, I have a preliminary estimate. The budget is about 30 Million USD. I am also planning to find a star of the a star to star in the movie."

    Eric thought a little about the script he had just seen, and recalled the movie in his mind. He knew that the movie would definitely cost less than 30 Million USD.

    Looking at Robert, who is eager to try to argue with himself.Shay, Eric chuckled and said, "Okay, 30 Million USD."

    Robert .Shei’s savings were nowhere to vent again, and some irritatedly took a few cups of coffee in front of the cup. I don’t know why, he’s so excited today that he wants to quarrel with Eric, or whatever. But until now, Eric does not give him any chance.

    "Ronald, Nancy, you should go to my office for a while, I will discuss some other things with Eric, and I will talk to you about the movie in a while."

    "Okay, Mr. Shay," the two men were also the task of humanity training, and realized that the atmosphere between the two was not too harmonious, so they quickly left the office.

    "Eric, about the overseas release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", I think it's best to give Disney the best release, Michael.Eisner's division is very high. If we do it according to your previous plans, I think we will earn at least 10 Million USD or more. ”Waiting for two people to go out, Robert.Shay talked about the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

    "Michael.Is Eisner in contact with you? ”Eric asked in surprise.

    "Of course," Robert.Shee seemed to feel that she had caught up with the dissatisfaction in Eric's tone and immediately said: "Eric, I know some time ago, Michael.Eisner did target you, but things have passed, and you have also received the "Ghost" script, which I think can be over. And, I am with Michael.Eisner contact is also for the benefit of Firefly. "Unfinished, please search for astronomical literature, the novel is better updated faster!

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