Body No. 310 Chapter It’s a misunderstanding.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 310 is a misunderstanding, floating astronomy

    Robert .After Shea finished the sentence, the two men fell into a short silence, and the four eyes stared at each other in unison. After a while, Eric first avoided Robert.Shay’s eyes, Robert.She smiled with a victory on her face. ○

    "Well, Robert, if you insist."Eric's voice was slightly hoarse and the tone became a bit lower.

    Robert .Shee heard Eric say this, giving a laugh that she thought was very hearty, and stretched out her hand, as if she wanted to pat Eric's shoulder, but the two were separated by the meeting table, Robert.This action by Shay is certainly not successful.

    "Eric, don't do this. You have to believe me. In Hollywood, money is the most important thing. If you don't have money, everything is empty talk. The distribution channel is not built in two days. Look at other Film Studios now. Which one is not a history of decades."

    Robert .After Shea finished, Eric looked down slightly. I don't know if it was recognition or something else: "Right, Robert, Jeffrey told me that you were not very optimistic about the "Basic Instinct" project before?"

    Robert .Xie Yi squatted and nodded. "Yes, Eric, I think…"

    Eric is not in the mood to listen to Robert .Shei’s reason, I heard Robert.Shei said this and said directly: "If this is the case, then the project will be cancelled."

    Robert .Shay opened his mouth: "What, take…Cancel, but has Jeffrey started the casting from time to time? ”

    “I mean canceling from the company’s production plan this year,” Eric looked up. “If the film is made, it will be very troublesome in grading. and so. In order to avoid risks. I plan to invest from the Seventh National Congress. In addition, I personally invest a part of it and set up a separate shell company to operate. ”

    Robert .Shea has been in Hollywood for 20 years. How could she not understand what Eric said? He really doesn't like the script "Basic Instinct", but he doesn't have too strong opposition.

    Now, Eric does this, which is equivalent to making the film's production separate from Firefly. Then if the film is successful in the future, neither copyright nor revenue will have anything to do with Firefly, that is to say, it has nothing to do with him.

    Robert .How could Shee not understand, this is Eric's counterattack on his own actions, he has just been 'willful', and Eric, as a major shareholder, has more capricious capital.

    Psychological suffering has been lost for a while, Robert.Shay said: "Eric, although I am not very optimistic, I don't really object…"

    "According to the current plan. In the summer, we will release the "Sleeping with the Enemy" that you are responsible for, "The Silence of the Lambs" by tgFilm Studio. There is also a part of "Ghost", which we jointly released with Disney. I think that Firefly shouldn't have much resources to release "Basic Instinct", so it's a good idea to separate this project and avoid risk. ”

    Thought for a while, Robert.Shee bites his teeth, he doesn't believe it, Eric will continue to succeed, so soon, Robert.Shay nodded. "Well, Eric, just do what you said."

    In fact, even Robert.Shea disagreed, and Eric planned to do the same.

    Previous life "Basic Instinct" Box Office is also 100 Million USD, no matter the word of mouth or Box Office, can not be compared with "Ghost" and "The Silence of the Lambs", perhaps even "Sleeping with the Enemy" is not as good.

    But at Robert.In the case of Xie Yi who gave the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to Disney's, Eric had to react to let Robert.Shee has a scruples. Otherwise, Eric can be sure, Robert.Shea will continue to keep pace.

    "So, I am going to be busy first," listened to Robert.In the answer from Shea, Eric nodded and stood up and left the meeting room.

    Robert .After Eric, such as Shea, left, he proudly curled up his mouth and finished the coffee in front of him before he got up and left.


    On the hills of Santa Monica, north of Malibu, in the woods, dozens of crews are busy, and all kinds of photographic equipment are everywhere.

    Here is the filming of X-Files. Although the story in X-Files takes place in the major states of United States, it is impossible to run around when shooting, but to framing around Los Angeles, or in the studio. Inside the scene shooting, only really can not avoid, will go to the corresponding state to take some location, and then through the editing of the composition.

    Muller and Scully drove a black Ford car through a small road between the trees. Muller was chatting with Scully leisurely, and the radio inside the car suddenly became strange in the sound of Ziz. A mess, Muller quickly stopped the car.

    "Card, this lens is over, Raymond, take the camera off the car, Brad, Fami, you can take a break," Director Gold.Mannas shouted at the people with a horn in his hand, and the workers quickly got busy.

    Brad .Pete and Famke Janssen also heard the director's words, and also said that they got off the bus, Brad.Pete took a bottle of water from the logistics and handed it to Famke Janssen, and the girl smiled and thanked him.

    "Hey, Fami, there are two more hours to get off work, how about going to the club together at night?"Brad .Pitt saw the girl in a good mood and issued an invitation in due course.

    Famke Janssen hesitated, although these days get along, he is against Brad.Pete felt good. Even when they were walking together, they were photographed by paparazzi and boarded the newspaper.

    But the girl’s mind will always flash another figure, but she knows very well how this Heroine got it. The little man gave this role to her in a lot of strong competitors. Any newcomer to the performing arts experience, the meaning is already very obvious, he looks at himself. The girl knows that she signed the Actor contract, which is equivalent to some things by default.

    Originally thought Eric.Williams will soon send an invitation to herself, but she has just gotten this role soon. Eric .Williams is in a storm. There is nothing left in the matter.

    Plus Brad.Pete was tirelessly dedicated. Famke Janssen feels pretty good with this man, Brad.Pete was gentle and considerate, and he was very jealous of women. Famke Janssen slowly began to feel heart.

    "Maybe, he has forgotten himself."

    The girl thought this way, there was no movement for a few months, and the other party was obviously a playboy. How could the lack of a woman beside the playboy? He may be just an unremarkable passerby around him.

    Beautiful women are always inevitably proud, so these ideas will inevitably make the girl feel a bit frustrated, and she feels more unhappy when she signs the Actor contract for this role.

    "I think, maybe, okay," Famke Janssen thought for a moment and nodded slightly.

    Brad .Pete smiled even more brilliantly: "Right, do you have a frequent bar?"

    Famke Janssen shook his head: "Sorry. I used to live in New York, and you just pick a family. ”

    "no problem."Brad .The skin features nodding.

    Two people are about to continue to say something, a car directly into the crew, Hans, one of the producers of X-Files.Whittle got out of the car, looked around and saw the two people gathered together, and frowned slightly.

    "Hey, Hans, how come you?"Hans.Whittle has not yet reached the front of the two, Director Gold.Mannas greeted him.

    Hans.Whittle laughed with gold.Manus shook hands and headed for Brad.Pete and Famke Janssen pointed out: "I am looking for them."

    "whats the matter?"gold.Mannas asked.

    Hans.Whittle shrugged helplessly: "Mr. Williams is looking for them. ”

    "Mr. Williams…"gold.Mannas stunned and soon reflected that he could be Hans.What Whittle calls is only Eric.Williams is alone: ​​"Is there anything?"

    Hans.Whittle stuffed a newspaper into gold.Mannas’s hand: “Look at it yourself.”

    At this time, Brad.Pete and Famke Janssen also came together and saw Hans.Whittle gave gold.Mannes's newspaper, two people are stunned, and that version of the newspaper is obviously a picture of two people.

    Brad .Pete is very clear, Hans.Whittle is the Producer of Firefly. I feel a bad feeling in my heart. I won't be so unlucky. He hasn't forgotten it. It was originally a TV serInternet Explorer s group in New York because of the TV serInternet Explorer s. A situation in which Heroine got up and was embarrassed to get out of the crew.

    Although he hated Eric very much at the time, things went slowly and Eric became more and more dazzling, and he became more and more insignificant. One person will envy those who lead one or two steps ahead of themselves, but for those who are far more than themselves, they usually do not feel this way.

    Although Eric is much younger than him, Brad.Pete did not produce much negative emotions for Eric, but rather a little more fear.

    When the original crew was just founded, he was worried that Famke Janssen might be Eric's woman, so there was no idea at first, but over time, Brad.Pete found that Famke Janssen and Eric didn't seem to have any connection, and they were more confident in their pursuit.

    But now, he found himself miscalculated.

    Blinking around Famke Janssen, Brad.Pete really wants to slap himself. This woman has no previous performance experience and can be picked out from a large number of auditors. The ghost believes it is luck.

    Since it is not luck, it must be for other reasons. And "X-Files" male Heroine is Eric.Williams personally made a decision, then this 'other reason' is more obvious.

    gold.Mannas looked at Brad on the side of the newspaper for a walk.Pete and Famke Janssen, as well as the article about "X-Files" male Heroine rubbing out the spark of love, curiously asked: "Hans, what does this mean?"

    Hans.Whittle is close to gold.Mannas said a few words, gold.Mannas looked at the men and women in front of him and immediately said: "Hans, I think there must be something wrong with this. I thought that this article is for the promotion of the film."

    Brad .Pete couldn't help it anymore, and he followed the interface: "Mr. Hans, this is really a misunderstanding. I have absolutely nothing to do with Miss Famke Janssen."

    Famke Janssen heard Brad .Pete's words, staring at the man around him with amazement.

    Brad .Pete looked at his girl with some guilty conscience, but soon said: "French…Miss Jensen, we just happened to meet it yesterday. We talked a few words and then separated. Nothing happened between us, right? ”

    Famke Janssen finally reacted, she didn't know Brad.Pete’s encounter in New York, therefore, seeing this man without hesitation, turned his face and denied it, as if the things that had been dedicated to himself before were all hallucinations, and the original feelings in the heart immediately disappeared.

    "Yes, Mr. Hans, I am with Mr. Pitt doesn't matter, the sex scandal on the newspaper is entirely made by paparazzi," Famke Janssen said coldly.

    Brad .While Pete was relaxing in the heart, it was inevitable that he was lost, but he quickly adjusted his mind.

    As long as he can keep the position of the leading actor, what kind of woman can't get in the future, he learned from the manager that Fox pays no less attention to "X-Files" than "FrInternet Explorer nds". I fantasize that I will be as beautiful as the "FrInternet Explorer nds" six-person group. Brad.Pete felt that he hadn't had a day in Hollywood, and all his efforts were worth it.

    Hans.Whittle glanced at the two faces blankly, then put his gaze on Famke Janssen and said: "Mr. Williams wants to see you, let me talk to him in person. ”

    Director Gold.Mannas saw this and asked: "Hans, is it now, but is the next shot ready?"

    Hans.Whittle took a picture of gold.Mannas's shoulder: "Sorry, Kim, may only be here today, driving from here to the Firefly headquarters, it takes more than an hour, Mr. Williams told me to take them with me before I got off work. ”

    "Hans, it only takes more than ten minutes. This shot is not long, just a few simple conversations?"

    Hans.Whittle still shrugged.

    "Well, let me let the crew take other shots."gold.Mannas knew that there was no room for negotiation, but he had no choice but to say a few words, and went straight to the crew. (Unfinished, please search for astronomical literature, the novel is better updated faster!

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