Chapter 311 of the body muttered to himself

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 311 muttered, floating astronomy

    Brad .Pete and Famke Janssen went to Hans together.Whittle’s car, although sitting in the back row, but both of them sit on the door at the same time, seemingly do not want to have any contact with each other.

    "Mr. Hans, can you use your mobile phone?"Brad .Pete thought for a while and thought it was better to inform his manager.

    Hans.Whirlpool will hand over the big bricks next to it, Brad.Pete thanked him and dialed the manager Xie Lisa.Cody's phone, in front of Famke Janssen and Hans.Whittle’s face, said something, then hung up the phone.

    Seeing the scorn of Famke Janssen’s face, Brad.Pete wanted to personally scolded: You rely on the man's upper Bitch what qualifications despise me.

    When I was a child, three people came to the Firefly headquarters, Brad.Pete's manager Xie Lisa.Cody has been waiting outside. Hans.What Whittle said to the front desk lady, then took the three people directly upstairs to the Eric office.

    "Mr. Williams is auditioning for the Actor, you need to wait a little while, I have to go back in advance. ”Hans.Whittle said, confessing to the secretary who gave coffee to a few people, and soon left, Eric just told Brad.Pete and Famke Janssen came to see him, this kind of thing, Hans.Whittle is not willing to 'listen' here.

    Hans.After Whittle and the secretary left, Xie Lisa sat on a large sofa.Cody and Brad .Pete whispered a bit, then looked at the opposite Famke Janssen: "Miss Jensen, can you help me?"

    Famke Janssen was boring and looking at the random magazine on the coffee table. She didn't have Brad.Pete was so suffering, after all, compared to Brad who had been playing in Hollywood for seven or eight years.Pete. She is still just a newcomer.

    No matter which line, newcomers always feel before encountering countless setbacks. There must be many opportunities and failures. Missed, come back.

    Hear Xie Lisa.In Cody's words, Famke Janssen looked up and looked at the petite but temperamental woman opposite, but didn't speak.

    "This is the case, Miss Jensen, you really have nothing to do with Brad, right, then wait." Can you…"

    "Don't worry, we have nothing to do with it. You don't have to worry about me talking about it," Famke Janssen said coldly and bowed his head.

    Thanks Lisa.Cody was a little embarrassed, but continued to explain: "Miss Jensen, Brad is not like you, his chance to get this actor is not easy."

    The girl holding the magazine in her hand tightened, but did not say anything.

    The scene suddenly silenced.


    "Thank you for your audition, Mr. Bruce South. We will inform you of the results as soon as possible." In a spacious audition room, the assistant said to a handsome man who looks like he is in his 30s.

    Wait for the other party to leave. The two deputy directors around Eric came over and asked, "Mr. Williams, how? ”

    "Still not," Eric shook his head, at Pierce.A list of forks was drawn behind Bruce South’s list.

    The 007's actor gave him a deep impression. After all, the other side played four 007 consecutively, and the ages were very late, and they couldn't remember it. Although the other side's acting is good. The image is also very consistent with a bank Manager, but Eric can't put it on the actor of Ghost.

    "In this case. We have nothing to gain from today's audition," a deputy Director complained with a smile.

    "Not urgent. Come slowly," Eric closed the folder in front of him and told the assistant to help him collect it. He said to everyone: "Go ahead, I still have some things, leave first." ”

    In addition to the audition room, Eric made an elevator to his own office on the top floor, pushed the door in, and saw three people in the office sitting in two separate places.

    Seeing him coming in, the three people in the office quickly stood up and said hello.

    "Nothing, sit down," Eric waved his hand and saw Xie Lisa.Cody, smiled: "Ms. Cody, how come you are. ”

    Thanks Lisa.Cody smiled and said: "I am just fine."

    Eric nodded nodded, went to his desk and put a newspaper out, went back to the other sofa in the rest area, and spread the newspaper on the coffee table in front.

    "It is like this, I…"

    Eric just spoke, Brad.Pete once again blurted out: "Mr. Williams, this is really a misunderstanding, I have nothing to do with Miss Johnson. ”

    Eric frowned slightly: "What?"

    "This is the case, Mr. Williams," Xie Lisa.Cody is blaming Brad .Pete lost his breath, but he took Eric's question and said, "Yesterday, when the x-files was photographed at Santa Monica, Brad and Ms. Johnson happened to arrive at the filming site together, parked the car and went to the scene together, and this picture was taken by paparazzi. , this is actually a misunderstanding, they do not have any relationship. ”

    Eric looked at Brad , who was eager to clarify .Pete and Xie Lisa.Cody, then turn to Famke Janssen.

    The girl saw Eric looking at herself, and nodded reluctantly and nodded: "Yes, I am with Mr. Pitt doesn't matter, it just happens. ”

    Eric closed the newspaper and shrugged and said, "Well, it seems that there is no need to talk about it anymore." Ms. Cody, Mr. Pitt, you can leave first. ”

    Brad .Pete and Xie Lisa.Cody is a joy, knowing that Eric is not going to pursue these things any more. Thanks a little, he will soon leave the door.

    When the two left, Eric went back to the coffee machine and poured two more cups of coffee. He returned to the sofa and handed a cup to Famke Janssen.

    The girl took a sip and looked up at Eric with a quick glance. He whispered, "What do you want to do with me?"

    "what?"Eric was tired for a day, just leaning on the sofa, not listening to the voice of the girl for a while.

    “Hey,” Famke Janssen snorted. With a touch of broken cans, "I mean, what do you want to do with me?"

    "Are you stimulated?"Eric heard the decadence in the girl's tone and asked curiously.

    "Not all blame you. mix……"The girl muttered, but the last word was stunned and said nothing.

    Eric smiled. Slightly squinting and leaning against the sofa: "Come help me to lick the temple, tired for a day, my head hurts."

    A moment later, a pair of cool fingers with coolness gently pressed up, and Eric's nose also sent a body and other women's body fragrance, faint, very good smell.

    "If I said, I saw the news on the newspaper this morning. Just shouting you to explain a low-key, you must not believe now? ”After a while, Eric suddenly said.

    The finger that was moving stopped, and quickly slammed again.

    "Oh, you must not believe, even I don't believe it, but this is true. In the setting of this TV serInternet Explorer s, the male Heroine will not come together until the end, and the relationship is maintained, which is also the way to maintain the ratings. If you come together in reality. Then it seems a bit fake in TV serInternet Explorer s. Therefore, I want you to keep a low profile and try not to be discovered by paparazzi. ”

    The girl still didn't speak. However, the fingers for Eric massage are much softer.

    Eric then said it again, as if muttering: "I almost quarreled with the partner in the morning. He felt that he didn't get enough, so he wanted more, always wanted more, everyone is Greedy, this is actually nothing. However, if you want more, then you need to come up with the corresponding strength. How can he have that strength? ”

    "Jenny left me some time ago, he is my…The first woman. That storm, those broken things. She chose to leave, but it was true, but I always wanted to chase her back, even to the big villains in the story, build an old castle on the cliff, keep her inside, when the princess raised, I am The princess of man. ”

    "I built a house by the sea, I want to face the sea and spring flowers, and then I left, and finally found that only I was facing the sea. The house is too big and very empty. ”

    "I want too much, but I can't always catch one. I finally ran away. I am too lazy to catch it anymore, anyway, I have to run away. Originally, I was really interested in you. Your legs are very long, I like it very much. ”

    "That's that you are too soft," I don't know why, although the girl heard Eric's last words, her face was reddish, and she finally couldn't help but insert a sentence.

    Eric squatted and smiled: "Yeah, I am too soft, a group of little skins, all owing to clean up."

    The girl seems to have been stunned, and then said: "Amount…I took back what I just said. ”

    Eric grabbed the girl's little hand and pulled Famke Janssen over. He broke into his arms and hugged him. The girl was obediently letting the man move and gently put his face on Eric's chest.

    "Have you seen "Scent of a Woman", the script was written by me."

    After hesitation, the girl still denied: "I haven't seen it, look for time to see."

    "Actually, I can tell the fragrance of every woman who has been close to me. Now I remember you."

    The girl laughed and said: "This doesn't sound like a good thing?"

    “It seems that it’s not a good thing,” Eric laughed and laughed. “I’m so good, it’s a good thing, they’re hard to escape.”


    "Look, since this is the case, don't escape,"

    "Always try it, maybe you can escape it. If you don't try it, you won't be reconciled. Then, how can a man have so many women, at least, isn't it possible in this era?"

    "No, you are wrong, it is entirely possible," Eric said.

    The two did not talk and talked marginally, unconsciously, time passed slowly, and Eric slept with her woman.

    Woke up again, the sky was all dark, the body was covered with a lady's coat, Eric put the coat aside, stretched out, feeling the light behind him, Eric turned and saw Famke Janssen sitting Behind his desk, look down at the magazine quietly.

    Feeling Eric woke up, the girl raised her head and smiled and asked, "Sleep?"

    “It’s been a few days now,” Eric asked, standing up.

    The girl looked at the watch on her hand and said, "At 7:20, the security guard of the company just knocked on the door. I told them that you have something to do, and they didn't say anything."

    "Oh, why didn't you go back?"Eric nodded and asked subconsciously.

    Famke Janssen raised his good eyebrows: "Do you want me to go back?"

    "Well, when I didn't ask," Eric shrugged. "So, what's the arrangement at night?"

    "If you didn't call us, I guess it would be with Brad.Pete went to go clubbing together, now, definitely not playing. Perhaps, if nothing happens, I will go back, wash and sleep, and then continue to work tomorrow, filming. ”

    "You didn't have a boyfriend before?"Eric asked curiously.

    "I'm already twenty-five years old. How could I have no boyfriend?" The girl said helplessly: "He is a photographer, but before he came to Los Angeles, he broke up."

    “Oh,” Eric nodded. “What about the next?”

    "Ok?"The girl knocked on the corner of her mouth and saw the smile on Eric's face become evil. She curiously asked, "You said,"

    “Well, maybe,” Eric thought, turning to his desk and coming to the girl.

    Famke Janssen saw Eric's movements, thinking that men would do something here, shrinking their necks, but not dodging, but with a little expectation in the eyes, yes, look forward to.

    However, the girl apparently misunderstood Eric's meaning. I saw the man coming to him, pulling a drawer, irritating it inside, and then taking out a stack of similar things like a invitation. He smiled and said: "Then we went to the party. I have never received such invitations."

    "what……"The girl opened her mouth and quickly looked at her dress: "But, this dress is not suitable for parties, right, where is the party?"

    "Most of it should be in Beverly Hills, you know, the stars are the most." Eric said, flipping one at random, it should be received today: "How about this, Coppola's,"

    "Francisco.Coppola? ”The girl asked an eyebrow.

    Eric nodded: "Yes, that's The Godfather that filmed the" I am also very strange, how to receive the invitation of their family, "Eric looked at the invitation to check in hand to confirm the way:" Today, these things, has always been my assistant to help me deal with, but, I have never been to the invitation, though I have received it almost every day. ”

    "Then I am the first one?"The girl is raised the eyebrow.

    Eric smiled: "Yeah, you are the first one."To be continued)

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