Chapter 313, what is your drum?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 313 chapter, what is your drum, floating astronomy

    "Wow, you don't have this impulse now?"

    The girl nodded lightly and her face became redder.

    Eric's smile suddenly became bad: "Then you have to hold back, at least until we get to the party."

    The girl raised her fist and seemed to want to squat on Eric's shoulder, but when she lifted it in the air, she took it back and whispered: "Eric, I think, after attending the party, I still have this dress and shoes back. Go off."

    "You don't like it?"

    "Of course not, I…I like it very much," Famke Janssen bit his lower lip and said, "But it's too expensive, I can't accept it." ”

    “Like it,” Eric said casually.

    " Anyway, I…I will go back to the dress tomorrow and return the money to you," the girl said firmly.

    Eric turned his face, and his eyes looked at the girl in a substantial way. The tone was faint, and it seemed to have something else: "Reassure, you can't retreat."

    The car stopped outside the Coppola home. Just got off the bus, a black doorman greeted him, and identified Eric's identity with his eyes. He immediately broke a white tooth and took Eric's car key diligently to help Eric. Drive the car to the parking lot.

    I couldn’t see anything in the car, but after getting off the bus, Famke Janssen put on high heels and was six feet and three inches tall, plus a rose-colored evening dress made by a famous designer. Several security guards and doormen responsible for welcoming the door of the Coppola home show a stunning look.

    Anyone is vanity, and Famke Janssen is no exception. The girl is very happy to enjoy the amazing eyes of the door, and enjoy it than the biggest show she has ever walked, because at that time, she was just A clothes rack. At this time, the expensive evening dress has become her foil.

    But Eric is still not very satisfied. She looked at the girl's neck and regretted it: "If you have a bunch of necklaces, it will be more beautiful. But today is tight, let's talk about it next time. ”

    "I think this is already very good."The girl said intimately holding Eric's arm.

    “But I like perfection, not good,” Eric said, handing the invitation to the security guard responsible for the inspection and then entering the luxury home of Coppola.

    Although Hollywood never lacks beauty, there are not many women who are as beautiful as Famke Janssen, so they just walked into the manor side by side. The guests who were chatting in groups of three and five were all pointing their eyes to this side. Some female guests saw Famke Janssen and even subconsciously tightened the men around.

    Many male guests quickly distinguished from Famke Janssen's behavior gait that this model is a model. In Hollywood, female models are very easy to get started, but these people have not had time to produce many different ideas, it is very Quickly noticed the young man around the girl.

    Now in Hollywood, as long as you care a little about Hollywood, you can't recognize Eric. Those who can participate in the Coppola family must have a certain identity. The chances of recognizing Eric are even greater.

    "It seems to be Williams…"

    "What seems, obviously, how did he come? I have never seen him at a party before. I heard that he doesn't like socializing, and only attends some parties inside Firefly. ”


    "Wow, it's really Eric, he's so handsome, who is that woman?"

    "He is a playboy, and there are women around him who are normal." Hello, Gilly, don't be fooled by his appearance. ”


    "Would you like to say hello?"

    "Some abruptly."

    "Go, let's go. Anyway, just to say hello, there are not many opportunities. ”

    Eric, who felt a bit strange, couldn’t help but slow down. This was the first time after the storm at the beginning of the year that he attended the party. And it's still a party with few acquaintances, and it's hard to predict how these people will react.

    Seeing the people around him and Famke Janssen pointing at it, Eric suddenly regretted that if he was cold-shouldered, he would be embarrassed and lost.

    I don't know if I should move on, or just turn around and leave, and I recognized the two of them and whispered for a while, and soon two or three people came to him and Famke.

    "Hello, Mr. Williams, I am Gary.Frederickson, the executive producer of The Godfather 3, welcomes you to this party. ”

    "Mr. Williams, hello, I am Richard.Bolet, playing a role in The Godfather 3. ”

    "Mr. Williams, hello…"

    Seeing three people coming to themselves, Eric sighed with a smile and greeted each other with a smile.

    The people who were a little embarrassed around saw Eric's reaction, and thought that some of the weights were enthusiasm.

    Just noticed the turmoil of Francis here.Coppola carries Al.Pacino and Nicholas.When Cage came over curiously, he saw what Eric was surrounded by a circle of people.

    Al .Pacino took the lead in recognizing Eric from the crowd, and spoke to Coppola, and then walked over to the crowd, and the people around him quickly discovered Francis.The three Coppola consciously let it go.

    "Hey, Eric, I haven't seen you for a long time, I don't think you will be here tonight," Al.Pacino warmly embraced Eric and then nodded to Famke Janssen before turning around: "Eric, introduce, this is Francis.Mr. Coppola. ”

    "Hello, Mr. Coppola, I am Eric.Williams, I really like your "The Godfather" series, I believe that this "The Godfather" sequel will definitely become a classic again. ”

    "Thank you for your affirmation, Mr. Williams, "Francis.Coppola enthusiastically shook hands with Eric.

    "Call me Eric, Mr. Coppola, oh, this is Miss Famke Janssen," Eric gestured to the girl next to her.

    Francis.Coppola smiled and shook hands with the girl, then made a look at the nephew next to him. Nicholas, who was originally eager to try.Cage quickly stepped forward: "Hello, Mr. Williams, I am Nicholas.Coppola. ”

    Compared to Francis.Coppola. Eric is of course to Nicholas.Cage is more familiar with it, although Cage was once known as the king of rotten films. But it is undeniable, Nicholas.Cage still shot quite a few classic movies.

    "Hello, I think it's a bit more intimate to call you Mr. Cage. I really like your "Moonlight Monster". You and Ms. Cher are very good at performing."

    "Thank you, Eric, just call me Nick," Nicholas.Cage held Eric's hand a little hard. Apparently, I was a little excited. This detail made Eric feel a bit strange. The diligence of the other side seemed to have gone too far. After thinking about it, Eric quickly realized why he would receive this post, Nicholas.Cage is obviously like Bridget.Fangda, like the position of the "Ghost" actor.

    I looked up and down Nicholas at this time.Cage, at this time, Cage was only twenty-six years old, and the hairline was not so backward after twenty years. The hair is thick and the eyes are deep, and the whole person's temperament is a little melancholy.

    Notice that Eric is looking at Cage. Frances West.Coppola stood on the side without a smile, Al.Pacino also knows that Eric, the smart little guy, is sure to realize something and smiles and stands aside. Although it was a bit weird to be looked at by a person who was five or six years younger than himself, Cage was also very interested in standing there without opening.

    The whole party was to celebrate "The Godfather 3" is about to start. At this time, the two important tasks of Director and actor are no longer open, and the people around them are quietly acquainted.

    After more than a minute, Eric thought about it carefully, and then combined with the performance in the "City of Angels" that Cage once appeared, finally made up his mind. Reaching out again: "So, Nick. Would you like to join Ghost? ”

    Cage has widened his eyes in disbelief, as a child of the Coppola family. He is more aware than ordinary people that the protagonist of a big commercial film is not so good. This is not only a problem of acting, but also involves a multi-party game. Because a successful commercial movie can completely turn an obscure Hollywood Actor into a world-class superstar. Although Hollywood has a lot of hot movies every year, most of the starring places are occupied by the famous starring roles, and there are very few opportunities for newcomers.

    Therefore, although he has won the "Ghost" audition opportunity, but also have full confidence in his acting, but still take advantage of the "The Godfather 3," the opportunity to party, uncle to help send an invitation to Eric, want to then Coppola family in Hollywood Influence to help push it, hoping to increase the success rate of getting the role.

    Unexpectedly, the final thing will become so simple, which makes him want to lick himself for a moment, this must be a dream.

    Cage hadn't had time to lick himself. Al around him had hammered his fist on Cage's chest: "Lucky boy, do you still have to hesitate?"

    The impact from the chest finally gave Nicholas.Cage woke up and took Eric's hand and slammed it: "Of course, Eric, thank you."

    Eric certainly won't be able to do this. After Ghost, there will be a new Hollywood star in the Coppola family. How can he let it go so easily, so after releasing Cage's hand, Eric Just turned to Francis.Coppola said with a smile: "Mr. Coppola, Nick is a child of the Coppola family. I believe his acting will not disappoint me, right?"

    Eric seems to be normal, but some people around him quickly realized that Eric was suggesting that the Coppola family owed him a favor, that is, he did not know Francis.Coppolaken refused to recognize it, but people need to pay back. In the future, the greater the success of Cage with Ghost, the more serious this person will be.

    Cage saw the reactions on the faces of some people around him, pondered a little, and realized what Eric meant.

    Some slyly looked at my uncle, although this uncle was good to himself, just when he debuted, Francis.Coppola has arranged several small characters for Cage in his own film, but he is not Francis.The son of Coppola.

    Who knows, Francis.Coppola hesitated for a second, and smiled and held Eric's hand in a free and easy way: "Of course, Eric, Nick will not let you down, if he can get some achievements in acting, it is also Cobo. Pulling the glory of the family."

    Sure enough, it is one of the four directors of Hollywood. No matter how much the attitude or the chest is not the average person can compare you. The people around you hear Coppola say so, and the heart is feeling, then, I don’t know who is leading, applause. It slammed.

    Eric's face slightly loosened Coppola's hand. Well, it seems to be a villain, but he has no regrets. At this time, it is not an idiot to reach out. He is not a charity. of.


    I glanced at the girl who was smiling and clapping her hands.

    Stupid woman, what do you drum up, see me joke?

    Famke Janssen was keenly aware of Eric's murderous anger, and his hands were stiff in front of him for a moment before he understood what he was doing. He quickly held Eric's arm and his soft chest was still missing. It is like a cat who has been harassing the owner.

    "Well, Eric, let's go in, let me introduce some people to you," after a moment, Francis.Coppola smiled and made a gesture of asking, and several people walked and talked and walked to the villa of the mansion.

    "To be honest, Eric, you should take part in some parties, which will help you understand Hollywood in more detail. Oh, yes, your "Freedom City" in Malibu is really spectacular. Now many people regard it as a place. The landmark of Malibu is built. When did you invite us to be a guest, I really want to visit, what the more than 20 million USD-built mansions look like," Francis.Coppola walked by Eric and spoke like a familiar elder.

    Eric also smiled and echoed. He looked around at the manor and walked over to the villa more than ten meters away. Eric suddenly stopped and curiously looked in one direction, but the sly figure quickly It disappeared into the crowd.

    Noticing Eric's awkwardness, several people curiously followed Eric's gaze, but did not see anything unusual. (To be continued)

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