Chapter 314 of the body is self-defeating

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 314 is self-defeating, floating astronomy

    Francis.Coppola took the initiative and introduced: "Eric, there is a garden, if you are interested, you can go and see, there are ornamental plants transplanted from the jungles of South America."

    "No, no, I really want to see an acquaintance, but it may be a mistake," Eric recalls the figure that just flashed past, as if he was still holding a bald middle-aged man, then, 80% is wrong. She is such a proud little girl…

    Shaking his head, Eric didn't say anything more, and made a okay expression to everyone, and continued to walk into the villa.


    Originally with Jennifer.Connelly is attentive to Tony.Brandt heard the vague applause from the manor door and asked the people around him, and soon returned to Jennifer.Connors: "It turned out to be Eric.Williams is coming, the young, too small director, I really didn't expect it. ”

    The man seemed to be feeling something, and did not realize that the girl around him heard the name Eric, the goblet in his hand almost fell to the ground, and his mood became flustered.

    "Miss Connelly, you know Eric.Williams, that’s a very amazing young man. In less than two years, he’s got a big name in Hollywood. Being kissed by a lucky woman can’t explain his good fortune, just like the illegitimate child of the goddess of fortune,” said Here, Tony.Brandt seems to feel that this sentence is very funny, and he laughed happily.

    Jennifer .Connelly couldn't smile. He held the goblet in his hand and lowered his eyes. The string of numbers in his mind flashed clearly. It was the phone number Eric left for her, but. She only called once, nine months ago, "Running Out of Time" was released. She regretted it.

    But that time, the phone just happened to be answered. She did not leave a message.

    Later, as Eric became more and more famous in Hollywood, her pride and inferiority made her never have the courage to call that phone. She felt that as long as she was, she could only hold something.

    At the beginning of the year, the storm opened with Eric and the women's sex scandal, she was also involved in the beginning.

    but. Later, the media's eyes were focused on several Hollywood actresses who had already made a name for themselves by Eric. She was also like the actress who had only had a brief contact with Eric. In the big-sex scan scan report, she was only As a name, mixed in a long list of names, it seems so inconspicuous.

    It is estimated that this is the case, the middle-aged person next to him will ask if he knows Eric.Williams.

    Oh, it’s ridiculous. Now Hollywood has that person who doesn't know that…Guy.

    Soon, Jennifer.Connelly saw it with Francis.Eric, who came alongside Coppola, was similar to what he was a year ago. However, it seems that I have changed a woman.

    Although the woman did not have her own beauty, she was tall and seemed to be four inches taller than her. However, Jennifer.In Connelly's heart, he forced himself to give birth to a faint, fragile sense of superiority. At least, they kept it, but they fell, right. That's it.

    She was thinking in a confused head , Tony next to her .Brandt is wondering if he wants to get together and mix his face. But look at the opposite situation because of Francis.Coppola is at the side of Eric. None of the people around me got together, they were all Francis.Coppola took the initiative with Eric, apparently, he has not yet reached Francis.Coppola's initiative to introduce the point.

    Perhaps, near the station, Coppola will mention himself.

    I saw Eric occasionally picking up a business card and handing it to someone else, Tony.Brandt couldn't help but think of it if he could get Eric.Williams' contact information will probably come in handy when it comes to it.

    After the idea came out, Tony.Brandt was a bit eager to try, but for a time it was difficult to get courage.

    Jennifer .Connelly noticed the eagerness of the middle-aged man's eyes, realized what he had, and quickly said: "Mr. Brandt, I remember there are benches in the garden, let's go there."

    "Ah, this…Ok, "I was a little guilty in my heart, and it was said by Connelly, Tony.Lambert suddenly set up a ladder for himself in his heart and climbed down.

    The girl is afraid of Tony.Brandt repented, took the initiative to roll up the man's arm, and pulled it slightly in the direction of the garden. Several benches in the garden were occupied by the guests. Two people looked for a table before they were placed in the wine. Sit down near the station.

    Tony .Brandt took two red wines attentively, handed a cup to Connelly, and quickly found a topic to talk about. The girl looked a little absent-minded, holding a red wine in a row, only a few minutes, the red wine in the cup saw the bottom.

    They had been here for a long time, but the girl kept a restrained attitude and only drank two glasses of red wine in an hour. So, notice this situation of Tony.Lambert took a glass of red wine and handed it to the girl on the side of the wine table without any trace.

    Jennifer .Connelly was immersed in some emotions at this time. He didn't think much, but thanked him and picked it up again.

    After a few minutes, another glass of red wine unconsciously saw the bottom.

    Tony .After Brandt saw the girl again picking up the red wine she had handed over, her face finally showed an excited look, and her heartbeat accelerated a lot, secretly licking the deep gully in the middle of the girl's tube top dress, Tony.Brandt has already begun to figure out how to play with the huge softness in the dress tonight.

    After a few glasses of red wine, Jennifer.Connelly seems to be aware of something, but the whole person has been slightly drunk, and the drunken people are always vulnerable and vulnerable. So, gradually, the girl even started to abandon herself, although the speed of drinking was much slower, but every time Tony.Brandt handed over the new red wine and she refused.


    "Eric, this is my daughter, Sofia. Sophia, this is Hollywood's youngest and most outstanding big director, Eric.Williams, "In the villa, after a round, Francis.Coppola introduced a girl to Eric again.

    "Hello, Miss Coppola," Eric's face did not change at all, and greeted with a girl who was curious and looking at her.

    "Hello, Eric, can you call me Sofia?"Sofia Coppola seems to be more enthusiastic than Eric: "I like your movie very much. It's hard to imagine, you are so young."

    Eric's look moved, thinking of the girl's horrible performance in "The Godfather 3". If you pointed out something: "Maybe, you can also shoot a good movie, why not try it, I believe you. Father will definitely support you."

    The girl's look moved, and when she looked at her father, she said, "I can't do it. I am not a genius of you. I am still young. Moreover, Dad has decided to let me play The Godfather's daughter in The Godfather 3. I think, I still try to develop towards Actors like my cousin. ”

    “Of course, when you are young, you should try everything to find the way that suits you best,” Eric continued.

    "Wow, if you say this, it doesn't sound like your age at all, like an old man," the girl couldn't help but say.

    "Sofia, don't be so rude, I think Eric is right," Francis.Coppola glanced at her daughter.

    The girl spit out her tongue and said, "I am right, or else, how can you recognize his words, oh."

    Francis.Coppolaton looked at Eric with some helplessness.

    The girl smiled mischievously and suddenly said to the tall girl standing next to Eric: "This…"

    “My name is Famke Janssen,” Famke Janssen introduced himself.

    "So, Miss Jensen, can you give me Eric for a while, let us dance?"

    The tall girl shrugged and looked at Eric: "Of course."

    "Hey, I really don't want to agree," Eric let the girl pull herself into the dance floor and said with a smile.

    "Don't you refuse?"Sofia Coppola raised her head and asked, her figure was a little petite, even in high heels, still ten centimeters lower than Eric.

    "Okay, of course not," Eric shrugged, revealing the girl's waist.

    The girl who danced with the music suddenly said after a while: "Hey, you seem to be absent-minded?"

    “Is it obvious?”

    "I don't know how I can see it?"The girl said with a grin in her mouth.

    To be honest, Sofia Coppola's lips are a bit thick. When I speak, the upper lip on one side still likes to be upturned, and it looks even more awkward. Although in the eyes of Westerners, the lips are thicker and more sexy, but Eric still feels thinner lips. good looking.

    "Well, I apologize," Eric said, thinking wildly.

    Sofia Coppola thought about it and asked, "Yes, what you just said seems to mean something, can you tell me what it means?"

    "Do you want to hear the truth?"Eric stared at the girl and asked.


    Eric thought about it, and it would be nice to let the girl fight the scourge of the classic series "The Godfather". The "The Godfather 3" in memory, Sofia Coppola's performance is really terrible, there is Al.Pacino, the Oscar-class old bones, will give you a strong sense of play, and the two golden plum prizes are not at all embarrassing.

    Because there is no friendship between the two parties, Eric has just not been in Francis.Coppola’s face is said to be a taboo in interpersonal communication.

    But now, facing a girl alone, as long as it is euphemistic, it will not have much impact when it is said. Afterwards, it can even be a joke. (To be continued)

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