The No. 315 chapter of the text meets again

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 315th chapter of the main text, floating astronomy

    After pondering the wording, Eric said: "Since your father asked you to star in Mary.Ke Leon's role, I think you must have participated in the audition before? ”

    “Of course,” Sofia Coppola nodded.

    "So, how does your father evaluate your audition effect?"Eric asked with enthusiasm.

    When I heard this question, the girl obviously had some guilty conscience: "Dad said, I am still playing…not bad. ”

    Sofia Coppola's hesitation has allowed Eric to continue the topic without any pressure: "You grew up on the Coppola studio and saw countless Actors' performances, sure to be aware of your acting skills?"

    "I feel that when I take more time to rehearse when I shoot, I can definitely meet the requirements. Moreover, and Dad said that even if it is not good, it is the first time, "as if I remembered my father's encouragement, Sofia Coppola looked up and looked directly at Eric with confidence.

    Eric said with some emotions: "From here you can see how much your father loves you. What does the "The Godfather" series mean for your father? You must know better than me. This series is Francis as Director. .The glory of Coppola, I think that no matter what other Actors in The Godfather 3, your father will never say 'nothing is bad,' and it is so tolerant to you. In this case, you should think more about your father. "The Godfather 3" is the end of the "The Godfather" series. I believe that anyone in the Coppola family would not want it to appear because of an Actor's performance. ,right? ”

    Sofia Coppola heard Eric's words and bowed his head down.

    Eric patted the girl's back and patted it and continued: "In Hollywood, as the daughter of the Coppola family. You have more opportunities than others. If you are really interested in performances, I think it's better to be like your cousin. Start from a small role and slowly hone your acting skills. ”

    after awhile. Sofia Coppola looked up and Eric saw from the girl's expression that the other had decided, so she smiled slightly at the girl.

    Who knows that Sofia Coppola is not so sympathetic, and Eric's small hand is scratched under his dissatisfaction: "Eric, everyone can say that you are a playboy, as a playboy, after seeing a woman, it should not be a coincidence. Is the tongue so eager to pay attention? Your reaction is not at all correct. ”

    This topic has changed a bit. Eric didn't know how to answer it all the time.

    Seeing Eric's dumbfounded appearance, the girl's face stunned and said with a low self-esteem: "Okay, I know, I am not so beautiful, but you don't need this look?"

    Eric shook his head quickly: "No, Sofia, you are beautiful. If you don't believe, you can ask your father."

    "How could my father say that I am not beautiful," the girl gave him a blank look. But no longer pursue this issue.

    At the end of the song, the crowd on the dance floor began to leave, and Eric also took Sofia Coppola's little hand and walked out.

    "Eric. I decided to follow your advice and start from a small role.” At the long table, the girl took a glass of red wine and said to Eric: “I hope we can cooperate in the future. ”

    "Sure," Eric smiled and touched the girl with a smile, but added: "If you don't be an actor."

    "So, happy, I am going to find my father to say this now," the girl said and turned and left.

    After the girl left. Eric looked around and couldn't find Famke Janssen. I thought the girl must have gone outside the villa.

    Plus, I still remember another thing in my heart, and Eric walked away decisively.

    Always be sure to be willing to do it.

    All the way to deal with the guests who came to say hello. Eric soon came to the garden.


    "No, no, Mr. Brandt, I…I……"The girl was two times, but I felt a whirlwind and slanted to one side.

    Tony .Brandt lifted the girl agilely and let Jennifer.Connelly leaned on himself, clutching the girl's hand greedily rubbing on the soft waist. If there were no other guests nearby, he couldn't help but grab the softness.

    Although no one is not seeing Tony.Brandt drunk the girl, but this kind of thing happens often at the Hollywood party, plus Jennifer.Connelly didn't have much resistance from beginning to end, and seeing these guests naturally made this a behavior you want.

    “Miss Connelly, Miss Connelly?”Tony .Brandt is at Jennifer.Connelly screamed twice in the ear, and the girl glanced at him with a glance, and seemed to realize his current situation. The small hand subconsciously refused to do so in the middle-aged, but did not have any strength at all.

    This makes Tony .Brandt completely calmed down and raised the sound to a level enough for the guests to hear: "Miss Connelly, I will send you back."

    Of course, the girl could not have any answer, but heard Tony.Some of the male guests of Brandt’s words just blinked at the companions and some envied Tony.Brant's Yan Fu, the female guest, frowned slightly, but did not intervene.

    Tony .Brandt has just taken Jennifer.Connelly was on the shoulders and was about to take a shortcut and walk straight out. A cold voice sounded: "This gentleman, where are you going to take her?"

    Tony .Brandt's body was stiff and he sneaked into a nosy, but he had to temporarily put the girl on the side chair, turned around and saw Eric put his hand in his trouser pocket, holding a glass of red wine in one hand, no expression on his face. The ground glanced between him and the girl.

    "It is Mr. Williams, I am very glad to meet you, my name is Tony.Brandt is also a Director," Tony.Brandt recognized Eric and quickly calmed down and reached out to Eric.

    Eric just looked at the arm that stretched out to himself and looked at Jennifer with a blank expression.Connelly lifted his chin and asked, "Where are you going to take her?"

    Tony .Brandt slammed his hand and looked at the girl behind him. If he let go now, maybe nothing will happen again.

    unfortunately. Being drunk with Jennifer.Connelly's process, Tony.Brandt also inevitably drank some wine, and there were already seven points of drunkenness. Thinking of the beautiful face of the girl, the color of the heart completely occupied the brain. Said: "Mr. Williams, are you saying Jenny? She is my girlfriend. I was accidentally drunk. I am going to take her back. ”

    Eric picked it up in disappointment and looked at the drunken girl. She couldn’t help but say: "She is drunk, of course, what you said is what. But I absolutely don't believe that she will be your girlfriend. ”

    Tony .Brandt squatted and immediately felt a ridiculous spread of the hand: "Mr. Williams, Jenny is coming with me…"

    "Shut up, don't use the name Jenny!"Eric seemed to be stimulated and suddenly raised his voice.

    Tony .Brandt was trembling, and the wine was awake, but at this time, because Eric had just said the words, the surrounding guests curiously came together. Some of the spirits recognized Eric's identity and saw him and Tony.Brandt seems to be in the shape of a conflict, thinking about it or not staying to see the excitement. Turned and hurriedly left the garden.

    Seeing everyone around, Tony riding a tiger.Brandt quickly raised his voice: "Mr. Williams, you are so rude. Miss Connelly is coming with me, she is not my girlfriend, is it your girlfriend? So many people here can testify, I am with Miss Connelly, what more do you want? ”

    The surrounding guests looked at the three people in the field, Tony.Most of them didn't know Brant, but Eric's identity was really good. at this time. I heard Tony .In the words of Brandt, everyone thinks of the rumors of Eric Playboy. Eric pointed to the point, but because of Eric's current identity. No one dares to go to Tony.Brandt spoke.

    Tony .When Brandt saw the situation around him, he seemed to be leaning towards his side. The wine was addictive and he couldn’t help but sigh: "Mr. Williams, don't you think that you are so unreasonable? My girlfriend is drunk, I just want to take her away. Why are you obstructing? ”

    咔嚓 –

    A soft bang, the two-legged goblet fell to the ground, and the crisp sound of the glass and stone pavement hit the people around.

    Eric looked at the wound cut out of the goblet in his hand, as if whispering in a whisper: "You can't take her away, at least wait for her to wake up, if she personally admits to be your girlfriend, then ……I apologize. ”

    Tony .Brandt sees Eric's head down, thinking that the other person is guilty, and the trick becomes bigger: "Mr. Williams, you have no power to do this, Jane…Miss Connelly She is drunk, very uncomfortable and needs rest. ”

    Tony .When Brandt finished, he glared at Eric with a sigh of relief. He turned around and picked up the girl who was soft on the chair. At this moment, the crowd opened a gap, and a group of seven or eight people looked anxiously in.

    "Eric, what's wrong with your hand?"Follow Francis.Famke Janssen, who came over with Coppola, saw Eric's right hand dripping blood, worried and got together, grabbed Eric's palm and lifted it to check it, and quickly pressed the still bleeding wound, while the other side also Sofia Coppola, who came over, untied the silk scarf on his neck and wrapped it with Famke Janssen to help Eric.

    See Eric, no big deal, look at the emotions in the field, Francis.Coppola pulled one person and asked: "Cret, what happened?"

    The guest named Corrett just saw Tony.When Brandt poured wine on the girl, look at this time, Francis.Coppola's daughter and another tall girl carefully helped Eric handle the wound and quickly understood the situation, immediately to Tony.How did Brandt say that the girl was drunk and the situation had just been added.

    Francis.The moment Coppola appeared, Tony.Brandt’s heart was raised with a bad feeling. The momentum that had just been swept away was swept away, and the wine was completely awake.

    I haven't waited for Tony yet.Brandt came up with a way to remedy Jennifer, who was originally soft on the chair.Connelly made a weak voice: "Water, I want to…water. ”

    Although this voice is very low, it has attracted many people's eyes.

    Sofia Coppola sees Jennifer.Connelly's glamorous face, the girl is still very related to gossip, recognize Jennifer.After Connelly, I remembered the news scattered on the newspaper some time ago. Some of them said to Eric: "Wow. Eric, your other girlfriend. ”

    The girl’s unintentional words with a little bit of snacks made Famke Janssen’s movements stagnate, and Tony heard the words.Brandt is a soft leg. Almost fell to the ground.

    Francis.Although Coppola knows that Eric is very fancy, he doesn't care about lace news like his daughter. I learned about the passage of things from Corret. Francis.Coppola did not know what to do at the moment. After all, though Tony.Some of the means of Brandt did, but if Jennifer.Connelly would not be easily drunk if he disagreed, so Coppola thought it was Eric who looked at Tony.Brandt’s female companion is impulsive under the 'hero saves beauty'.

    But at this time, I heard the words of my daughter. Francis.Coppolaton believed in the truth and sternly to Tony.Brandt asked: "Tony, how can you do this?"

    "Mr. Coppola, this is a misunderstanding. Miss Connelly just accidentally drunk, I am about to send her home."

    Francis.Coppola heard Tony .In this case, Brandt has to be sophistry, and the tone is more severe: "So many people are here, do you still have to lie?"

    "No, I don't, I…"Tony .Brandt waved his hand quickly. Then look at Eric: "Mr. Williams, this is a misunderstanding, if you know…"

    Eric sighed. Don't pay any attention to Tony.Brandt, going up and picking up the drunken girl, only to Francis.Coppola: "Sorry, Mr. Coppola, I am in trouble."

    "It's nothing," Coppola said, and said to her daughter: "Sophia, take Eric to find a room, let this…Miss, take a break. There should be a sober soup in the kitchen. ”

    "Eric, come with me."The girl immediately led Eric out of the crowd.

    Eric took a few steps and suddenly remembered something. Looking back at the tall girl: "Fami, you are coming."

    Famke Janssen, who thought he was going to be slammed down, sighed and quickly went through the crowd. The guest who saw this situation inevitably showed an envious expression, and it was really a playboy, holding one in his arms and not letting another.

    When Eric disappeared, Francis.Coppola is only to Tony .Lambert said: "Tony, let's go, don't come again later."

    "No, Mr. Coppola, this is really a misunderstanding, I don't have…"Seeing Coppola also want to turn and leave, Tony.Brandt didn't dare to argue again. He slammed Coppola's arm and pleaded: "Sorry, Mr. Coppola, I am wrong. I am really wrong. I am going to Mr. Williams apologized and apologized to Miss Connelly, Mr. Coppola, give me another chance. ”

    Coppola disgusted his arm and couldn't open Tony.Brandt, I have to say: "Tony, let's go, change Heroine and take your movie." If you are entangled, I will call Cliff. ”

    I heard Coppola calling the investors in my movie, Tony.Brandt suddenly let go of his hand and lost his pull, and Coppola left without returning.

    The old-fashioned guests who had seen the lively pity finally looked at the middle-aged man who had lost his soul. Today, this matter spread out and was Francis.Coppola swept away and personally offended Hollywood's upstart Eric.Williams , Tony .After Brandt, don't think about mixing in Hollywood. After all, whoever wants to work with him will definitely think about Coppola or Eric.Will Williams have any idea, Hollywood is not lacking, and not many people will be willing to take this risk.


    "Eric, put her on the bed, I have let the servant go to the hangover," Sofia Coppola took Eric all the way to the second floor of the villa, opened a room and let Eric get in.

    "Thank you, Sofia," Eric put Connelly on the big bed and looked around, only to react: "Isn't this your room?"

    Sophia hurriedly stuffed several close-fitting smocks into the closet, his face reddish and said: "Yes."

    Feeling the girl's embarrassment, Eric didn't look around again, sitting down at the bed, looking at the blushing face on the bed, not seeing a year, the girl's face was thinner, but more beautiful and charming.

    A middle-aged maid dragged a tray to the door and looked into the room. Famke Janssen, who was standing at the door, took the tray: "I am coming."

    The maid nodded and handed the tray to the tall girl before she turned and left.

    “Eric,” Famke Janssen handed over the sobering soup.

    Eric took the soup bowl and looked up at the girl: "Sorry, Fami."

    Famke Janssen barely smiled and said, "It doesn't matter."


    In the groggy, Jennifer.Connelly felt that she was put on a soft big bed, and she thought of some situations before she was drunk. She felt that something was wrong and she wanted to struggle to get up, but she couldn't make any effort.

    Soon, she felt that she had been helped by her, and she heard a strange and familiar voice in her ear. She tried to open her eyes and looked at it. The girl soon showed a slightly self-deprecating laugh. (To be continued)

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