Main body No. 316 chapter Wild Hope

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 316, Wild Hope, Astronomy

    It must be wrong, how could it be him?

    The spoon leans to the lip, she opens her mouth weakly, and the warm liquid runs down her throat into the stomach, immediately feel comfortable a lot, but just drank a few mouth, the stomach a burst of surge, ability to vomit two, she felt her body again floated up, a moment later has been lying on the toilet side, the back of the soft percussion so that she can not help, Spit out the drinks that were poured into the belly one night.


    Out of the bathroom, Eric patiently fed the bowl of sobering soup to the girl, and finally wiped her mouth for her to stand up.

    Bemke and Sofia behind him looked at Eric intricately.

    "Eric, you are so sweet, if my future boyfriend can do this to me," Sophia saw Eric finally finished, unabashedly saying his heart.

    Famke Janssen didn't say anything, but looking at Eric's eyes was a bit less savory and a bit more tender.

    Eric smiled and wiped his hand with a towel before he said to Sofia Coppola: "Sophia, can she let her rest here for one night?" Just now she has spit out all the drinks in her stomach, and certainly will not drink wine to stain your bed. ”

    Sofia Coppola asked with amazement: "You don't take her back?"When the girl finished, she immediately remembered that there was another woman in the room, and she subconsciously covered her mouth.

    Eric explained: "Actually, I haven't seen her with her for a year. We are not the kind of relationship you think."

    “Wow,” Sofia Coppola sighed, not knowing what to say.

    Famke Janssen was relieved.

    "So let her sleep here, I will go to the room for a night," Sofia Coppola said quickly.

    Eric thanked him. In the strange look of the two girls, I took Jennifer on the bed.Connelly's handbag, from which a small address book was turned out.

    Open it and look for it. Eric quickly picked up the phone on the bed and called Jennifer.Connelly manager's phone.

    "Hey, Jim.Lester…I am Eric.Williams. Are you in Los Angeles now…Well, tomorrow at 10 am, come to Firefly Film Studio headquarters, let's talk about Jennifer.Connelly's thing…That's it, goodbye. ”

    Hanging up the phone, Eric flipped through the address book again and quickly found one of the pages. The paper on this page was obviously different from the other pages. It seems that I have been rubbed many times, and the corners are gone, but the phone number in his Beverly Hills mansion is clearly written.

    Smiling slightly, Eric closed the address book and put it back in the girl's white handbag.

    "Fami, we should go," and got up and looked at Jennifer in his sleep.Connelly, Eric pulled the tall girl next to him: "Fami, we should go."

    Sofia Coppola told a maid to stay in the room to take care of Jennifer.Connelly, following Eric, they came out: "Don't play for a while." It’s still early. ”

    "No, driving back to Malibu is almost 11 o'clock."Eric looked at his watch and said.

    The girl did not stay again, went downstairs, Eric and Francis.Coppola and others did not leave, only to leave with Famke Janssen.

    An hour later, the car was parked in the garage of Jianjiao Manor. Eric took the girl into the villa and pulled the tie. Eric just turned to the curiosity around him and said: "Sorry. Fami, there must be some disappointment tonight. ”

    "No ah. I think it's okay. ”

    The girl smiled and looked at Eric, if it was before. As a little-known little model, it is impossible to participate in this party. See Eric walking to the floor-to-ceiling glass window of the hall, and the girl followed up. After a few steps, she couldn’t help but say: You are really big here, and it doesn't feel like a place where people live…Oh, no, I mean, it’s not like living in a place, it’s like a library museum. ”

    Eric didn't care about the mistakes in the girl's words. A pot of coffee was brought to the round table by the window, and then all the lights in the hall were turned off.

    Suddenly darkened around, the girl was scared and called: "Hey…"

    But soon, the eyes adapted, and found a faint light transmission outside the glass window, went to the bed and looked out, the dark sea below, the stars in the night sky dotted around a full moon, with A sense of serenity.

    "how about it?"Eric sat down in the space chair at the round table and asked the two people to pour coffee.

    The girl cautiously squatted on the bed and admired the night scene outside the window for a while. She sighed: "It's very beautiful. I took back what I just said. This is where people live. I can't see these apartments in Burbank." I also couldn’t sleep all night and night by the passing vehicles."

    Eric leaned back and looked down to the opposite hanging space chair, holding the coffee cup he pushed, the girl who dangled and swayed, with a look in her eyes. The girl is still the rosy dress, the hem is floating with the swaying, the white shackles of the high heels are looming under the skirt, and the long body is placed in the white egg-shaped space chair, which is full of beauty. Let Eric have an impulse to write.

    "If you like, you can stay here," Eric said after enjoying it for a while.

    Upon hearing this, Famke Janssen's movement of gently shaking the space chair stopped, and the expression was obviously moving, but he quickly shook his head: "I don't know where to put myself when I live here." ”

    "I remember in the office in the afternoon, you said, I am too soft."


    Eric didn't answer the girl's doubts and continued: "I saw Jennifer again at night.Connelly, I suddenly regretted letting her go last year. ”


    "You know Howard.Hughes? ”Eric asked.

    Famke Janssen thought about it with his head in his head and shook his head: "I don't know."

    Eric stunned and thought that the girl was not a United States, but was born in the Netherlands. She came to United States after she was an adult. I don't know Howard.Hughes is also inevitable.

    Since the girl does not know. Eric explained: "Howard.Hughes is one of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers and one of the greatest playboys. His Hunting Objects cover almost all of Hollywood's famous first-line actresses in the 1930s and 1940s. Kathryn .Hepburn, Betty.Davis, Susan.Hayward, Jean.Tilney, Rita.Haihuasi, Ava.Gardner…Perhaps, many of you have never heard of it. But as long as you check it out, you will find that any of these will be titled 'the most dazzling' or 'the greatest' actress. There is a magazine disclosed, Howard.Hughes once had 164 girlfriends, and the Golden House was located throughout Los Angeles…"

    Famke Janssen listened to Eric telling Howard like a story .Hughes's glorious 'history', and the tone of men seems to be more and more admired, more and more yearning, and even some fanaticism. The girl couldn't help but open her mouth slightly. 趁 Eric paused, just inserted a sentence: "You will not be…Want to be like him? ”

    Eric spoke a word and quickly said with enthusiasm: "Why not? On achievements, my current age has exceeded Howard.Hughes is too much at the same age, and he inherits his father's property, but I started from scratch; on wealth, I will definitely have more money in the future; on status, I own Firefly, it will take a few years. This Film Studio is among the ranks of film giants. So why not? ”

    "However, but…"

    "Nothing but yes."Eric slammed his hand: "I decided, as long as it is a woman I like, I will have to be firmly in my hands, no matter what method I use."

    Famke Janssen subconsciously shrank into the space chair: "I…I am not the one of them? ”

    Eric has a hint of evil in his tone: "What do you think?"

    "I……I haven't thought about it yet," the girl's head has been confused by Eric's words that have been so devastating.

    "Come here," Eric said with a hint of confusion in the tone.

    The girl heard this, subconsciously put down the coffee cup in her hand and got up and walked to Eric.

    Standing in front of the man, the girl reacted. Looking around, I wondered how I became so obedient. Wanting to return, but Eric has caught his waist and pulled into his arms.

    "If you don't think about it, think slowly. Let's do what we did first," Eric said, adding to the girl's ear.

    Feeling Eric's hands on his body, Famke Janssen suddenly tightened his body. Soon, the girl remembered something and said, "Don't, don't make the dress go."

    As soon as the voice fell, the thorns of the fabric were torn out.

    "I said, you can't get rid of it," Eric once again plunged into the girl's ear and gave a sigh of relief. Feeling the coolness behind him, Famke Janssen hurriedly gasped for two times before he hammered hard on the man: "Bastard , 40,000 USD."

    The girl was distressed and wanted to complain again. The red lips were quickly blocked.

    After a while, the two bodies quickly rolled down from the space chair. This piece of land was just carpeted, so although the dress on the girl had been smashed, it didn’t feel cool. .

    After a while, the girl felt her body picked up by the strong arms of the man, a few steps to the floor-to-ceiling window, and then pressed some violently on the cold glass, the man's lips followed her bare back. Slowly asked the neck, moved along the way, the girl subconsciously turned her head, and kissed the woman again.

    Pulling the girl's waist back and pulling her posture, after the soldiers came down the city, Eric let go of the girl's red lips and whispered to the girl's ear and asked, "Is it better?"

    "Ok? Hey, fast, come on," the emotional girl who had been swayed and snorted and stretched her hand to the back. She had just grabbed something and had not had time to move, and her arms were pulled up at the same time, firmly pressed in the glass. On the window.

    "Is it better?"Eric asked softly again.

    "You, it’s a tyrant," the girl whispered, her waist weakly complaining.

    Eric didn't mean to give up. He grabbed the girl's wrists and fixed them on the other's head. The other hand stretched out and gently provoked and teased, and once again gathered in the girl's ear: "Is it better?"

    "Hey…"The girl whispered like a cry, the white face was stuck on the glass window, and finally persisted for a moment, finally surrendered: "Thinking, I am your woman, yours." woman. ”

    A sigh of satisfaction soon rang in the empty hall.


    It's soft, very comfortable, but very tired. I don’t want to open my eyes. But it seems that I still have to do something.

    what are you doing?

    The thought of turning a circle in a daze. There is still work to be done.

    By the way, I am taking TV serInternet Explorer s, and I will be embarrassed if I am late.

    Then he sat up suddenly, and the thinness was slipped from his body. A pair of soft arms stood upright, grabbed his hair and rubbed his eyes. Famke Janssen only saw the situation around him.

    This is a big bedroom. The windows are all on all sides. At this time, they have all been opened. The morning light is transmitted in, and the bedroom is illuminated, but there is no floating dust in the air.

    I soon remembered everything last night, it felt like a dream, but how could it be a dream.

    Finished, I seem to have promised something.

    The girl muttered, and fell to the bed with bare feet, not seeing her own clothes around. I can only find it in the small closet next to it, and pull out one to wear it, because her height is similar to Eric. The shirt can barely cover the buttocks, the two long legs are exposed without any cover, and the scenery between the long legs can be seen in the walk.

    Curiously circled around the bedroom and saw the northern part of Malibu downtown, the densely populated villa looks a little…ridiculous.

    Ok, she doesn't know why she feels this way.

    On the other side, the sun has risen very high, the sea and the sky, blue and blue. I am entangled in you and me, beautiful.

    Hesitated for a few minutes in the bedroom. The girl opened the closet and rummaged through it. She slammed the closet door: "How are all shirts?" There are no trousers. ”

    Looking down at my dress, I squinted at the alarm clock on the bedside table, it was already half past eight.

    Driving from here to the filming studio on the other side of the Santa Monica mountain area, at least an hour, must be late.

    However, no one today dares to blame yourself?

    She thought a little smugly. It seems that although her performance was terrible, she has never been beaten.

    The reason why I always worry about being shackled is that the name is Brad.Pete is often embarrassed, although his performance is much stronger than her, too strong.

    Thinking of the figure, she quickly understood why.

    I don't know why, my heart is happy.

    Then I went downstairs down the stairs, carefully squinted at the hall and shouted, this dress, if it was seen by outsiders, it would be worse.

    "Fami, you woke up, wow," Eric routinely exercised, just took a shower, dressed in a bath towel and saw the girl standing on the stairs and looking at the brain, could not help but marvel, because from the bottom up, The scenery between the girls' legs is unobstructed.

    Famke Janssen saw the look of Eric, and pulled the shirt hem reluctantly, complaining again: "How can you have only a shirt in your bedroom closet? There are no pants."

    Eric laughed: "It's just to see this situation."

    "Hey, bastard," the girl groaned.

    "Well, Fami, I have a few Drew clothes here, but you definitely can't wear it, so I have to wear the costume of yesterday, I will help you take it, it seems to be still in the car."

    "Go and go, and, my…Inside the coat. ”

    "Understood," Eric turned and walked away. The girl hesitated on the stairs and carefully walked down, still walking barefoot in the hall.

    Eric quickly came back and handed the clothes and shoes in the bag to the girl, pointing to the bathroom direction: "You can take a shower."

    “Thank you,” Famke Janssen picked up and just turned around. He felt that his hips were shot.

    "Yeah, hateful," the girl groaned over her hips.

    "Go ahead," Eric didn't mean anything at all. He seemed to have the urge to come back again. When he saw this situation, the girl quickly fled.

    After more than ten minutes, the two sat together in the restaurant and looked at Eric, who was eating breakfast and looking at the newspaper. Famke Janssen complained: "It’s been so late this morning, I can’t shoot anything.”

    "Do not worry, very soon," Eric said, turning his head over the newspaper and said.

    "It takes at least an hour to drive from here to the studio. It is estimated that it is more than ten o'clock, and it needs makeup, scenery, and lines…"The girl took a sip of milk and said nothing.

    "It won't take so long, up to half an hour late."

    Famke Janssen glanced at Eric with contempt: "Hey, you said it's light, I can fly over."

    Eric finally looked up: "I called the helicopter and waited for you to pass, and I couldn't use it for half an hour."

    The girl opened her mouth and immediately shook her head: "No, no, it's too swaying. In this case, all of them will definitely…Will… ”

    Eric laughed and said: "What is necessary is this effect. I am declaring the right of the Lord. I will see who will dare to call you later."

    "You are this…It’s quite unreasonable,” the girl groaned and quickly retorted.

    "Well, baby, what are you talking about," Eric continued. "Yes, there will be a property manager going to find you this afternoon. Yesterday you didn't say that the apartment in Burbank was too noisy, let's take a break in advance and let him take it. You go to Beverly Hills to pick a villa and I will say hello to the crew."

    "I……I can't afford to rent it now," the girl shook her head.

    "Just pick, which one is yours, I will swipe the card."

    "I do not want."

    "Well, the furniture is bought by yourself, I don't care."

    "I don't want to," the girl said again.

    "Right, do you want a car, how about Lamborghini? Well……No, Lamborghini's lines are too hard, I think Ferrari is suitable for women," Eric said, and suddenly remembered the girl in the "Golden Eye of 007" in the open-top Ferrari and Bond car, it was cool to burst: "Well. , Ferrari, that's it. ”

“……”(To be continued)

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