Who is not owed to anyone in Chapter 213?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 213 who does not owe anyone, floating astronomy

    When Elizabeth closed the door, Murdoch slowly picked up the coffee pot and continued to make a cup of coffee for himself, then made a random gesture to Eric.

    Eric shook his head gently: "It's not a good habit to drink too much coffee at night."

    Murdoch smiled and said: "You young people have nothing. When I am at this age, I have to drink more coffee to keep my spirit."

    “There is actually more healthier ways to maintain ample energy.”

    Murdoch didn't follow this topic and said: "Eric, speaking, your first movie is working with Fox. The cooperation between us has always been very enjoyable, isn't it?"

    "Of course, "17 again" Box Office can break through 100 million, even I have not thought of it."

    Eric shrugged and replied, suggesting that Murdoch had little use for playing emotional cards.

    He really relied on Fox's chance to participate in "17 again" to get into Hollywood. But I don't owe anything to Fox. "17 again" not only brings Fox's Box Office profit to tens of millions of USD, but the subsequent videotape and TV rights are combined, and the total profit will definitely exceed 100 Million USD. And he only got less than 1 Million USD, and Fox is a trick. After "17 again", he didn't even get a red envelope from Box Office. Eric thinks this may be related to Fox missed the "Home Alone", although Fox himself refused to "home Alone" to do the release, but "home Alone" after the sale, Fox will still be angry with him, still is that truth, when a When an individual commits an unbearable fault, he will always subconsciously vent his anger and refuse to reflect on himself.

    Murdoch just wanted to be close to the Eric suite. It was directly brought back, even if the face that was used to the world flashed a glimpse.

    “Eric, I heard that other TV stations have been in contact with you?”

    The three TV Station representatives have contacted Eric on the news. Even the famous "Los Angeles Times" and "The New York Times" have made relevant analysis articles. Most of the newspapers are pessimistic about whether Fox TV Station can hold the rights of the next season of "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    "Yes. The conditions they set out are very attractive. ”

    Murdoch had some irritability to take a sip of the coffee in front of him. He also realized that the young people in front of him were not good at dealing with it. If they continued to talk to each other without saltiness, the little guy would definitely not be salty. I pulled it to the end.

    Putting down the coffee cup, Murdoch decided to go straight to the topic: "Eric, do you think it's good, Fox TV Station will increase Firefly's advertising share to 70%, in exchange for the first four quarters of "FrInternet Explorer nds"?"

    As long as you can get the right to play the first five seasons of "FrInternet Explorer nds". Murdoch believes that Fox TV Station will be able to stand firm in North America after five years of development. After five seasons, Fox will have the confidence to follow the ratings and Firefly. The proportion of "FrInternet Explorer nds" has been re-negotiated.

    Eric looked up at Murdoch: "Mr. Murdoch, is this the sincerity of Fox? ”

    “Does this still not reflect Fox’s sincerity?”Murdoch asked.

    Eric immediately shook his head. If it was normal, this split was really very sincere.

    The TV industry is different from the film industry because TV Station does not have the relevant anti-monopoly laws. You can make your own TV shows self-sufficient. Therefore, TV Station is very strong before the US drama alone, usually under the circumstances. TV Station is getting the right to play from the producers in the situation of buyouts. Even if the film giants of Warner can enjoy the treatment of advertising by virtue, the highest proportion will not exceed 40%, usually only 30. %about.

    But this time the situation is completely different. For Fox TV Station, which is now in its infancy, the high ratings provided by "FrInternet Explorer nds" is only a basis. The most important thing is that "FrInternet Explorer nds" can help The development stage of Fox TV Station quickly increased popularity and cultivated audiences.

    "Mr. Murdoch. Prior to FrInternet Explorer nds, the average viewership of Fox TV Station was only a few million. Less than one tenth of the number of fixed TV viewers in North America. Let's not say that "FrInternet Explorer nds" can bring more than 20 Million's high ratings to Fox during playback, even if this season is over. At the same time, you can at least increase the average number of people in Fox to more than 10 Million. Compared to these, your offer is too insincere. ”

    "Eric, you should know that the price I've just made is almost twice times the size of the other studios," Murdoch said, staring at Eric. ”

    Eric, in front of the media tycoon's gaze, did not show anything at all, but smiled softly: "Mr. Murdoch, I believe you must have conducted some investigations, then you should know that the three TV stations are not much lower than you in order to get rid of "FrInternet Explorer nds". And some people have calculated with me, if I put "FrInternet Explorer nds" on a few old wireless TV stations, the advertising revenue will increase by more than 10%, plus this 10% make up, in fact, already with Fox The price tag is almost the same. Compared to Fox, I chose to work with other old wireless TV station to get more benefit. ”

    Eric finished, once again slightly lowering the coffee in front of him, not looking at Murdoch's expression, he believes that the so-called 70% of advertising is only a temptation of Murdoch.

    Feeling the delicate white porcelain in his hand, Eric quickly noticed that the ceramic coffee cup actually painted a pale green plant, quite a bit of ink painting. When I saw this, Eric had the urge to turn the cup upside down, and wanted to see if the word 'made-in-china' was engraved on the bottom.

    However, Eric quickly laughed at the idea. This awkward smile made Murdoch feel very incomprehensible, but the look on his face relaxed with Eric's smile.

    "Eric, let's talk about your conditions. What should Fox do to get the first rights to the sequel to "FrInternet Explorer nds?"To be continued)

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