Body Chapter 317 Small Vase

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main chapter 317 small vase, floating astronomy

    After breakfast, Eric came to the manor with a girl, and a red and white Bell helicopter had already docked on the helipad.

    The helicopter pilot saw Eric appear and quickly jumped off the helicopter and walked over to the two. This is a tall white man with a size of nearly two meters. His face is faintly sly, his eyes are sharp, and his words and deeds are quite different. A few military styles, it is estimated that the other party is definitely a veteran.

    "Hello, Mr. Williams, I am Mark.Bill Man," tall man walked to Eric and Famke Janssen and introduced himself.

    "Hello, Mr. Bill Man," Eric shook hands with the other side: "I must have known your mission?"

    "Of course," Mark.Bill Man nodded and said to Famke Janssen: "Miss Jensen, come with me."

    "Eric, I still think…"The girl looked at the helicopter and turned to Eric, still hesitating.

    Eric licked the girl and kissed her on the other face: "Well, Fami, it's nothing, you will get used to it later."

    "Miss Jensen, are you worried about airsickness? This can be assured that it takes only over ten minutes from here to Calabasas, very quickly."

    See Mark.Bill Mann said, Famke Janssen didn't say anything else, otherwise it would definitely embarrass Eric, and soon the girl boarded the helicopter.

    Eric stepped back and waved at the girl who was slowly taking off. He watched the helicopter drift away and eventually turned into a little white point, but he thought he might hire a dedicated helicopter team. You can save a lot of time by going to the city.

    Moreover, helicopters are much cheaper than private jets. The price of a helicopter is only equivalent to a premium sports car. Even if you hire a team responsible for helicopter driving and maintenance, you can't spend much money a year. What's more, this can also protect your own *, paparazzi are more powerful. It is not realistic to chase a helicopter.

    Back at the villa, Eric walked around the two-seat space chair last night. Seeing that there are still scattered red silks and debris, it is obvious that this is the expensive evening dress 'wreck' last night. I randomly pick up the scattered fabric and gather it into the trash. Eric walks to the space chair. Sitting down and looking at the sponge outside the window, I was thinking about what happened yesterday.

    Now that some determination has been made, Eric is not going to change it. Those women in the past. Even including Drew, Eric often says to them that you are my woman, but if they are determined to leave him, Eric doesn't have much to stop. The two are human beings. A lot of things are very open, but now he has decided not to let this happen.

    Eric is determined to gather all the women he sees. This is not a delusion. He can give everything they want. Whether it is material or fame, the woman who can step into Hollywood. Isn’t the pursuit of name and benefit?

    Therefore, he gives them everything they want, then they must also give him what he wants. This is an equivalent exchange, fair. Of course, all of this is based on strength, when Eric has enough power in Hollywood. Those who took what they wanted but didn't want to pay. Be sure to take a good look at this consequence.

    Famke Janssen is the first of his plans to get along with it for a long time. Eric also almost figured out the character of the tall girl, proud, independent, and some feminist tendencies, but at the same time, Famke Janssen also longed for Hollywood's bustling luxury, which was the final failure of the girl to refuse Eric gifts. The reason for the Beverly property.

    Without Eric, it might take a long time for the girl to get it all, and previous life Famke Janssen has been in the position of Hollywood's second-line actor, although she played the piano in the xX-Men series.Gree, but compared to Harry who plays the storm girl.Berry is a big vase. The girl can only be regarded as a small vase. In the end, the girl in memory finally turns to the American TV series with many star-studded stars in Hollywood.

    Now, although Famke Janssen has played the X-Files Heroine under Eric's arrangement, this TV serInternet Explorer s will definitely have a deep impact on the Actor image, but as long as Eric is willing, the girl wants to transform the big screen. It's a very easy thing, even the size of the screen can be developed at the same time.

    Of course, if you want to get all of this, there must be a premise.

    Thinking for a while, Eric smiled and got up.

    Now, it is time to solve the problem of another woman.


    Jennifer .Connelly woke up very early, pulling the quilt and looking at the bedroom in confusion, with some dull pain after the hangover.

    As a girl, she quickly realized that it was obviously a girl's room, and that there was no trace of infringement on her body. This discovery made her feel relieved.

    There are only a few fuzzy segments in her mind, and it is difficult for her to remember what happened last night. She only remembers that she was a little sad, so she drank a lot of wine and was drunk.

    Then, there is no more, and when I wake up, I find myself appearing here.

    The faint morning light is gradually replaced by sunlight, and the bedroom is getting brighter and brighter, and it is difficult to block the curtains.

    When she was at a loss, the bedroom door was pushed open, and she quickly pulled up the quilt and wrapped herself up, looking at the door a little.

    The girl in dark blue long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans came in and saw her squinting and smiling, revealing two rabbit teeth: "Miss Connelly, are you awake?"

    Jennifer .Connelly faintly remembered, this girl should be Francis.Coppola's daughter, Sofia Coppola, had just met each other before she arrived at the party last night.

    "Hello, Miss Coppola, may I ask, here is…"

    "This is my home, you got drunk last night, Eric let you sleep here."

    Eric , Eric .Williams.

    She soon remembered that the young figure that she saw far away last night, I heard Sofia Coppola just said, I don't know why, Jennifer.Connelly suddenly felt a little wronged, and then tears came out.

    "What's wrong with you, is it still uncomfortable? You were really murderous last night. If it wasn't for Eric, you might be…"Seeing that the girl instantly became a tearful look, Sofia Coppola asked with concern, and soon the girl felt that it was better not to mention last night.

    "I'm fine," Jennifer.Connelly shook his head and hesitated before asking: "That…What about him? ”

    "he? Oh, you mean Eric, he goes back," Sofia Coppola said.

    The girl shrank in the quilt, and it was difficult to suppress a disappointment in her heart.

    Sofia Coppola said a few words, sitting on the side of the dressing table and sitting down at the bedside, some gossip asked: "Hey, Jenny, what happened to you and Eric, he was yesterday. Late, but for you to make a big fire, almost hit the person who brought you, anyone can see, he likes you very much. However, he said that he has not seen you in a year? ”

    Jennifer .Connelly heard this, groaned, but just shook her head, did not answer, she did not know how to answer.

    Seeing the girl is not willing to say that Sofia is not reluctant, and then said: "Right, when he left last night, he flipped out of your address book and called Jim.Lester's people, let the other person go to him at ten in the morning, Jim.Lester is your manager? ”

    The girl squatted again, whispered, and her heart raised a faint expectation. This expectation was not for her acting career, but because she heard that guy was still paying attention to herself.

    Sofia Coppola said, a maid knocked at the door of the bedroom and said, "Miss, it's time to have breakfast."

    "Oh, let's come right now," the girl said, only to Jennifer.Connelly said: "Get up, let's go to the restaurant."

    After more than ten minutes, Sophia pulled Jennifer after a simple wash.Connelly came to the restaurant downstairs, and there were already several people in the restaurant, Francis.Coppola, Sofia's brother Roman.Coppola, and Nicholas who did not leave last night.Cage.

    See her daughter pulling Jennifer.Connelly walked into the restaurant, Francis.Coppola said with a sigh of relief: "Good morning, Miss Connelly, is it better to rest last night?"

    “Very good, thank you for your concern, Mr. Coppola,” Connelly said sternly, and nodded to the rest of the restaurant.

    A short conversation last night, Francis.Coppola is looking at her with a look of a beautiful vase. Now, the tone of speech is like a harmonious elder, which makes Connelly somewhat flattered. The girl is not sure what to do next, but she has been Sophia sat down at the table and the servant skillfully divided the breakfast for the two.

    "So, Sofia, you really want to listen to that kid, don't star in Mary.Ke Leon's role? ”Francis.Coppola and other two women sat down and quickly transferred the topic to the little daughter.

    When I heard this sentence, Connelly suddenly raised a small ear, and she keenly felt that Francis.The kid in Coppola's mouth should be Eric.Williams, Sophia quickly confirmed her conjecture.

    "I think Eric is very reasonable. I didn't have any experience in film performance before. I don't want to ruin my father's efforts for my sake."To be continued)

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