Body Chapter 080 Two Gifts

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the first chapter of the text 080, two gifts, floating astronomy

    A birthday dinner was very slow, and Eric allowed Aniston to lean on himself, sometimes whispering a few words.

    The birthday songs of two people are not lively, but very warm.

    After singing, cut the cake, one person only eats one piece, but the bottle of red wine is consumed quickly.

    "Don't eat?"Eric looked at the girl's blushing face and asked with concern.

    "Well," nodded. Aniston grabbed Eric: "It's so tired, take me to the bath, don't want to move."

    "No problem, my little princess," Eric smiled, but got up and took out two beautifully wrapped gift boxes from his baggage: "Hey, a birthday present, a Valentine's Day gift."

    Aniston saw two gift boxes and suddenly became unhappy. He took the gift box and placed it on the table, still drilling into the man's arms.

    "Don't open it first?"

    "Not happy, don't want to see."

    Eric touches the girl's blonde hair and yells: "I'm sorry, Annie, I made an appointment with someone, so I have to leave early tomorrow."


    "Annie, come back to Los Angeles, I hope you can be by my side."

    "Tired, take a shower…"

    "Okay, okay," Eric picked up the girl and walked into the bathroom. With warm water, Uniston's clothes were untied, and the girl obediently raised her hand and let Eric move. Soon only the bra and ** were left, and the body of the white cock was gradually exposed, and Eric's breathing became rushed.

    Long time no see, Aniston's expression was a little shy, his eyes were drooping, his long eyelashes trembled, and he pulled Eric's coat gently: "Are together?"

    Eric nodded and took off his clothes. I went to solve the girl's bra, and the delicate chest was exposed. Eric squeezed a soft wrap in her hand and felt the particles of the palm gradually harden. She couldn't help but lean over and kiss her.

    "Itchy."Aniston opened Eric's claws, smiled and took off his pants, turned and ran into the bathtub, squeezing inside, revealing a gap, looking forward to Eric. Eric took off the last occlusion, and the high-spirited thing made Aniston snorted and spit out his tongue: "It's ugly."

    “Girls who face it are often picked up by a donkey.”Eric smiled into the bathtub, reached out to hold the girl's waist, and took Aniston's light and delicate body in his arms. Feel the clear sternum under the girl's breast, Eric said: "Jenny, still have something to eat, I still like your flesh."

    "Hey, don't please you."The girl felt the impetuous things behind her, and wanted to escape a little, but she was held tight by Eric and could not move.

    "Eric, is it a shower? There will be water in the bathtub. ”

    Eric's big hand once again covered the girl's softness, and came over and kissed Aniston's earlobe, whispering: "But I think this is more fun?"

    The sensitive earlobe was so teased that Aniston's entire body softened.

    Eric stopped talking, his hands fell, and he lifted Aniston's ass and gently opened it, squeezing in.

    "Hey, you haven't brought a small umbrella yet."

    "Do not worry, the security period."

    Feeling the body being penetrated, plus the previous wine, Aniston has been confused, and when he hears his lover, he subconsciously asks: "Do men also have a safe period?"

    "amount……I mean yours. ”Eric explained the sentence silently and slowly moved.

    Aniston twisted his waist and silently matched his mouth, and he still couldn't help it: "It's awful, even secretly calculating the girl's kind of thing, big bastard."

    Eric slammed a bit, and in the girl's exclamation, smiled: "I am only yours."

    It was ridiculous overnight.

    The next day I woke up very late, and the exhausted girl who was tossed was still in a sweet dream, and her mouth was bent. Eric kissed Aniston's mouth and wore his clothes lightly.

    A simple breakfast, Aniston still didn't wake up, Eric looked at his watch and had to put Aniston's one and let him eat it first.

    "Jenny, I am leaving."After breakfast, Eric walked into the bedroom, kneeling on the girl's pillow, and gently licking the girl's hair.

    "Well……Don't be noisy, I want to sleep. ”The girl screamed in confusion and pulled the quilt over her head impatiently.

    "Well, I will call you again in Los Angeles."Eric said another thing, watching the little lazy worm still did not respond, thought about it, found a note and put it in a conspicuous place, and then reluctantly picked up the luggage and left Aniston's apartment.

    Sitting in the taxi, Eric looked up at the window of the Aniston apartment, which was black because of the backlighting.

    Behind the window, the girl wrapped her quilt, holding the note tightly in her hand, watching the taxi drift away, sighing, and moving back to the bed, distressed and overturned, and fled the pillow next to it and beat it a few times. .

    Let's go, bastard bastard, sleep can't keep you for a while, it's awful!


    Shortly after getting off the plane, Eric just stopped for a moment, contacted a private attorney, followed Jobs and left Los Angeles to go to Richmond, San Francisco Bay, California. Due to increased funding, Pixar's headquarters was moved in by Jobs. A small man in the sergeant.

    At the same time, Pretty Woman searched Box Office across North America almost at a rate visible to the naked eye. After three days of hot weekends, entering the working day, people's viewing heat did not weaken, especially on the day of the Valentine's Day, many movie theaters released "Pretty Woman" appeared full.

    In the envy and hate of other Film Studios, the Box Office data of "Pretty Woman" was officially released in the past week.

    At 16.05 Million on the weekend, the Box Office totaled 29.07 million in the first week. Although it didn't reach 30 Million USD, it was a little regrettable, but it also exceeded the first week of Eric's previous Home Alone Box Office.

    In the second week of the release, in the turmoil of many people, the Box Office of "Pretty Woman" fell back to 17 Million USD, a drop of 43%. This data has made many people relieved, but fortunately it is not another "Home Alone". Otherwise it is too crazy.

    But in the next few weeks, the "Pretty Woman" Box Office did not reappear as much as the second week. A month later, "Pretty Woman" has more than 75 million North America Box Offices. It is no suspense to break through 100 million. According to some statistical agencies, as long as there are no other Box Office dark horses, the Box Office of this movie is likely to be again. Break through 200 Million USD.

    Under the operation of Fox, "Pretty Woman" has also been released in overseas markets. Although most of the regions missed the Valentine's Day, under the influence of the North America market reputation, the film's overseas Box Office is stronger than North America's local momentum. It's going to be strong, and it broke through the 100 Million USD mark within four weeks.

    In less than a year, two films that created the wonders of Box Office were filmed. Eric once again became the focus of media attention. Los Angeles Times directly titled "The Magical Boys Breaking into Hollywood" and less than one year for Eric. The deeds made a detailed report.

    Many well-known media and magazines have contacted Jeffrey and Kapoor in the absence of Eric himself, hoping to make an exclusive interview with Eric himself, but they were all rejected.

    Although Eric has not yet reached the heights of those of Barry Diller and Michael Eisner, he believes that this day will not be too far. Who has seen these big powers who have great powers active in the media all day? Hidden behind the scenes to be a black hand that controls sentient beings is Eric's ultimate goal.

    In the absence of Eric's hopelessness, the media had to retreat to the next level and turn their attention to others.

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