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    Eric immediately understood why little loli appeared here, definitely Donald.The special Trump brings, just, the surrounding staff are also derelict, even if the little guy stays here, should not let her touch the film equipment here.

    I was about to reprimand a few unscrupulous staff, and the intercom rustling sounded: "Eric, everything is ready, can you start?"

    “Oh, of course,” Eric said, temporarily putting the matter down and rushing into the headphones and walking behind the monitor.

    At the beginning of the camera, Kevin walked into the hotel lobby, looked around and began to walk along the corridor to the lobby side. The camera followed the boy's movements and slowly retreated backwards.

    "cut, Nickel, what's going on there, don't you find that the lens is a bit biased?" Again! ”Just a few steps away, Eric immediately shouted at intercom.

    Nickel’s sorry voice came from intercom, and it took two minutes. Everyone including the group re-buried and the shooting started again.

    "cut, Royce, the one you are responsible for, the guy wearing a blue knit jacket, let him concentrate on it. It’s hard to imagine that someone would look at the camera lens. If this happens again, let him get out and come back. !"



    I don't know how many times ng, Eric pointed out some mistakes, just about to start, there was Nickel's voice in the intercom: "Eric, no, I am going to take off."

    Eric stunned and realized that there was no photographic track this time, but Nickel carried a heavy camera to follow.

    Reluctantly took off the headset on the head, Eric said to a side of the field: "Notify." All staff rest for ten minutes. ”

    "You're so stupid, a shot can't be shot so many times," Eric just sat down on the Director's chair. I took the water cup that the assistant handed over, and Ivanka, who had been exploring the brain behind him, said this.

    Eric just spit out a mouthful of water in his mouth. Suddenly the situation scared the little loli next to him.

    "Keke and cough…"Eric took a few punches and then said: "Ivanka, don't you see it, it doesn't matter to me."

    Little loli put his hands in his pocket and said with dissatisfaction with his chin. "This gentleman, please call me Miss Trump."

    Eric felt a black line on his head, and he instantly remembered the famous 'Please call me Queen.' Just about to say something, Nickel, Stewart, and other important people in the crew also got together.

    "father."Ivanka saw his father appear, and Donald went over and took Donald's hand.

    "Ivanka, what have you been talking about with Eric?"Donald had just seen Eric talking to her daughter, so she asked curiously.

    "Nothing, you said that he is very powerful, but I have been watching it for so long. A simple walking lens can't be shot well. It's far worse than the Directors you used to see me. ."

    Eric hasn't reacted yet, and Nickel's face is no longer hangable. Because of that shot, most of the mistakes were made by his photographer, but now Eric is ridiculed by a little loli in front of so many people.

    "Eric. I am sorry," Nickel said to Eric apologetically.

    "It doesn't matter, everyone knows that this shot is not too easy."Eric patted Nickel's shoulder comfortably: "You go for a break, find someone to help you massage your arm, try again in ten minutes, if not, let's take another shot."

    Nickel nodded and turned away.

    "You are Kevin?"Eric soon heard the sound of little loli again.

    "Actually, my name is Stewart.Langkel, "Is there a peer in the crew. Stu took the initiative to introduce himself.

    "I heard that you are eight years old, how can you be so much shorter than me."Little loli stunned in front of Stu, the little hand crossed the boy's head. Directly touched the tip of my nose.

    Because of the precociousness of Stu, the boy's sexual consciousness has been a little awakened, so he was mocked by a beautiful little loli like a doll, and suddenly he was reluctant. He retorted: "I will definitely grow taller than you in the future. ”

    "You don't have me high now, what are you talking about in the future?"

    A group of people couldn't help but laughed, Donald.Although Trump is laughing, she pulls her daughter. "Ivanka, don't be so rude. In fact, Stu is also very powerful. He shot a movie last year."

    "This is a great thing, just walk around like that, I will play."Ivanka retorted without hesitation.

    "Then let's play us and see," Stu immediately seized the opportunity. Although the little guy was only eight years old, he also knew that the performance was not so easy.

    "I……"Ivanka squatted around and then directly locked his eyes on Eric: "Mr. Williams, can you let me try the lens just now? ”There is a demand for people, little loli suddenly no longer used honorific words.

    Eric shrugged: "I am sorry, Miss Trump, our photographer is resting."

    "Then, you are not a Director, why don't you come?"

    "I?"Eric asked with a puzzled voice.

    "Yeah, you don't want to tell me, you can't do anything other than Director?"Ivanka said in a standard sarcasm.

    Except for Director, nothing can be done…

    Little loli This is really lethal.

    Although the staff who have been with Eric for a long time, he is definitely a kind of versatile Director, but when he hears little loli, he can't help but laugh.

    "Eric, show her a hand."

    "Mr. Williams, can't let this little lady look at you. ”

    "Director, if you are, I will help you drag the cable."


    In the snoring noise, Eric clap his hands in a distressed voice: "Quiet, give me peace, don't forget where this is!"

    When the crowd gradually calmed down, Eric turned to little loli: "Mr. Trump, do you really want to try?"

    Ivanka raised his chin: "Of course."

    "That's all right," Eric said. "You just saw Stu's performance from the monitor, so I don't have to say how to perform, right?"

    “Well,” Little loli nodded, repeating it again: “I came in from the gate, asked my father in the second corridor, and then walked here.”

    "Good, then let's come once," Eric nodded.

    Since it is a ticket during the break, the group performance certainly does not have to go, but Donald.Trump was obviously very satisfied with her daughter's performance, so she volunteered to cooperate with the filming and asked Eric to keep the film. He planned to make a videotape for the commemoration.

    In the entrance hall, Ivanka saw a lot of people behind Eric carrying the camera and looked at himself. Although he tried to keep calm, the blinking eyes still betrayed the panic of the little girl.

    "Miss Trump, the first act, the first game!"The game remembered to play the board in a strange way and quickly flashed aside.

    Little Loli quickly blinked his eyes, looked at his camera lens and looked at his own crowd, I do not know how to feel a little numbness, but still stubborn to lift the pace, before walking up, while walking on the side of scholars just like Stu left and right, but these actions only done a few, Ivonka feel oneself can not stand, footsteps also sped up.

    So, go straight to the second corridor, see outside the camera to make encouraging eyes toward his father, Ivonka like to see the savior, at this time perhaps only the father will give her security, no hesitation, little Loli fled the scene, tears to father ran, Tone with a faint whimpered: "Dad, I do not play." ”


    "Nickel, or else, the scenes of our first corridor and the second corridor are shot separately, so the chances of success are greater, and there are fewer toss."

    Although little loli Ivanka fled halfway, Eric took the camera and took an empty shot. He also found that it was not an easy task to go down this shot again, and it will be done later. Clipping, then it is better to shoot in two parts. So after Nickel took a break, Eric didn't start shooting immediately, but re-discussed with the photographer.

    At this point two people had a simple square hotel floor plan in front of them.

    Eric pointed with a pencil and said, “From here to here, as the first part of the lens, the next shot starts here, until the lobby.”

    Nickel pondered a bit according to Eric's words and said, "So, is the group performance buried in two parts?"

    "Well, this is not a problem. It can be arranged in ten minutes. Stu is not a problem. Mainly you, how do you feel now? ”

    "I'm fine," Nickel snorted. "In two parts, it's okay."

    "That's good, just like this," Eric said, raising his head and saying to the people around him: "You have heard it, everyone is going to prepare, ten minutes."

    After everyone dispersed, Eric returned to his Director position. At this time, little loli Ivanka held a box of unprocessed film in his arms, like a little phoenix that was only raining, and looked downcast. There was no such thing as the singular poisonous tongue little loli when I first saw it. Donald.Special Trump is also sitting next to her daughter, whispering comfort to something. (To be continued)

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