The 261th chapter of the text is wrong.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the wrong direction of the 261th chapter of the text, floating astronomy

    I heard Laura.Pena’s questioning, Aniston squinted at Eric next to his eyes, and saw her boyfriend blinking his eyes if he had nothing to do, then he approached the microphone and said, “I’ve seen the screening of Home Alone 2, which is the first film. The department is still awesome, Stoudemire is still very good, Matthew is still so bad, and there are other Actors, and their performance is also very good. So I think this movie should at least be able to reach the Box Office of 200 Million USD. ”

    "Wow, 200 Million USD, an astonishing number, I hope that Miss Aniston's words will bring good luck to this film."Laura.Pena didn't mean to compare with the first "Home Alone" last year, and then asked: "Right, Miss Aniston, I heard Matthew, who plays young thief Marvin.Mr. Perry is your former classmate, right? ”

    Aniston nodded. "Yeah, when Eric picked the Actor last year, he didn't find Marvin's candidate for a long time, so I recommended Matthew to him. Just a simple audition, Eric will decide to let Matthew appear. This role, and later proved, Eric's choice is correct."

    "I don't think there is such an anecdote," Laura.Pena followed the tone with a hint of temper and narrowness: "So, Miss Aniston, you will Matthew.Mr. Perry introduced to Mr. Williams, isn't he afraid of jealous? ”

    When Aniston heard the problem, he suddenly widened his eyes and held Eric's arm tightly. He said, "How could Eric choose Matthew as the actor of Marvin if he could eat it?"

    After a short interview, two people passed through the red carpet and entered the cinema.

    Say hello to everyone who has already entered the theater, and Eric snaps into Aniston's ear and suddenly says, "Jenny, actually. My heart is very delicious, you have to consider compensating me tonight. ”

    Aniston gave Eric a blank look: "You have done so many at sixes and sevens, I am almost mad at you. I have not seen you compensate me. ”

    "Would you like to compensate you twice this evening?"Eric smirked and smirked at Aniston's waist. I pinch it on the sensitive little meat somewhere through the dress.

    A sensuous touch of inductance came from the waist, and Aniston's entire body was slightly soft, pushing Eric away, and his face faintly screamed: "You, this animal, know all these things all day, I ignore you. It is."

    After the little girl finished, she really escaped from Eric, not only deliberately to Matthew.Perry is gone. Also enthusiastically with Matthew.Perry hugged a bit.

    Eric shrugged helplessly, just about to join the chick, and was involved in the guest Donald.Trump walked up with a smile and greeted Eric from afar. Donald was followed by a blonde woman who looked less than 30 years old, holding a little girl in her hand, just the little loli Ivanka.

    "Hey, Eric, I haven't seen you for a long time," Donald.Special Trump came over. Enthusiastically embraced Eric and said: "Eric, this is my wife. Ivana. Ivana, this is Eric.Williams. ”

    Eric politely with Ivana.Special Trump shook hands.

    At this time, a crisp loli sounded up: "Eric, do you remember me?"

    "Of course, Ini," Eric smiled and reached over and tried to pinch Ivanka's pink face, but was strongly protested by little loli: "Hey, Eric. Don't just pinch the girl's face. ”

    Eric squatted in front of the little girl and asked with great interest: "Why can't you pinch it?"

    Ivanka thought about it with a small head. Did not find a suitable reason, then immediately opened his eyes and said: "Anyway. Just can't pinch. ”

    Eric is trying to continue to tease little loli. Aniston has come back and saw little loli Ivanka.Special Trump, immediately exclaimed with joy: "Wow, beautiful little girl, like a doll."After that, without waiting for Ivanka to respond, Aniston reached out and grabbed the little girl's face.

    "Oh, you guys are really annoying!"

    In the maddening struggle of little loli, several people laughed. Aniston saw that the strange little girl reacted so fiercely and quickly let go of her hand and apologized to Ivanka’s mother: "Sorry, I am not ……What did you do wrong? ”

    "Nothing, Miss Aniston, Ian is very embarrassed, just some people who are unfamiliar."Ivana smiled and explained that "FrInternet Explorer nds" is now a household name. Without any introduction, Ivana also knows Aniston.

    Aniston still nodded a little apology and looked at Eric. Eric made a quick introduction for her. Then the four people ignored the little loli and talked to each other.

    "Eric, what you said at the premiere of "The Others" at the beginning of the month is really too domineering. I heard that the movie Box Office has more than 50 million, and the cost is only 5 Million?"

    “Yes, although the cost of production is only five million, the cost of issuance is higher.”

    Donald.Special Trump still knows a little about the release of the movie, saying: "Even if this is the case, Firefly will definitely make a fortune. Eric, how many Box Office do you think the movie can get?"

    Anyway, these data newspaper have a length of analysis, Eric did not feel the need for secrecy, replied: "Conservative estimate North America can have million USD, overseas is difficult to say, but the overseas main box Office market in E Urope, the halo of the Silver Lion in Venice, plus the quality of the film itself, I think overseas may be higher. ”

    I heard Eric say so, Donald.Special Trump is more heated, according to Eric's point of view, this small cost movie with a cost of only 5 million is estimated to bring about 70 million profit for Firefly, which is not a peripheral tape and other peripherals. Home Alone 2, which is about to be released, will definitely bring more profits. Not to mention the other movies that Firefly is about to release, Eric will be able to earn at least 200 Million from just these two films, and these are all cash, and Donald now wants cash to think crazy.

    Eric certainly can't notice Donald.Special Trump eyes change, my heart sighed, although the time is not long, but his perception of the real estate tycoon is not bad. But after all, he is a very mature person. It is impossible to help with personal emotions. Eric believes that even Donald.Trump's best friend may give him some help, but he won't invest a lot of money in Donald at this time.Special Trump is among the real estate projects that may crash at any time.

    In order not to let Donald.With Trump holding a hot fantasies, Eric thinks it's better to say it.

    At this time, the staff informed the premiere that guests could enter the screening hall.

    "Jenny, are you going to the auditorium with Mrs. Trump, I will talk to Donald."Eric said a few words to Aniston and did not evade the Trump family.

    Donald nodded to his wife, Ivana was about to take little loli and left with Aniston. Ivanka broke the mother's hand, and the little adult seemed to say: "Mom, you go first, I have something." I have to discuss with Eric."

    Ivana keenly felt that her husband and Eric had a business to say, and pulled the daughter, saying: "Ini, don't make trouble, go with my mother, let's go to see Kevin."

    "I am not interested in that little boy," Ivanka suddenly broke away from his mother's hand, like a little koala bear holding his father's leg, letting the mother pull it.

    Finally, Eric said: "Mr. Trump, let Ini stay here, I don't have any important things."

    Maybe also realized what Donald.Trump picked up her daughter and nodded to her wife.

    When the people in the lounge walked almost, Eric sat down on a sofa with Donald, and little loli didn't rush to open his mouth, swept away between his father and Eric with his beautiful big eyes.

    Eric organized the language and said: "Donald, I have seen some information about your company."

    Donald.Special Trump smiled slightly and laughed at himself. "It's a mess, right?"

    Eric shook his head honestly: "Of course not, according to normal progress, several projects you are working on will be completed next year. Although the real estate industry is now in a downturn, as long as those projects are completed rather than unfinished, I believe that with your ability, you will be able to achieve profitability. ”Eric said here, adding: "This is not a compliment. I have read your information. When you were still in college in the late 1960s, you worked on an apartment project in Cincinnati, Ohio, and earned a year. 1 Million USD, and the Hyatt Regency on 42nd Avenue in Manhattan, the ice rink in Central Park."

    Donald.Trump heard Eric mentioning some of his favorite past events, his face showing a little triumph, but soon thought of his current situation, could not help but sigh.

    Eric didn't wait for Donald.Special Trump spoke and continued: "But Donald, just as you need money to develop your own business, I also need a lot of money to expand my own Film Studio, and even if there are extra funds, relative to your real estate projects. In terms of demand, it does not help."

    Donald.Trump knew that Eric was telling the truth, nodded in a free and easy way, and smiled: "I understand."

    The two were silent for a moment, and Eric suddenly asked: "Donald, should you always think of ways to raise money during this time?"

    "Well, the bank group that loaned me refused to provide me with funds. I can only find ways to raise funds from other places. I have already contacted the investors who have been in contact during this time. I also went through the introduction of friends. A trip to Japan. Unfortunately, the Japanese people's appetite is too big. They want to take over the whole project at a very low price. The prices they offer are not enough for me to pay off. I certainly won't agree. ”

    Eric thought for a moment and said, "Donald, maybe the direction you started at the beginning is wrong."To be continued)

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