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    Shaking his head slightly, Eric explained: "Tom, "Running Out of Time" is called Running out of Time because its core is the rival play of the two protagonists. If the drama is too unbalanced, the film's excitement will be greatly reduced. Moreover, I think that you have the most space to play in this movie. Hanks also needs to share the scene with Joe Pesci and others, and your role is completely a one-man show, no need to add. ”

    After hearing Eric's refusal, Cruise knew that Eric said it was very reasonable, but his face still showed a slight disappointment.

    Originally, Eric didn't have much opinion on the personal qualities of Cruise. Even those rumors were not interested at all. Others had other people's living methods, and Hollywood had more celebrities in private. Cruise is at least a very dedicated and very hardworking person, and this is the original intention of Eric to start working with each other.

    But now, Eric has some regrets, because Cruise's control desire is too strong, and Eric himself is also a person with strong control. It is estimated that in the next "Running Out of Time" shooting, the dispute is definitely inevitable. Think about it, Eric thinks that the main reason is that his qualifications are too shallow, and Cruise has a sense of superiority from the bottom of his heart.

    "So, Eric, about the bus girl, Brooke · ShInternet Explorer lds is not…Too high? ”The height of one meter and seven is always the weakness of Cruise. Therefore, it has just been rejected. After saying this sentence in order to pick the impulse, Cruise regrets it. This is not to beat his own face.

    I remembered that when I saw the Brooke ·ShInternet Explorer lds six feet (183cm) in height, Eric couldn’t help but pump it. If he put on high heels, it’s still worth it. It’s estimated to hug yourself at the awards ceremony today. Gina Davis is at an altitude.

    Eric resisted and didn't smile in front of Cruise. He advised: "Tom, you don't have to worry about this. You two of them are sitting in the bus or in the restaurant, without any shoulders. The lens of walking."

    "Well," Cruise nodded, took a sip of red wine to cover up, and hurried away.

    Eric just turned and was ready to go back to the crowd, and Virginia didn't know where to get out and took Eric's arm.

    "Oh, look too tight."Eric smiled slyly, how he couldn't see Virginia's careful eyes.

    The girl suddenly showed a wronged look and took back his arm: "If you look at which beauty, you will go."

    "Forget it, let's go back," Eric looked at his watch. "You don't want to be afraid, as if I would fly away."

    "Well," Virginia happily grabbed Eric's arm again: "Can I go to your house tonight?"

    "Okay, but you are out of the limelight tonight, there must be paparazzi outside."

    Virginia has long thought about the countermeasures: "We take the elevator directly to the parking lot and open Mr. Sid's car left, be careful not to have anything to do. ”

    If it weren't for the public, Eric really wanted to stretch out and pinch the girl's face.

    The two were preparing to leave, and there was a commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall. Eric seemed to hear the shouts like 'SpInternet Explorer lberg' and looked up. It was a group of people surrounded by a middle-aged man with a pair of glasses. People walked into the banquet hall.

    "Sure enough, Steven · SpInternet Explorer lberg, what is he doing here?"Virginia curiously said.

    "Who knows," Eric shook his head and said, "Let's go ahead and say hello, otherwise it's a little rude."

    “Well,” Virginia is also obviously eager to try.

    The two are planning to go forward, and SpInternet Explorer lberg has come to Eric.

    In the eyes of everyone, SpInternet Explorer lberg took the initiative to reach Eric: "Eric, I thought you would go to the Hilton Hotel. I went there to know that you are here, so I can find it."

    "Really…I don't know how to say it, Mr. SpInternet Explorer lberg, if you want to see me, you can contact my manager to arrange a meeting," Eric shook hands with each other.

    “Everyone is very busy, and today is very special, so I can take the time to spare,” SpInternet Explorer lberg explained: “Eric, I am looking for a room downstairs, let’s go there. Oh, this…Ms. can also come together. ”

    “No problem,” Eric nodded, pulling Virginia to follow PopInternet Explorer lberg in the eyes of the banquet hall.

    After Eric left, everyone whispered for a while and started to work. Although they lost a chance to be close to the SpInternet Explorer lberg, they didn't feel that they had too many qualifications. Instead, Cruise always looked at SpInternet Explorer lberg and The figure of Eric and others disappeared at the door, and the bottom of my heart was even more lost. He originally thought that SpInternet Explorer lberg was coming from the "Rain Man" crew, even running on his own, but did not expect the result to be like this.

    For the cooperation with SpInternet Explorer lberg, Cruise is not too urgent, he just wants to make friends with SpInternet Explorer lberg. As a representative of Hollywood Jews, as long as he has a good relationship with SpInternet Explorer lberg, it is equivalent to playing with the Jewish circle of Hollywood. Good relationship.

    Hollywood is a Jewish world. This is not a story. Many of the Film Studio executives, such as Barry Diller and Michael Eisner, are Jewish, and a large number of famous Directors and stars such as SpInternet Explorer lberg and Harrison Ford are also Jewish. Cruise is out of the Creative Artists Agency and wants to get rid of pure actor identity and step into the ranks of producers. It is essential to make friends with the Hollywood Jewish Circle.

    In the room downstairs in the banquet hall, the two sides sat down. The waiter took the coffee for a few people and then voluntarily quit the room, leaving only SpInternet Explorer lberg and his assistant, as well as Eric and Virginia.

    "Eric, Drew, okay, I haven't seen her for a long time to visit me."SpInternet Explorer lberg didn't rush to talk about business, but chatted casually.

    Eric is not in a hurry, but she is glimpsing the Virginia side of her face. She feels very embarrassed. She is a big Director. I am also a big Director. Good, this little woman is too much for me to lose face. Go back and have a good time. Pack up a meal.

    "Drew is the unintentional temper," Eric said with a smile. "Today she is at home. When I go back, I will teach my gimmicks. It is a bit rude to visit without visiting you for a long time."

    "I heard people say that Drew's relationship with you is very strange. Like a father and a daughter, I didn't believe it. I heard that you just talked, and I think this may be true. But Shantou is also a good choice to follow you, her parents…Don't say it, Eric, treat her well. ”

    "I will," Eric nodded, not going to delve into the news that SpInternet Explorer lberg had heard from him. The other person's connections in Hollywood were completely unmatched.

    SpInternet Explorer lberg took a sip of coffee and said: "In fact, I am looking for you today for the copyright of your "Jurassic Park". I have been in contact with you several times before, and I have been rejected, so I I have to go out in person today, Eric, how about selling the movie "Jurassic Park" to me?"

    Eric didn't answer immediately. He took the coffee cup and looked down. He was really distressed. It was impossible to sell the "Jurassic Park" movie copy to SpInternet Explorer lberg. Even with the previous life, even if SpInternet Explorer lberg is the director of the movie, Eric will not agree. Because he just remembered some data in his mind.

    Previous life's "Jurassic Park" won the world more than 900 million USD box Office, of which North America 350 million USD, overseas 600 million USD, according to the local 55%, overseas 20% of the average divided to calculate, the film finally To get 310 million USD in box Office, the global film Industry's investment in this film is about 70 million USD, which means that the film can earn a huge profit of 240 million USD, which is a very ecstatic figure, because even the prev IOUs Life of 93, any one film giants a year of box Office profit up to only this number.

    Everything has a god turning point, called 'but'.

    However, SpInternet Explorer lberg is not called the most savvy movie dealer. As the director of Jurassic Park, SpInternet Explorer lberg has signed a high proportion of the contract with Universal for personal strength and a series of negotiations. The end result is SpInternet Explorer lberg personally took away 250 million USD before and after the "Jurassic Park" project!

    Yes, it’s more than 10 million more profitable than Jurassic Park’s Box Office. In 1993, the era of DVD players has not yet arrived. The videotape market accounts for only 30% to the film’s revenue. Forty, other peripheral broadcast rights have relatively less revenue. In other words, most of the profits of the film "Jurassic Park" were actually taken away by the SpInternet Explorer lberg, which was the result of the 1994 DreamWorks. If it weren't for the surrounding products of Jurassic Park and the theme parks that could bring huge profits, the global executives could only cry and cry.

    As for the rumors that because the global investment in "Jurassic Park" and "Sindeller List" led to the dissatisfaction of SpInternet Explorer lberg's, it prompted SpInternet Explorer lberg to fly to establish DreamWorks, there is no credibility.

    I didn’t invest a penny, I took 250 million yuan before and after, but I still have dissatisfaction. There is still no reason to be reasonable under this day!

    What Eric is upset about now is that he wouldn't want to offend the Jewish Director who has a huge network of contacts in Hollywood if he can be euphemistic and refusing to reject SpInternet Explorer lberg.

    "SpInternet Explorer lberg, actually…I wrote this book, originally intended to do the Director myself, so…"Eric organized the language: "So…I have no plans to sell the movie copyright of Jurassic Park. ”

    SpInternet Explorer lberg smiles like an elder and analyzes Eric: "Eric, I have seen some of your movies, I think you are better at low-cost comedy or drama, "Jurassic Park" is a science fiction. I am afraid that you will not be able to shoot for a long time in the novel. I did not despise what you mean, but you are still too young and lack of experience. That's the way I am myself, I made my first film from 1959, but until 16 years later, only ability to produce the "Jaws" of science fiction films, your qualifications, although much stronger than I, but also need 10 years or so accumulation it, perhaps many people have forgotten the "Jurassic Park "The novel, the risk of filming again, a little attention will be difficult to recover costs." ”

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