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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 223 is open, floating astronomy

    "FrInternet Explorer nds" On the second day of the celebration party, Murdoch couldn't wait to use News Corp.'s media to release the news that Firefly will be in the Fox TV Network. It also said that not only "FrInternet Explorer nds" will continue to be broadcast on Fox TV Station. The two sides will also work more closely together.

    As soon as the news came out, most of the media attitudes of Fox, which was pessimistic about whether or not Fox could keep the "FrInternet Explorer nds" under the three major TV stations, immediately changed 180 degrees, and began to express optimistic about the development prospects of Fox TV Network. .

    And do not say Murdoch revealed Firefly will work with Fox TV network closer cooperation, only with Fox TV network saved the "Frinternet Explorer NDS" This hit series, Fox As long as we can seize the opportunity to produce more sophisticated television programs to cultivate a loyal audience, it will be in the North America television industry ranked fourth in the position of unbreakable, even through years of painstaking development, more than the original three TV station is not impossible. Affected by this good news, the Fox TV Network was originally less than 1 Billion USD's market value rose rapidly.

    The TV Network's share transfer was not completed overnight. After the Fox TV Network released the news, the three TV stations not only did not give up the "FrInternet Explorer nds", but the contact with Eric became more frequent.

    Among them, because of the merger with the Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation in 1985, the American Broadcasting Company, which has been losing money for several consecutive years and is most eager to turn over, finally even opened the conditions for the shareholding. However, Tom, the CEO of American Broadcasting Company TV Station.Murphy only got a 3% share transfer authorization from Board of Directors. Although the value of this 3% share is more than twice that of Fox TV Station's 10% share, Eric has no heartbeat because he got the 3% stake. According to the American Broadcasting Company's history of losses until the history of Disney's mergers and acquisitions, it is impossible to receive any dividends for several years. Instead, it will consume a large amount of money from Firefly. Moreover, this 3% stake is not likely to give Eric much voice. So between the booming fox and the muddy American Broadcasting Company, as long as the IQ is a bit more normal. I all know what choices to make.

    On the evening of September 10th, in the "FrInternet Explorer nds" audience laughter and the close attention of other TV companies. "FrInternet Explorer nds ushered in the second week of playback. Two hours later, Nielsen released the ratings statistics for the first time. The average number of viewers in the third and fourth episodes of FrInternet Explorer nds was 24.6 million, and the highest ratings still reached 29Million.

    The three TV stations saw this data and began to analyze the success factors of "FrInternet Explorer nds". Finally, it was found that this TV serInternet Explorer s can get the first broadcast in addition to the humorous plots and lines. The reason for the ratings. The most important thing is that the first two episodes are personally conducted by Eric Director. Of course, there may have been a movie director into TV serinternet Explorer s, but it is certainly the film director business into the underestimate, there is no way, in the fame of the heyday of the situation, no film director will ' self GAN Fall off to shoot TV serinternet Explorer s, so the first few movies have made great success Eric personally director TV Serinternet Explorer S, this stunt aroused the audience's intense curiosity, they would like to see Eric, the director who made a series of Box Office wonders, will make what kind of TV serinternet Explorer S. The quality of "FrInternet Explorer nds" itself has reached the expectations of the audience. So combined, this sitcom is now hot.

    Understand this, the three major TV stations started to shoot almost simultaneously. For a time Steven.SpInternet Explorer lberg, Francis.Coppola, Martin.Scorsese, Tim.Burton and other Hollywood directors have received high-priced invitations. The three TV stations even offer the conditions to pay millions of salary as long as they can hang a name on some dramas.

    Under the powerful money offensive, although most Directors refused because of all kinds of scruples, it was not that no one tried it, and the result was very good. Some of the US drama ratings with the Hollywood Director's name exceeded the ratings expectations. Therefore, in the next few years, the famous film director is invited to direct the first two episodes of the American drama. A rapid trend has formed. A US drama was broadcast, and if there was no famous Hollywood director, it was named after the publicity. The audience will feel that the level of this TV serInternet Explorer s is not high, and the ratings will not be good.

    Of course, these are things that happened later.

    After the second week of "FrInternet Explorer nds" broadcast, people who discovered that the TV program outside Fox TV Station, the news about "FrInternet Explorer nds" almost completely disappeared, even those who like to take current events hotspots for entertainment. On the show, the host seems to have never heard of "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    Obviously, this is one of the three TV stations' continual rejection of Eric's stance.

    But this 'blocking' has not caused any harm to "FrInternet Explorer nds", don't forget, Fox TV Station is behind the news group, you can go to the TV serInternet Explorer from paper media to TV media. s Promote. While the three major TV stations control most of North America's TV media, they are still pure TV networks, and they have not been merged by the media group, so there is very little involvement in the newspaper magazine. In this era, the word-of-mouth communication of a TV serInternet Explorer s, the newspaper magazine also occupied a major boost.

    Although Fox's competitors have not forgotten to post some attacks on "FrInternet Explorer nds" on the newspapers they can influence, such as slamming "FrInternet Explorer nds", there are too many topics in the world that are not suitable for broadcast on public TV Station. But it did not cause any major impact. Because the heavyweight newspaper has a good reputation for "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    Eric is now sitting in the office reading a story about "FrInternet Explorer nds" published by Los Angeles Times.

    "According to Nielsen data analysts, the second week of "FrInternet Explorer nds" has eliminated 70% of the unstable audience, and the average number of viewers of this sitcom will remain around 22 Million, no doubt will Become the TV viewer of this year's TV serInternet Explorer s category.

    According to sources, "FrInternet Explorer nds" has averaged 3 Million USD of advertising revenue per episode, so this TV serInternet Explorer s will bring in more than 70 Million USD revenue. Although we don't know the specific split between Firefly and Fox TV Station, we use Eric.Williams has always been a strong style, "FrInternet Explorer nds" advertising share will certainly reach the highest level in the industry, in this calculation, this TV serInternet Explorer s is only the first round of Fox playback can bring nearly 30 Million USD to Firefly income.

    What's even more surprising is that the copyright of "FrInternet Explorer nds" is exclusive to Firefly. Then, the follow-up rights transfer and video tape release of this sitcom will bring more than three times the revenue of the first round of advertising, but The total investment for this sitcom is less than 5 Million USD , Eric .Williams, the 'mixed kid' in Hollywood, proved to the world that he can not only shine in the movie, but also in the field of TV serInternet Explorer s.

    When I thought about this article, the author always thought, Eric.Williams' next step is to extend the tentacles to the music field, because in several of his director's films, Eric is clearly attached to the soundtrack.The name of Williams, "Running Out of Time" in the section of the bus, "The silent voice", I don't know how many fans are so fascinated.Cruise and Brooke.ShInternet Explorer lds is also the most beautiful film of the year because of the soundtrack. The CEOs of the major Record Companys look at the three big TV stations that are now in turmoil, and why they are the first to go to Eric before they are released.Williams issued an invitation? ”

    After reading the article "Los Angeles Times", Eric pondered for a moment. When she first filmed "Pretty Woman," Eric had a plan to train the singer to join the recording industry because she remembered the famous pop band Roxette combining a song. The 1990s was the last glorious era of the world's recording industry. As long as there are several singers in the Record Company, the Profit Company is as profitable as Film Studio or TV Station. Even though the recording industry has completely declined in the future due to the rise of the Internet age, the copyright copyright owned by the Record Company is also a huge asset that can bring long-term income in the West where intellectual property protection is very strict.

    I wrote and painted a few strokes on the memo next to me. Eric was about to flip through the next newspaper and the office door was ringing: "Mr. Williams, Miss Murdoch is here. ”

    Eric snorted, wearing a blue and white plaid shirt and dark jeans, carrying a dark blue lady's bag of Elizabeth.Murdoch sneaked in, and unknowingly sat down opposite Eric, still the look of the big bang, it seems that Eric's strong kiss that night did not affect her.

    Taking the bag and putting it on his lap, Elizabeth glanced at the title of "The Los Angeles Times" in front of Eric. He dismissed his mouth with a small mouth: "I don't think you are so narcissistic, I secretly hide in the office and watch others tout you. Article."

    Eric didn't care about the irony in the girl's tone. If he was just a movie director, of course he couldn't hear anything from the window and shoot the movie. But he is also a Filmman's Chairman, and it's a must to keep enough attention to industry news. Because this time is too busy, Eric can only let the assistant help him sort out some of the more important news. Every day, the company comes to the company and looks at it in a hurry. (To be continued)

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