Chapter 111 of the body of the fuse

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 111th chapter of the fuse, floating astronomy

    The girl's face was exquisite and flawless, like being carved by an artist's hand, a black hair, a white face, a aquiline nose, perhaps to match the audition, the other side at this time wearing the office girl's professional suit, holding a white handbag, the whole person sitting in the opposite chair, All over the body exudes a quiet and beautiful atmosphere.

    Deborah in "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​is only a 13-year-old girl, and many years later, with "RequInternet Explorer m for a Dream" and "A Beautiful Mind", she finally got rid of her career. It has not been amazing in the past, only a few years of mature and intellectual precipitation. Therefore, for her, when she was about twenty years old, it was the most amazing moment in her life.

    Eric didn't have to look at the information at hand, he blurted out and said: "Miss Connelly, please introduce yourself first."

    "Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer Lynn Connelly, I am 19 years old and I am currently studying United Kingdom literature at Yale University…"

    The girl's voice was slightly hoarse, with a bit of charm. In the next questioning session, Jennifer Connelly still performed calmly, until the performance link appeared. Jennifer Connelly had already participated in many movies but did not accept it. Professional performance training, so the performance is still very green, and even some face-to-face.

    But it doesn't matter, no one is running out when he is born, he can seduce. The key is that Eric can be sure that Jennifer Connelly can definitely give the audience a bright feeling, and when the other party shows a weak expression when the robbery Andy hijacks, it will completely cause compassion and great lethality.

    After all the links were completed, Eric made a tick behind the name of Jennifer Connelly before he looked up: "Miss Connelly, can you please dinner at night?"

    All the staff in the audition room are also stunned. It’s too straightforward. You have to hide the rules and avoid us. Give everyone a good idea.

    Jennifer Connelly, who was about to leave, was also stunned. The face of the girl changed a little. She tried to get back from Italy for this audition. In order to catch up all the plays, she also had a trouble with the director of Étoile. unhappy.

    But if she can get this role, she can completely ignore what Étoile is, and go to Europe to shoot art films. That is a lot of roads that Actress has to choose in Hollywood development. The European movie of this era has not completely disappeared, so many Actors have the European movie that they can hope to gain at the European Film Festival. Once they win the award, they will return to their hometown and develop their career. Dependence.

    If the other party is invited in private, Jennifer Connelly may not have too much hesitation, but in front of so many people, the proud girl is difficult to let go. Therefore, it seems to be a dilemma.

    "Sorry, I am abrupt, Miss Connelly, thank you for the audition, we will inform you of the results as soon as possible, you can leave now."

    Eric did regret the invitation that had just been made. The intention was to break the girl, but Jennifer Connelly thought that the other person had turned his hesitation into a rejection. If that was the case, she would definitely not get the role.

    Standing in the place hesitant and did not push the door to leave, hesitated for a few seconds, Jennifer Connelly whispered: "Mr. Williams, I…I am willing. ”

    "what?"Eric, who had already bowed his head, looked up again. The girl’s voice was very small, and he did not hear it clearly.

    Jennifer Connelly was red-faced by Eric's counter-inquiry. In front of so many people, she really didn't want to say it again.

    Nickel couldn't help but remind: "Hey, Eric, don't be too much, the girl agrees."

    Eric reacted and quickly nodded: "That's great, Miss Connelly."Eric quickly wrote a series of numbers on a piece of paper and handed it to the girl. "At 7 o'clock in the evening, I hope that Miss Connelly can contact me and I will pick you up." After all, the audition will continue, and many girls are still waiting. ”

    Jennifer Connelly lowered his head and quickly folded the note into the bag, leaving some of the room in the auditorium.

    "Hey, Eric, is that fixed?"Nickel couldn't help but ask.

    Eric nodded. "If there is no accident, she will be."

    "So, is it necessary for us to continue to audition?"

    "Of course," Eric released the next actor. "So many people are still waiting, and maybe even find out what is better, so let's continue, call the next one."

    Everyone in the audition room knows that Eric has a candidate in his heart, and the next audition is even more unrecognizable. Until five o'clock in the afternoon, the last audition girl left, and everyone couldn't wait to see it.

    Eric went back to his office, packed up and was about to leave, and Jeffrey knocked on the door and walked in.

    Delivering a document to Eric, Jeffrey said: "Eric, the latest negotiation results, Creative Artists Agency made some concessions, Cruise and Hanks have the same conditions, this time 5 Million pay plus 12% profit share ."

    Eric looked open and thought: "Forget it, Jeffrey, don't talk any more in the next few days. After this week, the "Road House" will be released on Friday. It is estimated that there will be a lively look next week. ."

    "I also want to tell you this," Jeffrey with a laugh: "Road House" before the film critic preview performance is not too good, these days in North America all over the premiere, the result of praise and criticism of the voice accounted for half, United A Rtists, although he recently borrowed Richard Gere speech "pretty Woman" gimmick to the field hype, but the effect is not too good, it is estimated that a lot of people are waiting to see jokes. ”

    Eric snorted: "Take him, anyway, as long as it is good for us, I guess that after the "Road House" Box Office, the Creative Artists Agency will no longer have such a continuation to continue to consume with us, otherwise Cruise Neither Hanks nor the Hans will agree."

    “Are we trying to contact the Actors of several Brokerage Firms, such as the William Morris Agency, to make an illusion of a protagonist?”

    Eric shook his head and vetoed: "No, at least temporarily, not yet, to see the situation."

    The two people didn't talk too much, and after a few words they left, and no one thought that "Road House" was like a fuse, and the noise was far beyond Eric's expectations.

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