The 169th chapter of the body revolves around

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 169, floating astronomy

    Aniston, who was sitting quietly beside Eric, was a little confused. When she came, Eric didn't conceal her from the purpose of inviting Robert Shea. However, now that dinner has already eaten more than half, the two have not talked about the acquisition of Film Studio. Instead of talking about the edge of a variety of industry insider, Metro Goldwyn Mayer "Heaven Gate" of the huge loss Ah, 1939 Robert Shea was born "Gone with the" box Office Marvel, Disney why so Fast rise, Thunder China bankrupt truth Ah, anyway is not any about film Studio acquisition of things, at least the brain is not too clever little girl found no signs of this.

    At the beginning, Aniston still listened with gusto. Later, she gradually lost interest, but she did not want to be rude to make her boyfriend faceless. The little girl could only sit in a serious listening situation, although the mind had already flown to the horizon.

    Until the waiter removed the cutlery and changed the coffee for a few people, Eric and Robert Shea’s 'chat chat' was not over.

“……The latest issue of magazine published a data article showing that, starting next year, the film's video revenue and television rights revenue will be more than the movie box Office, and the various surrounding copyright development of the film is becoming more and more diverse, Therefore, the role of distribution channels in the film industry chain will become more and more important, the future of pure film content providers will be very difficult to survive. ”

    "That's a bit one-sided, if there is no excellent works, then the expansion of distribution channels can not talk about it, Hollywood is by virtue of a high-quality film, only in the overseas market open Xinjiang, Invincible, if our film and Europe film as not think enterprising, a few good films, That will certainly be like the Europe movie, only in a small circle of entertainment, highways are important, but without the car, the highway has no value of existence. Moreover, the Hollywood movie star's pay has increased more than ten times compared to ten years ago, and has even begun to share the film's profit share, which is the most intuitive manifestation of the importance of content in the film market. ”Eric said, not impatient to drink a cup of coffee, glanced at Robert Shea, soon after dinner, the two people exchanged greetings and touted a few words, unknowingly began a covert confrontation, although no one mentioned any questions about the acquisition of the company, But two of people have been arguing about the content of the film and who it is more important to issue.

    The discussion on this topic was picked up by Robert Shea, but from that moment on, Robert Shea was already at a disadvantage. Because Eric understands that the other party has provoked this topic, Robert Shea is very excited about Firefly's proposal to acquire a new line. If the other party is not willing to sell a new line, they will not want to raise this topic.

    Sitting in the opposite of Robert Shea’s heart, he also suffered a little bit. He found himself still far from underestimating the vision and insights of the young people sitting opposite.

    As an old man who has been in Hollywood for more than 20 years, how can he not understand that once he provokes the topic, he is likely to let the other person discover his intentions.

    But Robert Shea originally thought Eric was only 19 years old, even if there are some talent in film production, but other aspects must be known, and he is more than 30 years older than him, can be said to be more than 30 years of experience accumulation, plus Robert think his eloquence is not bad, So at first he was confident he could put Eric down, and once in Eric's heart a ' distribution channel is the key ' seed, in the future negotiations, Robert will be able to occupy the initiative.

    Eric's several consecutive films have worked wonders on box Office, so when Eric asked him to give him an invitation and revealed some news, Robert Shea's mind Wu Fan and Firefly to buy a new line, that's for sure, Robert Shea didn't Having considered the possibility of a reversal, Robert Shea, though already 50 years old, is still very ambitious, and he does not value the huge sums of money Firefly buys new lines, but hopes to achieve a merger of two companies and to get as many shares as possible from the merged company.

    The new line to now has developed to a bottleneck, in the second line film Studio, the new lines have been the best, it has a healthy income film series, but also in United States domestic construction of a good distribution channels, overseas distribution also has a fixed partner, more commendable is, The development of the new line has not attached to any one film giants, fully maintain the independent state of operation. But compared to Six Great Film Studios, the gap between the new lines is still very large. The main reason for this gap is that the new line lacks the movie that Box Office sells, or not at all. So far, the newest line of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series, the highest Box Office is only 40 million, and the movie is a big sale, North America Box Office is about 100 Million USD to qualify. Without the big movie of Box Office, the new line is also destined to be among the giants.

    The 28th law in the Hollywood Box Office market is particularly evident, with 20% of movies per year accounting for more than 80% of Box Office revenue. The Annual box office list of the top 10 films have always been six great Film studios monopoly, which means that more than 80% of box office revenue in the six great Film studios hand, in fact, these six major The proportion has been reduced, because of the flourishing of various channels, gave the Film Studio very big development space, so six great Film Studios annual Occupy box Office total only about 85%, left Hollywood other Film St Udio 15% of the share, this ratio seems very small, but compared to more than 10 years ago, this ratio is very large, more than 10 years ago, Six Great Film Studios basically scraped all box Office every year, leaving little Film Studio's share only poor 1%.

    If the new line wants to be among the Giants to share that more than 80% of the profits, there are only two ways to go before you meet Eric, or to focus all your strength and risk on making big investment movies, so that you can make the big sale in box Office, but it's a huge risk and once you fail, The new line is only a bankrupt way. Or just slow down, perhaps one day, the company's investment in a small movie suddenly got the box Office, quickly for its accumulation of huge financial strength, coupled with the company's leaders look good, follow-up investment in the film can also sell, to achieve a virtuous cycle, that may quickly accumulate strength, One day among the big companies. The Lion Gate in the parallel space-time film Industry is such by the rise of Luck, 1997 years before the establishment of the Lion gate, in the seniority and strength of the original is far inferior to the new line, Miramax these established second-tier companies, but because of the 04 under the huge political pressure issued by the Low-cost documentary " Fahrenheit 9/11, lucky to get 224 million USD in the world's box Office, quickly accumulated enough capital, and then by virtue of these capital continuously developed the super sale of the "Twilight" series and the "The Hunger Games" series, once in the box Office results on the world and Metro Goldwyn Mayer underfoot, followed by Warner, Disney, Columbia and Fox, ranked fifth place.

    And after Eric's takeover bid, Robert Shea sees another avenue that will take the new line without risking or slowly waiting for good luck to Pingping into film giants, Eric. The last few movies have all been sold to prove that he has the strength to do this, since the six Grand Metro Goldwyn mayer-united artists such a fit giant, also certainly can be a new line-firefly bar, OK, is firefly-New line.

    With one or two cups of coffee, Robert Shea has no patience to consume with Eric. The patience of this young man is amazing. Although he does not want to admit, Robert Shea has to face this confrontation. The fact that you have failed. And then don't ask the topic, maybe Eric will really treat this meeting as a chat, then get up and say goodbye, then meeting again may only be at the negotiating table.

    “Eric, I heard that Firefly is ready to expand its own distribution channel?”If he had nothing to do with the spoon stirring the waiter's continued coffee, Robert Shea asked casually.

    Eric mouth with a smile, finally still can't help it, this meal has been fast eating for two hours, Eric almost have no patience with Robert Shea, Little girl has been floating over several charming little eyes hint that he wanted to leave, Eric intended to drink the coffee in front of , the other party does not put forward, then go back to hold Aniston roll sheets, the rest is Firefly openly officially to the new line issued an invitation to buy.

    The reason for such a meal, Eric is to explore the Robert Shea, to see if the other side is interested in selling new line, because the memory of Robert Shea's control is very strong, previous life new line although Warner Amnesty, but Robert Shea is still in prison Firmly hold the new line of control, seemingly nearly 20 years later, until the "the Golden Compass" huge losses, Robert Cheicay helpless and great pressure forced to step down.

    The topic that Robert Shea started to raise and the argument with Eric for a long time has already indicated his attitude, so there is not much need to talk about it or not. Anyway, even if a preliminary intention is reached, the specific terms need to be carried out. Long-term negotiations, Sony's acquisition of Columbia has now spent more than half a year, plus the previous plan, at least a year. Firefly's acquisition of the new line will not be so troublesome, but it will not be completed in a month or two.


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