I am in Marvel Chapter 614.

The next day, in the morning.


York Long Island, the luxury villa near the sea cliff.

Pepper in a formal secretary’s costume, kicking on high heels and coming to the basement.

– Open the door. As can be seen, Tony, who changed his leisure clothes, was busy rehabilitating the armoured parts on the desk.

“Tony. I knew that when you were in a bad mood, you’d be here with mechanical armor.” Pepper depends on the door, say with a smile.

Not good. I’ll stay here when I’m in good mood. ”

Tony turned around, and he looked up at Pepper, saw her with a fold of papers, and said, “Why, in the morning, would you like me to be busy again? I’m going to take a half-week break, even if the president is gone.”

Pepper turned a white eye on him and said, “Just now. The new King of Waqanda, Techara, claimed outside the country that he had captured a real prisoner who had killed his father and had voluntarily revoked the arrest warrant against the winter soldier Baki.”

Tony heard here, there was no change in the face, just when he picked up the armoured parts, the shock of his hand was shaking, and apparently he didn’t care about it.

Pepper continues to say, “That’s it. Mr. Steve, not to help the criminals escape, but to preserve their reputation.”

“His approach is too reckless.” Tony put down the armoured parts and couldn’t stand the evaluation saying, “If it wasn’t for a priest, he might fall into darkness.”

Pepper shakes his head, whispers, “But now it seems that he’s probably right.”

Tony didn’t close the subject again, and he said, “Did you come here and tell me about it?”

“Of course. I know that last night a man, who had been asleep, cared about the follow-up to last night’s events.” Pepper pulled a message of invitation from his arms and returned to the normal course of the problem: “Okay.” This morning, Father Kyle sent you an invitation letter. ”

“An invitation from the priest? Look.”

Tony came to a happy time, and he took his initiative, took an invitation letter, and took a look at it, and his face was shocked, then ignorant, and turned into a stark thought.

“What’s the matter, what’s in the invitation letter?” Pepper was curious to ask, after all, that she was an invitation from the priest, and she didn’t do it first.

“To Major Events.”

Tony conveyed the invitation and looked forward to armoured armoured clothing on the desk.

Since it was the invitation of the priest or the Karl State of father’s design, there was naturally no reason why he had just signed the Sokovia agreement last night.

“What the hell is going on?” Pepper’s more confused.

“Prepare it.” Tony sighed then said, send the invitation to Pepper, “The morning after tomorrow, to the State of Karl.”


York First Secondary School.

In the classroom, Peter sat in the chair, handcuffed, blindfolded, silent.

“roar!” Ned, with his backpack, rushed to the table and wanted to scare Peter, and then Peter looked at him and continued to look at the blackboard.

fatty Ned’s hands on the table, looking at him differently, “I said. What’s the matter with you this time, nothing good.”

“You care.” Peter’s still angry, and he’s completely adapted to high school life. In love, Tony Stark hasn’t been looking for him lately.

Love is falling, which makes Peter feel worse.

Ned shot Peter’s shoulder, close to his ear: “Have fun. I’ll tell you a loud news, two days later, that SkyNet will have a World Level event, just Sunday, and then I’ll go to your house, and we’ll play with VR equipment.”

“Okay.” Peter Nodded promised, or couldn’t mention it.

After Ned returned to his seat, Peter was trying to extract a textbook from the drawer, resulting in the direct touching of a strange letter, and the seal was marked by demons.

The envelope says, “To little Spiderman Peter Parker.” The messenger is Kyle Karl.

“Mr. Kyle?”

With an invitation letter, Peter stood up, quoted his classroom colleague and cast a different look at him.

“Boring.” MJ is more despicable to look at Peter.

Pim Science and Technology Industry.

Within the lab of the employee, Hank Pim and daughter Hop, research on the particles is under way.

“Guys, look!”

At this point, Scott’s dancing into the lab, showing them an invitation from his hand, “This is a symbol of peace – an invitation from Mr. Kyle, to let me go to the State of Cal to participate in the superpower race, which must be my affirmation? Come on, come on!

Hank and Hope looked at intelligent eyes, looked at Scott at the door, and they didn’t say anything, and continued to return to research.

“Hey,” Scott was hit, called “The first three prizes in the race, but it was amazing! And the competitors can take their relatives or their families to the Karl State scene.”

Hop didn’t care about the strike: “Just at your level, it’s probably over.”

“Don’t look at me, I’ve been studying secrets lately.” Scott’s got a fist, unsatisfactory path.

“I’m not interested in the game, but Karl’s country I have. The other day, Howard Oldfellow, also sent me a message, so let me see it.” Hank, look, agree, “Then go. Just take a vacation, tour it.”

Hopcoldly snorted: “Yes, as long as Scott, don’t lose the name of the ants.”

Camatchi, the priest’s temple.

In the lobby, Ancient One of the French robe, which always yellow robe, sat around, placed an invitation letter on the table, and she stood in front of Judge Moro.

“Judge Paragon.”


darkness of mood is incomprehensible, questioning: “We, the French, have been invisible for centuries, defending Earth in darkness. What’s this superpower game, obviously a big fight, or a demonstration in front of the world, are we really going to step on this shit?”

Ancient One didn’t speak, silent for a long time, indifferently said: “The time has changed.”

Just one simple word, which could not be accepted for a while, but he knew that Ancient One had decided, even if he said no more.

Only prayer, Ancient One, is the right decision.

“How’s Stephen?” Ancient One asked.

And Maurice answered, “Even if it’s official, it’s only a few junior spells now.”

Ancient One calmly said, “That’s good. This time, take him. You, and me, three of them went to Karl State the other day.”

“Yes.” Moro deserves it.

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