I Am In Marvel Chapter 693



Qin’s voice sounded without warning in the room. Caesar’s heartbeat jumped in response to the long-familiar call. He turned around and saw that Qin was still lying on the bed, without waking up at all. sign.

“Teacher …” Qin continued to mumble softly.

It turned out to be a dream story.

Caesar was a little relieved, but a little bit lost. He seemed to be knocked over to the Wuwei bottle, and mixed feelings for a while.

It’s just that, it’s the best …

“Sleep well, Qin. This time, really goodbye.” Caesar finally glanced at Qin in his sleep, his body flickered, and his teleportation disappeared from his bedroom.

It’s getting snowy outside, and I don’t know how long it has passed.

“Teacher, don’t leave me!” Unconsciously shouted, Qin suddenly opened beautiful eyes, had nightmares, and was frightened, and his upper body rose straight from the bed.

The pale face of Qin’s pretty face, she glanced blankly at the bedroom, and then Pats’s tall chest, with a bitter bitter murmur: “It turned out to be a dream.”

A tear dripped from the left eye, across his face, and dropped on the bed quilt.

“Oh?” Qin Yun touched his face.

This is just the beginning. Then, the second drop and the third drop, tears were like a string of pearls, and they continued to drop on the quilt.

“I am, what’s wrong …” Qin burst into tears, and it was difficult to restrain herself, and huge grief erupted.

After seeing Qin, despite Charles repeatedly retaining, he left the talented teen Academy with Apocalypse in the same night.

This is not where they should be.

No one except Charles, Caesar has been here tonight, and hastily left.

No one knows where Caesar and Apocalypse will go next. It was just that there was a feeling in Charles’s mind that this might be his last face with Superman Caesar.

Berlin, Germany, far from the mountains on the outskirts of the city.

In the dense forest, there is a retro villa building. Due to the inconvenience of transportation and rare people, few people know that the strongest Mutation family in Earth lives here.

“Mom, can you help me find a razor? I don’t know where to put it.” His hair slept into a honeycomb-shaped, quick-silver, bearded man. He was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth and vague. Shouted.

“Call your dad for help. He can find the metal conveniently.” The woman who cleaned the room responded.

“I’m not available for the moment. Aren’t you quick? Find it yourself, it won’t take long.” On the sofa in the lobby on the first floor, Eric was half-lying. His twins have been stained with years, and Lehehe is tinkering with the six-year-old daughter Anya sitting in her arms.

I’m afraid no one can believe this. This is the year when the strongest mutant organization was created, planning to assassinate the president of the United States, and letting countless people smell the fearless super villain Magneto.

“It’s all in my thirties, and I still live so casually.” The woman complained to Kuaiyin, and then smiled and said, “The city junior high school attended by Wanda and Lorna seems to be on holiday today. It should be Will come back for lunch. “

As soon as her words fell, the bell of the villa door rang suddenly.

“Come back so soon?” Eric looked towards the door in confusion, trying to use the magnetic field to control the ability to open the door. As a result, Anya noisily opened the door for the elder sister, broke his arms, and rushed to him in a small step Doorway.

Anya’s little hand can’t reach the doorknob. She hu hu swells her cheeks and pushes her heels hard, so she barely touches the position of the doorknob.

With a click, the door opens.

“elder sister …” Anya raised her hands forward, but stopped shortly. It was standing at the door, not the elder sister Anya, but a tall blond young man, and a skinny old man with a slight hump.

Anya kept raising her hands in the face of a strange but intimate blond young man, “hug.”

Caesar smiled lightly, lowered his body, held Xiao Anya in his arms, and politely stepped into the villa lobby.

“It’s you, Teacher Caesar, and Lord Apocalypse.” Seeing the two Caesars who came here, Eric stood up from the sofa in shock.

“Why, Eric, don’t welcome us?” Caesar blinked at him.

“How could it be.” Eric laughed, expressing his heartfelt emotion: “It’s just that I didn’t expect, and you who have disappeared for so long will come to me suddenly.”

He was always grateful to Caesar. Without Caesar, how could there be a society in which peaceful and ordinary people live together. How could he retire and live a happy retirement of more than ten years.

A gust of wind blew from the bathroom to the lobby on the first floor.

“Wow, it really is Mr. Caesar! I really want to die for you!” Kuaiyin came to Caesar very quickly and stopped, hugged him uncontrollably, but Anya in Kaia’s arms wrinkled Nose, raised Bai Nen’s small hand disgustingly, “Don’t come over, brother.”

Few steps back.

Caesar glanced down at Anya and looked at Quicksilver, and said to Eric, “I also didn’t expect. Quicksilver, you will live with Eric. And, Eric , You have one more daughter. “

“More than one.” Eric smiled.

Exactly, the door unlocked with the key. Immediately, the door was kicked open with a rough kick.

Eric’s mouth twitched, and Quicksilver groaned, moaning weakly, “The two Demoness are back.”

Caesar looked back, and saw two little Luolis around the age of eleven standing at the door, staring straight at him.

Both loli are very cute. They are beautiful women in the making. They have very similar appearances and outlines, and their dressing styles are similar. They have colorful stockings on their legs, lollipops in their mouths, and schoolbags of the same size.

The only obvious difference is the long red hair on the left and the short dark green hair on the right.

After the two loli opened the door, their eyes quickly fell on Caesar, and the small Anya he was holding, eyes immediately sharpened and crafty froze.

“Who are you? Hug my little girl!”

“It may be a trafficker, do you want to do it?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Eric was busy stopping the two precocious daughters, and he embarrassedly introduced to Caesar, “These two are also my daughters, almost twelve years old. The name on the left is Wanda, the one on the right The name is Lorna, they are twins, and they just returned from school in the city on holiday.

After hearing these familiar names, Caesar appeared suddenly for a moment, and soon returned to nature.

Sure enough. Although their lives are completely different in different Worlds, they will still appear in the same family after all.

“Dad. You just revealed my information like this? Wouldn’t you sell daughter.” Lorna lightly snorted.

Wanda immediately proposed: “Selling should also sell fast silver, right? He’s the boss.”

The two loli sang and made Su Yin unable to refute, and slumped down on the sofa.

Caesar laughed abruptly.

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