I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Chapter 541


A drop of sweat oozes from Xu Xiaoshou’s forehead.

Next second.

“Two Lines of Tears (Loreley), I have seen a sleeveless Senior, and I feel thankful for the life-saving grace of Senior!”

Sweat swept across the gully-filled forehead, mediated half a week from the eye socket, and then slipped and dripped from the side of the high cheekbones.

Xu Xiaoshou’s entire face is pale.

Tears Shuangxing, Lorelei…

Isn’t this the person in the “Holy Slave”?

Even if the two of them don’t blew themselves up.

Xu Xiaoshou has already fully understood everything just by saying “Lei Family Boy, Luo Girl”.

At the time at Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian broke the law with all his strength and gave the final blow to the two lines of tears and Lorelei who tried to walk from Space Teleportation.

When the space collapses, only with these two Grandmasters, even if there is a life-saving method, there is only one possibility to escape from the fragmentation of space.

After escaping, the more probability is lost.

But these two people finally appeared in the Eighth Palace unscathed…

“Old Sang, saved them?”

Xu Xiaoshou has dry throat and bitter lips.


Isn’t this obvious?

Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace has happened such a big thing, Sang Lao did not appear in the mountainside until the last moment.

So, did he only notice the movement in the spiritual palace until that time?


Wait for the powerhouse, there is no way to escape its magic, how can it be indifferent to the miserable state of the spiritual palace?

The perfect explanation…

On one side is the child of the Ling Palace, as the deputy dean, he wants to help.

But on the other side, there is the “Holy Slave”!

The palms and backs of the hands are all meat.

Rao is the existence of Sang Laona and others, maybe immediately, he doesn’t know what action should be taken.

And when one of the parties had a death crisis, he finally couldn’t wait any longer.

Rescue the “saint slaves”, which delays the assistance to the people in the palace, so I rushed back at the last minute and went to the mountainside?

Xu Xiaoshou clings to the straw hat.

He can’t believe it, he can’t believe it, the truth of all this is really so!

“Old Sang, are you a ‘saint slave’?”


Xu Xiaoshou supported the wall of the side pit with his elbows and changed a “comfortable” posture to perfectly resolve his half-step stagger.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?”

Mu Zixi’s words stopped.

Looking up from her point of view, she can just detect the half-white face under the straw hat.

What’s wrong again?

What are they talking about? I really want to hear it!

What’s wrong…Xu Xiaoshou gave a miserable laugh, and forced himself to lift the head, letting his ruddy face fall where he could feel it.

You, Senior Brother, me, my mentality has collapsed! ! !

Holy slave…

Your Master is a member of the “Holy Slave”, you fool, can you believe it?

I don’t even dare to think in this direction if I die!

But the facts are just presented.

Who can stand this!

Oh my god, let someone kill me Xu Xiaoshou, and give you Master’s Senior’s acting to celebrate?

In this wave, Xu Xiaoshou, I would like to call your Master the strongest!

No one!

Xu Xiaoshou restrained some trembling hands, slowly stretched out, gently patted Little Junior Sister’s head, with a kind face.

“Yes, you spoke very well, the old man listened to it.”

Mu Zixi:? ? ?

Xu Xiaoshou, what happened to you!

She blinked her big eyes and bowed, “Thank you Master for the praise.”

“Cursed, passive value, +1.”

Secret Skill: Chill the Brain!

Xu Xiaoshou used “Frozen Force of Tribulation” to calm himself down.

The strength is converged to perfection by twelve points, and he dare not leak the slightest breath at all.

If Sang Lao is a “saint slave”, everything can be explained.

The masked man attacked Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace for the first time at night. Xiao Qixiu was defeated by one sword, Ye Xiaotian was cut off, and the great veteran of the spirit palace was almost hanged by sword energy.

And Elder Sang, after a few words, he retired from the first seat of “Holy Slave”…

The masked man attacked Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace for the second time. The famous sword “Tomb Ming Cheng Xue” was taken away, and he brought an old woodcutter of Dao Severing level.

The people in the spirit palace can’t resist even the axe.

Sang Lao Ji’s spiritual skills, plus a few words, once again forced the masked man back…

Is this possible?

This is impossible!

If it weren’t for the extreme closeness between the two, how could the old man have such a great power?

I should have thought of it long ago…Xu Xiaoshou’s heart is weak.

He could see that Sang Lao and the first “Holy Slave” had a little friendship.

But like everyone else, he absolutely couldn’t think of it.

At this point of friendship, to put it bluntly, they are actually accomplices!

As the same “saint slaves”, why did the masked man attack the spiritual palace, but Sang Lao wanted to protect the spiritual palace.

Xu Xiaoshou is not clear anymore.

At this time, he was unable to speculate on the inside story.

“His grandma is a dogleg, and you are a damned old man. You are going to put me Xu Xiaoshou to death before you will give up, right?”

Xu Xiaoshou cursed all of this secretly in his heart, but on the surface, he was amiable.

“Go on, continue to analyze.”

“If you know, what you can guess, talk about it!”

“Oh.” Mu Zixi pointed his head, “Barabala…”

“Yes, Senior!”

The voice of Tear Shuangxing became more solemn.

Senior dared to crack a joke, but he dare not.

His impression of the second-in-command of the “saint slave” who has never met is still stuck in the series of legends.

The middle domain branch was found, the sleeveless Senior by the strength of oneself, resisting all.

Before any support force arrived, singlehanded, forcibly shut out all the people in the Holy Temple, giving fresh blood a way of escape.

Even, when he was besieged by the powerful, he was able to severely damage the Moonless Sword Immortal, one of the Seven Sword Immortal, from the certain death situation, and escape to the Eastern Region.

Now, Wuyue Sword Immortal only faces the Eastern Region.

Sleeveless Senior, who was seriously injured and unhealed, dared to kill the white clothed men and horses alone again.

And the result…

The white clothed who came from the Haohao Tangtang of Zhongyu, after arriving at Azure Dragon County, only less than half of the old, weak, sick and disabled remained.

It can be said.

Sleeveless Senior’s deeds laid a good foundation for the “sage slave” to break through the white cave.

This kind of madman, this kind of record, how can he imagine it?

He said solemnly: “In the Lijian Grassland, there are not many people who have the opportunity to get the “Four Swords”.”

“First of all, this person.”

With the words of the two lines of tears, a certain place in Xu Xiaoshou’s spiritual thought is magnified.

There is the location of Lan Xinzi and the man with the magic pattern.

No surprise, this should be the ability of the sound transmission person.

“This person is called He Yuxing, and he has a ‘sacrifice falling carved piece’ in his hand. He also realized a trace of the sword intent of the eighth Sword Immortal.”

“If there are no accidents, there is a high probability that the “Four Swords” will recognize him in the end.”

“I also have sacrificial carvings in my hand, but unfortunately, I didn’t realize something.”

There is regret in the voice of the two lines of tears.

Xu Xiaoshou also retracted his gaze from the point of concern, a subtle nodded.

Not much different from my own guess.

“Go on.” He said to Mu Zixi.


The two lines of tears sorted out, and continued: “The second…The fish knows Wen.”

The image of red-clothed appears vaguely, among which the Yu Zhiwen in the head is particularly conspicuous.

Obviously, at the red-clothed place, the sound transmission people did not dare to mess around, so the picture transmitted was not very clear.

“The’Pearl Star Eye’ has a terrifying Heavenly Dao Strength. With this strength, it is enough to cause many accidents.”

“In addition, this is the niece of Dao Palace Lord. Dao Xuanji’s personal biography. To be able to come here, he must still be holding an unknown hole card.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

Yes, the black scabbard is in her hand.

At that time, what Yu Zhiwen said was vaguely audible, and she was sure of “there are four swords” nine out of ten.


Another stupid Little Monk appeared in the picture, pouting his butt, and staring nervously at the “Four Swords” flying in the sky.

“This is the dísciple of the ‘Resentful Buddha’. As you know, the resentment of the Buddha before his death and the eighth Sword Immortal are also close friends.”

“With this relationship, he casually took out a token of the Eighth Sword Immortal, and it might be possible to resonate with the “Four Swords”.”

“Furthermore, one of the eighth Sword Immortal swords of the past-Great Compassion, Tears and No Sword, was a gift from ‘Resentful Buddha’.”

“Now that the famous sword is missing, whereabouts unknown, it is likely to be on Little Monk.”

Famous sword, no sword of great compassion and tears?

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

This Little Monk, is there something to hide from yourself?

Don’t he only have “Prison Sky Wand” and “Buddha Sword”?

Isn’t these two divine objects also in my hands?

Why, there is a famous sword hidden?

Good guy!

“The next one…no, the next three.”

The picture flickered, and the familiar Three Musketeers appeared.

The three sit in a chamber, in a triangle shape, silent.

But something seems to be brewing, and the imposing manner on his body becomes more and more terrifying over time.

“This is the person from the’Burial Sword Tomb’. He brought two famous swords alone. The strength can be imagined.”

“But this is not the main thing. What I am afraid of is that they have Wen Ting’s Sword Immortal token.”

“No matter what, I just need to bring a trace of Broken Sword ‘Qingju’ sword intent, I’m afraid that ‘there are four swords’, and I’ll follow them directly.”

Seven Sword Immortal, Wen Ting?

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He thought of the story told by Yu Zhiwen in Yuanfu.

Isn’t this the transcendent existence that rays of light was covered by the eighth Sword Immortal for a lifetime, and was not discovered by the world until the enemy fell?

Dare to love, this swordsman third brother, is that Wen Tingwen under the seat of Sword Immortal?

fuck, I didn’t think it before, but now it seems that all of them have a big background!

“Also, the people from the’Xuyue Ash Palace’…” Tears continued.

The picture flickered, and Xin Gu gu appeared.

“This is a reckless man, I have fought with him, very strong.”

“Even if it is not incarnation, ghosts and beasts have terrifying battle strength, but they are indeed a simple-minded person with well-developed limbs.”

“The person responsible for the’Xuyue Grey Palace’ is not him, that’s for sure.”

“But I didn’t find anyone else. The only thing that needs to be watched out… This pure ghost beast hostile force is most likely to cause accidents, so I have to guard against it!”

“The last digit…”

“Well, there is more?” The sound transmission sounded a confused voice, “Why don’t people know, where is it?”

“Over there.”

The picture bloomed, and a lot of young faces appeared.

Xu Xiaoshou eyes shrank.

People at Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace?

“This pile of brat?”

The sound transmission person’s voice was startled, “What can they have?”

“Others don’t need to look at it. Senior can focus on this person.” Tears double-walked.


The picture must be fixed on Rao Yinyin’s body.

Xu Xiaoshou is confused by himself.

What’s special about the Big Senior Sister in this inner courtyard?

The scenes of contact with this girl flashed frame by frame at the time, but I recalled it again, and Xu Xiaoshou didn’t find anything special.

The tone of the two lines of tears is extremely cautious: “Her surname is Rao!”



The sound transmitter only repeated one sentence, and he seemed to have thought of something, and then the picture trembled, apparently shocked.


Xu Xiaoshou also muttered in his heart.

Just one last name, is there anything special about it?

“Yes, the last name is Rao.”

The double line of tears did not explain too much, “great chaos will arise, seniors can kill anyone, but this person can’t kill, just pay attention to this point.”

“I lost it!” Xu Xiaoshou was horrified next time.

Just because of a surname, Rao Yinyin can’t kill?

The last name is Rao?

Are you going to spare her?

What is this special? 1

You blind, you can’t speak a bit sharply because your eyes are gone, and you shake them all out?

Why are you wiping around, hiding your head and showing your tail?

My “saint slave” second child, I don’t know anything!

But what can Xu Xiaoshou do?

He can do nothing!

I thought of responding with a voice of surprise, just like the sound transmission.

But another thought.

Rao Yinyin is a member of the spiritual palace. As the vice president of the spiritual palace, he must know something.

This little detail can never go wrong.

“en. ”

He was calm and nodded, as if Mu Zixi spoke well before affirming.

“Sleeveless Senior, senior storytelling, I have learned about it before and after entering the white cave, and only this is the case. The rest depends on your arrangements.” Tear Shuangxing said at the end, and said nothing.

Senior storytelling…

Xu Xiaoshou let out a weak sigh.

He probably guessed the identity of the sound transmitter.

But the sentence of the two lines of tears is settled, and the truth of the matter has emerged.

The storyteller, the seventh “saint slave”.

He is also here!

That is to say, that day near Lingrong Ze, the vigil couldn’t take him down at all.

The fact that he was frozen in the ice was indeed deliberate.

So, the ghost beast that this guy said before…

“Grey Mist, has he taken it down?”

Xu Xiaoshou was too late to marvel, “Perception” swept for a week.

No vigil!

In the red-clothed team, there is no such person as Night Watch.

“He died?”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt a little sad.

Vigil, you died terribly…

Although in the end everyone turned into an opposing situation.

But I have never forgotten the special care you gave to me Xu Xiaoshou, and the sentiment of gifting swords!

that’s all.

People can’t come back from death, go well…

I have a chance, Xu Xiaoshou, I will definitely go and give you sticky incense.


Three sticks!

“Sleeveless Senior.”

Loreley’s voice suddenly appeared.

“Although the White Cave is about to break, I also know that you are not afraid of Nagou Wuyue.”

“But now everything still has to wait. When the first one emerges from the rift in the ‘Void Island’, when the time comes, the boundary can be broken. After all, the current situation outside is still unclear to everyone.”

“I don’t know why you can’t sound transmission, but…”

Xu Xiaoshou’s heart beats.

This woman…

Lore Thunder Dao: “If it is because of any restrictions, do you want to come in and talk to Senior’s ancient book space and let him help remove the mark and so on?”

“Invited, passive value, +1.”

“Suspected, passive value, +1.”