I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Chapter 543


“Come here?”

Lan Xinzi looked at “There are Four Swords” under the action of white sword energy, and shot straight in the direction where the two of them were hiding.

The first reaction is “Who can help me?”

In less than half a breath, she denied the illusion.

“Someone wants to use us and let us be the first bird!”

Lan Xinzi immediately turned his head and said to He Yuxing.

By turning her head, she realized that the man next to her was reacting a little wrong.

He Yuxing’s body trembled lightly, as if trying to suppress something.

His limbs are clinging to the ground stones, but his back is arched, as if he would eject into the sky in the next second.

“Sit down!”

Lan Xinzi suddenly panicked, “Don’t be used anymore, not yet when the time comes!”

“Sit, no, go…”

He Yuxing’s forehead bursts with blue veins, and he said hoarsely: “I feel the sword intent of’there are four swords’ within the body, and it has also seen me, it is…”

“summon me!”


Blue Heart’s eyes are startled.

Next second.

The fierce sword that came at speed seemed to finally end the confusion, and the excitement was shocked in the void.


In a moment, the void cracks and the earth disintegrates.

The scattered black sword energy cut out from all directions, directly cutting back the crowd who had not had time to chase from the rear.

“There are four swords, something is moving!”

Everyone’s eyes are hot.

Even if someone touched or even held the “Four Swords” before, it never once reacted so violently.

Now just flying in a certain direction, there is such a reaction.

“There are four swords, what did you sense?”

Everyone is subconsciously alert.

If this situation continues to develop, isn’t it that the sword bearer of the fierce sword will come out?

Then myself, what should I do?


The spirit essence cut off the sword intent, and everyone chased away immediately.

Similarly, at this moment, on the way of “Four Swords”, a stones pile exploded, and a white clothed silhouette flew into the sky.

“There are four swords, it belongs to me!”

The roar’s voice echoed in the void.

Lan Xinzi looked dumbfounded as He Yuxing rushed into the sky like this, and then under everyone’s unbelievable gaze, he tightly grasped the “Four Swords” passing by!


Not surprisingly, the magic energy that burst into the body at that moment exploded with a loud noise in the void.

“pu, another idiot…”

The chasers behind stopped in sneer.

However, the ridicule hasn’t settled yet. When the devilish energy disappeared, a man half naked and his clothing was blown to the extent that only blood cloth was left. Standing with a fierce sword, his eyes were full of sight!

“No, not dead?”

Everyone was shocked.

This is the first person who has not been blown to death by the devilish backlash after holding the “Four Swords”!

Not only that.

This man with a lot of magic patterns, the sword intent on his body, vaguely complements the “Four Swords”, full of the taste of have the same origin.

“He Yuxing…”

Lan Xinzi’s beautiful eyes were full of shock, and she looked at the man standing by the sword in the sky with some madness.

I have to say that He Yuxing, who is flying with black hair in the sword energy at this moment, is accompanied by the magic pattern that walks all over the body like a black snake, and has an indescribable wild and unruly temperament.

He Yuxing mentioned “There are four swords” in the air with one hand.

On the cracked body, dark red blood oozes out.

The blood drops gather in the crevices of the streamlined muscles, turning into droplets and dripping down the mermaid line.

“Go ahead and die!”

He lifted the sword backwards.

The word was settled, and the sword intent shattered and shattered, and the whole space was split like a sword net.

To be honest, He Yuxing didn’t want to take a sword.

Even if Lan Xinzi didn’t say anything, he knew that he was being used.

But when “there are four swords” shot straight in the direction where he was hiding, he could not suppress the sounds of the same origin.

He flew out.

Involuntary and voluntary!


This sword, take it, and take it!

Only when the Fierce Sword is really started, after feeling that one hand has the power to destroy the world-like horror.

He Yuxing realized that all the previous worries were false.

Anyone, anything obstructing…

There are four swords, you can cut them with one sword!


I wanted to take this opportunity to steal the man of the fierce sword, step one stopped, and froze in midair.

“Really hold it?”

“Who is this guy, where is the guy who popped up, how can it be so face-to-face?”

“Not sure, but I know very well…”

The speaker looked at He Yuxing’s several hundred zhang’s gossip sword net spreading out in a radius, and the devilish energy on the cracks swelled, and he couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“I just know that one step forward, really…will you die?”


A light and shadow burst out from the stagnant crowd.

Some people were shocked, and some didn’t believe in evil at all.

Everyone already knows the formidable power of “there are four swords”.

The talent in front of the Grandmaster cultivation base, just suppressing the uninterrupted demon energy of Fierce Sword into the body, almost exhausted all his power.

How can it be possible to still use the “four swords” for real formidable power?

“dressing up as God, playing the devil, give me death!”

The golden spirit essence volatility exploded in the void with the humming sound.

In an instant, the person who rushed was condense a group of hot energy like a blazing sun.

“light of firefly ……”

He Yuxing’s eyes narrowed, his eyes fluttering.

The hot energy in front of you…

At that time, this Grandmaster might be able to cause harm to himself with this kind of spiritual skills.

But at the moment “with four swords” in hand, he even felt that he didn’t need to use a sword at all.

One look can kill the opponent.

“get lost! ”

The palm is tight.

The “Four Swords” held upside down the body’s demon energy stagnated, and then the surging sword intent that responded to the explosion, swept toward the rushing people like a wave hitting the shore.

However, He Yuxing’s sword intent has not yet overwhelmed the visitors.

Since the “Four Swords” sword shook and opened the black circle, it took the person in front of him into the cage earlier.

Only a moment.


The black sword energy exploded by the person within the body, like an inflated hedgehog, directly chopped the body into pieces of meat, and shot them away.

Follow closely from behind, it is He Yuxing’s ridiculous Heavenly Sword.


The ground sank, and the pieces of meat were directly pressed into the soil.


The scene was momentarily silent.

Just a tight hand, never even lifted the sword.

Sneak attack, destroy both body and soul?

“This fuck…”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

As long as there are eyes, it is not difficult to see that the formidable power of the “Four Swords” itself has completely exceeded the sword holders.

He doesn’t even need the slightest movement.

Where the heart is, where the mind is.

This fierce sword can help it tear the enemies in front of it to pieces!

“Wait, sword intent!”

Finally someone saw He Yuxing who was eclipsed by the “four swords” rays of light.

Although his attack was slower.

But the surging sword intent that presses the minced meat to the ground……

“Grandmaster level?”

“This guy is actually a Sword Sect!”

Everyone eyes shrank again.

Up to this moment, everyone looked away from the “Four Swords” sword and saw He Yuxing who was also staring at the “Four Swords” in midair.

Grandmaster sword intent!

It’s not a psychic skill, nor is it other sloppy doorways.

This pure sword intent can only be realized by having an extremely deep understanding of the sword dao itself.

“is it possible that, if you want to hold the “four swords”, the lowest bargaining chip is the Grandmaster sword intent?”

Someone uttered a daze.

If this is the case, then none of their clowns is qualified to touch that fierce sword.

Innate sword intent is hard to find.

Sword Sect ……

“I’m sour.”

He Yuxing looked at the group of people who were suddenly discouraged and didn’t say much.

After the sword “There are Four Swords”, it has already declared that he is invincible among his peers.

Why take a look at the ants in front of you?

He turned his head and looked towards the distance: “red-clothed Senior, what has been said before, does it count?”

red-clothed said before.

If anyone can win the “four swords”, they can even guarantee and protect them to prevent them from being harmed in the white cave.

Everyone looked back.

At this moment, as long as red-clothed and nodded, there are “four swords”, and everyone is out of play.

“Lan Ling?”

The letter also turned his head and looked towards Lan Ling.

Obviously, the red-clothed consul should have spoken out at this time.


Lan Ling did not answer, but turned his head and looked towards behind him.

Although it has only been for such a short period of time.

But given this period of time, red-clothed can fully dig out the information of the person in charge of the “Four Swords”.


A red-clothed stepped forward and said:

“He Yuxing, Grandmaster Celestial Phenomenon, soon after breakthrough, Grandmaster sword intent, soon after breakthrough, one of the thirty-three people in the inner courtyard of Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace.”

“Innate Attribute Power is very special. It is a condensable sword of falsehood, belonging to the Peak aptitude of sword dao.”

“The rest, the data is not recorded, but the magic pattern on his body, preliminary observation, should come from the’sacrifice falling carved piece’, that is to say, he realized the little bit of the sword intent of the eighth Sword Immortal.”

“This should be the reason why he can master the “Four Swords”.”

“Nothing?” Lan Ling asked.

“Nothing.” Red-clothed replied, “I have to send someone to Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace to get the specific information. Now there is only so much that can be given outside.”

“Check now!”


Langling paused, then asked: “Where is the other one?”

She didn’t say it directly, but red-clothed already knew she was talking about the woman in the place where He Yuxing had previously hidden.

“Ordinary Grandmaster, there is no threat.”

Lan Ling was nodded, and with a wave of his hand, red-clothed withdrew.

She turned her head and looked towards He Yuxing who was still waiting, with a tick at the corner of her mouth, loudly said: “The red-clothed promise is naturally effective!”

Wow, the others who are still waiting immediately become anxious.

Isn’t this response equivalent to declaring “there are four swords”?

There are so many people here, they can only watch the man with the sword… leave?

He Yuxing’s eyes couldn’t help flashing faint joy.

It is true that he is confident to face the other “four swords” contenders, but this fierce sword…

To tell you the truth, the devilish energy that continuously enters the body is about to exceed the standard.

At this moment, he is also under load.

It is an inevitable result that we must continue to survive the explosion.

red-clothed can keep the promise, and he and Lan Xinzi can leave this Lijian Grassland in peace.

This ending couldn’t be better.

“many thanks…”


Lan Ling’s full of smiles interrupted him and said: “What we said earlier is that if anyone can be recognized as having the’Four Swords’, red-clothed can even send out the white cave for their guarantee and protection.”

“And you, have you really received the approval of the “Four Swords”?”

He Yuxing complexion stiffened.

As if responding to Lan Ling’s words, his chest suddenly shook, groaned, and the corners of his lips were overflowing with black blood.

“He can’t hold it!”

Half-air immediately cried out with sharp eyes, “This guy is also stubbornly bracing. Of course, he has got the “Four Swords”, but the Grandmaster sword intent can only keep him in the first wave.”

“How can it be so simple to get the approval of’There are Four Swords’?”


“This guy is just dying. He was bloodied and he was not recognized at all. He was forcibly suppressing the evil spirit of the’four swords’!”

“Let go of the four swords, let me change it–“

He Yuxing doesn’t even bother to talk to these people who are speechless.

This is the sword in your hand, and everyone will follow the red-clothed words.

The sword is on them…

The faces of these people must be another wonderful scene.

He stared at the red-clothed Lan Ling, and said deeply: “Didn’t expect dignified red-clothed, he actually played the so-called word game?”

“This is not a game.”

Lan Ling shook his head complacently: “What we are looking for is the real swordsman with the Four Swords, not the strong-willed person.”

“Similar to you, Baiku is plentiful and easily available, red-clothed, there is no need to spend a lot of time to protect you.”

“And before the’There are Four Swords’ didn’t really recognize the Master…”

Lan Ling smiled and said: “It’s just a higher-level treasure that’s all, contention is the only way to the birth of Supreme Treasure. We are red-clothed and will not stop it.”

In midair, everyone was directly excited.

red-clothed this remark is simply affirming everyone’s qualifications for the “four swords” in disguise.

As long as the final outcome is not settled.

Even if the Magewen Man gets the “Four Swords”, he will not escape death!

The quality is excellent.

The number, everyone added up, can’t overwhelm this person who is dying by a fierce sword?

“A bunch of waste!”

He Yuxing was finally offended by the ugly faces of the people in front of him.

“‘There are four swords’ here, whoever wants it, come and get it!”

He slanted slightly with a sword, and the Grandmaster sword intent was all over the sky, and the majestic devilish energy evacuated from the sword and poured into his body.


This moment.

All the Spirit Master swords in Lijian Prairie tremble, and even the famous sword is also implicated.

Into the devilish energy of He Yuxing body, after dormant for a few breaths, it finally burst open suddenly.

In an instant, the remaining magic energy of several li within a radius of ten gained summon, and when it was rising, it formed a huge black magic ball, enclosing a small half of the Lijian grassland.

“Boundary, boundary?”

Not to mention that a group of young people were shocked.

Even everyone inside red-clothed was frightened by the formidable power of “Four Swords”.

He Yuxing is only in the Grandmaster Celestial Phenomenon.

However, as soon as he held the Fierce Sword, he actually opened up such a realm that was not weaker than the Throne Realm?

“Snatch the sword… right?”

Scarlet rays of light suddenly appeared from the bottom of He Yuxing’s eyes. He hung his sword thorn in the air and lifted his hands empty, completely immersed in this area that belongs to the “four swords”.

At this moment, he is the master!


“Come to fight!”

Take it down.

He Yuxing pointed to a fist and nodded a little.

The black magic ball covering the small half of Lijian Prairie shook suddenly and took shape.

——The field is unfolding, the fierce demon world!

“chi chi…”

Suddenly, the black sword energy shot out from all over the void, instantly tore the horrified group of people not far in front of He Yuxing into pieces of meat.

At this moment, everything is silent.

Blood spattered, and withered, everything seemed peaceful and beautiful.