I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Chapter 544


“So handsome!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked up in the pit and couldn’t help sighing.

He finally understands a little bit why everyone is eager for this fierce sword.

This “four swords” is too strong!

If you hold any Grandmaster, you can reach such a realm.

If you get it yourself, wouldn’t the throne be cut with just one hand?

“No, you have to wait!”

“Still have to wait!”

Although my heart begins to stir.

But Xu Xiaoshou understands that He Yuxing is just that’s all that was forced out by the storyteller.

What this guy can shine at the moment, Jomo is the Peak of life.

Although I have not yet understood what plan the storyteller has, it is according to the habits of the people in the “saint slave”.

The famous sword “Tomb Famous City Snow” can attack Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace twice and then take it down. Will they let go of this fierce sword?

“I am coming!”

Over Lijian Grassland.

In the midst of a deadly silence, a silhouette suddenly flew out.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at it.

defeated, Gu Qingsan.

“This guy…”

He Yuxing also moved when he heard the sound, and cast his eyes on this unarmed young man.

Gu Qingsan didn’t immediately looked towards him, but turned to aim at the direction where red-clothed was.

“Senior red-clothed, I am a real experiencer. If this “Four Swords” is won, can you protect me from the White Cave as promised?”

Lan Ling said: “It is not to win, but to recognize.”

“Okay, approval.”

Gu Qingsan laughed, “Rest assured, I can do it only if I just approve it. I just hope that when the time comes, I have the approval of the’Four Swords’ and you will not continue to lose faith in others.”


Lan Ling was lightly nodded.

She didn’t say much, but looked towards the rear with her head tilted.

Don’t wait to speak.

The red-clothed who had retired before came up.

“Gu Qingsan, Sword Sect, the third disciple under the seat of Sword Immortal in Wen Ting Sword Immortal, Dao Body!”

Compared with the previous introduction to He Yuxing, Gu Qingsan’s information is so brief.

Lan Ling was surprised when the words “Dao Body” fell.

Even Yu Zhiwen, who is still comprehending the “Thirty-six Heavens without a Array”, couldn’t help but look sideways.

The Dao Body is sword dao Saint Physique!

This is almost the strongest aptitude in sword dao.

If it’s Saint Physique Great Accomplishment, Spirit Sword can’t command it.

Even the famous sword and the fierce sword.

When the eighth Sword Immortal became famous in the past, everything in the world was praised, and the last step to hinder its sanctification was the physical body and mortal flesh.

No matter how strong the aptitude of sword dao is, it can make the eighth Sword Immortal Three Breath Innate and three years Sword Immortal.

Can be holy…

The soul and the flesh are both sacred and indispensable.

The eighth Sword Immortal also sighed.

If he possesses the “Dao Body” or even the second-level Spirit Physique, he can also directly cross the semi-holy and enter the realm of the holy emperor.

But unfortunately, Innate’s shortcomings are really shortcomings.

Even after a lot of effort was spent on fleshy body cultivation.

Acquired Saint Physique, how can it be easily cultivated?

The last step that was delayed, by mistake, caused the Eighth Sword Immortal to fall under the Hua Chang Lantern Sword.

Not the only reason, but it’s equally important.



In midair, He Yuxing, who was completely ignored, couldn’t wait any longer.

He can feel something wrong with the person in front of him.

But I am unarmed and I have a Grandmaster sword intent, so why not?

The sword cultivator is able to contemplate the world because of the sword in his hand.

Who do not have a sword, how can you take a sword?


“There are four swords” mentioned backhand and cut out in the air.

At this moment, in the “fierce demon world” covering a small part of the Lijian grassland, black sword energy was once again shot out of the space from all sides, and in a flash, the direction of Gu Qingsan’s location was pierced to pieces. .

“boom~ boom~ ……”

A violent explosion came from the void.

However, as expected, blood spattered, but not at all appeared.

He Yuxing noticed something wrong.

When the devilish energy in the air dissipated, the shadowy silhouette from the center of the attack was finally revealed in front of everyone.


Gu Qingsan, unscathed!

He Yuxing immediately narrowed his eyes.

The audience was shocked.

The fierce Demon Sword aura that was enough to smash the Grandmaster into ten, plus the dozens of other contenders instantly extinguished it, seemed to have penetrated Gu Qingsan’s body.

Never cut the corners of the jacket?

“Sorry, brother.”

Gu Qingsan has a solid body and said: “You are one of the few geniuses I have seen who can cultivate the Grandmaster sword intent with the funding of the Spirit Master.”

“But there is still a huge gap between the ancient sword cultivator’s Sword Sect and the Spirit Master’s Sword Sect.”

“This insurmountable gap is not at your fault, but at your birthplace.”


He shook his head and sighed: “From the very beginning, everything determined by this world cannot be changed by manpower.”

He Yuxing’s anger surged, and his eyes were instantly red.

He can feel that the fierce spirit within the body has affected his emotions.

But what Gu Qingsan said really angered his anger.

“Sword cultivator is the sword cultivator, and the sword intent is the sword intent. What is the difference?”

“go die for me!”

Within the body spirit essence bursting, intertwined with the spirit of the fierce demon.

In an instant, on the “There are Four Swords” sword, there was a huge light beam of white and snow mixed with magic patterns on the sword.

“Bengxue Tianjing·Cut!”

The fierce sword fell from the highest point.

The location where Gu Qingsan was located suddenly turned into a Snow Mountain high in the sky.

When the sword fell, a big avalanche flew.


The void burst instantly.

The space shattering blade that flew out of the space smash, turned into patches of black and white interlaced crystal snowflakes, and smashed towards Gu Qingsan’s direction.

“My God…”

The people who were still dormant in the Lijian Grassland and did not dare to move were all startled.

He Yuxing’s sword, everyone can see that the spirit essence is not much.

Stopped to death, that is, Grandmaster Spirit Skill.

Can be under the blessing of “there are four swords”.

The formidable power exerted by this style Grandmaster’s spiritual skills may even cut the throne in half directly!

In the scene of flying avalanche, a magnificent black sword energy capable of tearing the sky, carrying billions of snowflakes shot away, directly called to Gu Qingsan.

However, Gu Qingsan stood still.

“Are the low-level applications of ‘phantom sword technique’ and ‘wan sword technique’…”

He sneered, his eyes were fiery, loudly said: “Brother, what you said is good, there is no difference between sword intent and sword intent.”

“But between you and me… there is!”

With a pinch of the hand, the mark is on the chest.

Gu Qingsan drank in his heart: “Dao Body, come on!”


At this moment, since the sword intent exploded within the body, the sharp edge even pierced the entire “devil world”.

The surging sword energy is sent from the whole body, straight into the sky.

“There are four swords, they are not used like you!”

He sneered, and folded his palms on top of his head, just like a fish leaping over the dragon gate, and he jumped directly to the magnificent black sword energy in front of him.

“God Knows·Without Me!”

There was a low groan.

When sword energy confronted Gu Qingsan himself, the latter’s figure shook suddenly.

Immediately, if the sword energy cut into the air, it passed directly through his body and tore straight behind him.

“How is this possible?”

He Yuxing was shocked instantly.

What kind of magic is this?

Can you even ignore the “Four Swords” attack?

However, what is even more frightening is still to come.

The billions of snowflakes whizzing towards Gu Qingsan like an avalanche, just like entering an uninhabited state, after penetrating Gu Qingsan’s body, they smashed into the potholes in the Lijian Grassland.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

The ground is chipped.

The people hiding here couldn’t hide anymore and got up and fled.

But under the avalanche, where can I hide?

For a time, weeping all over the floor.

There are countless madmen who were slashed by the space shattering blade and then attacked by the “four swords” devilish energy.

The Space Smasher died on the ground.

However, the sword energy that “has four swords” was pushed all the way horizontally, and the remaining energy was half-cut behind Gu Qingsan.

You can imagine.

This magnificent black sword energy, if you don’t resist, I’m afraid you can directly tear the entire Lijian Grassland in half!

“Little Junior Brother, it’s too messy.”

Gu Qing’s brows frowned, and he said: “If you have the ability, you can’t break the sword energy, let it run here?”


The direction where the black sword energy goes is where the remaining two swordsmen are.

“I will solve it.”

After Gu Qinger sighed, he got up and broke away the black sword energy.

The sword energy that went straight into the sky was in sharp contrast with the two people sitting cross-legged in the trivial ant.

“Sit down.”

Gu Qingyi said lightly: “Your mission is red-clothed to ruin your promises. It’s not here, continue to gain momentum.”

Gu Qing’er immediately got up and stopped.

At this time, he looked at the black sword energy that was about to face him, and the corners of his mouth had already started to twitch.

“But this is the sword energy of the’four swords’ after all. We don’t have the’Dao Body’ of Little Junior Brother, and the cultivation is not the’no sword technique’…” The mouth flutters, but the heart Gu Qing’er is still very worried.

Gu Qingyi didn’t reply.


His left hand picked up the evil sword Yuelian, which was placed horizontally above his knees, and pushed the guard of the famous sword with his thumb, and the blade was two fingers wide.

After that, the two-fingered broad sword body wrapped in the belt of sealing only showed half a breath, and he closed his thumb.


The famous sword goes to its sheath.

“I said, just gain momentum.” Gu Qingyi said indifferently.

Gu Qing’er looked startled, as if he realized something, and suddenly looked back.


Sure enough, the towering black sword energy that was about to face the sky, during the middle of the journey, seemed to be slashed by a sword out of thin air, and burst into two.

Then, a long, shallow cut across the void appeared from the void.

The wind blows.

“long long long ——”

The void split into two halves.

The suction of the black hole directly absorbs the remnants of the evil spirit, and it is completely handed over to the space fragments for processing.


Hiding in the dark Xu Xiaoshou trembled, completely shocked.

He “perceives” the audience all the time.

Naturally, I can see Gu Qingyi’s tiny movements.

It’s true that when the sword energy of the “four swords” cut to their direction, Xu Xiaoshou thought that they should lift the current and so on ceremony and face it hard.

He has seen Gu Qinger’s ability.

It’s not a “sword technique”, but some ability related to time.

And time, what can we do in the face of “Four Swords” sword energy?

Xu Xiaoshou is very curious.

But he absolutely never thought that such a magnificent sword energy would not need to be moved by Gu Qinger, but the boss Gu Qingyi would just lift the sword slightly.

sword energy, fell apart!

“This fuck…”

Xu Xiaoshou is really shocking.

This is Gu Qingyi who has been not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, and only said to himself, “I am on the top of the Eastern Region, I am buried in the sword grave, waiting for you”?

Good guy!

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why the head of the Three Musketeers was always hanging.

Dare to love people, really have this strength.

“really strong…”

Mu Zixi overlaps Lorelei’s voice on the sound transmission channel.

Obviously, Gu Qingyi’s sword lifting completely attracted everyone’s attention in the center of the battlefield.

“Tears kid, can you do this sword?” The voice of the storyteller with a smile also appeared.

“en. ”

This is a disdainful nasal sound.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

I don’t believe it!

Why do you both work, but Xu Xiaoshou can’t?

No, the next style of Baiyun Youyou must be this type.

I want to learn, I want to feel… Xu Xiaoshou is a little crazy.

The real battle strength of the ancient sword cultivator, every time it appears, it brings him all horror and horror.

No too terrifying!

“Come here.”

The voice of the two lines of tears is still calm.

Su Er said that he was obviously paying attention to the two in the middle of the battle again.

While He Yuxing was also frightened when He Yuxing was cut off the Demon Sword with a sword out of thin air, Gu Qingsan, who had already passed through his attacking moves, turned into a giant sword with a length of several hundred zhang in midair.

“What is this?”

He Yuxing was shocked again.

He can probably predict what high-power enemies will be after he wins the “Four Swords”.

But these hard to describe sword skills that appeared one after another, were simply unheard-of and unprecedented by him!

“Hang Heavenly Sword, pick.”

The Heavenly Sword, which was raging at the high altitude sword energy, suddenly held the sword in the air and the tip of the sword fell.

Only one breath is a half-moon arc.

The momentum is shocking, and it’s broken.

“Damn it!”

He Yuxing couldn’t hide his horror no matter what, so he could only move the four swords forward and inject the spirit essence crazily, trying to take the pick of the hanging giant sword.


The two swords clash, and the current is surging.

The earth was suddenly shattered by the volley, exploding a huge pit the size of several hundred zhang.

But not long after Kankan recovered, the precarious space, even under this sword, festered again.

“long long long……”

It is also the ant against the giant sword.

It’s just that He Yuxing is obviously not capable of Gu Qing.

Even with “Four Swords” in hand, when this Xuantian sword was picked up, his body was directly shattered and he flew out in response to the scattered blood.

“There are Four Swords” flying away, hovering in the sky.

“xiū xiū xiū ……”

Circle after circle, the picture seems to be delayed.

Everyone watched the fierce sword fly upside down like this, and then at the highest point of the volley, it reversed and fell, and plunged into the big hole on the ground with a bang.