I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Chapter 586

“makes it, don’t make it!”

Women are frightened, an Immortal, how can I call myself “”?

that is going to be able to meet!

She didn’t even have Hold Out Hands to Receive.

“Ah! Is it big?”

If a young Yunling drops, some embarrassment: “That … Elder Sister?”

“I …”

The woman’s leg belly is a soft.

is called Elder Sister, it is better to call!

Elder Sister also is not allowed!

“Mother, hoe …”

Small Child is somewhat crushed in women.

but seems to see the rain in the first time, so that he is excited to be a little not afraid.

looks at his hoe in front of him, Xiao Child recognizes this is the one that is manufactured with himself, and immediately finger.


Women hurriedly reached out to put the Child’s finger back, pulling the top: “Not our home.”

“mother …”

Xiao Child is also open, the woman gave a look at it, at the time, the Little Brat neck was shrinking, and I didn’t dare to talk.

“Is this?”

Yuxi drops can’t see it, I scared them.

When the hoe is about to hand, it doesn’t touch it, put it in front of women.

“What should you be in this village?”

“Some people have lost things, they should be very urgent, when they are eager to find, you will help me give them this object, can you be good?”

said that the eyes of the eyes, the Yuxi drops like a sunny smile, it seems to melt the heart of the woman in this heavy rain, and the fear of the fear is fixed.

“Good, ok.”

Women Complied, hesitate to reach out, pick up the hoe.

“Thank you!”

Yu Ling drops again to bend his waist.

Subsequently, he immediately returned to the waist, asked: “I followed me Senior, the middle is called to do things, I can’t find him, I don’t know, how can you have seen this Great Grandpa? “

He said out of an aromal oil surface image from his aromal, it is not affected by the rain.

Women can fully see the face on the portrait.

that is a bit of a little Terrifying, very thin, Dark Circles is extremely heavy, and the head is still pressed against the grass, the eyes are slanting, I don’t know what I am looking at.

is lifelike!

Women have never seen such a realistic portrait in a lifetime.

This feeling is like a person who is going out from the paper.

, I have been searching for memory. She didn’t think of this grandfather had a half.

“Ah -”

Children with Sudden Cry Out in Surprise.

The memory of the woman’s mind is flashing.

Dark Circles, grass …

Her Eyes Shrank, I have a completely.

This is not the person in the small billion?

That time I came over, I took it directly that there was no one living in the hut, and then constantly spurting White but I couldn’t burn the Immortal of the flame.

Heart thoughts in a turn, the small small Child is already out of excitement.

“I look … oh.”

The woman hurriedlyered his mouth.

This intersection between this Immortal is nothing good.

Even if this Yu Ling is so nice, the woman can’t hear it, this is the scripture!

these Two people is definitely not dealt.

If you know the trail of the old people in front of the person, then people will hold it, do you get up?

does not tell …

“Little Brother, have you seen this Great Grandpa?”

Yu Ling drops have been transferred from women to small Child.

The woman is ambiguous. She knows that she can’t hide, and the sorry has released her hand to cover the small CHild mouth.

Sure enough, what is IMMORTAL, what is the flame …

is contaminated, it is a bad ending!

The damn guy said, the result is not coming back so many years.

I know …

of the woman goddess is dark, and it is already red.

The hair is slippery along the wet, and the eyebrows will fall from the eyebrows. When entering the eyes, take a few drops of tears.

Small Child is the most sensitive.

His faint can notice anything wrong.

Looking at the front of Big Brother, it took the eye, and the little bit of the eyes, suddenly biting the lips Shook the head, “I don’t know.”


Yu Ling dropped, then Said with a smile: “Big Brother is not a bad person, younger Brother doesn’t have to be afraid of me.”

He is eyebrow, revealing a splendid smile.

“Mother …”

Small Child is frightened and shrinking in Mother.

Women don’t have the head of Child, completely hugging him, and flashing is firm.

“Go there.”

She refers to the direction of Silhouette, said: “The people you have to find, fly to that place, I know so much, the other is not clear, that is immortal, we don’t dare to disturb “

“eh …”


Yu Ling drops by this call.

He seems a bit in understanding why this woman sees himself, it is like seeing the bad guys generally has a natural distance.

This is not in the same world, suddenly seeing Divine Vestige, how can it be afraid?

I would like to ask for a specific situation, and I can’t let go of it.


He returned to the waist, so he had to withdraw two steps, “I am scared, I will go.”

I have been back, and Yu Ling seems to think of what I have, hurried back, and I took a jade pendant.

Seeing a woman’s survey, he immediately thought of his hoe.

“, I am sorry, I am not a bad person.”

He knows that this woman is understanding, not to turn around, “This thing is left to you, if you are afraid that the person returns something, you smash it.”

“it will protect you.”

Take a nodded, Yu Ling drops a hammer chest, said: “I will also arrive, will not let you hurt.”

Women did not pick up Jade Pendant, but hug Child.

“eh …”

“That is.”

Yu Ling drops, and does not dare to go forward, directly hand in the past, and withdraw two steps, it is not malicious.

“then I am gone?”

Yu Ling asked, seeing it almost not collecting Jade Pendant, advised: “You stay, just for child.”

Talk, he turned directly, hurry to ran out.

“jade pendant …”

The woman looked at this Jade Pendant in front of it.

Where can she not clear this?

The neck of the small billion, there is such a Spirit Jade that he left.

From a short of such a way, she can also see that the man in this young appearance is not malicious, but …

reached your hand across Jade Pendant.

The woman’s blink of an eye is a tamahouse that blows the roof.

Although there is no.

But for such a long period of time, the old man is not until the recent last few days, it will be slightly quiet.

This kind of practice is more peaceful than the sudden rainfall!

The woman suddenly shouted: “He is not malicious, he has no hurt!”


The voice of the rush in the rain will settle.

Rainwater OH LA LA.

, the front man is put.

“Thank you, I know, he is my Senior, you will go back, don’t rain!”

“Oh La La Oh La La …”

“淅淅 淅淅 … …”

“Tick Answer …”

The shower is fast, and it will be fast.

Waiting for the head from Mother to twisted the head, the sky is fine, the rain is, I don’t know when it is.


Small Child seems to be vague to notice that he has already made a wrong thing, and even the call is cautiously.

Suddenly, he saw Jade Pendant, which is now in the hands of slightly light, and his eyes are bright, and if you reach yourself.


The woman suddenly knocked him with his hand, let it down, find a jade pendant to be buried in the corner of the side.


Small Child does not seem to understand this behavior.

This jade pendant is so beautiful, and it is better than you stay. Why is it buried?

“Billion, you have to remember.”

The voice of women is not very demanding, but it is squatting, and the temperature is soft: “While we grow such a place in such poor,”

“But people are poor, there is not short, we don’t accept the food.”

“Even if some things look very beautiful, people are always happy, can not be accepted,”

“This jade pendant is very good?” She asked.


Small Child red Nodded, immediately add to: “But can not take!”

Women’s mouth is slightly tensive, and Didn’t Expect home Child actually gave it.

She immediately gaveserse: “Yes, we can’t take, including the previous flame, I don’t know if you have accepted, but after, I will never just bright, I understand?”


Small Child Heavy Nodded.

“Let’s go home.”

Women grab the hoe one hand, grabbed the Child’s hand, and go home with one left.

I have been walking two steps, she seems to remember what.

“小, is the place where Mother is buried in Jade Pendant,?”

“Well!” Small Child’s head.

“That is secret, you have to guard it, you can’t dig it out, otherwise IMMORTAL will not bless us.”


Small Child is a secret, happy, “I will guard it.”

“Let’s go, Mother also digs a drought bowa today, go back to cook it.”

“Yeah! There is a drought bowl ~”


“嘎 ~”

The housing door without the roof is pushed away, and I will come out of a teenager’s appearance.

He takes a door, the sky is suddenly dark.

“bang bang …”

Under the rain drops.

can not fall, and Yu Ling is full, and the cloud is completely excessive.

He looked at the two ONE BIG AND ONE SMALL figures in the distance, and there was no complexity.

“I, do it wrong?”

He feels that he has not done something wrong.

But in fact, there must be something wrong with it.

Otherwise, the woman will not be awkward.

The small child, and Impossible will face yourself with the brain.

“This is the secular …”

Yu Ling drums to whisper, if you have aware.

He turned his head and went to the house: “33, I seem to understand why Palace Lord is going to take me more and walk away.”


The sound of an in a low, muffled voice is transmitted in


The next second, Yu Ling drops the side to avoid, a tall Black Robed Man who is going to the top door frame.

He has two meters and a half of the high, even if you wrap it in Black Robe, you can also see the muscle profile of it.

Yu Ling is in front of him, like a child, just able to go to the waist.

“Palace Lord said, when you can understand the red dust, you can Dao Severing.”

“when the time comes, you should easily defeat me.”

The tall man who was evcued to thirty-third is said that the tone is very weird, and the sound is scratched with the sound.

“Hey, you will also scratch the head, it seems that you have grown a lot.” Yu Ling drops Said with a smile.

“Palace Lord also called me to learn your human human, otherwise, if the tone is not changed, it is like a toy.”

He suddenly laughed, “Ha, Ha, Ha.”

There is only three sounds, and it is also a tone, just like mechanical, weird to the extreme.


Yu Linggrass Nowadays: “Laugh, not so laughing, human laugh, you are from the heart, have emotions laugh, you are still too embarrassing, after you learn!”


Thirty-third once again flex, there is thinking.


He suddenly touched his stomach, “.”

a short bloody, very amazing, and suddenly.

Yu Ling drops again and smiled, almost did not have this laughter to smile over.


“Haha Haha, you are really funny, nor is it so laughing …”

“What?” Thirty-third, I want to ask, suddenly the voice is hysteresis, and the door is low.

Yu Ling drops are also Eyes Shrenk, looking down.

The door of this tombs is a few deads.

However, this is a yellowed grass, between the two people, the sudden tremble, and begins to flourish.

even, slightly, slow growth.

“Wood Element.”

Thirty-third sound does not have half feelings, “Dao Severing is above.”

Yu Ling dried Didn’t Expect just stepped into the peripheral boundaries in the eight palace, you can meet this Powerhouse.

It seems that the month of Senior is not in the empty mouth!

White Grotto, is the situation?

Two people stare at the door and sewing the weed and then looked at the eyes, while lifting, looking toward the direction of the village.


This man is in addition to a black long hair, wearing a white to the pole, no half a variegated.

Even if it is exposed, a few inch skin is also delicate as a woman.

The white veil is covered on his face, and there is a three-story, and the tight is strict.

At the foot of the boots seems to be landing, the ground also leaves footprints.

But Each Step stepped out, he was floating, and he did not touch it at all.

soil, water stain, smoke …

On this man, you can’t find it.

This is like the Immortal that is just walking from a clean and pure union in Xian Ting, pure to the extreme.


Yu Ling drops a sharp eye, and the expression is cautious.

From this man 1st Step into the village, this is ridiculous ground, suddenly surrounded.

Some of the butrer, the weeds are uncontrolled and gently trembled, slowly grow up.

The center of the road, between the water stains, it is even more broken, and it has grown a mate.


“簌簌 …”

Flower road is covered and fragrant.

The man takes air, step, two steps …

is another moment.

He came to the not far from the two.

There are not many different separation, just three feet.

“Excuse me …”