I Am Loaded with Passive Skills Chapter 639


When calculating these, Xu Xiaoshou was already a little dumbfounded.

At this moment, even if he wanted to maintain Xu Shao’s demeanor, it was difficult for him to maintain himself for a while.

What a surprise!

There are thousands of words “fuck” in my heart.

Xu Xiaoshou thought that the value of Chijinye might be very rare.

But he had only done small transactions, he did not expect that a jar of seemingly insignificant honey would have such a terrifying response when it was thrown on the market in East Heavenly King City!


He couldn’t help himself, he just wanted to blurt out “It’s actually not bad to divide three to seven.”

Reason suppressed the impulse.

Xu Xiaoshou knows this, then he is really in vain as Xu Shao.

“What?” Qiu Elder looked at him with concern, with a confused expression on his face.

He really couldn’t understand the other party’s reaction.

If it was someone else, the reaction might be intuitive: I was frightened by the “five billion”.

But what you’re doing in front of you is Shao Xu!

Trifling five billion, how could it scare him?

When the sky is falling down, you don’t have to make a joke too much, okay?

Qiu Elder didn’t dare to think in this direction!

“Water… well, wine.”

After a long delay, Xu Xiaoshou stared blankly at extend the hand, and pointed to the wine bottle on the table reluctantly.

Qiu Elder handed it over immediately.

I saw that the young man didn’t even use a cup, and he blew gu lu gu lu directly at the mouth of the bottle.


He burped heavily.

Xu Xiaoshou finally cleaned up his mind, tapped his fingers on the wine bottle lightly, and made a “punk” sound, and the reverberation sounded around the beam.

“This number…”

He was gently nodded, and finally got three points more recognition, “It’s okay.”

Stop talking.

The wine bottle was hit on the coffee table with a loud “peng”, Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and said with a slight smile: “Happy cooperation.”

Qiu Elder:? ? ?

He stared at the empty bottle for a long time, and the whole talent came back to his senses.

Happy cooperation?

Then we have to leave some wine for us!

You just blown it, what shall we drink?

As soon as his eyes rolled, he noticed and laughed.

“Xu Shaozhen is also a hero, so the old man has done it too!”

As soon as the voice fell, he held his hands in the emptiness, the spirit essence became a cup, and the Water Element gathered and rose in the cup.

He raised his head.

The cup is empty and the cup shape disappears from nothing.


Xu Xiaoshou Happy, you are lonely after drinking.


He turned his head and looked towards Xiao Lian. It seemed that from beginning to end, he had made up his mind to make the two of them act like this.

Little pity:? ? ?

She didn’t know what she was going to do at all.

However, at this time, Qiu Elder also quickly turned his head, winking.

Xiao Lian understood what the other party meant: No matter what kind of habit this Xu Shao has, please be satisfied first, this is a big deal!

She hesitated for a moment, and raised her hand in shame. The spirit essence became a cup, and the water in the cup began to rise.


Xu Xiaoshou lifted his chin to her, Ben Shao blew a bottle of wine, what are you staring at me, why don’t you drink it?

Xiao Lian twitched at the corner of his mouth, eyelids twitched, and looked up.

“Joint, happy cooperation?”

“Hehe…” Until this moment, Xu Xiaoshou and Qiu Elder started to look at each other and enjoy each other. After finishing this cup, we are just like ourselves.

Little Lian was speechless: “…”

My God!

What’s all this?

Don’t you feel ashamed? !

If you want to drink, I can go out now and get a better bottle in. What does it mean to blow water into the air?

The point is… why both of you can have such a good time!

“Questioned, passive value, +1.”

A very informal trading cocktail party ended under Xu Shao’s special hobby.

Qiu Elder had already seen that this young man didn’t want to stay too much. Before he got up, he asked: “What Xu Shao said earlier, besides’Chijinye’, are there other good things?”


Xu Xiaoshou indifferently nodded: “But Ben Shao will not give it out now. If you want to get the next order, you have to show Ben Shao to see your strength.”

Qiu Elder understands.

This is if you can’t give the number promised earlier, the other party It shouldn’t be to continue to cooperate with yourself.

But the strength of Dojin Trading Company lies here.

Only what you don’t want to do, why can’t there be anything that can’t be done?

“Xu Shaoda can rest assured for the transaction on our Trading Company side, but I don’t know when Xu Shao will get the goods?”

“How much do you need?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Qiu Elder thought about it.

The little pity on one side seemed to have thought about this question, and quickly gave the answer.

“The lowest, ten million copies!”

“?” Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

Xiao Lian said: “Healing medicine is in short supply, especially in East Heavenly King City, the Central Zone where the Spirit Master is refined.”

“The prices in East Heavenly King are not low. The Red Golden Core currently on the market, even with the supervision of the Alchemist Association, the price of a bottle of medicine pill has been raised to three hundred two or three hundred and three.”

“Duojin Trading Company’s pricing is around 300, which fluctuates slightly with the market.”

Xiao Lian walked closer as he said.

When it comes to trading and the market, she is as precious as every family, telling her every word:

“The unit price of Chijinye can be set between five and six hundred according to the properties of the medicine. If it is too high, the general Spirit Master will not be able to buy it, but will go back and choose Chi Golden Core.” [19459002 ]

“In the Early-Stage ice-breaking stage, we can open the market with a low price.”

“If you count as a pot of Red Gold Liquid with a minimum of 500 Spirit Crystals, you also need at least 10 million servings to give Xu Shao the number you want.”

“Of course, all of this is just a conservative estimate.”

“By then, if the market feedback is good, the amount may have to be increased. Accordingly, Xu Shao can get more than that.”

Xiao Lian paused, staring at the young man in front of him, and asked what he was worried about: “Can you afford the amount of energy produced by Xu Shao?”

Ten million!

This is really a terrible number.

If this Pill Recipe is really developed by Shao Xu, he is the only one who knows it.

That is about half a year in October, the other party really can’t get it out.

And if Shao Xu can afford it, or if he can afford it in a short time…

That can only show that the partner of Duojin Trading Company this time is not just the Xu Shao in front of me, but the entire Northern Domain Taixiang Xu Family!

Qiu Elder glanced at Xiao Lian with admiration, he also thought of this.

Being able to use the price to test the reality of the opponent is still an unavoidable problem that can only be fixed. This arrogant scheme makes it simply not too good.

The other party really wants to be able to afford it in a short period of time, so what to say later, Duojin Trading Company must hug this thigh.

A super thigh that relies on medicine pill to reach a cooperative relationship with the semi-Saint Aristocratic Family!

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and squinted.

Why can’t he hear Xiao Lian’s temptation?

But for him, what he wants is to create the illusion of “someone behind him”.

Ten million, is it really a lot?

At first glance, it is indeed a bit numb to the scalp.

But today’s Xu Xiaoshou is no longer the Xiaobai who first studied the red gold liquid in the Heavenly Mulberry Spirit Palace.

“Ben Shao needs you to provide at least 30 million medicine ingredients and a pill cauldron with a quantity of more than 10,000. Of course, the more the better is not capped.” Xu Xiaoshou said very calmly.

The two people in front of him frowned at the same time.


face doesn’t change, without even a hint of hesitation!

“Suspected, passive value, +2.”

“Under speculation, passive value, +2.”


Xiao Lian didn’t express his doubts.

All these things need to be verified by facts.

Her eyes rolled, her red lips lifted, and she said: “We will prepare the stuff. 2nd day, we can send it directly to the place where Xu Shaofang is asked to see. Xu Shaofang, when will it be delivered? ?”

“Three days.” Xu Xiaoshou raised his finger.

Qiu Elder and Xiao Lian were surprised at the same time.

Three days?

Listening to the words of this person, medicine ingredient and pill cauldron have just begun to prepare, and there must be no stock on hand.

Can give ten million in three days…

Is this a monster?

It takes ten thousand pill cauldrons… Could it be possible, behind this Young Master Xu, there are more than ten thousand top grade Spirit Masters, can he work endlessly for him?

Thinking carefully and terrifying!

Qiu Elder and Xiao Lian didn’t dare to think anymore.

The two of them also tacitly didn’t ask their confusion.

After all, this belongs to the other party’s secret. They don’t need to know too much about the process, as long as the result is good, that’s it.

“The old man is going to ask someone to prepare the agreement and contract.” Qiu Elder glanced at Xiao Lian, made a decisive decision, opened the door and called for someone.

Xu Xiaoshou is nodded with a smile, unconsciously, the image has begun to become more profound mystery.

There are only two people left in the room.

After all, Xiao Lian could not hold back his confusion, and chatted privately: “Ten million copies, not a few…”

Xu Xiaoshou said with a smile: “Ben Shao came to the Eastern Region this time, and he is not alone.”

Xiao Lian immediately gave a dazed expression, but silently calculated in her heart.

Ten thousand pill cauldron, representing ten thousand Pill Refinement Master.

After it was put down, within three days, each person had to give out one thousand copies of Chijin Liquid…

Even if you don’t talk about the problem of failure rate.

This 10,000 Pill Refinement Master is also impossible to be only Grade 10, Grade 9, or even a few higher grades in order to meet the refining requirements.

So, where are so many high-end Pill Refinement Masters hidden?

East Heavenly King City?


With so many Pill Refinement Masters entering the city, Duojin Trading Company is impossible, so this answer is ruled out.

But if they are not in the Eastern Domain, can the medicine pill be made in three days and shipped from Northern Domain?

Northern Domain is far from the Eastern Domain, but there is also a Middle Domain behind it.

Wuyue Sword Immortal took the white clothed to hunt down the second-in-command of the saint slaves. It took more than half a month from the middle to the east.

Transportation is a bit simpler.

But is it possible that a Dao Severing senior, not far from the Three Regions, can be sent here just to send this tens of millions of low-level ointments?

Follow-up, do you still have to run like this often?


So this answer is also ruled out!

But when the two major effective solutions are actually nonsense, no matter how little pity thinks about it, he can’t figure out how the other party will solve the supply problem.

In the end, after thinking about it, it can only be boiled down to a simple sentence:

Semi-Holy Aristocratic Family, terrible!

Xu Xiaoshou happily looked at the bullet frames in the information bar.

He knew that no matter what, Dojin Trading Company was determined to be impossible. He thought that these ten thousand pill cauldrons were actually for his own use.

Is it possible for one person to refine 10 million red gold liquids in three days?


But this is only for the ordinary Pill Refinement Master.

Xu Xiaoshou is different.

When he pulled out “Textile Mastery”, he mastered the method of “distraction control”, which can do multiple tasks.

Maybe in the real world, he can’t do “one mind and ten uses”.

But he still has Yuan Mansion.

In the Yuanfu space, oneself is a god.

As for the “Alchemy Technique”, there is no procedure for condensing alchemy, so there is no need to bother to consider the question of success rate, just let the medicinal liquid slowly refine.

So Xu Xiaoshou only needs to separate a trace of spiritual thought to hang in the Yuanfu space, and then manipulate the Power of Space to maintain the refinement balance of 10,000 pill cauldrons that’s all.

These are the work of bystanders.

He needs to take the initiative, but only put in medicine ingredient, and take out the formed red gold liquid from the pill cauldron, put in the new medicine ingredient, and continue to refine that’s all.

“It’s too easy!”

As Xu Xiaoshou had previously thought, the refining process of the red gold liquid is really not enough for him to take seriously.

But it was this “too simple” misjudgment that made Xu Xiaoshou as it should be by rights believe that the value of Chijinye is not high.

Obviously, it was a big mistake.

The simple refining process does not mean that the results are cheap.

A subjective judgment caused Xu Xiaoshou to lose billions.

However, there is a long flow of water. It is really necessary to link up a cooperative relationship with Dojin Trading Company. These billions of dollars may not be a big deal.

Just for the follow-up cooperation… Xu Xiaoshou comforted himself.

He sorted out his mind, raised his eyes and asked: “There are many Spirit Masters in East Heavenly King city, I don’t know about it, but are you sure you can sell 10 million copies of Chijin Liquid within a month?”

Little pity hearing this laughed.

“Xu Shao is more worried, Wangcheng is different from other County City, even the bottom level is the Spirit Master of Acquired Realm, not an ordinary person.”

“The foundation of healing medicine is Chi Golden Core, which means that almost nine out of ten people need it.”

“The lower the medicine pill, the better the sales. That’s why.”

Xiao Lian stroked the blue silk in front of his forehead and continued with his fingers pointing up:

“East Heavenly King Chenggui is the spiritual refining center of East Heaven Realm, with more than 5 million resident Spirit Masters, and more than 30 million Spirit Masters per day.”

“Even if only the needs of Innate and Acquired Realm are considered, 10 million copies of Chijin Liquid can be the same as Chi Golden Core, in a state of in short supply at all times.”

“These are not included in the channels and branches of our Duojin Trading Company in other County City and Wangcheng.”

“Now, does Xu Shao think your concerns are necessary?”

Little pity is full of smiles.

She knows the descendants of these Great Family forces, and it is impossible to see the ecological environment of the Spirit Master at the bottom.

East Heavenly King is expensive.

Even the cost of entering the city is very high.

But it’s a spiritual refining center that can’t stand it!

Just cultivation in this place is much better than those in poor rural areas.

Maybe just look at a County City, but the Spirit Master is less.

Looking at the entire East Heaven Realm, the base is really huge.

East Heaven Realm has more than three hundred counties. One county is less than ten or more than a hundred cities. How many Spirit Masters are in it?

East Heavenly King is the East Heaven Realm number one city.

Except for those families, forces, and spirit palace children, which Spirit Master of the wild type does not want to come here for a while?

And in order to survive, those Spirit Masters don’t need to go to Spiritual Mountain and take a few more trips to the forbidden area?

But if you want to go to Spiritual Mountain and get resources from forbidden places, how can you do it without a few bottles of life-saving spiritual medicine?

Based on this, Xiao Lian only glanced at Chijinye, and understood that if there is nothing wrong with this thing, the decision will be the next turning point for Duojin Trading Company.

She is also another turning point in her status in Dojin Trading Company.

But these, the descendants of the semi-sacred Aristocratic Family who are higher than the clouds, how can they know?