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Chapter 199

“Did you hear the rumor?”

“What rumor?”

“What rumors are rumors about Count Lancephil.”

“Oh … I heard it, of course I heard it.”

A group of soldiers gathered and shouted with a small voice.

On their chest was a sack of blue swords that symbolized the 2nd Prince Tommy Rinse.

The soldier who pulled out the first word was a little nervous.

“Count Lancephil defeated Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom …….”

When the horse came about.

“I do not mean Count Lancephil was defeated, I heard that Pershion Kingdom invaded two Kingdoms …….”

The snowy soldier caught in a sharp voice.

At the moment, several soldiers frowned.

“Even before the Pershion Kingdom attack, the two Kingdoms were not dealt with Count Lancephil.”

“That’s right, I think I never won.”

“It was Count Lancephil’s success.”

The voice rose.

Although all the soldiers were following Tommy, they were also Rinse Kingdom peoples.

When the Kingdom was in trouble, Byron and Istel, Roan who won the two Kingdoms, were their pride and treasure.

“Oh, okay, I just said it was a rumor.”

The snowy soldier shrugged his neck and smiled awkwardly.

The soldier who first spoke up once said his eyes and then said again.

“Anyway Count Lancephil defeated the two Kingdom’s Army and wrestled in the War of Succession. I heard rumors that the Count Lancephil command had already completely destroyed them.”

One of the other soldiers nodded and hit a counter.

As soon as the news of Count Lancephil’s arrival was heard, the local nobles following Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum rushed to the front of the country, without fighting. I was overpowered. ”

“Thanks to that, the northern supporters who have been barely surviving have been destroyed.”

“Now really, Royal Capital Miller North is the territory of Prince Simon.”

One soldier laughed and sighed.

At that time, the snarling soldier who had been in a huff, once again talked in a fluttering voice.

“I do not know, it’s Prince Simon’s territory or Count Lancephil’s territory …….”


The other soldiers frowned again and stared at the snowy soldier.

“Why, why ……. No I just …….”

When he smiles again awkwardly and makes an excuse.

“No, it’s a good idea.”

The soldier who shook Roan’s story shrugged.

Soon the other soldiers struck.

“Yes, and the truth is that, in our opinion, Count Lancephil is much better than Prince Simon.”

“Yes, Prince Simon said that he had beheaded all of his troops …….”

“If Prince Simon comes up to the throne in this way …….”

The soldiers unfolded their imagination in silence.


Blood of the river, the mountain of the body.

A terrible ending that seems obvious.

The whole body was creepy.

The worst thing is.

‘I do not think Prince Tommy is going to get better this time around.’

It was the same with Kallum.

Even if one of the three princes becomes king, the Rinse Kingdom will face the era of division and conflict.

A sigh came out.

It was not one or two.

“Oh, uh … I wonder how the country looks like this …….”

All the soldiers shook their head and spit out their long breaths.

“Anyway, Count Lancephil has completely defeated the Northern Fief of the Kingdom and will be here soon as the Eastbury Fief.”

Starting with Royal Capital Miller, Eastbury Fief was the closest place to the north.

Simon was also the place where he rattled Corps while Tommy was fighting wildly by sending him the Upper Corps because he was also a strategically important point.

Upper Corps soldiers nodded in darkness.

Crimson Ghost, Crimson Corps.


“I do not have to worry about that already.”

A thick, muscular man with a thick voice was revealed.

“Oh, Squad Commander.”

“Sit this way.”

The soldiers got up and bowed to the left and right.

The muscular man, called Squad Commander, took his place among the soldiers and broke the herringbone.

“It takes at least ten days to lead a large corps from north to here, and you do not have to worry about it already.”

It was true.

Roan would only arrive from two to three days if he was led by the horsemen, but he could not do such a reckless act in front of a big war.

Infantry and supply Troops have been able to survive for six days at the earliest possible stage with full corps.

That was the time when we had a very unreasonable march.

The Squad Commander smiled bizarrely and laughed.

“So let’s all relax and reserve our strength. After ten days, a big battle will take place.”

At that point one of the soldiers carefully asked.

“Your opponent is the Crimson Corps called the Kingdom’s strongest. Will you be our opponent?”


“Our Upper Corps is made up of Fief Army …….”

It was Union Corps made up of various noble Fief Army.

Squad Commander smiled and laughed, pointing to the outside of the camp.

“From today, we have begun the maintenance work of the camp, and we have decided to make a trap outside the camp, and we will be more likely to have a face-to-face battle with the force, but if we set up the traps in advance, Lancephil Fief Army will not be able to fight if you fight back. ”

“Oh, you want to spread a kind of temple?”

“Yes, that’s right, we’re just stuck in the camp and catching their ankles.”

Squad Commander laughed and nodded.

The Temple of Mercy in the field.

It was a strategy that was decided by the commanders’ meeting.

The commanders of the Upper Corps did not reveal unnecessary confidence or ambition.

They admit the force of Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army and chose to fight in the camp.

“So do not worry too much.”

Squad Commander stood up from his seat and looked north.

My face was full of confidence.

“Lancephil Fief Army, the Crimson Corps, our camp will not fall.”

Many soldiers nodded at it.

I was confident at the bottom of my heart.

‘Yes. Preparing and preparing ahead of time will not help Crimson Corps. ‘

‘We are fighting on our palms. There is no fear. ‘

‘I’ll set up a trap and I’ll make my camp defense even thicker.’

The eyes shone and shone.

But the confidence of these Upper Corps soldiers was shattered in just two days.

“Well, what is that?”

“Well, that’s …….”

The Upper Corps soldiers stood in the side watchtower and looked north.

Everyone looks half-hearted.

In particular, the soldiers who were installing traps from outside the camp were hardened like a stone statue watching the smoke of the sky filled with the northern sky.

“Well, is not that the Lancephil Fief Army?”

One of the soldiers pointed to a towering flag.

Two windows with petals, a flag with one shield.

The sentence of the old Baron Tale and the count of Count Lancephil were certain.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Soon the sound of a horseshoe struck the ear.

Hundreds and thousands of horsemen showed up behind the towering flags of scattering dust clouds.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh!”

“Uh, how is Lancephil Fief Army already ?!”

The eye that grows as if it can not be believed.



There were bizarre sounds, dust clouds, clouds of dust, huge dozens of wagons appeared.

“Well, what is that?”

“Is there such a big carriage?”

“Look at the wagons that pull the wagons out of it!”

The Upper Corps soldiers stared at the carriages with their mouths open.

Surprisingly, it was only two ordinary horses that led to a huge carriage.

Crush! Crush!

The armor worn by the horsemen clapped with each other.

“Do not you have to run away?”

“Crimson Ghost and Crimson Corps!”

Some soldiers threw a shovel and pickaxes and retreated.

At that time, commander class soldiers screamed with a sword of a waist dancing.

“Do not back down! Look closely at the Lancephil Fief Army! They are hurried to take only the horsemen!

The soldiers who retreated left their positions and their eyes narrowed.

It was true.

The Lancephil Fief Army consisted of horsemen and gigantic carriages of unknown origin.

‘Yes. It took at least ten days to get to this Fief. ‘

‘Even the horsemen came in just two days, which means they were exhausted!’

‘They are not perfect either!’

Even though the Lancephil Fief Army is strong, there was a suspicion of Troop.

The horsemen have good maneuverability and destructive power, but the attack method is very limited.

There was no clear law other than breakthrough or assault, and if you were trapped in the traps, the problem was that the width of the fighter was narrowed.

In addition, I was not able to use it alone in the fight against diseases such as epidemics and archers.

“Do not you think we’re too shy?”

“If all the horsemen, only the spearman can stand up and take the maneuver.”

Upper Corps soldiers snarled and glared eyes like a serpent.

I heard the story of these soldiers, and the horsemen and horsemen of the Lancephil Fief Army, who was fiercely rushed, slowed down and stopped completely.

Hihi Hin!

A harsh horseshapper hit my ears.


The Upper Corps soldiers watched the magnificent and spectacular sight with a blank face without their knowledge.

At the same time, on the other side and behind the camp, the base of the Upper Corps came out for the sword.

It is really the situation in the end.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“I’ll show you that you do not have to hire only horsemen.”

The Upper Corps soldiers picked their weapons and scraped them.

I thought I was ignored, and I thought it was worth trying.

“Everybody get the weapon.”

“Let’s fight with death.”

The sound of all the minds poured out.



The side of the giant carriage opened wide with the roar.

No, the caravan was separated as if it had been torn out and spread wide toward the floor on both sides.

What happened simultaneously in dozens of carriages.

It was like a solid wooden board that made the slope from the ground to the inside of the wagon.

“What, what?”

“Is the wagon broken?”

The Upper Corps soldiers stood still and blinked with only two eyes.

Then the soldiers poured out on the carriage wall spread to the left and right.

They were Crimson Ghosts, all dressed in red from head to toe. They were out of wagons without a tired look.

The harsh Corps, with only the horsemen, was reborn as the mighty Corps of all kinds.


The Upper Corps soldiers swallowed the devastating wind and pressure.

My eyes were all red.

The red soldiers were fully equipped with a rectangle and then picked up weapons.

It feels like a thrilling assault will start anytime.


Upper Corps soldiers trembled with a fuzzy look.

The situation that paralysis in fear is opposite.

At that time, the red soldiers retreated to the left and right.

At the same time, a young man with a smooth and strong horses appeared behind him.

Red helmet, red armor, red cape.

Deep pupil on the manly face.

He was the owner of the Crimson Corps and the hero of the Rinse Kingdom, Crimson Ghost Roan Lancephil.

‘Magical wagon is useful.’

Roan began the Lancephil Fief Army and the South after rehearsing around the northern Rinse Kingdom.

It is really a rush hour, a rush hour.

However, it was not possible to make an unfavorable march due to the urgent situation.

As soon as he arrived at the battlefield, he could be hit by enemy attacks.

It was the magic wagon that was at the center of the Count Lancephil command.

Roan pulled out all the magical wagons he had reserved for military use in the twenty or more magical wagons already in use, and boarded infantry.

In addition, the military supplies and supplies necessary for combat and war were also carried out through magical wagons.

Thanks to the large corps, Roan was able to achieve the same speed as a cavalry marching alone while still south.

That’s why Roan and the Crimson Corps were able to get to the Eastbury Fief quickly, unlike the predictions of the Upper Corps soldiers.

Roan gazed at the upright Corps soldiers who seemed to be puzzled.

Soft eyes and blurred smile.

It was a way to make people comfortable.

But the majesty and the splashing out from the whole body made him bow his head.

“I am the Count of Rinse Kingdom and Roan Lancephil, the master of the Northeast Lancephil Manor.”

A strong voice caught the wind and stirred the battlefield.


Upper Corps soldiers swallowed dry spit with a tense look.

Roan looked at them with a glance.

“Those who surprise will treat my soldiers with preciousness, but those who oppose me …….”

Decisive tone and expression.

There was no shaking in my eyes.

“I will not forgive.”

Scary to end.

visor! Cheng Grand! Fight!

The Upper Corps soldiers threw the weapon they held.

They knelt quickly and fell on the floor.

“I will surrender!”

“Well, we do not mean to fight Count Lancephil!”

In the beginning, the Upper Corps soldiers had no intention of fighting outside the camp, even if they set up traps and thickened the camp.

In such a situation, it was nothing more than pleading for a long neck, and begging for a quick cut.

Roan stood down from Gunma, looking at the soldiers who fell on the floor.

He walked alone toward the soldiers.

Austin and other commanders and the Legionnaire were trying to catch up, but Roan smirked and shook his hand.

Roan grabbed the shoulder of the foremost Upper Corps soldier.

“Get up.”

He raised a soldier up.

At that end, the other soldiers rose up from the seat of Jusum.

Roan gazed straight at their eyes and said in a dignified and loud voice.

“I’m not going to war.”

The soldiers listened to Roan.

“I am going to end the war.”

It sounded like a pun, but the soldiers felt heart beating.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“Let me save the Kingdom and the Kingdom with me.”

After the conversation was over, the soldiers bowed to one knee with fear.


A roaring voice rang the heavens.

Roan’s Rinse Kingdom Pyojung started like that.

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