Chapter 200


visor! Fight! visor!

Sparks fluttered with the song.

“Damn! You forgot our promise!”

“That’s what I want to do!”

Two young nobles wearing gorgeous armor screamed at each other.

His face was distorted by betrayal and anger.

“Our 12 Hatchlings have decided not to divide the different princes who support each other, even if they become successors to the throne!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

Two young nobles were members of the 12 Hatchlings.

Even though the prince who supported me was quite different, it was quite good.

But as the succession of the throne began, they eventually became swords for each other.

visor! Fight! visor!

The chime sounded loudly.



Soldiers collapsed with the crowd.

“Damn! What the hell is this!”


Two young noblemen poured out on each other.

There was a grudge in the eyes to look at.




The two nobles rushed to each other at the same time.


A creepy sound.

Two black pierced each other’s breasts.

I can not even fall to face each other.

“Turn it off, uh, this was not the world we dreamed of …”.

“Our dreams become gray ……. ํญ!”

The light disappeared from both eyes.


The young nobles who dreamed for the Kingdom crossed the river of death by heart.

But that did not mean that the 12 Hatchlings were dismantled.

They were still the Kingdom’s future and dreams.

It was a wonderful bud that could bloom as long as there was a good earth.

Good land.

Rinse Kingdom still has a good land to look forward to.

* * *

A fool. A fool.

Every time I stepped on it, water droplets popped up.

Heavy rain that makes it hard to distinguish a front.



Different shouting clashes.

Red Army soldiers and old armored soldiers.

The forces of the rivers broke roughly through the rain.

The battlefield flowed very unilaterally.

Soldiers wearing red armor crossed the old armor of soldiers and struck a solid wall.

“Hang the ladder!”

“Attack! Attack!”

Those who stand at the forefront and encourage soldiers.

Among them, there was a young man who was slaughtering enemy soldiers with a black spear.

Crimson Ghost Roan Lancephil.

He was fighting the battlefield with a red cape.

Stop! Stick it!

With the creeps, the soldiers’ bodies were cut off.

“The author is Roan Lancephil!”

“Count Lancephil!”

“Grab it!”

Some soldiers found out about Roan and rushed into the barracks.

Roan flashed in the air with his feet gently rolling.

์ดค Ah!

A rainstorm that was raging was thrown all over the place.

The armor and cape were red, but the color of mana flowing along Travias’ Spear was blue.

์ดค Ah!

A spiral followed the spear.

No, the rain has become a huge water stream and the enemy soldiers are wounded.

Roan was now operating the Lancephil Mana Technique, not the Flamdor Mana Technique.

I was controlling the rain by raising the water-mana of the tear of the elemental king surrounding the Mana Hole.

His appearance looked like a god of water, a water knight.


With the roar, the stream ran through the ground.


“Shut up!”

At that time, the soldiers, as well as the general knights, were unable to withstand and were thrown into every direction.


A short breath was pouring out of the small lips.

A moment of silence fell down.

Roan’s eyes turned to a solid, solid castle in the rain.

Nice castle that connects north and south.

It was a must for both Simon, Tommy and Kallum.

So it was also the place where the owner changed over ten times since the succession war began.

A wall with dozens of ladders and ropes hanging from it.

And Lancephil Corps soldiers climbing the wall.


Roan sprang up and ran toward the wall.

Looking through the falling rain.

Stop! Shake it!

Travias’ Spear moved like a dancing.


“Shut up!”

Each time the enemy soldiers’ waists were cut in half with the rain.

Suddenly the wall was in front of me.


He twisted his wrist and poured mana.


Travias’ Spear has increased at a rapid rate.

The end of the spear dug under the wall.

At the same time.


Roan popping in the air like a bouncy sound.


“Wow ah!”

The Lancephil Corps soldiers who attacked the wall were amazed with their eyes rounded.

Roan in their eyes was Wargod, not human.


Roan called Kinness, balancing in the air.

[Only when I find this!]

Soon Kinness flew in front of me and moved his hands in a dizzy way.

Tung! Touwang!

At Roan’s feet, large and small water bodies were made.


Roan stepped on them, stepping on them lightly.


A bunch of squatters.

With the roar, footprints were taken on the wall.

At the same time, a gust of wind occurred around Roan.

The heavy rain that had been pouring out to the front of one corner was rolled round and bounced out everywhere.


“What is this!”

The enemy soldiers, who were occupying the walls, vomited them with strong winds that were pushed backward.

Roan smiled and frowned.


Small but powerful voice.

“There is no place for you in Nice Castle.”

Travias’ Spear started to draw circles as his wrist turned around.


Spear broke the space.

Stop! Stick it!

With the creeps, the soldiers’ limbs were cut off.

Roan’s cold voice fell behind the wall.

“All disappear.”

* * *

“The supply was resolved without any problems.”

“Clay, too.”

“As soon as you get back to the front line, you’re doing a lot of hard work.”

There was a praise here and there.

A young man with very thin eyes, Clay shook his head with a faint smile.

“No, thanks to everyone’s help, and I look forward to it in the future.”

A very humble appearance.

“We would appreciate it.”

Soon many maidens went out of the office with a bunch of papers.

Clay, left alone, stood up after briefly reviewing key documents.

I saw a thick raindrop outside the window.

“It’s going to be hard because the weather is bad.”

I was obviously worried, but the look was very strange.

“Is it ten days since I returned to the front line …….”

Roan was in charge of supervising and intercepting and returning to terminal management for the first year in a row.

Roan and all the major leaders of the Count Lancephil were all engaged in the succession war.

Roan gave Clay the duty of the supply of Corps along with the counting of the Count.

Clay was able to perform the difficult task of fulfilling the difficulty of the difficulty in just ten days.

Lancephil’s brain is so talented that the story of the newborn will flow from here and there.

“It was a very boring and disappointing year …….”

A voice containing a deep reminder.

The cold-eyed pupil was raging.

‘Lord. Do you believe me now? ”

It took a whopping 1 year.

Time for Clay so much.

He spent many hours thinking and worrying about a lot of things, and he made various plans.

‘I just waited for this moment.’

I had a strange smile in my mouth.

Clay breathed a shallow breath and gently shook his right hand.

Meow. Meow.

Soon two cats showed up.

Clay stroked their heads and muttered the unknown horses for a while.

How long has it been?

“I’m counting on you.”

A small whispering voice.


The cats had once bowed their heads and soon left the office.

Clay breathed deeply and closed his eyes.

‘Lord. This time it’s my turn. ”

My breasts ran aggressively.

‘This time the lord starts from the bottom.’

The smile on his mouth was thicker.

‘Cats, I beg you.’

If only the cats arrive as planned, the work will be easy.

The cats that came out of the office, as if they knew the wind of Clay, walked with each other as if they were between lovers.

Through the dark corridor, he went out of the castle of Yeongju and flew into a small garden.

It is moving in a diligent manner without regard to the falling rain.

They were about to enter the castle of Mediasis through the gardens.

“Our brothers and sisters, it’s raining like this, so where do they go so hastily?”

With a sweet and beautiful voice, the woman hurriedly pressed the black hood and blocked the cats.

Within three days of her death, three more people, who pressed the black hood deeply, showed up.

“It’s Druid’s cat.”

“It is also expected.”

“Do you want to see a hand before a person called Clay notices it?”

“Yes, that would be good.”

Unknown word.

Soon, one of those who pressed the black hood deeply moved forward and moved both hands.

The moment the green light gleamed.


The cats gently cried in the light that enveloped their bodies and soon fell asleep.

“Well, Clay is a human being, he’s certainly smart,” Druid’s technique is more than he thought. ”

The person who had shaken both hands earlier said in a surprised voice.

The person who was the first to appear at the end of the story, shook his head, taking off his hood.

“That would be a human level.”

Face exposed under the rain.

It was an incredibly beautiful face.

Pure skin, big eyes, red lips …….

But what was more surprising was the pointed ears, which lie beneath mysterious hairs that seem to have a mixture of green and gold.

Soon after, all those who were settled back took off their hoods.

All of them were beautiful and handsome young women.

No, to be precise, they were not human.


Those who disappeared after the Great War with humans hundreds of years ago, they appeared in the Garden of the Medieval Goddess.

One of the Elf hugged the sleeping cats in their arms.

“As our Queen and Count Lancephil said, Clay was supposed to deal with Bradley Webster Duke.”

The words that whispered and stroked the cat ‘s head were really amazing.

But the Elf nodded, smiling faintly, without looking surprised.

“As expected.”

“So let’s move on to Count Lancephil’s idea?”

“I think so.”

Elf, who was holding his cat in his arms, nodded with a smile.

Green light came out from the palm and wrapped the cats.


The sleeping cats were crying and woke up.

They rubbed their faces in the hands of Elf and ran to the inside of Mediasis Castle.

The Elf smiled faintly at the cats looking away.

It looks ridiculous and rather impractical.

They hid the hood deep into the garden.

They still had something to do.

* * *


Viscount Tio Ruin and several nobles shouted in surprise.

Their eyesight was in the meeting room, Simon Rinse sitting in a huge chair.

Simon broke his head with a look of surprise.

“I already had more than half of the Kingdom, and Count Lancephil has stabilized and fought the Northeast border, and Tommy and Kallum will not survive anymore.”

He pinched both hands and stared at him with cold eyes.

“So now I think it’s appropriate to go to the throne and exercise the king’s rights both internally and externally … Is not that right?”

At that end, the nobles laughed awkwardly and laughed.

The nearest Tio answered with a cautious voice.

“It is true that you have won the war of succession, as you have said, but the forces that follow Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum are also tough, so just a little more …….”

When the horse came about.

“I will become king, will not I kneel before Tommy or Kallum can do any more indulgence?

Simon frowned.

The feeling of smooth and pale rose.

‘In addition…….’

Tio broke it.

Over time, Simon could not control his emotions.

‘God’s Drug is needed.’

The mind was urgent.

What Simon needed right now was God’s Drug of Holy Land, not a coronation.

God’s Drug, however, was a way to obtain God’s Drug.

I had hoped for him, but he was detained in the Holy Land.

The only remaining person was Bradley Webster Duke.

‘But Duke Webster is not in the mood because of the succession of the throne … And besides, the prince and Duke are not the same as before …….’

My head got complicated.


“My will is steadfast, ready to prepare for the grave.”

Simon made a decision with a red-faced face.

Sheik Wiggins, the head of the 12 Hatchlings and the Baron of the Kingdom, came out among the noble nobles.

“Prince, I think it is rather unreasonable for the royal family to capture the crowd and the place where they are, but rather after the war,

Sheik made a comment to Simon with a soft voice.

Of course, Simon did not like it.


Eventually, an anger mixed with poop came out.

He stood up from his seat and walked toward Sheik.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit with a tense look.

Only one person.

Sheikman was looking at Simon with a gentle expression.

‘If you die here it will be my destiny too.’

My heart ran fast.

Simon, who had just reached his nose, broke into his eyes.

“Sheik Wiggins.”

“Yes, Prince.”

The situation in the near future.

Tio was stuck in the back of Simon in case of emergency.

‘Wiggins Baron is an important person.’

There was a lot of publicity in the meantime.

Simon stared at Sheik quietly and slowly took his right hand.

He clutched his fist.

“I am the 1st Prince of the Rinse Kingdom and the most honorable and honorable throne. Is that wrong?”

“No, but the ceremony is …….”


Simon once again smiled.

He turned back, swinging his fist.

“Get out of my sight right now.”

Simon was barely in control of his anger.

If she had completely lost her temper and was enthralled by insanity, she would have cut Sheik’s neck right away.

Sheik stood still and looked at Simon’s back.

It was the way I watched all the time.


Sheik breathed deeply.

On the other side, Tio gave me a glance.

It means to withdraw once.


A long breath came out by itself.

Sheik leaned back on Simon’s back.

“I’ll go back.”

Simon had no response.

Sheik walked out of the room with a grin.

When I stepped outside the door, I heard Simon’s shouting.

“Prepare for the ceremony right now!”

Eventually, the situation went according to Simon’s will.

“Send an invitation! All those who are absent are considered enemies!”

The ceremony to celebrate the upcoming ceremony was supposed to be painted with blood.

Sheik took a long breath as she moved her foot.

The more the chest became more and more frustrated.

Exactly a month later, at the Royal Capital Miller, a ceremonial ceremony of Simon was held.

On the list of attendees …….

Roan was not.

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