Chapter 201

“Did you hear that?”

“I heard, Dolan Baron said that he was long standing …….”

“Is not Ardu the youngest there just five years old?”

“Yes, that’s about it.”

“Do not you have a five-year-old child?”

“Of course, the last time I cut a baby ‘s neck …….”

The shabby men gathered at the entrance of the alley and trembled.

Expressed nervous expression.

“Fear politics, terrorism.”

“Since Prince Simon has performed the ceremony, the chest is blocked.”

“Nobles and powers who did not attend the ceremony are all falling down?”

“Yes, all of the family.”

Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

“I do not think that our lord was killed by the lord, so …”

“The gnomon, who walked through the gates and stood up to the end, was sold as slaves to the people of the area.”

“Oh, what the hell is this …….”

“When is this terrible and terrible war going to end?”

Lamentations, complaints and complaints poured out.

At that time, the youngest man asked with a careful look.

“But what about Count Lancephil? Count did not attend the ceremony?”

Certainly such rumors had turned.

At that end, the man who was knowledgeable about the outside news smiled and replied.

“Count Lancephil was not able to attend the ceremony, so you were doing a great job with Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum.”

Everyone nodded.

“Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom is not enough to defeat …….”

“I am pushing out the armies of two princes alone …….”

“He is such a great person.”

Admiration and awe.

“Prince Simon repeatedly said that he was not forced to attend.”

Everyone nodded with a smile.

But the oldest man laughed and shook his head.

“There is a rumor that you were quite upset, but …….”


There was a rumor that there was a gap between Roan and Simon starting from the Coronation.

It was also heard that 2nd Prince Tommy Rinse and 3rd Prince Kallum Rinse were trying to use that part.

Of course, it did not look like it.

At that time, the young man who brought out the story of Roan for the first time gave a long sigh.

“Kingdom Fief in the northeastern says that it is good to live …….. I think that I want to go even if I move to it.”

At that end, the other men shrugged with surprise expression.

“It sounds like a big day, but now it is my duty to take my life across the boundary of the estates, but …….”

“Certainly I can not help but want to go to the Lancephil Manor?”

“Yeah, it’s peaceful here.”

Everybody ‘s face got a bit blurry.

There was a rumor about Count Lancephil in my head.

A peaceful and livable place.

Even when the whole of Rinse Kingdom was in battle, the peasants laughed as much as the Count Lancephil.

It was not just good to live because there was no war or battle.

The Count Lancephil did not have any vicious nobles or powers, and no one would die or starve to death.

People who want to learn can learn and learn skills and farming.

Even fishermen on stage at Poskein lake were known to support ships with substantial amounts.

The young man’s gaze turned to the left and right.

“In comparison, here is …….”

A frustrated and desperate urban landscape.

“It’s like hell.”

Scary to end.

“Hey! There! What are you doing out there?”

The soldier in the armor screamed in his eyes.

“Yes, yes! Go!”

“I will carry it soon!”

The men shrugged and moved quickly.

As we walked into the streets of the castle out of the alleyway entrance, the bloody scenery unfolded.

Hundreds of men were carrying huge amounts of wheat bags on the cart.

Simon’s name is being transported to the Royal Capital Miller for food stored in the castle.

‘Right now in the yard where we can not eat …….’

I could not even hear the sickness.

Because they did not want to put out a wheat flour, they rebelled in the square.

The ship was painful, but his life was worth it.

The youth carried a wheat flour on his shoulder and bitten it.

‘Damn it. If we can not go to Lancephil Manor ……. ‘

My heart ran fast.

‘Count Lancephil would like you to come to our estates …….’

A breeze.

But there was little chance that the wind would be done right away.

This desolate manor where the young man was born and grew up was already under the influence of Simon.

‘Count Lancephil is from Prince Simon.’

Roan will not have a knife edge for Simon, not Tommy or Kallum.

Young people, most people thought so.

And it was to some extent true.

At least not yet.

* * *

“Good news! Count Lancephil defeated one of Prince Tommy’s elite corps, Arans, and dropped Caps Castle!”

“Oh, that’s great!”

Viscount Tio Ruin was greatly pleased with the report of the messenger.

The same is true of other nobility.

Currently, only the Lancephil Fief Army has survived the single winner of Simon Rinse’s support.

“If this is the case, we will soon be able to appreciate the southeastern part.”

“The southern pyeongjeong has not been around yet.”

The sound of flattering with Abu was unending.

However, Simon’s face, which occupied the throne, was not so bright.

“If you win, you can hardly see your face once ……. ์ฏง.”

The sound of the tongue being heard was loud.

The faces of several nobles were hardened.


Tio laughed with a smile.

“For Count Lancephil, I can not afford to leave the front line to defeat the enemies at the forefront and reassure them, so be patient with the Royal Capital Miller soon.”


Simon was a bit overcast.

‘I can not help feeling bad.’

The last word was swallowed.

It was Simon who did not like each of Roan’s actions since the last ceremony.

‘This is great.’

The expression of Tio who was watching the situation became urgent.

Some of the support nobles have either stumbled or left Simon after the ceremony.

No, precisely, Simon himself was robbing several nobles.

‘But they and Count Lancephil are different.’

Roan was literally the strongest power in Simon’s power.

If you do not have complete control over the Kingdom yet, it will be very painful to turn a player like Roan into the enemy.

‘Count Lancephil should maintain a strong relationship. At least until the Kingdom is valued ……. ‘

Tio rolled his head quickly.

It was much better to turn the topic off than to scratch the bumps.


Now, one thing has come to my mind to touch the nerves these days.

“Besides, Count Lancephil is in a state of silence in suppressing the revolts that are taking place throughout the Kingdom.”

At the end of the conversation, the faces of other nobles were awfully brightened.

The meaning of Tio at a glance.

“Yes, Black Rinse is not that powerful.”

“They have refused to become Rinse Kingdom minions, they are the reverse hats that must be suppressed and destroyed.”

The aristocrats quickly beat.

Effort to turn topic.

Fortunately Simon was interested in the Black Rinse story.

“Black Rinse …….. Call yourself a pin black flower in the dark? Huh, cheeky things …….”

He chews his long lips and spits out.

Black Rinse.

Rinse Kingdom’s Kingdom was formed by a group of armed forces, and it was a black flower guild formed by Simon’s beheaded family members of the stolon castles pledging revenge.

As the War of Succession continued over here, the forces of Simon, Tommy, and Kallum joined the people who lost their precious people, and that power began to grow rapidly.

In addition, by now, the commoners who have lost their homes in wars and battles have joined forces to form a force beyond the noble Noble Fief Army.

Of course, that’s the case, but the actual level of force was worse than the regular army.

“Beheaded to the rebellion, all the family and relatives should be beheaded.”

There is no command of mercy at all.

“It is a black flower?”

Simon ‘s mouth smiled.

‘Prince ……. No, Your Majesty, Your Majesty …….’

Although he was a sympathizer of Simon’s will, he was a king who was formally throne.

Tio looked at Simon and sighed briefly.

‘Why is it that the wording is more urgent?’

Mana Technique practitioners who are in trouble these days were not doing anything either.

Nevertheless, he became more and more intimidating after his throne.

The personality itself was cruel to ignorance.

‘I have to take good care of myself.’

Tio’s mind became complicated.



The Daejeon Gate opened wide and bright with a loud voice.

“Oh, my mother-in-law.”

Simon smiled gently and bowed his head slightly.

The main character of the voice was Bradley Webster Duke.

“It’s a way to get back on the western side.”

“He suffered.”

A mutual conversation has come and gone.

But the eyes shone sharply like a blade.

They had a relationship with Holy Land’s God’s Drug problem.

However, it was a situation that boasted that he was still a thick friend.

Strategic Partnership.

That was the relationship between Simon and Bradley right now.

Bradley took a quick look at the many nobles with a short hoot.

“Your Majesty, I have something to tell you closely.”


Simon nodded while pondering for a moment.

He gave Tio a glance, and all the nobles soon escaped.

“Ruin Viscount too.”

Bradley looked up at Tio, trying to keep his seat.

Tio kept the position without hearing.

“It’s okay, I’m out for a minute.”

Simon smiled and grunted his hand.

“I’ll be outside the door.”

Tio then bowed his head and walked out of the match.

Bradley frowned a little over his face when he was not feeling good.

“It’s because I think of me as a child.”

Simon laughed as if he did not mind.

‘It’s like a mother-in-law.’

I swallowed it without spitting out the end.

Bradley nodded slowly and looked at Simon.

The eyes of the two men cluttered each other intricately.

Clearly, his eyes and tail were laughing, but his eyes were cold.

“What are you talking about?”

Simon pulled it out like a fool.

Then Bradley laughed brightly and pulled out his hand.

It was a surprising and glad story.

“I have found a way to control your majesty.”

* * *

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The sound of the horseshoe sounded like a dirt.

Over a dozen carts traversed the fields.

It’s a really spectacular sight.


The commander, who was running before, shook his hand and sent a signal.

Water-mana fluttered from left and right as well as front and back.

Command to run without reducing speed.

The wagons, which had a rectangular row and advanced, spread out to the left and right.

The horses, which ran like a wagon, guarded the hills that rose before their eyes.

“Wow ah!”


“Death to the rebels!”

The moment a great shout hit me in the ear.

At the same time, a terrible battlefield was unfurled down the hill.

<Shek Corps.>

The army pointing south was Tommy’s Corps.

It is also a fairly strong name.

On the other hand, the Corps, which is located in the north, was somewhat lax and sloppy.

Even the towering flags in the center were made by raising several cloths.

<Black Rinse.>

Rinse Kingdom A group of people made up of people.

It was the People’s Revolutionary Organization, which revolted against the throne and the tyranny of the three princes.


“The rebels are dead!”

Sek Corps pushed Black Rinse out of the way.

Black Rinse had a lot more head, but the force itself was superior to Sek Corps.



The giant horses rises up on the hill highlands.

A red cloak with a roughly flapping wind.

The black Tri Bass spear was Roan Lancephil who ran away and kicked his skull.

He ran toward the battlefield with his immediate Troop Amaranth and Legionnaire.

Two heads, two heads!

The horseshoe sounded loudly.

Then Sekk Corps and Black Rinse, who had fought each other, turned their gaze toward the hills.

“What, what is it?”

“Department, Crimson Corps?”

The eyes of the soldiers and the soldiers of both sides became rounded.

“Lancephil Fief Army!”

The red wave pouring down on the hill.

Everyone spread his mouth wide open.

“Burr, have you come here already ?!”

“Do not be ridiculous.”

The commanders of the Sek Corps muttered into a face half-hearted.

I knew how fast the Lancephil Fief Army was so fast.

But it was too early.

I do not know if it’s a cavalry.

“Wow ah!”

Soon there was a great wave of red waves once again over the hills with tremendous shouting.

Thousands of infantry Corps.

Roan, who ran ahead of him the other day, listened to Travias’ Spear.


A roaring voice rang the battlefield.


Thousand-man Captain class commanders and armed men followed him and raised mana.


Skeptic Corps and Black Rinse, who just drove each other up until just before, retreated behind the dusk.

Who is it?

‘Who will attack you!’

Everyone swallows a dry saliva and looks at Roan and the Crimson Corps.

Where the red wave will sweep through!

The gaze and gaze were entangled.



With the roar, Crimson Corps, led by Roan, swept the battlefield.

“Oh, shit!”

“This stupid ……!”

It was Seck Corps that was swept by the red waves.


Travias’ Spear followed the fire.

Quark! bang!


“Shut up!”

With the roar, the Seck Corps soldiers were thrown into the fire.

“Wow, we are Regular of the Kingdom!”

“Although they are in the war for succession, they are rebel groups!”

“Do not you have to attack them first?”

“They heard the rebellion against the Rinse Kingdom!”

The commanders of the Sek Corps shouted, setting the band.

But Roan did not respond.

He waved Travias’ Spear with a gruff look.


With the roar, the Sek Corps commanders split in two.

Roan, who deals with water-mana, was obviously great, but Roan, who deals with fire-mana, reminded of a god of fire.

“Eat, even run away!”

“Crimson Ghost can not deal with it!”

“Crimson Corps is not our opponent!”

Eventually the heat of the Sek Corps collapsed.



Roan quickly finished the chase with his hand.

One of them went into operation.

The battle ended so quickly.


The Black Rinse units stood still and swallowed the dry spit.


The Roan and Lancephil Fief Army’s talent.

‘I do not have enough rumors.’

‘Crimson is Wargod, not Ghost, Wargod.’

A face filled with awe emerged.

At that time, Roan, who was in charge of the battlefield, spoke to Black Rinse.

Roan standing alone in front of thousands of black Rinse units.

Nevertheless, it was Roan who was rather impressive.

“How will you do us?”

Among the black Rinse members, the highest ranking person asked with a lot of nervous expressions.

If Roan here orders death, Black Rinse will be destroyed.

‘Prince Simon told us to cut down to the neck of our family and relatives.’

‘Count Lancephil is the closest of Prince Simon.’

‘Is our destiny so far …….’

The faces of the Black Rinse members were filled with despair.


“Black Rinse. Is the black flower right?”

Gently handed questions.

A faint smile surfaced at Roan’s mouth.

Black Rinse members nodded silently.

Roan breathed deeply and put Travias’ Spear on the floor.

“I will take care of the flower so that it will not perish forever.”

A flower that does not fade forever.

It was Amaranth.

The new Amaranth has become a new bloom.

“Are you taking us away?”

Black Rinse members looked at Roan with their eyes rounded.

They stammered with a look that they could not believe.

“Well, we are rebellious against the three princes.”

“If Prince Simon finds out, he will not let Count Lancephil go.”

An anxious voice.

One of the most advanced members asked carefully.

“Count was not a member of Prince Simon’s family?”

At that point, Roan turned his wing and looked to the west.

At the end was Royal Capital Miller.

“Prince Simon?”

Roan slowly shook his head.

“You’re welcome, I’m …….”

The voice came in.

“Prince Simon, neither Prince Tommy nor Prince Kallum …….”

The smile that grew on his mouth became thicker.

“We fought for the Kingdom people.”


The Black Rinse units all had low elasticity.

Roan turned his head and looked straight into the eyes of the members.

“Let’s go to Royal Capital Miller.”

Soft majesty came out from all over the body.

“Let’s go to the flower, not the blood.”

The Black Rinse members nodded without their knowledge.

Roan again turned his head and looked to the west, where the Royal Capital Miller was.

“The seed of a flower that does not perish forever …….”


Finally, the time has come for the name to cover the Kingdom.

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