Chapter 208


The roar burst out.

One side of the wall was crushed and the rocks poured down.


Frown face.

Roan Lancephil was the man under the rubble.

“Damn it.”

Roan stood up and removed the stones.

‘It is awful.’

It was only about a dozen times that it had already been put on the wall.

He grinned at his nose and looked at the guardians in front of him.

They have small scratches on their head and body.

But that was the limit.

‘Again, dealing with guys, loving mana is a desire.

Roan laughed and shook his head.

He was dealing with the ghastly guardians in front of him, but he did not use all his mana.

‘I do not end up defeating them.’

By defeating the Guardians and escaping the secret passage, the moment they entered Royal Capital Miller Castle, they had to open the gates closed tightly against hundreds and thousands of soldiers.

Maybe it was harder and harder to deal with the Guardians.

[I do not think it’s time to spare, though.]

Kinness, who was flying in a ditch, said in a sharp voice.

Roan nodded silently.

There is a next to pass here.

“Yes, let’s deal with things first.”

Roan breathed deeply.

I saved my extra mana on Mana Road.


Travias’ Spear followed the fire again.

But it was clearly different from the existing flames.

If the existing flame had been keeping its shape flat along the spear, the flame would look like a lonely branch of a giant tree.

This is the true look of Crimson Ghost.

“It will be different from now on.”

Roan pounded the floor, staring at the three guardians surrounding him.


Clearly different speeds.

He quickly narrowed the distance and jumped into the guardian’s arms.

“go away.”


The guardians reacted so agile and agile as they were with the massive body.


Every time I moved, the beating started to shake and a heavy roar came out.

Both strength and speed were irrelevant.

The sword, the window, and the ax split the space with the dust.

It is not! Kang!

Flame and fire flashed in all directions with the song.

It was the same as before, but the results were different.

That’s it!

Fine gold began to slip into Knight Guardian’s sword, which fell on Travias’ Spear.

The whole face was steel, so there was no change in expression, but the guardians seemed to be puzzled.

“Steel …….”

Roan was in a bad mood and raised more mana.

“I’ll melt it all!”

The fire flashed with the fire.


With the roar, Knight Guardian’s sword bounced off.

But as if waiting, the left and right spearman guardians and the accompanying guardian ran quickly as they waved their weapons.

Suck it!

The sound of tearing up space.

So fast and aggressive attack.

Roan looked at his window and chest with his calm eyes and twisted.

Thanks to Kalian’s Tears, the attack of the Guardians was clear.


The spear and the blade went down.

The hair ends are cut off.

Guardian of the article also corrects his posture and once again he has a quote.

Obviously Roan’s attack was strong, but it was not enough to push them all at once.


Roan frowned and fired the ground again.

‘The only way to achieve the weakness!’

Guardians are sort of golems.

Unless your limbs were cut off, you could move on as long as you did not destroy the cores that existed in your body.

the problem is.

‘Why is it that the weakness is the armpit?’

I could understand.

The weak point is that it is safe to hide the core.

‘You should make your arms lifted.’

Roan twisted his ankle, staring straight at the exasperation of the crown.

My body turned to the side.


Knight Guardian ‘s iron sword struck the empty ground as it was.

Roan quickly swiped Travias’ Spear.

visor! Fight! visor!

There was a fierce battle.

It was a whistle-blown thing and it went up to the whistle level.

‘Kinness! Help me! ‘

Roan hurriedly attacked the Kinness, flying around the asphalt, avoiding the attacks of the Guardians.


‘Sprinkle some water!’

Things I have to do something.

[All right!]

Kinness approached the guards and reached out with both hands.

Soon, three large water jets flew to the guardians’ faces.

If you are a human being, you must be surprised to close your eyes or to step back.

But the Guardians continued to drive Roan without any surprise.

There was no eyelid or eyes in the first place.


Kinness shook his head with an embarrassed smile.

‘There is no way to do something …….’

Roan’s idea did not last long.

Because the guardian’s ax flew over the head while I was moving.


It is not possible to avoid.

Roan crouched down and left Travias’ Spear on both sides.

Come on!

With an enormous roar, Axis took Travias’ Spear.

Koo Woong!

The roar hit my ear.


Roan dug through the ground.

Just one stroke to dig into the ankle.

It was enough to hold posture.

‘You can not do this!’

Roan pulled Mana up and tried to hit the guardian’s ax.

But the Guardian had no intention of retiring.

He stamped Roan as hard as he could.

That’s it!

쇳 Sori hit me in the ear.

However, it was not the Travias’ Spear, but the ax, as the force increased.

Travias’ Spear is said to have made the Dragon with the magical metal, Dionium.

It is not the level to be cut off by the iron ax.


The Blood Guardian was angry because his work did not work out to his will.

I’m going to shoot Roan again.



Kinness screamed, pointing to the guardian’s side of the well-known.

Roan lifted his head with a grin.

The moment the pupils shone and shone.

I looked.


According to Pierce ‘s report, the Guardian’ s core was left armpit.

Roan quickly poured mana into the Travias’ Spear and speared the guardian’s armpit.


Travias’ Spear has increased at a steep pace with fervor.

A spear with a flame struck the guardian’s armpit as he tore the space.


A spear and a steel armpit hit each other and a hissing sound was heard.


Roan even grasped his grip on his hands and pulled up his strength.

That pole!

The flames burned more steadily.


“this guy.”

Knight Guardian and Spearman Guardian waved their own weapon at Roan’s Strike.

The situation of desperation.

Nevertheless, Roan only looked at the corridor guardian without thinking or avoiding it.

The decision of the private life.


Kinness shouted out a stream of water.

I poured all my strength to save Roan.

It is not!

A blow of the whole body.

A huge and huge water stream spurned the spear of the spearman guardian.

Barely one guardian’s attack is blocked.

Still, the chief of the Knight Guardian was headed for Roan.

“Damn it!”

Roan grasped it and put the end of Travias’ Spear on the scapula.

At the same time, he poured mana into the soles of his body.


I’m sorry!

The fire flashed at his feet and Roan fled to the air.

Fuck it!

Travias’ Spear on the scapula gave him strength and penetrated the sideguards.

That moment.

Suck it!

With a tremendous effort, Knight Guardian’s sword slammed down Roan’s foot.

It was a perfect fit.

Everything happened in an instant.

“Turn it off.”

The diver guardian broke his head with an uncomfortable hearing.

At the same time, the bluish light that had flowed around the eyes was turned off.

Kugu palace.

The massive body was pushed forward and the roar burst out.

[Oh yeah!]

Kinness shook his fist and cheered.


Roan also called in delight.

But it was not a situation that could be pleased.

[Woo, Lee, Jeon, Woo, Jae, Lee, and Lee.]

[Repeat number.]

Knight Guardian and spearman Guardian drove Roan with the bastard.

bang! Quark! bang!

Because of the death of his fellow Guardian, his attacks became more powerful.

Roan was avoided by rattling around and avoiding confrontation.

In the meantime, I was also worried about how to target the weaknesses of the guardians.

‘Reid’s Battle Skill? Pierce’s spearmanship? Plebs Spearmanship? ‘

But Roan shook his head.

While many Battle Skills and Rebels were powerful in and of themselves, they were not able to attack the Guardian’s armpits.

‘There is no other way …….’

At that time, Roan’s eyes were shining and shining.

The gaze stopped in the hand holding the spear.

Brent’s ring is precisely pinned on his fingers.


At the same time, a bit of forgetfulness came to mind.

The weapon of the spleen that was never used unless it was an emergency of necessity.

Roan ‘s mouth came up gently.

‘I can only write once …….’

It was not a situation that I could save now.

Roan barely attacked the spearman guardian and then kicked his spear hard.


Even though the foot and the iron hit, the heavy sound of the sound was heard.

Roan used the reaction and turned back.

Naturally, the streets are open.

Knight Guardian and Spearman The Guardian, who just received the blow before the rally, rushed forward.

A huge iron spear danced in the space.


Roan, with his snoring, sprang up the floor and jumped over the guardian’s head.


Spearman The Guardian laughed at Roan’s choice.

It was not a good choice for him to be able to open his body.

Because it can not catch the direction or the balance at will, it was exposed to the attack of the enemy defenselessly.

The spearman was hit by a twisted spear.


The iron spear was rebounded with a heavy sound and soared into the air.

In a flash, the spear stretched towards Roan.

If this is the case, Roan will be just as it is.


The voice of the spearman guardian rang.



Roan’s voice sounded softly.


At the moment his appearance disappeared as if washed away.


spearman Guardian iron spear.


I could not feel the face or the trunk all the way through, but he seemed to be embarrassed.


Roan, who disappeared for a while, appeared in the guardian’s arms.

Blink, it was a magic that moved a short distance.

“I got it.”

The spearman guardian was holding his arms wide to push Roan into the air.

Roan laughed grimly and stabbed Travias’ Spear forward.

Travias’ Spear, which had been shortened by the forearm, pierced the man’s exposed armpit precisely.

Stick it!

The fire flashed into his underarm.

“Turn it off.”

The spearman guardian broke his head with a strange sound like a parade guardian.

The bluish light that circled the eyes also disappeared.


The massive body fell down.

“This guy, I do not want to be two.

The survivor, Knight Guardian, threw Roan at the end of the sword and burst into a siege.

[Roan. Now what?]

Kinness asked in an anxious voice.

It was indeed great to have been able to hurt both of the Guardians, but the remaining one was a problem.

Above all, Blink could not be used again until the day passed.

What Kinness is worried about.

But Roan laughed softly and glazed his eyes.

“Do not worry about it.”

Suddenly a confident expression.

Roan grabbed Travias’ Spear and smiled strangely.

“I was unfamiliar and I forgot, but I figured out a good way.”

Especially, one-on-one technique is better suited for one-to-many.

Roan grabbed Travias’ Spear with his right hand and twisted his left hand in a strange shape.

[Huh? that’s?]

Kinness made a surprised look with his eyes rounded.

Roan nodded, gazing at the giant iron sword flying toward him.


He turned around lightly, avoided the inspection, and retreated rather than jumped into the guardian’s arms.

Roan’s mouth blew out an unknown word.

It was a magic door.



Blurred light came out of the body.

At the same time, Roan ran off the floor and ran forward.

The Guardian tried to wield iron swords, staring at Roan as he ran toward him.


However, the strong movement of the sword was not able to stop a few minutes.

Because unbelievable sight was unfolding in front of his eyes.


Roan was obviously running straight toward the guardian.

But after that, another Roan ran over the Guardian’s left side.

A bizarre phenomenon that can not be understood.

At that time, Kinness, who was flying ash, shouted with a sharp voice.

[It’s a subterfuge!]


Among the various witchcrafts, it belongs to the upper middle class magic, and Roan’s level of sincerity is only a one-time spread, and the only number of his foes is only one.

‘Must be finished.’

Roan bit him.

The strength of the body is all under the ground with this subjugation.

This attack must destroy the Guardian’s core.


The Guardian wielded a sword again with a sword.

Because it was not human, there was no deep concern about what is real and what is false.

The instinct to cut out what was visible, and then to act was strong.


Iron scooped the space, drawing Roan ahead of him.

Roan waved Travias’ Spear as he ran without intent to escape.

That moment.

That’s it!

Roan’s shape collided with the iron scar with the bizarre sound, and the piece sliced ​​away.


Hundreds of fragments were scattered all over.

And behind it.

촤 Ah!

Through the fragments, the real Roan appeared.


Travias’ Spear cleared this space.

Roan full of hundreds of pieces of Roan behind.

It was an unbelievable sight while looking directly at the eyes.


The Guardian again wielded Iron Sword, but Roan was a little faster.

Travias’ Spear moved in a bizarre way and digged into his underarm.

That’s it!

The fire of the spear burned steadily with the sound of metal scraping.

Stick it!

Finally, the spear pierced his underarm.

“Great. U. U. U.”

The Guardian, who was about to make his final counterattack, lost all power and stopped when the core was destroyed.

The bluish light that circled the eye disappears and the massive body slowly tilts.

Kugu palace!

The dirt rose with the roar.

Roan stepped back as he grabbed Travias’ Spear behind his back.


The fierce battle that had just lasted seemed like a lie.


Roan spat out a long breath.

My whole body has been covered with a lot of it.

“Who created these Guardians?”

It is a heartbreak.

This was not a level that humans could produce.

‘And then the Rinse Kingdom …….’

For one Kingdom, I had many great secrets and legends.

‘Even the founding fathers said that they received various gifts from Dragon.’

Not only that, Princess Aily was also a Half Elf, and she was judged by Dragon.

Was there a Kingdom that received so many gifts and protections from Dragon?

Even the two Empire, Estia and Lucia on the continent had no special connection with Dragon.

‘It’ s weird when you think about it. Why is there any reason?

Various imaginations were unfolded in my head.

But there was no clear reason to think of it alone.

And now.

‘This is not the time.’

We had to open the gates as soon as possible for soldiers fighting fiercely outside the castle.



Only after all the three guardians had fallen, the entire wall began to spread to the left and right.

‘As reported by Pierce.’

Roan looked at the cracks of the wall, which had a short sigh.

‘By the way, Pierce would not have known these guys’ weaknesses.

Dreadful ability.

Pierce felt great.

At the same time, Pierce, who has been away from his side for years, wanted to see it.

‘Are you still practicing?’

A nostalgic mind.

I now feel like coming back and protecting my side.

‘I’ll be back when I’m satisfied.’

And then.

‘I get the best spearman on the continent, no generals.’

My heart ran fast.

I thought I was glad and glad.

‘I would have to be a person that suits him.’

Even far apart, Roan and Pierce were alike.

They had a special heart for each other.

[Roan. I have to go quickly.]

“Oh, yes.”

Roan, who fell in various thoughts, became angry at the words of Kinness.

He jumped over the steel guardians who had fallen asleep and stepped toward the doorway.

“Let’s not meet again.”

I feel really bad.

But Roan did not know.

Steel guardian in the ashtray.

I do not know that the relationship with them is not over yet.


Roan paced his way through the narrow passage quickly.

There were no more traps.

How long has it been?

Finally, a dead end space appeared.

Kindly there was an elongated handle on the left side of the dead end wall.

Roan did not hesitate to pull the handle.



The sound of the stone and the wall that was blocking the front were opened to the right.

The sunshine poured into the dark passage.

Roan pinched the floor with his breath.

Delph Blick Viscount and enemy soldiers were thinking of approaching the south gate of the snow.

But when he came out of the aisle, Roan was stiff like a stone statue.

Their eyes grew in a circle, and an awkward smile came up in their mouths.

“Ha …….”

It seemed as if there was no nonsense.

His gaze moved from left to right.

A sight full of sight.

Later in the aisle, Kinness muttered with a sharp voice.

[Roan. You were in trouble.]

Roan nodded slowly.

It was never wrong.

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