Chapter 212

It was a never-ending day.

It was unprecedented that a man took Castle, Royal Capital, of the Kingdom.

Even Reid, one of the most powerful men in history and the original owner of the Flamdor Mana Technique, was unsuccessful.

“Our lord is Wargod, Wargod.”

“God borrowed human body.”

“When I attacked Royal Capital Miller I was worried about what to do next …….”

“There is no one who will meet our lord.”

Lancephil Fief Army Soldiers are reminiscent of the above.

They took pride in themselves as Roan’s soldiers.

The citizens of Royal Capital Miller were also more excited than the Lancephil Fief Army soldiers, or even the soldiers.

End of horror.

Liberation from Simon Rinse’s oppressive rule.

Citizens were acclaimed for the arrival of Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army.

“Count Lancephil, you can trust and believe it.”

“He is not like other nobles.”

“He always counted the low ones.”

The citizens respected and loved Roan at the same time.

So when rumors of Roan collapsing during the battle were circulating, citizens all gathered in the square to raise prayers.

“Count Lancephil, wake up quickly.”

“We are always on Count Lancephil’s side.”

The enthusiastic prayers of the citizens led him to the mansion where Roan was staying in a warm south wind.

Roan dwelt in a shabby residence without a hostess, not a king.

Even though he was mentally ill, his followers were as well aware of the case as Roan did.

Princess Aily Rinse did not return to her heart and kept her side.

There have been many lush rumors about this.

“What is this? Is not it like Count Lancephil and Princess Aily?”

Six or seven of the men were gathering in a shabby pub.

“Count Lancephil is a little bit of a situation, but Princess Aily does not have enough presence in the royal family to be called Shadow Princess …….”

In the end, an elderly man with an old tongue shook his head.

“Oh, this man, I do not know what the world is going to do,” said Simon, who was on his own throne, but he was the half – king with no royal crest and no kites, Prince Tommy is already dead and there is no more to say, Prince Kallum is better than Prince Simon, but he is not treating the people of Kingdom for power, because all three princes are cruel, Rinse, it happened to a popular uprising. ”

“Yes, yes, but the Black Rinse eventually followed Count Lancephil.”

Several people stood up.

The elderly man hit his fingers with a hilarious expression.

“Yes! That’s it! Even the Angry Kingdoms can count on Count Lancephil, but Count Lancephil has a problem.”

“Problem? Count?”

People were surprised.

The elderly man in the early nods quickly nodded his head.

“Count Lancephil is from the common people, who started from the bottom and went up to the present position, that is, the lineage problem.It can not be solved by my ability alone.But …….”

Then many of the men were aware of it and burst into resilience.

“Ah, when Count Lancephil marries Princess Aily, does that solve the problem?”

The elderly man nodded his head.

“Countless Lancephil’s marriage to Princess Aily, Count becomes a member of the royal family, and the only problem is that it’s the only thing that matters. The problem of bloodline is solved. ”


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

They imagined the same future in their minds.

The youngest and invisible man took his future out of his mouth without even knowing himself.

“Well, if this confused country is well balanced, then Count Lancephil is the new branch of the Rinse Kingdom …….”

But even the end was not easy.

Because it was such a huge story.


Everyone swallowed the dried spit in a nervous color.


‘Is that possible?’

In the meantime, no one dared to think that any family other than the Rinse royal would come to the throne.

So much so that the monarch’s place was like a sanctuary that can not be overlooked.

However, Roan, an emerging nobleman from the commoner who was not a prestigious noble with an eternal history, was setting foot in the sanctuary.


It was an elderly old man who broke the static.

“Anyway, if you two are so, then things will be fun.”

Everyone nodded.

Roan Lancephil, Simon Rinse, Kallum Rinse.

The forces that followed the dead Tommy Rinse …….

Rinse Kingdom was likely to face an era of unprecedented chaos.

It is possible to end any period of chaos.

“by the way.”

A middle-aged man who was in the corner then shook his head with a smile.

“Until now, one story was all right, but there is one thing wrong.”

Everyone frowned at the sudden story.

“Huh? What is it?”

“What are you talking about?”

The sound and the eyes were poured.

The middle – aged man pointed to his ear with his fingers.

“Princess Aily has no power and no power? Not at all.Don’t you know that the princess has shown her great swordsmanship in this battle? And more importantly, the princess is the one who shines like that. .. ”

The eyes shone and shone.

Then a big voice popped out from inside the pub.

“Elf! Elf!”

The main character of the voice was the liquor store owner.

The middle – aged man, who pretended to be cool, nodded with Kim ‘s expression.

I do not know what the reason is, but Princess Aily seems to have put the Elf under control, which means that when Count Lancephil marries Princess Aily ……. ”

Everyone’s eyes shone and shone.

The middle-aged man finished his speech as if he was smiling.

“Not only to be a member of the royal family, but also to the Elves.”

It was an enormous story.

Inside the tavern, there was still static.

They once again had the same future in my head.

One of them muttered in a small voice.

“Pretty good Mirenda ……?”


* * *


A rustic bedroom where a couple of candles push out the darkness.

There was a young man lying on a clean bed that he prepared urgently.

Neat brown hair and eyebrows, manly face.

The identity of the young man who closed his eyes was Roan.

He was unable to wake up two days after he lost his mind after he took Royal Capital Miller alone.

“Lancephil …….”

With his beautiful voice, his pure white hand stroked Roan’s maracalc and the ball.

The woman who was standing by the bed was Princess Aily Rinse.

Her deep, large eyes shone with sad light.

‘I’ve heard of it, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.’

Roan’s Overflow.

It was a very strange experience.

In fact, I was worried when I first saw it.

‘Overflow by insanity is not different from Simon brother …….’

No matter how Roan loves and cares for the people of the Kingdom, a regulator who can not control madness could not be a good governor.

Aily had taken Roan away when she was away and thought to live a simple life.

Of course it was absolutely impossible for many reasons.


Fortunately, Roan and Simon were different.

‘Good luck.’

Aily’s mouth smelled a hazy smile.

A surprising fact was found in the process of battlefield settlement.

‘I consciously avoided citizens and friends.’

When Roan became a Crimson Ghost, no Crimson Wargod, the residences of neighboring nations did not suffer any damage when the south gate was ruined.

I thought it was going to be very damaging to the citizens, but it was only the walls, the military facilities and the wide open spaces in front of the south gate.

In addition, when he ascended the wall to destroy the great crossbow and the castle, he attacked the enemy forces in the gate of the castle and out of the castle.

Overflow, even in the midst of clearly distinguishing the peer.

It was quite different from the madness of Simon, who for the rest of his life chopped down and succumbed to the succulents who followed.

And above all.

‘In my voice, I reacted to my appearance.’

No, I did not see the reaction.

The reddish appearance of the sunlight returned to its original state and regained its rationality.

Stopping Overflow by yourself.

Even before he lost his mind, he even said thank you.

I feel like I’ve become a special person.

That made Aily happy.

‘I will not be nervous.’

Roan did not mind for two days, but he did not worry.

She believed in Roan.

“You are Roan Lancephil.”

A beautiful voice tickled Roan’s ears.


* * *


‘Where are we here?’

Everywhere was as dark as black.

Only his arms, legs, and torso are visible.

I could not even distinguish between above and below.

Roan was the one who looked around in a panic expression.


His face hardened.

‘Is it dead?’

But he shook his head.

Instinctive denial.

‘Not yet.Β I am not dead yet. ‘


‘It was not like this when I died in my last life …….’

Death was very painful.

I did not know whether it was because I was stabbed to death, but it was an experience I never wanted to experience again.

But now, although embarrassed, it was not painful or painful.

Rather, body and mind were calm and relaxed.

‘Yes.Β I’m not sure he died.Β Then where is it? ”

Roan stood up straight and looked around.

I tried Kalian’s Tears, but the only thing I could see was darkness.

‘A ball that can not be understood at all …….’

When you think about it.

“Oh, look at this guy.

“Yeah, even not embarrassed at all?”

A bizarre voice dug through my ears.

Roan frowned.

I could not figure out which direction the sound came from.

It sounds like it is ringing directly in my head.

“Who are you?”

Roan kept calm and said in a quiet voice.

Soon the bizarre voice came back.

“Show me the way?”

“We’ve been here since?”

The two voices could not tell whether they were a man, a woman, or even a beast.

Roan slowly turned one wheel around the station.


The moment low pouring came out.

‘There was definitely no one …….’

But suddenly, behind him was two outstanding students.

No, I was so nervous that I could not judge it by beauty or beauty.

The two seemed very similar and very different.

The two men were surprisingly identical, but one had a red hair, eyebrows, and a pupil, and a Crimson Uniform.

On the other hand, the other one was wearing dark black hair and eyebrows that were thicker than the darkness filling the space, and also a black concealment in the eyes.

And a man in black suits was two or three times taller than a person in Crimson Uniform.

Roan breathed deeply.

“I’m Roan Lance …….”

The introduction did not work.

“I know, Count Roan Lancephil.”

“From the Grain Mountains Mountain Village, starting with a spearman at the end and being a Count of Rinse Kingdom Count, right?”

It was correct.

‘Are you people who know me?’

Roan frowned.

But the two of them were certainly not in memory.

“Oh, and …….”

When Roan was stalking his old memories, the Crimson Uniform person and the black suits person had a couple of conversations between themselves.

“That guy has a great secret?”

“Yes, yes, ordinary people can never believe the secret!”

The two looked at each other and laughed and turned around and looked at Roan.

The red pupil and the black pupil sparkled and shone.

Two lips moved at the same time.

“You died once and returned to the past!”

It is a perfect match without a doubt.

Roan opened his eyes.

A word I never expected.

Their secrets, which no one else knew, popped out.

It was not time to look at the old memories.

“How about that …?”

Roan, who does not have any embarrassment, shook tremendously.


Once I had a long breath.

I caught up with a greatly shaken mind.

He stared at them with a hard, hard look.

“What is your identity?”

If you do not answer it, you will not let it go.

The two of them shrugged their necks with a humorous look.

“Because I’m scared, I need some power from my eyes.”

“Yes, yes, it is not between us.”

The two men laughed and walked toward Roan.

Then he handed out his right hand as if handing a handshake.

“Nice to meet you.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever met.”

People in Crimson Uniform and people in black suits.

The two men looked like a little child.

“My name is…….”

“My name is…….”

The person ahead is Crimson Uniform.

It was the man in black suit that followed.



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