Chapter 213

Flamdor? Travias?

‘Mana Technique and Window?’

Roan frowned on his face with a bewilderment.

‘Am I crazy?’

It was an extremely reasonable idea.

Mana Technique with no shape and an inanimate spear.

But even more surprising is.

‘The more I look at it, the more likely I am.’

Over time, the Crimson Uniform person felt like a Flamdor Mana Technique, and the black suits looked like Travias’ Spear.

Crimson Uniform person, Flamdor, who had noticed Roan’s intentions, smiled and broke his head.

“Strangely no objection?”

Roan nodded slowly.

This time Travias laughed and made a speech.

“I can not, you do not remember, but we’ve met quite a few times.”

“Have you met many times?”

“Yeah, here at Vertex.”


Roan frowned.

It was a series of horses unknown.

Flamdor stepped back and opened his arms.

“I call this space Vertex, something like a great name, but it can easily be said to be deep inside your head and mind.”

“Where is the source of reason and emotion?”

Travias sat down with a loud voice.

Roan still could not understand.

“How is this possible? Is Flamdor and Travias not spear with the usual Mana Technique?”

After the conversation was over, the two nodded.

“Of course.”

“Of course.”

They looked at each other and laughed and laughed.

Roan frowned.

“Do not you want to tell the identity?”

I heard that feeling strongly.

Flamdor and Travias looked at Roan in a plain sense.

“That’s not something we can tell you.”

“You have to figure it out yourself.”

Flamdor turned one wheel in place.

“Do not just study, do research, do research. That stupid Reid did not take me so long to meet me.”

“Reid? Fire Monarch Reid?”

“Yeah, he was called Fire Monarch, and he was a pretty good guy, but he figured it out with Goddess of Water.”

Amazing stories popped out casually.

Flamdor scratched his ball with the tip of the index finger.

“Yes, I have to study hard and always study hard, so I’m a little stronger than others.”

Travias, who was sleepy at the end, intervened.

“It’s not you,” Reid said, “it’s because of you that it’s the nature of Reid, and you’ve eaten that guy’s temper.”

The bizarre story followed.

Flamdor replied with a very dignified look.

“So you should have worked hard on the training and research to avoid being eaten.”

A creepy freak.

Flamdor’s pupil headed for Roan.

“If he was not the elemental king of water at the time, I could have eaten it …”

He was appalled as he was sorry.

Flamdor pointed to Roan and Travias in succession with his fingers.

“Roan, you have to thank the elemental king of water and this sword here, and if you were not the two, you might be Reid, maybe not Simon.”

“What is that?”

Roan surprisingly asked with a loud voice.

Flamdor said a little hesitantly, kicking his tongue.

“Mana Technique is not yours but my strength is stronger as you learn it.If it gets stronger, I pick up the guy who was learning the Mana Technique, I’m not going to get hurt, I have a personality storm, I’m getting sick, but in fact I’m getting lost. ”

Flamdor Mana Technique’s hidden secret.

It was the moment when the secret of Reid’s rough character was revealed.

“When you first overflowed, I tried to eat it, but the elemental king of the water showed up and pressed me with my energy.”

The horse got a little faster.

“I’ve been breathing for a while, but this time I got another chance, the second overflow, and the water-mana of the elemental king I was holding on to, .. ”

Then Travias laughed brightly and fingered his chest with his fingers.

“I was disturbed.”

Flamdor nodded.

“I did not think this guy would take it to me, because I did not know it was that big.”

At that end Travias looked at Roan.

“Roan, because you gave me strength.”

It was true.

Roan poured most of the fire-mana into the Travias’ Spear, not himself, even during the overflow.

To be honest, I gave the power of Flamdor to Travias.

Travias took Flamdor’s ankle again with that power.

At first glance, Flamdor was a bad guy, Travias was a good guy, but he was not.

The two were neither good nor bad.

They just moved according to their instincts.

“If you are more inclined to practice and study, you will be able to overcome me and gain real strength.”

It was Flamdor’s words.

The following was also similar to the words of Travias.

“If you want to use me properly, you will need much more training and research than now, and I’m not rescuing you from Flamdor, so do not get me wrong, I saved my life.If you get caught by that guy, I have to be asleep until it appears. ”

Roan and Flamdor, Travias.

The three beings were a strange relationship.

Roan breathed a long breath, organizing his complex mind.

“Eventually, everything depends on what I do.”

At that point Flamdor nodded slowly.

“Yes, I will be my master or my servant.”

“I may end the relationship with you forever, or I may be the leader of the world.”

Travias also said a word.

Roan stood still and looked at the two people.

Flamdor and Travias laughed and did not lose sight.

The space that was as dark as the black was bumpy.

Flamdor seemed to be sorry.

“Now is the time to leave.”

“It was so good to be able to see each other and talk with each other. It took longer than I thought, but …”

Travias shook his head with a weird smile.

Flamdor shook hands as he said goodbye.

“I do not think there will be two things like Overflow in front of me because I’ve seen each other’s faces, but if there is no further development in this situation … you know what happens?”

Roan nodded silently.

Travias, who was beside him, raised his hand as if to say goodbye.

“You should not be doing this, but I’ll give you a little bit of a snicker. In your last life, your friend went to the Byron Kingdom with me and got the Count.”

At the moment Roan’s face hardened.

The face of the guy that I thought was a friend came up.

‘The traitor cub …….’

The guy who robbed Travias’ Spear from himself.

It has been a long time, but when I think about the work,

Travias laughed and laughed.

“He was a spearman like you before you had me, but how did you get to be a Count of Kingdom and a spear in just a year?”


Roan’s mouth was pouring low.

I had never thought about it or worried about it.

It was so angry and painful to think of him, and he pretended not to know it.

The smile on Travias’ mouth was getting thicker.

“Just because you have me, you become a spear with just one reason. Do you know it’s impossible?”

Roan nodded slowly.

‘It is absolutely impossible.’

Having a Travias’ Spear did not just give him a great spearman ability.

If so, Roan would have already become a spearman to the continent.

‘I have just got Travias’ Spear.’

I did battle with the length and the thickness, but I did not do any research on spear at all.

I was ashamed of myself.

The distortion of the surrounding space became worse.

Flamdor and Travias laughed and laughed brightly.

“Here, let’s look at Vertex often.”

“The more you get stronger, the more this space will change.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, and one voice was behind them.

“Everything will change.”

That was the end.

Flamdor and Travias disappeared without trace as if they were not originally present.

At the same time.


A light shone in front of my eyes.


Roan, unconsciously, shook his eyes and closed his eyes.


The moment I heard a sweet voice in my ear.

Roan opened his eyes and turned his head to find the main character of the voice.

No, I did not have to turn my head.

She was there in front of her dream.


A vaguely locked voice.

Aily nodded, stealing the moist eyes, which seemed to be pouring tears right away.

“Yes, it is me, I am here, Lancephil.”

A beautiful voice poured like a soft snowflake.

Roan smiled faintly and lifted his hand.

His fingers swept Aily ‘s hair.

“Aily, please …….”

“Yes, just say it.

Aily nodded, grabbing Roan’s hand.

Roan’s mouth smiled more and more.

“Can you call it Roan, not Lancephil now? No …”

The end of the voice shook a little.

“It’d be better if you called me a brother.”

Unexpected request.

Aily laughed and laughed.

She stroked Roan ‘s back and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll call you up.”

A beautiful voice soaked sweetly.

“Roan brother.”


* * *


The news that Roan woke up soon became known to people.

Because of the big shout at the mansion where he is staying.

Not only the Lancephil Fief Army, but all of the Miller Castle people flocked to the mansion.

“Roan! Roan! Roan! Roan!”

Lancephil! Lancephil!

The shouting of Roan shook heaven and earth.

There were laughing flowers on people’s faces, and red rose petals scattered around them.

It reminded me of a festival.

But the atmosphere of the bedroom where Roan is staying was not bright.

“Do you have to go now?

Aily sighed with anxious expression.

Roan wearing an armor smiled and shook his head.

“It’s already been three days since Royal Capital Miller was captured. It’s too late now.”

His gaze turned to Chris.

Chris responded as if he had waited.

“According to the information given by Ian Confucius and Ian, and the information we have gathered together, there are cruel things that are hard to fill in the mouths of Longport today, and in the Grain Mountains west of Longport Castle, We are moving in groups. ”

Roan nodded slowly.

‘It’s the same as last time.’

The time was definitely different, but the process was awfully the same.

‘I do not have time to stop.’

It is a breathtaking situation even if you leave immediately.

Roan grasped his fist and looked at the young man next to Chris.

“I’ve already received two great help from you already.”

A word passed naturally.

The identity of the young man was Ian.

Ian smiled faintly and shook his head.

“Help … I have already decided to follow the lord, so I just do what I have to do as a matter of course.”

It was still a while, but it was a vocal voice somewhere.

Roan looked at Ian with a gentle expression.

‘That Ian is my licensee …….’

I still feel awkward.

Ian Phillips came to Roan when it was not long before Roan got up.

As soon as Ian met Roan, Ian knelt down on one knee and asked for a ritual.

The reason was simple.

As the War of Succession worsened, many nobles were beheaded and prominent leaders of the country were annihilated.

In the process, Count Phillips was also annulled at Miller’s estate, deprived of all manor, property, and soldiers for not actively supporting Simon.

Ian was originally going to visit Kallum and asking for an appointment, but soon changed his mind to follow Evishun’s report.

‘Prince Kallum also treats the Kingdom people cruelly to win the throne.’

In the end, there are no people in the royal family who believe and can follow.

I naturally left the lineage to find out who is the most suitable for the king.

‘no. I did not even have to go shopping. ‘

Only one person.

Ian had an ideal monarch close to him.

‘Count Roan Lancephil.’

He was not simply a man of ability.

He was a man who knew more than anyone who could love and love the people.

Ian breathed deeply and looked at Roan straight.

Sparks flashed deep in the eyes.

Roan smiled faintly at Ian.

“I will need a lot of help in the future.”

Ian answered with a shallow expression.

“I will crawl a lot.”

Roan nodded with a gentle expression and looked around.

Aily and Chris, Ian, as well as Austin and other key commanders were all staring at him.

Roan hit his chest with his right fist.

“We go to Longport Castle.”

Powerful voice.

“We will save the people of the Kingdom, but …….”

The gaze became hot.

“There is work to do before that.”

At that point, everyone looked puzzled.

Roan’s gaze headed to the plaza outside the window.

“I will declare my will to all.”

What you should have done before.

Roan had to let everyone know that he is no longer loyal to the Rinse royal family.

Still, some of the commanders or soldiers may be loyal to the royal family.

If they told the royal family swords without explaining to them, they would be in great confusion.

No, it could have been painful.

Roan did not want his soldiers to suffer such terrible suffering.


The sound of a call.

“Yes, Lord.”

Austin bowed quickly.

Roan still speaks in a screaming voice, gazing out at the hot, shouting voice.

“Bring the whole army out of the front door, and I will reveal my will to them.”

The order fell.


Austin replied with a strong voice, along with the battleship.

After a while, according to the orders of Austin and other key commanders, the Lancephil Fief Army was brought up in front of the front door.

Also, according to Roan’s will, some of the citizens of Miller were also on one side.

“What is it?”

“Are you making an announcement?”

“Aye. Declaration of what to leave in the yard …….”

“You have a different reason.”

There was a sound of Navy coming and going all over the place.


Pababa night! Bam! Paba Bam!

The sound of beating his chest was echoing, not his ears.

It was a performance of the official military band of the Lancephil Manor.


The sound of the Navy was silent.

At the same time.

Roan appeared on top of the temporarily installed high single.

A red helmet, armor, and cape.

The cape flaped along the southern wind.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

It was awe of the majesty flowing smoothly.

‘He is our lord!’

Lancephil Fief Army soldiers opened their breasts with pride in their throat.

In the meantime, the performance of the Minta Army Band, which resonated magnificently, was over.

The eyes of the Lancephil Fief Army and Miller Castle people headed for Roan, standing alone.

Tens of thousands of eyes.

Roan looked at the gaze with a gentle eye.

Just a moment’s static.

Soon Roan’s voice awakened the stillness of the field.

“First of all, thank you and thank you to the Lancephil Fief Army and the Miller Castle people who braved the battles first.”

He applauded the endurance and endurance of several people who had led to the battle for a while.

The light of emotion came to mind in the faces of soldiers and citizens.

At that time Roan suddenly bowed down on the top of the podium.

“I want you to forgive me for once again leading to a terrible battlefield.”

Count of the Kingdom leaned back.

I bowed down for soldiers and commoners.

The light of emotion that grew in the faces of the soldiers and citizens became thicker.

Roan breathed deeply.

It was time to get out.

“I will go to Longport Castle as soon as I do, and I will punish Simon.”

A short rip on the faces of soldiers and citizens.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

In fact, some things have been expected.

I had been expecting this situation since I attacked Royal Capital Miller.

Therefore, I did not receive a bigger impact than I thought.

But soon Roan’s remarks were really unexpected.

“I am no longer the servant of the Rinse royal family.”


The faces of soldiers and citizens were hardened.

‘No, what are you talking about?’

‘Poetry, are not you a servant?’

The embarrassed light was strong.

Roan did not mind the end.

The voice came in a little force.

“I am not a servant of the royal family, but a servant of the Kingdom people.”

The sound of a heartbeat ran into my ears.

It was the moment when the thoughts that he had since Roan first participated in the War of Succession were finally communicated to all.

“Our family, our friends, our friends, our neighbors ……. Our laughing friends and associates are having a painful day, and someone has to save them.”

Roan grasped his fist.

“I thought Simon, Tommy, and Kallum could do this, but the Rinse kinsmen could do that, but the three of them had trampled and trampled on the Kingdom people.”


Lancephil Fief Army and the citizens grasped their fists unknowingly.

The force that started at the hands went through the blood vessels into the heart.

Pounding. Pounding. Pounding.

My heart ran aggressively.

Roan’s speech continued.

“I am going to save the nations from the martyrs.”

The southerly winds have become increasingly fierce.

The red cloak fluttered wildly.

“Again, I am no longer the servant of the Rinse royal family.”

The voice crossed the field.

“Those who are loyal to the royal family may leave me.

It was true.

I had no intention of hurting them.

“I will not force you to join me, but if you are with me, your life may be at stake right now, you may not get wealth, honor, or power, but …….”

Roan’s eyes shone brightly.

“If you fight with me, your children will no longer squeeze out food, quiver in the cold, or die a hard tax, and your descendants will live in a country where everyone can make a dream come true.”

That was the world Roan dreamed of.

No, it was a world that everyone dreamed of, including Lancephil Fief Army soldiers and Miller Castle people.

Roan screamed out loud.

“You will leave a name in history! As a hero who has endured the terrible world and opened a new world.”


Soldiers and citizens swallowed dried spit with the abovementioned look.

Roan spat out a long breath.

The speech was finally settled.

“Flowers do not bloom on their own.”

Nothing changes unless you do nothing.

It was the truth.

“Let’s sow the seed.”

What someone has to do.

“Let our sweat, blood, and tears fertilize the world.”


Substantial value.

Roan was behind in a confident expression.

“The flower will fill.”

Soldiers and citizens once again gripped their fists.

My breasts shook tremendously.

Roan looked at everyone and spoke slowly, one letter, one letter.

“Our sweat, blood and tears will blossom forever.

Even the wind stopped.

The world was still calm.

It feels like listening to Roan, even the world.

“In the name of Amaranth, they will fight with me.”

Roan lifted his right hand over his head.

The clenched fist trembled.

“Listen to your fist.”

No more words were needed.

No one opened his mouth.

I did not have to say anything.


There was no one to get ahead.

More than 20,000 Lancephil Fief Army soldiers and Miller Castle men slowly took their right hands.

The fists rising above my head trembled.

The clenched fists shouted for their mouths.

<Let’s fight together!>

Roan breathed a long sigh of relief in front of his eyes.

My breasts swelled as if to burst.

It took me a long time to come here.

What is left is one.

Roan spread his fist wide.


A wild voice.

The wide open fingers pointed to the west.

At the end was Longport Castle.

Finally, the order fell.


At the same time.


Lancephil Fief Army replied with one voice.

The sky and the ground shake.

Soon after, the Minta band played a marching band.

The Miller Castle people quickly shouted to one side and shouted.

“Wow ah ah!”

“Roan Lancephil! Roan Lancephil!”

Behind the pouring shout, Roan headed west with Lancephil Fief Army.

Of course, I did not forget to leave a garrison.

A long tail led to the west.

Citizens kept their positions until the ranks of the ranks disappeared.

Among them, there were many nonchalant people, especially old people with thick clothes and bearded hair, and a long and short sigh.

“Huh, phew, not the king’s servant,

Somewhat complex feelings.

“Huh, what should I do …….”

The elderly squeezed out a strange man who pressed his nose deep into his nose.

The face revealed at the moment.

Surprisingly, he was Francis Wilson Duke, who disappeared after moving the Rinse royal crest and the national bird.

He spit out his long breath and then pressed deeply into the mall again.

“I am qualified to be the master of the royal family and the king of the kingdom …….”

Once again, mixed voices of complex emotions rolled around the floor.

Francis could not bear it and bowed his head.


A long breath reached the floor.

And he muttered as if it seemed to be heard in a very small voice.

“Surely the King of Rinse is ending like this …….”

It was something to watch

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