Chapter 216

Corps tiles and green cloth troop flocked to the south wind.

Rinse Kingdom in blue light, rarely seen color flags.

“Thank you so much for coming.”

“No, we are honored to be of help.”

Two young men in colorful armor clasped their hands and smiled brightly.

His mouth was obviously laughing, but his eyes were shaded somewhat.

No, it was precisely the light that caught one another.

I had to.

Because both of them have held hands for their own benefit, not because of positive feelings or relationships like God, friendship, respect or affection.

A young man with a green coat on his breastbone, like a towering flag, smiled brightly and looked to the north.

“So what is your plan for the future, Prince Kallum?”

It was a surprise.

One of the two youths in the colorful armor was the 3rd Prince Kallum Rinse of Rinse Kingdom.

He looked at the north along the young man in the green sentence.

“I have to occupy the southwestern part of the Kingdom, which became a communist state.


The full name is Lucan Diesu.

Rinse Kingdom Lucas Diesu was the crown prince of the Diesu Kingdom, which bordered the south.

The two gazed at each other, gazing northward.

A faint smile came up.

‘Prince Lucan Diesu. If you can get the help of the Diesu Kingdom, though it’s a bad idea to hand the Potter Fief over to him ……. ‘

Tommy ‘s death would make it impossible for the Royal Capital Miller to fall as well as the southwestern Kingdom.

‘Lucan must remain with the Crown Prince and continue to be strong.’

Kallum swallowed the dry spit.

Even if Simon was overthrown and came to the throne, my circumstances and my position in the Kingdom were very uneasy.

In such a situation, your relationship with Lucan, the next King of Diesu Kingdom, will be of great help.

Lucan, Lucan, of course, had a big advantage in holding hands with Kallum.

‘Our Diesu Kingdom is blocked by the Rinse Kingdom in the northwest, and blocked by the Aimas Alliance in the northeast.’

The affairs of the north and south were darker.

Poskein lake to the north and the Grain Mountains to the south blocked the Diesu Kingdom.

‘It’s no use for a long time when we have developed our national strength. But if you help Kallum in crisis and make him king of Rinse Kingdom then you can make an alliance ……. ‘

You will be able to attack the Aimas Alliance, which is located in the northeast, without worrying about the northwest border with Rinse Kingdom.

A perfect opportunity to expand your territory.

There is an opportunity to advance into a wider world.

In addition, Lucan had already received a great gift from Kallum.

‘I was given a part of the South Fief of Rinse Kingdom on condition that I sent troops.’

It was a yolk land including Viscount Potter.

‘My reputation will rise within the Kingdom.’

In the eyes of Prince Lucan, it was a great achievement to show his power to the king and kingdoms.

Of course, Kallum and Lucan had no intention of trusting each other and doing just a fair deal for each other.

Kallum smiled as he looked at Lucan’s face.

‘You might be thinking of aiming for the Aimas Alliance, but that is where you and I are. I will not just watch your fellow invade. ”

Chester Kowan, son of Liss Kowan Duke of Kallum’s dictator, has long been a mission leader on the Aimas Alliance.

Thanks to Duke Kowan and Kallum, the Aimas Alliance had a strong friendship.

If there was no Poskein lake between Rinse Kingdom and the Aimas Alliance, Kallum would have been helped by the Aimas Alliance instead of reaching out to Diesu Kingdom.

‘As soon as you attack the Aimas Alliance, I will squeeze your sword into your back.’

Sneaky thoughts filled my mind.

It is the same with Lucan.

‘Kallum. Do you think you do not know what you’re up to? But if you do not know what to do ……. you will not care about our Diesu Kingdom side even if you are on the throne. ”

Lucan would take this opportunity to split the Rinse Kingdom into two.

Leaving Simon’s forces in some North Fief to disperse Kallum’s nerves.

‘I will match the balance of forces to conceive righteousness.’

The eerie light flashed deep in the eyes.

At the same time, as Kallum and Lucan had promised, they simultaneously extended their right hand.

“Thank you in advance.”

“I’ll do my best.”

A blurred smile that hides inside.

But Kallum and Lucan, the eyes of both of them, still had a terrible border light.


* * *


“It is annihilation!”

“It is also annihilation!”

“It is annihilation!”

Successive succession.

The faces of the messengers were overwhelming and embarrassing.

“Damn it!”

The embarrassment was the master of the shaman, Heseul, as well.

‘This is ridiculous.’

I could not understand.

I knew that Roan and his Lancephil Fief Army were strong.

‘But the magic doll is the enemy that the boys have never experienced before …….’

I had to be embarrassed, indulgent, and confused.

Human beings had to feel fear before the unknown.

However, according to reports from the battlefield, the reactions and responses of Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army were surprisingly calm.

‘It’s like you know everything.’

Heseul frowned.

He did not even know or measure that Roan had been a regressor back in the past and absorbed the memories of the shamans.

The heavy silence fell.

However, there was no sound in my ears, but in Daejeon there was a huge storm like a storm.

Heseul ‘s gaze naturally turned to a chairman with a huge chair.

A young man wearing a gorgeous armor.

Simon Rinse, the current king of Rinse Kingdom.

‘I made a puppet doll.’

Heseul swallowed the dry spit.

Simon was the protagonist of the storm-like life.

Simon stared at Heseul with the red-faced expression.

Heseul frowned.

‘This guy ……. It’s getting harder to control with magic.’

Simon was a sort of witchcraft.

Heseul and the shamans joined forces to control the spirit of the man and set up a strong ambition in his head.

Simon could not refuse Heseul’s orders.


‘If you give an order to die, you should take your own life without any hesitation.’

To that extent, Heseul and the magicians were powerful.

Over time, however, Simon tried to move out of control of Heseul.

At first I did not know why.

I thought the magic and the badge were wrong.

‘But there was nothing wrong with our witchcraft.

the problem is.

‘I think the magic of the Pienville Mana Technique is too strong.’

The Devil Mana Technique Pienville.

Simon began training with the Pienville Mana Technique from Bradley Webster Duke.

And it was Heseul who brought that Bradley Mania Technique to him.

‘Learning the Pienville Mana Technique can make your mental state worse because of the terrible magic.’

In other words, magic means to control and control the mind with ease.

Forecast was hit.

Heseul was so easily able to put Simon’s spirit in his grasp.

The problem occurred after that.

“The Pienville Mana Technique, which has already reached a certain level, is accumulating more and more magic, regardless of Simon, or my doctor.”

And increasingly powery, Maggie instinctively reacted fiercely and roughly to cracking the magic spell in his head.

‘It is still possible to control but …’

The magic trick broke down and Maggie could have devoured Simon.

‘I’ll start a wet overflow in madness.’

It is not a puppet doll of a person, but a real demon.

Heseul once again swallowed the dried spit.

‘Damn it. The chest is blocked. ”

It was painful to breathe because of Simon’s life.

He gave his thumbs to him with an irritated voice after he had made a counterpoint to his fingers.

“Take your energy down and close your eyes.”

At the moment Simon’s eyes gleamed black.

If it were, it would have responded to the command immediately with a short answer.

But now, Simon is only hating Heseul without any movement.


Heseul once more shouted as he raised his soul.


Simon then closed his eyes, releasing the maggots he had pulled up with the nagging answer.

The creepy life that had been tightened by the chest was washed away.

“This child …….”

Heseul turned his head within a little while trying to pause for Simon like that.

Several shamans were waiting for orders with a hardened look.


Heseul gave a simple but terrible and terrible command with a short sigh.

“The dolls made of corpses have a definite limit.”

It is true that magical dolls made of living human beings that are completely physically intact are much more powerful.

Heseul was a small, low voice.

“Catch all of the nearby Fief residents, including citizens of Long Port.”


The shamans swallowed the dry spit.

Because I knew what command to follow.

No wonder, at last, a terrible and terrible order was made.

“Make them all magic dolls.”


* * *


A desolate field that can not be found without the blue light.

Roan built a camp on the western fields of the Inpek Fief after winning the battle again.

Even though they were winning a winning streak, it was not that they were not tired.

Lancephil Fief Army soldiers were human and needed rest.

It was the same with Roan.

No matter how skillfully fire-mana and water-mana are used and has tremendous strength, he also needs rest.


‘It is not time to rest yet.’

He returned to his short and sweet resting time and immersed himself in a new training, not research.

Roan sat in the middle of the barracks and looked closely at Travias’ Spear.

‘There is something obvious.’

The story I heard when I met Flamdor and Travias at Vertex.

A small ear of Travias.

‘Vecail. That guy could be called Ghostspear. ‘

Vecail was Roan’s best friend who had fled to Byron Kingdom with Travias’ Spear in his last life and was a traitor who wanted to pour all kinds of curses.

‘He was the same spearman at the end.’

However, only two years later, he became a spearman in the northeastern part of the continent, and got his spear.

Gaining ‘Travias’ Spear does not result in a huge spearman or Mana Technique.’

If Roan did not get the Flamdor Mana Technique, he would not have been able to stretch Travias’ Spear as long as the window.

Travias’ Spear was a magic that could not be properly used without mana in the first place.

Roan lifted Travias’ Spear in front of his eyes.

The black color boasted of its prideful appearance.

‘There is a tremendous mana hidden or a huge spearman hidden.’

Apart from that, there was no way that Vecail could become a spear at the end spearman.

Roan carefully looked at Travias’ Spear, turning it back and forth.

But there was nothing particularly noticeable.

‘Do you pour mana? no no. At the time, Vecail did not know how to use mana. ‘


I had to erase the idea of ​​how to spear it with mana.

‘Not using mana means that you can finally find a spear secret through a physical way ……… It is hidden in a very small device or space …….’

It was not clear.

I just set the most probable hypothesis.

However, I looked around and looked at it while I was sleeping, and I could not find anything special.

“Damn it.”

Roan spoke out without knowing himself.

The feeling of numbness rose to the throat.

The face of the traitor Vecail emerged in front of me.

“The guy really revealed the secret of Travias’ Spear? The Vecail, much simpler and ignorant than me …….”

Roan poured out his grievance as lamentation, and he was stunned.

The pupil trembled.

“Yes, Vecail, he was simple and ignorant to want to be awful.”

Like Roan, he was not a spear man who refined the night and meticulously spear.

‘Let’s think. Roan, what would Vecail do? ‘

Memories and memories of Vecail I did not want to think about.

A lot of the things that I tried to erase in my head came to mind like yesterday.

Roan sat down and watched and watched a lot of memories and memories.

Every now and then I realized once again how stupid and simple Vecail was.


‘Yes. The traitor was obsessed with toxic legends and conspiracy. ‘

Vecail was impersonal and even childish.

‘This guy knows what Travias’ Spear secret ……. huh? uh?! Ah!’

Looking back at memories and memories, Roan opened his eyes with his eyes wide open.

A surprised look.

He muttered in a small voice without knowing himself.

“Yes, he was so intrigued by the Ator legend.”

Ator legend.

It was the adventure of the warrior Ator who defeated the Devil and the Devil and saved the human world.

Vecail was so intense that he would always wear his mouth even when he was an adult.

The Ator legend was the scene where Ator, a warrior, gained Divine Sword.

Roan glanced at the memories of his tail, like a tail.

“Ator, who won Diva Noo, a rusty iron scarf, was obviously …….”

Thanks to the attacks of the shamans, the contents of the Ator legends, which were useless and unimportant, clearly came to mind.

Roan ‘s mouth came up gently.

“Ator surely shed his blood on Divine Righteousness.”

The memory was correct.


My heart ran aggressively.

‘Vecail. If he is, he must have sprayed his blood on Travias ‘Spear.’

You would have wanted to imitate the mighty Ator.

Roan put Travias’ Spear on the table and daggered.

The sharp blade was shining with the light.


A heavy sigh ran out.


I was thinking that Vecail would be that simple because I wanted to shed blood.

But Roan shook his head.

‘Vecail. If he is, it will be enough. ”

Roan banged his lower lip.

I grabbed the blade of the dagger with my left hand.


With a creepy sound, the palm spread wide.

The red blood bloomed like a petal, and then it was poured down.

The The bird of paradise.

The red blood drop fell to the black Travias’ Spear.

Roan recalled the legend of Ator, and red blood was evenly buried in the spear.

It turned into a spear red light that was black.

Roan looked straight at Travias’ Spear while hemorrhaging.

The eyes of a will that will not miss even small changes.

However, unlike expectations, there was no change in Travias’ Spear.

‘Is my opinion wrong …….’

A slimy look.

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

“Phew, yes, Vecail was not so ignorant, he was a big adult.”

Roan broke into a shameful mind.


He gently reached out and picked up Travias’ Spear.

“I’ll have to clean it before it rusts.”

Sorry to tell Travias’ Spear.

The blood on the spear wet the palm of my hand.

It was not a pleasant feeling.

“Where is the cloth …….”

The moment Roan tries to move to find a clean cloth.


A loud yawning yawning sounded through my ears.

No, it just sounded in my head.

‘What, what?’

When Roan is upset.

[What is it? It’s me, Travias. Finally you woke me up.]

Neutral voice, unknown whether it is a man or a woman.

It was a very familiar voice.

“That Travias I met at Vertex?”

[right. It’s me, me. I like the outside world rather than the complicated Vertex too. My eyes are getting stale.]

It sounds like a hilarious voice.

Roan was still crazy.

[I’m starving anyway. Would you like some blood?

Sounds nanda.

Roan frowned.

I had heard.

‘The things that disturb the world, Demon and the Devil, said they wanted blood. So the owner of the thing is a gruesome slaughterer ……. ‘

When the thought came about, Travias said bluntly.

[There seems to be a misunderstanding of something ……. I do not bother anyone else.]

A word that seems to be taken for granted.

The voice began to flaunt again.

[I only eat your blood.]

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