Chapter 217

Austin and several commanders sought Roan ‘s barracks to raise the report, but they stiffened like a statue.

The face was surprised.

Their gaze is on Roan’s table.

No, it was a huge amount of plates stacked on the table.

‘U, food plate?’

The gaze again turned to Roan in the plate.

Roan was still holding a palm-sized bread in his mouth.

‘The commanders, who were supposed to eat like regular soldiers …….’

‘I had a lot less than ordinary soldiers …….’

Such Roan is now tearing up the Seneguese, at least three days old, food at his seat.

“Are you all right?”

Austin asked with a cautious look and voice.

Then Roan rose from his seat, awkwardly laughing.

“I was a little bit uptight and I was hungry.”

To some extent it was true.

Roan had to shed blood before his eyes to solve the hunger of Travias’ Spear, who woke up from a deep sleep.

Fortunately, the moment I caught Travias’ Spear, the body’s aura itself was greatly enhanced.

The problem was a single hurdle, a sudden hunger.

Inevitably, unlike usual, I had to overeast a great deal of food.

“Is it because of the report?”

Roan asked with a gentle expression that it was nothing.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Austin went out with a piece of paper that came to his mind and was ready.

Inpek Fief and the surrounding fief.

Roan frowned upon seeing thicker documents.

I heard a strong feeling that work was not uncommon.

just as expected.

“As you can see from the report …….”

Austin and several commanders spewed a long breath with a cozy expression.

“Things are terrible.”

For a while Austin explained the situation.

At the same time as hearing the story, Roan read his documents closely.

The report contained a number of incredibly horrible and cruel things done by Simon Rinse and his followers.

“In addition to the Inpek Fief, I can not feel it in the villages of the three adjacent fiefs.”

Simon and the Shamans caught the good and innocent Kingdoms and made them into a magic doll.

Because the shamans were not careful about blocking information, they could see the rumors.

Roan bit him.

The raging anger rose to the throat.

But he regained his heart and spoke a long breath.

“Report the report throughout the Kingdom.”

Simple command.

But it was not a command that could be easily answered and implemented.


Austin and other commanders were surprised.

“Then the whole Kingdom will be confused.”

Even so, the kingdom’s succession is largely shaken by the succession war.

In such a situation, if Simon’s disastrous act reveals, the barely standing Rinse Kingdom might collapse.


“We can dispatch troops to the Kingdom of England on this excuse.”

Still, for the powerful, the existence of a magician was a terrible group of evil that must be repulsed and punished.

The elite Empire and the Kingdom that were aiming for Rinse Kingdom will have a justification for attacking Rinse Kingdom.

Roan nodded slowly.

I was able to fully understand the worries of Austin and his various commanders.

‘But it can not hide this important fact.’

Kingdom had the right to know.

Some of them will still be believing and following Simon.

When Simon’s army visits, they will welcome a pair of souls.

‘And it will become a captive doll in that state …….’

I do not know even though I have a knife in my chin.

At least I wanted to prevent that situation.

Roan’s worries deepened.


“I do not think we should seriously consider the invasion of other countries.”

Chris went into the barracks with a low-pitched voice.

It is as hard as a voice.

He reported a brief sigh of what he had just heard.

“The Estia Empire army from the north, the Diesu Kingdom army from the south.”


At the moment, everyone seemed to be shocked by both of them.

Chris laughed.

“It’s hard to be surprised already.”

He pulled out a small piece of paper in his hand.

“It is Prince Kallum, who led the Estia Empire army, to the army of Edwin Voiza Duke’s son Mills Voiza. Diesu Kingdom.”


Again, a big shock came.

Anger raged at the fact that the people who put the Rinse Kingdom in crisis were the royalty and nobility of the Rinse Kingdom.

On the other hand, Roan was strangely calm.

‘As expected.’

Roan was the one who ordered Agens to reconnaissance borders.

It was a twisted future, but obviously the situation could be similar or even the same as the last one.

‘In my last life, when Mad Monarch disturbed the whole Kingdom, Kallum, then king, asked the Diesu Kingdom for troops.’

Kallum’s position and situation changed, but it was the same with Diesu Kingdom.


‘The future associated with Mills Voiza is much earlier than I thought.’

In the case of Mills Voiza and his father Edwin Voiza Duke, in his last life, 2nd Prince Tommy Rinse had a good lead on Kallum as soon as he died.

Since then, Mills has suddenly been sent to the Estia Empire to become a family of traitors.

‘Mills, who had learned to the Flamdor Mana Technique at the time, had a tremendous impact on the Rinse Kingdom people.’

There was a wry smile in my old memories.

Roan breathed deeply and looked at Austin, Chris and other commanders.

“Simon and the shamans are just at the brink of war, so let’s spread Chris’s report all over the Kingdom.”

“Yes, I understand.”

There was no need to look at other countries in the courtyard where Estia Empire and Diesu Kingdom had been invaded.

‘Rather, when these rumors spread, we get a clear cause.’

A hero of the Kingdom who fights against evil sorcerers and invaders.

Roan’s eyes shone and shone.

Then Austin asked with a cautious voice.

“But what about the Estia Empire in the north and the Diesu Kingdom in the south?”


Pouring came out here and there.

Lancephil Fief Army is tied up with Simon.

In addition, when we look at the priority of work, Simon and the shamans were the first forces to decontaminate.

Mad Monarch Simon was already making a magic doll to the ordinary Kingdom people.

‘A little more time will soon lead to all the living creatures that are visible.

What I have already experienced in my last life.

I could not have let such a terrible thing happen again.

Eventually, Roan could not match Estia Empire and Diesu Kingdom until Simon was defeated.

Roan was also deeply troubled.

At that time, Swift, who was still in the camp, spoke with a careful voice.

“We can not completely block the Estia Empire and the Diesu Kingdom, but we can slow them down a bit.”

At that end, Roan ‘s expression was a one – stroke anticipation.

“What is that?”

Swift’s answer was simple.

“Black Rinse. No …….”

I smiled at my mouth.

“Black is to take advantage of Amaranth.”


* * *


KUMEN!Β thud!Β thud!

A loud sound hitting the ear.

Each time the wall standing on its feet trembled.

“Great, captain! If you go this way, the gate will soon be pierced!”

“In this way, I will use the wall …”.

The urgent voice of the defenders stuck in my ear through the roar.

Vile, a small but sturdy fortress in Brinton,

‘Here Brimton is one of the fortresses of Southern Kingdom Fief.Β If it pierces, Royal Capital Miller becomes dangerous! ”

It was a castle that had to be kept in some way.

His gaze went down the wall.

In Rinse Kingdom rare green flags and armor were unfolding like floods.

‘Prince Kallum!Β The throne was so tame!Β We are attracting foreign powers to succeeding the throne! ”

I was sick and tired.

The green corps under the walls were the soldiers of the 3rd Prince Kallum Rinse and the Diesu Kingdom armies.

I thought that I wanted to fight to the end, ignoring my life.

‘The lord believed and entrusted …….’

I wanted to meet Roan’s expectations.


‘There are no innocent civilians who have been killed here.’


‘It’s not what the lord wants you to do.’

Thanks to him, his troubles were not long.

Vail spat out a long breath and shout with a distorted face.

“Hang the white flag! Surrender!”


The conditions were, of course, the safety of the Brimpton citizens.

“Cough, Captain!”


The garrison who struggled to the end ended up crying.

Hot tears flowed on the ball.

Vail paused to tears and shouted with a loud voice.

“Do not cry, we are neither defeated nor abandoned!”

He opened his heart with a strong reaction.

“Our mission is not to protect Brimstone Castle, but to protect Brimstone citizens.”

The end of my voice trembled.

“This is the only way to protect citizens.”

The tears that I had tolerated came out.

On the wall where the struggle had just taken place, there was a lot of cries instead of shouts and shouts.


Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu appeared with wide open gates with horn trumpets.

It is a stately and arrogant figure.

The followers of Kallum and Diesu Kingdom soldiers were also arrogant.

Kallum and Lucan, who had been moving before then, pulled off and stopped gently.

The proud and cold gaze fell to the floor.

End of gaze.

There was Vail there.

“Rinse Kingdom Count Roan Lancephil’s subordinate Vai meets Prince Kallum Rinse.”

Vail led the garrison commanders down and was kneeling on one knee.

Kallum stared at the Brimtonian garrison with a cold look on the horse.

“Dare you point the sword at the Rinse royal house.

The whining sound was loud.

Brimstone citizens, who flocked to the streets, swallowed dry spit with a lot of nervous expressions.

Vail gently lifted his head and looked at Kallum straight.

It was a passion, but it was a dashing and imposing figure that was not broken at all.

He made a clear and powerful voice.

“Are you also a prince of Prince Kallum, who is pointing his sword to his majesty Simon Rinse, who has already ascended above the king?”

“Well, what is it? I am fighting for the succession of the throne! It is a legitimate thing!”

Kallum screamed and shouted.

Vail smiled faintly and bowed his head.

“We have also just participated in the war of succession to the throne.”

A short, bold answer.

“This, this …….”

Kallum could not speak, and gnawed his face with a sore expression.

Lucan, who was watching, smiled and shook his hand.

“Prince Kallum, let your prince go back and take a break, and I will take care of it from now on.”

Polite but somewhat arrogant tone.

Kallum blew a blow.

“Hmm, well, yes, I will.”

I did not get it, but I could not refuse it.

‘I decided to hand it to Diesu Kingdom to Brimton Castle here …….’

Now the owner of this castle is not Rinse Kingdom but Diesu Kingdom, now Lucan, not Kallum.

But Vail, the garrison, and the citizens of Brimstone, who were not aware of this, were just kidding at the strange conversation between Kallum and Lucan.

Meanwhile, his aides, including Kallum, sneaked to the center of the castle.

“Prince where you go …….”

When Bail picked up the horse with a puzzled look, Lucan suddenly flashed his right hand with the mincer.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Citizens who flocked to the streets with an enormous laughing sound frowned.

Lucan whispered to his soldiers without mercy.

“The battle is over! It’s time to start the festival!”

Soldiers wearing green armor reminiscent of red.

There was a lot of excitement.

And at that moment Lucan gave a terrible command.


Diesu Kingdom soldiers screamed horribly after the conversation was over.

“Wow ah!”

They were scattered on both sides of the road, and disobeyed the young woman and the old woman.


“Why, why are you doing this!”

“Let me go!”

Brimton Castle was instantly filled with loud screams of women.

“This, this is what …….”

Vail and the garrison opened their mouths to the horrible scene that was unfolding in front of them.

The tyranny of the Diesu Kingdom army became worse.

The soldiers broke the houses of the citizens and broke into the houses and plundered the wealth.

In the process, ordinary citizens with no guilt lost their lives.

“This, these, these two, they are !!!”

Eventually, Vail rattled and stood up.

The same goes for the garrisons.

They looked at Lucan and the Diesu Kingdom with red, bloodshot eyes.

“You son of a bitch! Stop it now! They are ordinary citizens with no crime!”

Lucan burst into laughter at that end.

“Funny guy, with or without sin, it does not matter.”

Bleed eyes scratched Vail’s body.

“Listen straight.”

Cool voice.

“The winner is everything, this is the way of our Diesu Kingdom.”

There was a grim smile on his mouth.

Vail could not bear anymore.


He pulled the sword of the waist dancing and ran toward Lucan.

‘Even if you die when you die, your neck will always be cut down!’

Blair ‘s eyes flashed.

His sword drew Lucan’s neck at once.

No, I thought it was.

But reality is.


Vail circled his eyes, looking at his right arm, which had been cut cleanly down his elbow.

The gaze naturally turned to Lucan.

Lucan, who was originally an empty hand, was holding a sword.

He smiled brighter and whispered in a small voice.

“I’d rather be glad that you died early.”

Eyes mocking.

Lucan’s sword broke the space.


Vail felt cold on her neck and felt hot.

At the same time, the world was tilted and my eyes darkened.

In my ear, Lucan’s voice sounded very fuzzy.

“Our festival is now on.”

That was the end.

Vail was never able to listen, see, or speak again.


His neck and body fell apart to the floor.

Lucan smiled and looked around.


Hell lands spread out everywhere.

No, it was precisely the hell out there for the Brimpton citizens.

Lucan pulled the tongue out and kicked the tongue.

“Would you like to enjoy it?”

The red lips were soaking in the lust.

After that day rumors began to spread in the Rinse Kingdom that they did not want to believe.

Rumors spread out from north, south and west.

<Estia Empire has been attacked!>

<Diesu Kingdom army has come in!>

<Simon Rinse Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Hands With Shamans!>

The rumor was very detailed.

In addition, Roan Lancephil was soon followed by a formal announcement throughout the Kingdom.

<Estia Empire, led by Mills Voiza, is devastating northern Kingdom!>

<Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu go hand in hand with the Southern Kingdom!>

<Simon Rinse and the shamans are kidnapping Kingdom people and making them into magic dolls!>

The whole of Rinse Kingdom was full of three rumors.

“Northern nations have taken away food and wealth from Estia Empire!”

“It’s better! It’s better for the southern residents to lose all their possessions to the Diesu Kingdoms, so women are raped and men are cut off!”

“What about the western Fief Kingdom, the King’s Majesty, no Simon, and the shamans attacked dozens more villages and castles, making them a puppet of more than a thousand people.”

It was an unbelievable rumor, no news.

The wrath of the Rinse Kingdom peoples has reached the extreme.

Meanwhile, a hero’s steps softened their anger.

<Count Roan Lancephil and Lancephil Fief Army continue their winning streak against Mad Monarch Simon and Shamans.>

<Count of Black Amaranth members ordered by Roan Lancephil are disturbing the rear of the Estia Empire armies in the north and the Diesu Kingdom armies in the north, interfering with the spread of masses>

<Count Lancephil is taking care of the Kingdom people who are in a difficult situation by releasing food and wealth in the Order.>

While the whole Kingdom was confused, only Roan and Count Lancephil were fighting for the Kingdom people.

“Count Roan Lancephil only!”

“Yeah! This is how Count Lancephil wants you to sort things like that trash!”

“If Count Lancephil, you can count on it!”

Everywhere the voice of honor and reverence rose to Roan.

In the meantime, a group of six young men and women headed west across the Rinse Kingdom to the Inpek Fief.

Their destination is the camp of Roan Lancephil.

What is their identity?

It was a surviving member of the 12 Hatchlings, who were named as young aristocrats and talents who would lead the Rinse Kingdom only a few months ago.

It was still Sheik Wiggins Baron who led them.

Sheik glared his eyes, gazing at the western sky.


Resolved eye.

‘I have to meet Count Roan Lancephil.’

He covered his left breast with his right hand.

A solid object was touched inside the palm.

What you must pass on to Roan.

It was now in Sheik’s bosom.

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