Chapter 219

First life and second life.

Roan has been through the same or a whole new thing for two lives.

A horrifying and terrible sight unfolding right now.

Stormy moment like a throat tightening.

‘A little different, but eventually …….’

It was the same as my last life.

Fields in front of you, and beyond, Mad Monarch Simon Rinse and Dark Corps.

They were fierce, mean, and terrifying in this life.

But there was something completely different from my last life.

Roan’s head turned to a friendly camp behind him.

‘In my last life I was behind me …….’

The head turned to the front again.

‘Now stands in front of everyone.’

Roan Lancephil.

He became a nobleman, not a General, who led the Corps in one spearman.

And now I was looking beyond that.

During his two life, only Roan changed greatly.

‘Mad Monarch Simon.’

Kalian’s Tears seemed to have Simon’s face away from him.

‘It’s finally happened.’

A sigh came out.

‘When I first met, I was expecting that I could become a sailor if I was well-assisted by my side.’

However, the expectation has been shattered by the obsession with power and cruelty that had been shown through Poskein Exodus.

‘Besides, the body was full of magic.’

Holy Land’s God’s Drug can not control the insanity situation.

Roan’s pupils sunk into a calm light.

‘If it was not just magic, would it have been okay?’

Roan shook his head.

Simon’s appearance in the past was no different from other royal or noble figures.

‘Those who are able to abandon the lives of the Kingdom peoples for power and wealth.’

Simon was far from what Roan wanted.


Again a long sigh came out.


“Lord, we are ready.”

Harrison approached and said in a small voice.

Roan nodded slowly.

“Yeah, so I’ll try to stick with it.”

A faint smile came into my mouth.

“It’s our duty.”

Roan looked at the front.

No, his gaze was looking farther than that.

At that place.

‘Ian. request.’

Ian Phillips was stepping into Longport Castle with Sox.

The number is only 1,000.

It was a scarcely enough number to take Long Port, a fortress in the west of the Kingdom.

But Ian was confident.

‘The commanders objected that it was impossible, but …’

Roan was more confident than Ian, not more than Ian.

He gave up a thousand soldiers against the commanders’ objections.

‘I’ll do it if Ian.’

There was no doubt.

Roan bit him.

‘I just have to do my job.’

His mission is.

“Today, Simon’s neck.”

I was going to stop the mad monarch’s journey, which was awful, if not just getting worse.


Travias’ Spear showed up with a clear voice.

Thousand-man Captain The extra commanders focused their attention.

Roan ordered in a low but powerful voice.

“The army advocates, the army advances.

My eyes shone coldly.

“Amaranth follows me.”

There was a static in the camp.

The commanders, soldiers, and horsemen who had been waiting waited just for the rough breath.

They soon waited for the next word to lead.

Finally Roan heard a spear high.


A voice like a thunder.

At the same time, several commanders cried out with one accord.


Pooh! ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

The sound of the horns of the horn and the drums sounded loudly.


The flags that climbed on the watchtower shook the mighty Corps.

A tremendous shout shook the desolate land.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The earth shook.

Clouds of dust rise and bright red, Crimson Corps broke the wind.

“Me, crazy people!”

Mishael, a shaman who was clinging to Simon and looking at the situation, spoke out without knowing himself.

“From the start, it is a total war!”

This development was not anticipated.

I thought that the battle of the Corps was going to take place a few times in the same way as usual battle.

‘It’s a hasty and urgent appearance.’

Mishael smiled effortlessly.

He also knew what is happening now in the north and north of the Rinse Kingdom.

‘Crack. Okay, so I’ll make you a kid. ”

The magic dolls were enough.

They did not fear death because they lost it.

‘I have to drag myself to the head and drag the time.’

In the meantime, Longport Castle will send you new magical dolls.

Even if it did not, it would be possible to rebuild the body of the battlefield as a magic doll by accompanying accompanying shamans.

‘Time is on our side.’

Mishael thought so.

He was not a leader, but he thought Roan and Crimson Corps funny.

Great deal.

He was a much more obnoxious and stupid author than I thought.

Mishael bent his fingers to make small figures.

“Everybody order an attack.”

A command to shamans scattered inside Corps.

Soon many shamans made the same fingers as Mishael and then muttered the unknown horses.

At the moment, the spoiled dolls shook their bodies and shook their heads.

The gloom of my eyes was black.

Mishael’s mouth caught an eerie smile.

“Attack! Tear them apart! Bite the flesh, take the heart out!”

Finally, a terrible order fell.



With the strange sound of the magic dolls, I moved on the floor.


A brutal assault of those who lost their ejaculation.

Finally, the Corps of Darkness rose like a flock of clouds and began to sweep the battlefield.

“Wow ah ah!”

“Be big!”

Two conflicting shouts ran in the wind.

The space between the two formations suddenly disappeared.

When the leader and the leader reach out, they are as close as they can reach.



With the roar, the giant Corpss collided.

“Do not back down!”

“Advance! Advance!”

Burberry Burber!

Roan and his follower Amaranth Troop bounced off the witches with their heavy, solid horses.


Travias’ Spear followed the fire.

Red flowers bloomed on desolate land.

Stop! Fear a million!

Spear Whenever this space is spanned, dozens of witchcraft dolls are knocked down.

Roan put his heart on the horse back and repeatedly kicked his toes.

The same goes for the following Amaranth Troop circles.

They did not slow down the pace after the battle.

Crimson Corps and Dark Corps.

Roan and Amaranth Troop were the only ones to escape from there alone.

They were elongated along the slopes where they ran.

It was a brutal, and very powerful assault.

‘The enemy’s arms and legs are left to the Corps.’

Roan bit him.

His gaze was fixed on the front.

‘We aim for the enemy’s heart.’

The horse was greatly shaken.

The awkward advance continued unabated.

“Well, me, me, me!”

Mishael stared at him as he looked at Roan and Amaranth Troop running straight toward Simon.

He unwittingly hid himself in the back of Simon instinctively.

“These ghosts! Stop Roan! Get Roan!”

A bizarre voice rang through the shout.

The shamans lined up in the rear quickly gave a new command with a perplexed look.

“Are you big?”


The magic dolls that drove the Crimson Corps were strangely moved and soon ran toward Roan and Amaranth Troop.

The loose form was filled in tightly.

It is possible that Roan and Amaranth Troop may be trapped between magical dolls.

It was really a crisis in the near future.

Mishael saw the scene and burst into the ghost.

“I was ignorant, and I felt like it was good …….”

But his words did not end.

The two eyes that were flashing by the mean light grew in a circle.

An amazing sight was unfolded in front of my eyes.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

With a heavy pore, a black stick pierced through the dolls.

The spear on the end of the stick had a bright red flame soaring.

“Trav, ‘Spear?”

Mishael muttered with a half-hearted look.

That moment.

Let’s hear it!

The flames of the spear began to spread along the spear.

What really happened in an instant.

At the same time, the endless spear began to shake from side to side.

The start was faint.

At most, the movement of one finger knot.

But it soon moved to the left and right as much as finger length, palm length, arm length, and torso length.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Furberbuck! Fur Burberbuck!

The spear jumped out with the sound of the wind hitting in the ears, and the spoiled dolls that ran tightly.

No, I was caught in a flame and turned into a red fireball.

Travias’ Spear followed a huge fire.



The magic dolls collapsed with the beginning.

The form that was tightly tightened was weakened for a moment.



The long stretch of Travias’ Spear fell in a flash.

The vacant space with the spear soon filled with enormous flames.

It looked like a wall made of fire.

No one seemed to be able to get there.

No, I could not even get close.

But then.


A huge, hard-boiled hunter came through the flaming fire.

The owner of Gunma looked down at the battlefield with a spear of fire and a bright eye.

Red helmet, red armor, red cape.

Sunbeam flames flowing on the fuselage of armor and horses, no flame.

The tremendous majesty swept the battlefield like a storm.


Mishael and the shamans swallowed the dried spit without their knowledge.

A man reminiscent of a god of fire.

He was just Roan.

“Simon Rinse.”

A gentle voice flowed in the wind.

However, Simon, who had already been caught in the spell, did not respond. No, I did not.

No, it did not seem to be.

Roan’s eyes shone with strange light.

His gaze slowly flowed to his side.

Where eyes can reach.

There was Mishael.


“헙! Uh, how is my name ……?!”

Mishael hit back with a white face.

They did not know that Roan had the memory of the shamans.

Roan looked at the shamans with a cold look.

“I grabbed the good people of the Kingdom and sadly ruled the spirit and made a magic doll …….”

Cooler and cooler voice than eyes.

Living out of my body came out.

“I’ll cut your throats.”

At the moment, Mishael and other shamans face blue.

Roan ‘s spit is blocked by a throat.

“This, this, this …….”

Mishael grunted at her effort and grasped her fist.

‘You can not end it like this!’

There was a ring of sincerity to myself.

When this work was done well, I was able to launch Rinse Kingdom.

There was a brilliant future ahead of me.

He looked at Roan with a calm expression.

“You sound like you’ve won.”

The end of the voice shook a little.

I wanted to hide, but Mishael was still terrified.

“Look around you, your boy is now completely surrounded.”

In the vicinity of Roan, magic dolls flocked like bees.

Nevertheless, Roan’s expression was very cool.

The red light flowing on the whole body and the small sparks floating on the wind gave a strange atmosphere.


Mishael swallowed the dried spit without even knowing it.

Wargod was in front of me.

‘Do not be scared. Ooh, we’re a lot better. ‘

He struggled with his disheartened mind.

Mishael shouted in a loud voice.

“I do not know if I can care about me because I’m dealing with magic dolls.”

Expressions and attitudes.

Roan stared at Mishael and burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Lovely smile cool to the chest.

He referred to Mishael and the shamans as Travias’ Spear.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

The eyes shone and shone.

“The dolls do not even care about me because I can not write.”

At that point, Mishael and the shamans glared at him.

“He, what does that mean?”

There was no answer.

Roan just smiled faintly.

Mishael, who had become frustrated, opened his mouth again.

“What the hell is that …….”

Right then.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

The flames that flowed behind Roan were divided into left and right.

The wall of fire once again collapsed.

At the same time, hundreds of soldiers wearing red armor appeared.

On the armor and horse riding, a sparkling fire sprang.

Troop was flapping over soldiers at the forefront.

<Amaranth Troop.>

Roan’s direct troop and core of Lancephil Corps.

Amaranth Troop finally came through the Dark Corps.

The Amaranth Troopers ran across the sides of Roan and slaughtered the surrounding witches.


The wreckage of the dolls filled the battlefield.

Mishael and the shamans were so sick of their eyes that only their eyes were shaken.

Roan was still making a hazy smile.

“Is not it beautiful?”

Lightly asked questions.

Mishael was still half-hearted.

“No, what?”

Roan turned the spearhead.

At the moment, the flames that ran through the spear skyrocketed even harder.

Answering in a gentle voice.

“Red flowers on the battlefield.”


A flower that did not fade forever bloomed on the battlefield forever.

Roan squeezed lightly.

Gunma rushed to the floor and ran toward Mishael and Simon.

“I think I’ve seen enough of the flowers.

The Travias’ Spear pole flew to Mishael as he pierced the space.


A cold voice pierced Mishael’s heart before spear.


Mishael shrugged off his eyes without even thinking about it.

I could not even imagine Simon standing beside him.

He was much more stupid and stupid than I thought.



Simon, who was sleeping, pulled the sword of the waist dance.

Just like a lightning streak.

It is not!

Travias ‘Spear and Simon’ s sword hit each other and a great chant came out.

That’s a gig.

The spear and the blade of the scorpion were intertwined.

Tight confrontation.

Late in the morning Mishael woke up.

“Uh, how?”

He was surprised to see Simon move alone without command.

At that time, Simon’s face, which had been frozen hard, had a strange smile.

The black – eyed pupil grew a little bit.

Lips slightly widening at the same time.

“It’s been a while.”

It was more difficult to listen than a song.

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