Chapter 223

How to stop Mad Monarch Simon Rinse who once again started Overflow.

The method was surprisingly simple.

Roan, Flamdor, and Travias combined into one.

Instead of alternating with each other, Roan’s body was regulated, and all three beings were born again as one.

If three beings were united, we could not only use all of the powers and powers of all without limitation, but instead could achieve the effect of strengthening each other’s powers.

However, because of the merging of different beings, the presence of two of the three at the time of this process was likely to disappear.

The reason why Travias was strongly opposed when Flamdor proposed this method.

This is because this method was a very advantageous method for Flamdor, which has the most powerful force and ability.

Nine in the heat were likely to have vanished Roan and Travias.

Nevertheless, Roan made a difficult choice to overthrow Mad Monarch Simon.

As a result, it was Flamdor that absorbed all the powers and abilities of the three beings and survived alone, as Travias worries.

Flamdor enjoyed his great powers and so easily overpowered or destroyed Simon.

And I have vowed revenge by remembering my very old memory …….

‘Roan. I did not think you were alive and alive. ”

The deepest part of the body and mind, the perception of a twist in Vertex.

Flamdor noticed that his presence was Roan.

He immediately sat on the ground and entered Vertex.

Vertex, which was black all over, was transformed into a beautiful and gorgeous look.

Green fields and high mountains, dense forests and blue skies, sky without clouds.

“Where are you? Where are you hiding?”

Crimson Uniform Inside, Flamdor screamed around as he turned around.

The sky and the earth trembled.

At that time, black spots on the blue sky.

The black dot fell off the ground very quickly.


Soft landing.

Dark brown hair, eyebrows, eyes.

Although the appearance changed a little, the man who fell off the sky was definitely Roan.

He was carrying a Travias’ Spear wearing a red armor.

“Oh, really lived.”

Flamdor smiled bizarrely and shook his head.

I expected it but I can not believe it.

“How the hell did you survive?”

At that point Roan listened to Travias’ Spear.

“Did you get some help?”

At the moment Flamdor’s lips twisted visibly.

“Is that a black spot too, stupid kitten?”

It is a profanity.

His words continued.

“Well, to a certain extent, that was what I expected,” he said. “It’s starting to change a bit since I started eating your blood.”

Travias, like Flamdor, originally considered himself to be thorough and determined and acted only for his own benefit.

But since Roan’s blood has been absorbed and woken up, there has been a big change in the heart.


Travias became assimilated to Roan.

It was also very instinctive.

Tired relationships.

As time passed, Roan and Travias could not deny each other.

Meanwhile, Roan, Flamdor, and Travias made a big fight in Vertex to defeat Mad Monarch Simon.

The match-ups flourished with Flamdor’s overwhelming advantage, as expected.

At this time Travias made a great resolution.

He divided his power and ability into two, one given to Flamdor and one given to Roan.

Of course, I did not give up my strength.

Travias, using his last powers and abilities, made Flamdor feel dizzy, while he had escaped from Vertex and hid himself in Travias’ Spear.

Flamdor took a good look at Travias’ maneuver.

He thought that Roan had also disappeared with Travias.

That’s also because Roan was not felt in Vertex or anywhere else in his body.

I never thought he would be hiding in Travias’ Spear.

“Looking back, when I tried to kill Simon just before, Travias’ Spear did not respond to the spear, but Roan, because you refused my order?”

Roan nodded instead.

Flamdor grasped the two fists gently, looking at the scene.

“It is a praiseworthy thing to avoid the annihilation, but it does not change.”

The eyes became wild.

“You can never win me.”

The strongest of the three was Flamdor.

There he absorbed half of the powias and powers of Travias.

There was a reason for everything he was comfortable with.

But somehow, Roan’s expression was pretty cool.

He breathed a short smile and made a hazy smile.

“If it was me, it would have been.”


Flamdor frowned.

I can not understand the expression.

“What is it? It is what happened to a blind bird that I killed you and killed Simon, what happened in that short time …….”

Flamdor, who continued the conversation, circled the two eyes within.

I had a look on my face that I could not believe.

“Do not you …?”

The end of the speech shook.

Roan was still making a hazy smile.

Just before Travias disappeared in my head, I came up with the story I had left to myself.

<Vertex is your space. Here you are a god. If you can control Vertex properly, Flamdor is nothing.>

At first I could not tell what was going on.

But in order to survive and fight Flamdor, I had to find a way to control the vertices that Travias said.

Before that even before Flamdor noticed his presence.

The heart was desperate, but it was not easy to find a way.

I walked out of Travias’ Spear and entered the Vertex.

It was because of the expectation that I could get a little clue if I hit my body.

However, as soon as I entered Vertex, Flamdor noticed his presence.

‘I thought it was all over.’

Roan pushed to the edge.

His desperate heart ran up his throat and filled his head.

At that moment, the whole Vertex was very weak, but it trembled.

It was an uneasy move, as if showing the complex and imminent mental state of Roan.

Roan had not missed the change, though it was a very slight change that ordinary people would not have noticed.

‘And at the same time I found a way to control Vertex.’

Vertex was not a separate space.

Roan’s source of reason and emotion.

In other words, Vertex could be called Roan itself.

‘I did not control Vertex. I control myself. ‘

Roan began to open himself up to Vertex, a no-holds-barred spirit, and contemplating himself to be large and broad.

Vertex’s trembling stopped when his body and mind calmly calmed down.

It was moments when Roan was in complete control of Vertex.

At that moment Vertex’s time stopped.

No, precisely, the time at Vertex is much slower than the real world time.

This was also one of the accomplishments Roan had when he controlled the Vertex completely.

No, it was one of the natural powers.

‘I do not know how long it has been. There is no day and night in Vertex here. ‘

Roan once focused on making his half of the power and ability that Travias left to himself.

The good news is that Travias handed over all the memories and abilities associated with the chase to Roan.

Thanks to Roan, he was able to acquire dozens and hundreds of techniques to deal with powerful spear and spear at a glance.

Roan, who fully absorbed the powers and abilities of Travias, continued to pursue training.

Mana Technique training was not done separately because there was no use of mana in Vertex anyway.

The endless hours of time continued to flow.

In the meantime, Roan has made great strides as he does not know.

The brown hair, eyebrows and pupils that had been brown in the meantime turned into a strange color that was slightly black.

Roan and Travias are a perfect match.

And finally.

‘The door of Vertex opened and Flamdor showed up.’

Roan looked at Flamdor in a pretty eye.

“Do you want to make a slip?”

A soft but confident voice.

Flamdor’s face was visibly distorted.

‘It looks like you can now control Vertex too.’

It meant that Vertex’s time could be accommodated at will.

‘If Roan is about the ability …….’

The calculation of the head has become complicated.

‘Is it at least two or three years?’

Of course, it was a rough estimate.

If Roan’s ability is much better than expected, he might stop the time at all.

Then the gap between the real-world time and the vertex time would be much larger.

Flamdor smiled a smile.

‘If you have studied and studied over the course of that time …….’

The pupil shook briefly.

‘It might not be easy.’

It was a moment of gold that was slightly tough with strong confidence.

A firm faith fell and doubts arose.

Flamdor did not realize it, but the doubt was the most cautious part of Vertex.

The surrounding space was slightly distorted.

It looks like Vertex is pushing Flamdor.

Roan did not miss his appearance.

The Travias’ Spear pole pointed to Flamdor.

“I do not believe in myself here at Vertex …….”

A gentle voice pierced my ears.

“It means extinction.”

Roan dumped the floor horribly to end the conversation.

A street narrowed in an instant.

It was speed beyond human level.

“Damn it!”

Flamdor also poured the ground along with Ilgall.


The fierce thrust of tearing up space.


The whole body of the guy came out of the flames.

At the same time, the lightly curled fist moved along Reid’s Battle Skill very quickly and quickly.

Roan narrowed his eyes.


Through Kalian’s Tears, Flamdor’s movement seemed slow.

Nevertheless, it is similar to a normal person throwing a punch.

Flamdor’s movement was so fast.

Papp! Sweeee!

Travias’ Spear moved like a dancing with sharp punches.

Kang! It is not! Kagawa River!

Roan ‘s spear and Flamdor’ s fist clashed and a roar sounded.

It was hard to believe, but Roan and Flamdor were not surprised.

Now the battle between Roan and Flamdor was a confrontation beyond human standards.


Flamdor was bitten by it with the penetration.

It was apparently an equilibrium, but it was not.

Every time I hit my fist, I felt the pain of bones breaking all over my body.

‘My, I am only human!’

I do not care if the space is now Vertex.

Hundreds of years ago, it was disgraceful that the person who had put the world into fear had suffered from a human being.

“Damn it!”

Flamdor cried out unbearably.

At the same time, he ran toward Roan, causing enormous flames.

But that moment.


Roan, who was in front of his nose, quickly disappeared.

It was not that I sprung the ground and drove back.

Flamdor’s face was visibly distorted.

“You, Vertex, are free to rub it.”

He could see clearly.

The moment Roan smiles faintly, the space between Roan and himself has grown tens of times.

Roan pointed to Flamdor as a spear.

“Feel it.”

A low-pitched voice.

“I feel desperate.”

At the same time, Roan, who was far away, appeared in front of him.

This time, on the contrary, the space between Roan and Flamdor has been reduced to one size.


spear Flamdor cut his side.

In a short moment Flamdor avoided Roan’s attacks with tremendous reflexes.

But Roan’s attack was not one-off.

Wow! Uh! Papp! Spot!

Travias’ Spear, which moves through Roan’s hand, has changed its length,

I did not stay there for a while.

It was thicker than the trunk by a few tens of times thicker than the trunk, thinner than the needle, lengthened beyond the end, and shortened to shorter than the fingernail.

Roan threw it invisible to the spear Flamdor, which had shrunk to a smaller size, and then turned it into a huge size and length.

Now Roan was able to change the length, thickness and size of the Travias’ Spear at will.

‘Of course it is possible because of Vertex …….’

In the real world it was possible at a very short distance.

It is not! Fuck! Kang! Kagawa River!

Flamdor began pushing back little by little, to the offensive attack.

I feel like bones all over my body.

But he was Flamdor.

‘You can not fall down like this!’

Flamdor looked at Roan with his flaming eyes.

The flames from the whole body became more furious.

The red flames gradually turned blue.

He was now squeezing all the power he had.

“I’ll show you the essence of fire.”

Flamdor muttered with a low, powerful voice.

The blue flames gradually blurred, and the water turned white.

A strange sight.

But change was not the end of it.

The white light gradually dimmed, and then it completely disappeared.

The flames blowing from the whole body completely lost color and became transparent.

Flamdor smiled brightly to reveal the teeth.

“I am the fire.”

At the same time, he ran up to the floor and ran toward Roan.


Every time he moved, the land flashed.

No, it was not just the earth.

The wind blew through the air and the sky.


Roan shed a low penetration.

Despite being in the vertex, I felt a terrible heat.

It was the heat that exceeded the limit that Brent’s ring could tolerate.

‘If it was the outside world, it would have already been a handful.’

I was amazed at Flamdor’s ability.

But I was not discouraged or despairing.

‘This is Vertex.’

Roan breathed deeply and extended the spear forward.

Very naturally lacking power, somewhat lax movement.

It was an embarrassing posture to call it a ceremony.

Roan picked his breath and pushed his left foot forward.

The body was twisted and became one with the spear.

In the meantime, Flamdor reached his nose.

He is trying to pour Roan all over the transparent flames that are invisible.

“Roan! I will kill you and become the real master of this body!”

Flamdor’s whining sound rang the Vertex.

Roan laughed grimly and pushed it forward into the holding spear.


It was a sting that was very slow and had no change.

The spear of Travias went forward with the heat.

“Let’s finish it now.”

Roan’s small voice filled the Vertex like an echo.

At the same time.


Travias’ Spear and Flamdor flames clash.

An incredibly bright light filled the interior of the Vertex.

On the other hand, Pierce and Katie watched anxiously looking at Roan, who suddenly sat down on the ground and closed his eyes and did not move.

‘The energy in the body is fluctuating freely.’

Pierce, with his great passion, noticed that Roan is currently experiencing an unusual job.

He kept Roan with his old spear in his uncomfortable body.

I was afraid that someone might approach the body with a sneer and do something with it.

Katie recognized Pierce and remained silent.

It was a feat, but I still wanted to pay back the grace I received from Roan and Pierce.

How long has it been?

Pierce, who was standing on the edge, frowned.


The huge mana flow that felt in Roan’s body disappeared.

He picked up the spear and stepped back from Roan about two feet.

“Princess, come behind me.”

Katie also pulled her back from behind.

‘just in case…….’

That heterogeneity that I felt when I met Roan.

Roan worried and worried that Boyle would once again look odd.



Roan shook his eyes.

The red eyes shone and shone.

“Boat, Count?”

Pierce was a careful voice and called Roan.

But Roan had no reaction.

However, the red pupil was shaking very briefly.



Roan’s body shone brightly.

The light was not brown, nor black, nor red, but a strange color.

Pierce instinctively speared into Roan.

After a while, the light disappeared and Roan appeared.


Pierce and Katie shed a low penetration.

Roan’s appearance was different from before.

Until just before, blood, hair, eyebrows and eyes turned into a very mysterious and strange sword-red light.

In some ways, it was a very scary and dark looking color, but I could feel the dignity of turning my head in some way.

A mysterious feeling like a human being transcendent.


Pierce and Katie baffled and looked at Roan.

Roan’s face, which had no face at the time, had a faint smile.

A soft and warm smile.

The sword-eyed pupil slowly moved to Pierce and Katie.

At the same time, a subtle but dignified voice flows.

“Pierce, are you calling me?”

Pierce opened his eyes as if he were talking about it, and then he looked at his two hands and looked surprised.

“Ah, no!”

He later recovered the spear that was pointing at Roan.

Roan woke up and smiled brightly.

Match at Vertex.

Roan finally defeated Flamdor and absorbed the guy and was able to regain his body.

He breathed deeply and closed his eyes.


Roan unknowingly lowered the elasticity.

“What is this memorandum and difficulty …….”

It was overflowing.

There are tremendous memories in my head, tremendous mana and vitality in my body.

Moreover, they did not just memorize and store.

Thanks to the training and confrontation at Vertex, and the direct absorption of Travias and Flamdor, I was already fully acquainted with my own.

‘Stronger. no…….’

It was not that much.


‘It will be stronger.’

If I had the memory and power now, I could be stronger than now.

Roan laughed.

‘I thought the limit was clear …….’

I think there is a limit to the power and ability to build up through training and research.

I thought that someday I would face a wall that could not escape.

But today.

‘Is there no wall in front of me now?’

It feels like the wall of the limit has been destroyed while absorbing Travias and Flamdor.

The bitter laughing at the mouth became thicker.

The heart was complicated.


“Count, are you all right?”

Pierce approached and asked carefully.

His face looked very relaxed.

Because Roan in front of you was convinced that Roan he knew was right.

Both eyes were full of emotional light.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“Did Pierce become the strongest spearman on the continent?”

Pierce laughed and scratched his back.

“I was confident until I was hassan …….”

The gaze turned to Roan.

“It seems like the strongest is the crowd and the second strongest spearman.”

The strongest spearman in the continent means to yield to Roan.

No, it meant that I had to yield.

Roan laughed and shrugged.

“That’s what you know.”

Pierce laughed and nodded.

“If you have to beat me, I’ll fit you.”

I can not imagine it before.

Roan smiled once again when he saw it.

I was so happy to see Pierce in front of me.


“Wow ah!”


“It’s big!”

The sound of shouting and the sound of a sick man was heard from the lower part of the hill.

Roan moved to the end of the hill.

There was still a battle in the bottom of the spear.



Pierce approached Roan’s call.

Roan looked down at the battlefield, swinging Travias’ Spear lightly.

“Let us make our confrontation after the battle is over.”

At that point, Pierce laughed again.

“So if you really want to hit me, do it.”

Once again, the sound of Vollen came out.

Roan patched Pierce ‘s shoulder once and then lightly grounded the floor.


At the moment his new model soared toward the sky.

“Wow …….”

Katie, who was watching from behind, burst out with elasticity.

Roan reminded me of a bird.

The red bird crossed the blue sky and stood on the ground.


There was a wind pressure around the place where he came down.

“It’s big!”

“In Keue?”

At the same time, the dark red flames spread out all over the circle.

“It’s big!”

“Turn it off!”

The dolls that had been unaware of them were gone and disappeared as a handful of ash powder.


Travias’ Spear followed the fire.

Roan’s sword-red eyes gleamed in cold light.

At the same time, the spear with flames moved like a dance.

A flower of fire that blooms brilliantly.

It burned as if it were not forever like Amaranth.

With Roan’s participation, the battle went unilaterally.

All the magicians who created and controlled the dolls lost their lives.

Thanks to that, the battle ended very lightly.

Win over.

Roan and Lancephil Corps completely defeated Simon and the Dark Corps.


Roan stood in the middle of the battlefield and sighed briefly.

In his right hand he had two little surveys.

News arriving at the same time as victory.

One was news from the north of the Rinse Kingdom from Agens and the other was from the south of Tenebra troop.

“Eventually this is happening.”

Roan looked at the north and the south alternately.

There was a strange smile on his face.

The little wardens that were caught by the fingertips fluttered in the wind.

The contents of the praise were reflected in the blue sunlight.

<Webster’s Corps headed by Clay defeats Estia Empire County led by Mills Voiza! Webster’s eldest son Barry rises to Webster and the North Rinse Kingdom is founded!

<Prince Kallum Rinse conquest Southern Rinse Kingdom with the help of Diesu Kingdom! The South Rinse Kingdom was founded by himself!

The two contents of the surveys were different, but the end was surprisingly the same.



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