Chapter 226

Rinse Kingdom Senate.

A group of Nobles who served at least three kings.

The number of the aristocracy was very small, but they could not ignore their power.

However, there was little in the world to exercise real power.

There were many people who expected that Senate would refuse Roan’s transfer of the counts in the real royal and nobility as well as in the general Kingdom, but in fact they did not take any action.

In addition, the throne succession war and the subsequent death of 2nd Prince Tommy, the concubine of Simon and the shamans, and the collaboration of Kallum and Lucan did not show much movement.

‘That Senate sent me a badge?’

Roan frowned.

No, the badge was not a problem.

It was important what was sent with the badge or what the command was.

It was so unexpected that it was difficult to gauge the inside.

‘In the end I have to look at it.’

Roan looked at the Thousand-man Captain, bending his lower lip slightly.

“Come back.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Thousand-man Captain responded briefly and went out again to the barracks.

“Lord, what is it?”

“Senate …….”

“The 12 Hatchlings and the Senate, the veterans, remember that they were not in a good mood …….”

Several suspicions have been poured out.

After a while the barracks opened and the Thousand-man Captain came back.

“I have brought you.”

After the conversation was over, a group of young men and women went into the barracks.

It was the surviving aristocracy of the 12 Hatchlings, led by Sheik Wiggins.

The numbers are six, including Sheik.

They appeared on a blue fabric with three embroidered insignia.

It was the emblem of Senate, which revealed the pride of serving at least three kings.

Before the insignia of Senate, Roan and all of the subordinates of Count Lancephil rose from the spot.

‘The insignia of Senate is right.’

‘I really sent people from Senate.’

‘It’s also the 12th Hatchlings,

There was a nervous feeling on the faces of the subordinates.

Sheik went inside the barracks and leaned back with an emotion.

“Baron Sheik Wiggins from Rinse Kingdom will meet Count Roan Lancephil.”

The other nobles followed suit.

Because of the hard journey, it was a disgusting despair.

However, I was relieved to see Roan.

“Welcome home.”

Roan confronted Sheik’s hand and stared at him for a while.

Roan and Sheik were in a relationship.

When Elton Cotton rebellion was suppressed, Sheik was the one who recommended Roan as the representative of Simon.

Moreover, before that Sheik had tried to join Roan in 12 Hatchlings with Elva Dionell Baron.

‘And then, is Elva Dionell Baron still following Prince Kallum?’

In her last life, Elva, who was called the Iron-blooded woman and had a big ball in the crowd of King Kallum.

She was standing by Kallum in this life too.

‘If you have an idea, you will soon get up.’

Roan laughed faintly and offered a seat to Sheik and several nobles.

“Let’s sit down and talk.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Sheik and the young aristocrats sat in their seats and breathed a long breath.

Finally relaxed.

Roan looked at the twelve Hatchlings and Senate’s insignia in turn and asked in a quirky voice.

“The 12th Hatchlings of the Confederacy are holding hands with Senate?”

Sheik and other nobles laughed at the end.

But there was no hesitation in the answer.

“Our 12 Hatchlings, Senate, or all of them are aristocrats of the Rinse Kingdom.”

At the end of Sheik, the other nobles nodded silently.

The original purpose of forming 12 Hatchlings was the revival of the Rinse Kingdom.

At the time of the collapse of the Kingdom, there was no reason to struggle with Senate.

Sheik looked up at Roan’s eyes and woke up.

“I have one thing to do before I tell Senate.”

“Tell me.”

Roan nodded lightly.

Sheik took a short breath and said in a strong voice.

“Six of our 12 Hatchlings want to be with Count Roan Lancephil.”


As if waiting, other aristocrats rose from their positions and bowed their heads.


The subordinates of Count Lancephil who watched were shedding low.

All of the young nobles representing the Kingdom were bowing their heads towards Roan.

Roan, who was only a spearman from a mountain village until a few years ago, was now the moment when he was under the nobility of the Kingdom.

Roan nodded lightly.

“There is no reason for me to do anything,

The expression and voice were solemn.

“If you want to be with me, you must lower yourself.”

Sheik and the five nobleman bowed their heads again.

Because I knew well what Roan said.

“Keep in mind the words of Count, I will keep in mind.”

A politely polite answer.

The surviving Sheik and the nobles of the 12 Hatchlings followed Roan.

Of course, they still had the goal of rebuilding and reviving the Rinse Kingdom.

Future work was a matter of observation.

Sheik picked up the subject with a brighter look.

“I’ll tell you why we brought the Senate’s badge.”

Then he pulled out a long piece of goods from within.

The items wrapped in fine cloth were only forearms.

At the moment, the faces of the various nobles were subdued.

Sheik sided as he knelt down on one knee toward Roan, holding his hand up with both hands.

Other nobleman who were watching also kneeled down one knee along Sheik.

“It is Senate’s will.”

Sheik said with a solemn voice.

Roan looked at a long, wrapped cloth in a strange expression.

‘What the hell is this …….’

He reached out to the object carefully.


As soon as the finger reached the object, I could feel the thrill.


Roan carefully picked up the items and carefully peeled off the fine cloth.

It was the black long stick that showed the moment.

At first glance, it was a very ordinary stick, with a gold jewel at the end.

“What is that?”

“I think I saw it …….”

Several subordinates frowned and frowned.

Roan, on the other hand, circled his eyes.

He knew the identity of this hard, ordinary stick in his hand.


I did not know it myself.

Sheik smiled faintly and nodded.

“Yes, that’s right …….”

Very short silence.

“Grand Commander’s Baton.”

Scary to end.

“Tae, Grand Commander ?!”

“Grand Commander?”

Several subordinates screamed with surprised facial expressions.

Sheik did not mind the end.

“Count Lancephil is the only one who can overcome the crisis of the present Kingdom and solve it.”

The end of the voice shook a little.

Sheik was nervous about convincing Senate’s decision.

“Senate appointed Count Roan Lancephil as Grand Commander.”

Grand Commander.

A special job that is only temporarily operated when the Kingdom is in crisis.

He had the power to command, control, and direct all the aristocrats, regardless of their position.

It was a powerful position that was temporarily granted all the administrative and military rights of the Kingdom.

Especially, in the situation where there is no king like Rinse Kingdom, the weight of Grand Commander is really great.

When everyone could not speak with a surprised expression, Ian spoke with a small voice.

“Right now, the only forces that can be used in Rinse Kingdom are Lancephil Corps and Tale Corps, and now it’s good to be a Grand Commander.”

It was true.

Of course, many nobles still had their own voices in their manor, but most of them were fledgling with no proper fighting experience.

Currently, only Lincephil Corps and Tale Corps, the Lancephil Fief Army, have been able to carry out warfare with the Rinse Kingdom and the South Rinse Kingdom in Rinse Kingdom.

At that time, Sheik laughed and made a speech.

“It will be a bigger help than I thought.”

A cold voice to myself.

His gaze headed for Grand Commander’s Baton.

“It’s not just Grand Commander’s Baton that can give you that.”

The smile on my mouth became thicker.


* * *


“Stop it!”


“Drill it!”

There was a tremendous shout in which all the body creeps.

Voices full of poetry.

Soon after, through the shout, the voice and the siege hit the ear.

visor! Fight! visor! Sweeee!

Sparks blew and blood bloomed.

Arupu forest, half a day south of Royal Capital Miller.

The beautiful forests and fields, which were originally known as places for royal and noble outings, were turned into disastrous and terrible battlefields.

“Speed ​​up your army! Send a signal!”


The brisk order was quick.

ridge! ridge! ridge!

Soon, a large flag fluttered with drums.

As soon as the lie was stopped, the army stopped and ran the ranks.

“Richard Troop, Neiman Troop!


The orders continued to pour.

At that time, the drum and the trumpet sounded loudly, and several flags wobbled.

What is surprising is that the Troops, who have been ordered each time, move without any error.


The man in charge of various orders in front of the middle army asked for it.

‘So far we have managed to prevent it, but the difference in history is too big.’

The man who was staring at the battlefield with a bunch of face-ups was the Tale Corps’s Corps Commander and the Three-Thousand-man Captain Sammy.

Sammy, who was led by Tale Corps, who was in charge of each Fief defense following Roan’s orders, built a line of defense in the Arpegu Forest in response to news that the allied forces of Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu were advancing to the Royal Capital Miller.

‘We have at most 10,000. That’s over 50,000. ”


I was once again dumped.

‘In the end, we have to retreat to the Royal Capital Miller.’

I wanted to keep it to the end as much as making Miller Castle a battlefield.

Large and small castles and villages scattered around the area, centered on the Royal Capital.

If Royal Capital Miller became a battlefield, we could not protect the nearby Castle and Village.

“Kallum and Lucan have a terrible loot, and mean and terrible things are going to happen.”

So Sammy chose the field instead of the Hussain and tried to block the Kallum Lucan ally anyway.

In the process, Sammy overcame his forces five times or more different and was blocking the advance of the guys for about ten days.

It was possible because of the efficient Troop organization, the good command system, and the excellent soldiers there.

Of course, it was also possible because Sammy had the command to take full advantage of all this.

“Vice-Corps Commander! The army is collapsing!”

Thousand-man Captain One shouted as he ran.

“I do not give a breath to breath.”

Sammy laughed and watched the battlefield.

Certainly, the rank of the army was collapsing rapidly.

However, it was not possible to send troops and middle forces.

‘Let’s step back.’

I was forced to keep more than I was lost only my troops.

‘At this point, people near Royal Capital would have avoided themselves.’

I wanted to believe that.

“The army retreats. The reserves of the middle class are on the right.”

“Yes?! He, is that …?”

The surrounding commanders were surprised.

Sammy nodded.

“Retreat to Royal Capital Miller.”

Difficult decisions.


Several commanders were immersed in it and swallowed it.

His throat was full of anger.

It was unfortunate that I had to step back like this.


“Retreat … Wait!”

Commanders above Thousand-man Captain barely heard the word retreat.


Soon the sound of the horns rang out in all directions.

Troop Commander, who boasted Sammy’s closest neighbor, flocked to the side.

“I will assume the post.”

“No, I’ll take it.”

Pouring fidelity.

But Sammy smiled faintly and shook his head.

“The best elite Troop in Tail Corps is Impes.”

Impes Troop was a Samcheon ligament with Sammy as Troop Commander.

“I will take over the post, I will withdraw all!”

Sammy said with a determined expression and voice.

“Vice-Corps Commander!”

“You can not!”

Several Troop Commanders stood in their heads.

Sammy ‘s eyes were sore.

“Denying orders is a serious military offense! If you do not retreat right now, you have to ring your neck.”

Sharp living has been driven.

“Vice-Corps Commander …….”

The Troop Commanders looked at Sammy with a hot tear.

Sammy, who was making a tough face, burst into laughter.

“I told you I would take up the post, I did not say I was going to die, I will complete my mission and I will be back, so let’s retreat.

At that point, many Troop Commanders could no longer be stubborn.

“Vice-Corps Commander, you must come back.”

“We will be waiting for you at Royal Capital Miller.”

Sammy nodded his head instead of the answer.

Soon many commanders began to retreat quickly, led by Troop.


The sound of the horns of the horns that signaled the retreat sounded louder.

Sammy smiled as he turned around the remaining Impes Troops.

“I’m sorry to drive you into limbo.”

At that point, the soldiers smiled and shook their head.

“Who else can take on this important mission?”

“Is not that all because we’re good at it?”

“Together, it is an honor to be able to fight to the end.”

Surely Impes was a strong army.

Sammy nodded and pulled a long sword.

There was a huge number of Kallum Lucan coalition in front of me.

“Attack quickly through forests and hillsides and quickly retreat.”

I was going to slow down the enemy’s chasing speed by repeatedly hitting and falling.


All of the Troopers took a pilgrimage and replied with one voice.

Sammy screamed as he watched as he retreated.



The Troopers spear and they kicked the horse.

Sammy and Impes Troop soldiers reminded him of a salmon.

It looks upside down the troopers flowing roughly in one direction.

It was indeed a courageous and reckless advance.

“If you want to go to Royal Capital Miller, cut me out!”

Sammy giggled and wielded his sword.

Stand up! Granny!

With a creepy sound, a number of enemy soldiers fiercely ran down.

visor! Fight! Spit! Stick it!

Sparks fluttered with the song.

His neck was cut off and his limbs fell.

“Damn it!”


“Chase! Chase!”

Some Troop turned their horses to avoid Sammy and Impes Troop.

Of course, Sammy could not stand still.

“Block! Block the chase!”

On the left and right were forests and hills.

If the enemy could push it, there was no place to go any further.

If the horses can only run where they can run smoothly, they can slow down the chase.

“Damn it!”

“Drill! Kill!”

“Head to head!”

Kallum Lucan The soldiers of the allied forces screamed with a frustrated look.

The Sammy and Impes Troop soldiers who seemed to be in front of the large army with a small number of soldiers seemed the same.

Their attack was fierce.

Stick it!


One sword pierced the abdomen of the Impes Troop soldier.

There is nothing strange about leaving it as it is.

However, the soldier grabbed the sword penetrating his abdomen with his left hand.

“Crunch. I will keep your neck if I go.”


The enemy soldier who poked the sword into a pussy was embarrassed and tried to take out the sword.

But the Impes Troop soldier’s sword was faster than that.


The blade scratched the enemy’s neck at once.

But the soldier who pierced his abdomen could not avoid death.

He smiled a faint smile, staring at the dignified Sammy, who was besieging the enemy.

“Vice-Corps Commander.” I am going first, Vice-Corps Commander, please come very slowly. ”

That was the last.

The soldier was fingered and lost his life.

He was not alone.

The Impes Troop soldiers were losing their lives one by one everywhere.

But when they die like a strong army, they die with one more enemy, even if they die.

“Guys, gods!”

“I have all these cubs!”

Kallum Lucan ‘s allied soldiers shook their heads with a whacked face.

Sammy looked proudly at such Troopers.

“Do not make your death in vain.”

He lifted mana out of his body and drove the enemies even harder.


“Come on!”

The enemy soldiers fell down without any interruption.

But Sammy was also limited.

Gradually weakened by the enemies who came back without a break.

Physical limit.

Even mana in the body was showing the bottom.

“Okay, that guy is getting tired now too!”

“A monster! How long is it?”

Kallum Lucan Allied soldiers tongue their tongue.

The sun that floated above his head came down to the west.


Sammy led one of the Troops to a 50,000-strong pursuit for quite some time.

‘You have to step back, back.’

Sammy bit him.

After avoiding hills, hills, or forests, we had to prepare for counterattack once more.

“Get back! Get back!”

I ordered it.

But there was no one to hear.

No, I could not.

The attack from the front was so wacky that I could not afford to step back.


“Shut up!”

Impes Troop soldiers fell one by one.

The remaining number is now less than one thousand.

“Stay back! Stay back!”

Sammy stepped forward alone to protect the dying soldiers.

A momentary enemy offensive poured into Sammy.

Several of them were able to avoid it.


“Vice-Corps Commander!”

“It’s dangerous!”

Sammy’s life was in jeopardy in exchange for saving soldiers.


Sammy bit him.


The army was torn and the armor was torn in the attack that poured out like bee everywhere.

Fortunately, there was no big wound, but red blood ran on the face and limbs.

‘This is the end.’

Sammy had a long breath.

The moment I felt my end, my mouth went up slowly.

‘There is no regret.’


‘It’s a pity that you can not keep your lord to the end.’

I thought Roan would go to the higher, the wider.

Sammy wanted to see him by his side.

A face full of faces came up.


Then a few swords and spear came flying in front of me.

If you swing your sword, you could hit a couple of them, but that was the limit.

The rest of the sword and spear will penetrate the whole body.

Sammy breathed deeply.

I did not want to die sulky when I died.

He opened his eyes and made a brighter smile.

‘Lord. I am only ……. ‘

I gave the last greeting in.

No, I was going to hand it over.

Greetings did not come to an end.


With a huge roar, a red wall and a fire wall rose in front of my eyes.


Sammy frowned at the sudden appearance of the festival.

All the sword and spear that had been flying toward himself disappeared as the ashes.


I wanted magic, but I shook my head.

Because the mana unique magic was not felt.


At the moment Sammy circled the eyes with low elasticity.

At the same time, my body was creepy.

The person who made the wall of fire, he knew who he was.

The smile that filled the face became thicker.

The wall of fire, which had soared high, disappeared.

“What, what?”

“What was that just now?”

Kallum Lucan Allied soldiers are stunned by what happened just before.

Sammy looked at it and said with a loud voice.

“You guys, you better run away now.”

At that point, the soldiers put on their nose.

“Huh! What the heck are you talking about?”

“Did you go crazy before death?”

I was pissed off.

Sammy stepped back one step at a time.

The surviving Impes Troop circles, too.

They also noticed who created the huge fire barrier that just soared up.

I was relieved with a smile full of faces.

Sammy spread his arms wide.

“He came.”

The enemy soldiers frowned at the unknown words.

“Is that him?”

Sammy smiled and laughed.

“Crimson Wargod …….”

When the horse reached there.


A roaring red fireball fell from the sky with a roar.



There was huge wind pressure everywhere.

The fireballs on the ground, surprisingly it was a young man wearing a red armor.

A man holding a black spear in one hand and emitting a black and red flame.

Sammy shouted with a loud voice as he looked at his back.

“Roan Lancephil!”

A fireball fell from the sky.

He was Crimson Wargod Roan Lancephil as Sammy said.

Roan laughed grimly and turned Travias’ Spear.

“I’ll burn everyone.”

A good voice filled the battlefield with the wind.

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