Chapter 227


Tears came up with elasticity.

My heart ran fast.

Sammy, a Corps Commander and Impes Troop following him, trembled in the sight of what was happening in front of him.


The pillar of fire rose with the roar.

Between the blue sky and the green earth, there was a red flame.

A flame boasting a high, low, long and short space.

Everything started with a spear.

No, precisely it started with a spear, and a quivering battlefield.

Crimson Wargod Roan Lancephil.

He interrupted the pursuit of the allied Kallum Lucan with great honor.

“He is our lord.”

Sammy and the soldiers muttered with a half-hearted look.


Again with the roar, the pillar of flourished.

At the same time, dozens of enemy soldiers were thrown into the fire everywhere.

“Shit! Shoot the arrow! Shoot the arrow!”

“Make it a hedgehog!”

The commanders of the allied Kallum Lucan cried with a red-faced face.

The terrain was not good for the press of the head.

Roan did not break away between the hills and the hills.


The voice of the evil voice rang the battlefield.

Soon, hundreds of archers shot arrows.


Arrows full of sky.

“Listen to the shield!”


Sammy and Impes Troop soldiers shouted with a small shield, Parma.

On the other hand, Roan stood alone and stared at the arrows flying toward him.

“Ha ha ha! Die! This monster!”

“Die, die!”

Commanders and soldiers of the Kallum Lucan coalition poured out curse.

At that time, Roan, who was standing still, spiraled away.

The moment a giant fire flashed into the sky.

A huge fire barrier was created overhead.

Burberry Burberry Burberry!

The arrows could not penetrate the barriers of fire and all turned into ashes.

Another once again opened.


Sammy and Impes Troop, who were hiding under parma, were resilient.

On the other hand, Kallum Lucan Allied soldiers were overwhelmed by Roan’s appearance.

“It’s a monster.”

“Not human.”

Roan’s force was far greater than rumors.

The lead of the pursuit was backed away.


“Move away! Move!”

A thunderous voice burst out of the rear of the allied Kallum Lucan.

At the same time, the soldiers who had been asked to do so were scattered to the left and right, creating a path.

“Roan Lancephil! I am Octavia Johnson of Diesu Kingdom!”

Octavia Johnson.

He was only known as Baron, but he was known to be a great performer so far as to have his cousin, Lucan Diesu, at close range.

“Let’s fight it once!”

Octavia wanted to shake Roan’s neck and shake his name.

Young leader’s unique breath and resonance.

He unfortunately did not realize that he was not Roan’s opponent.

Two heads, two heads!

The sleek gama ran wildly.


The gorgeous long sword of Octavia cleared the space.


Roan went back to the floor as if he had waited.


The new model became cloudy when I shook my shoulder to the left and right.

Toss it!

Octavia ‘s long sword broke the air.

Roan pierced the side of Octavia across the space.


Travias’ Spear moved like a dancing.


A sharp spear cut the neck of Octavia at once.

“Turn it off.”

Octavia did not strike back properly and fell to her body.

“큭! Baron!”


Several commanders and soldiers screamed and screamed.

Roan slowly took his breath and stepped back in the back.

He knew where he was and how he should fight.

A calmly submerged eye scrutinized Kallum Lucan Allied soldiers.

At that time, once again, a rumbling sound came out from behind the guys.

“Stupid things!”

The person who appeared with a spooky voice was a middle-aged man with a gorgeous armor.

Roan was also familiar.

‘O’Neill Bass Tad or …….’

One of the 3rd Prince Kallum Rinse’s grandfather was rumored as an appendix in the southern part of Rinse Kingdom.


O’Neill picked up a long sword and rattled once again.

“The enemy is only 2,000 people! Attack and attack! Eventually they will collapse!”

It was also rumor.

He abhorred what he did as a strategy or a tactic.

I thought that if I was a man, I would have to face the front and win the victory.

At that time, a commander was crying and shouting.

“Ha, but Roan Lancephil is a monster. None of us can beat that monster …….”

The horse did not reach the end.


O’Neill swung the sword and cut off the commander’s neck.

He screamed with a hard, hard look.

“Roan is a human being! He is the same person who sheds red blood! Fight! Continue to attack and attack!

It was O’Neill who made the difficult command too easy.

Kallum Lucan The commanders of the allied forces and the soldiers were struggling to move.

At the moment, O’Neill’s eyes lived in the two eyes.

“These gods!”

At the same time, a long sword once again cleared the space.

Stick it!Β Stop!

Suddenly, nearby soldiers were throat cut.



Surviving commanders and soldiers picked up the wind and trembled.

O’Neill wielded a long sword once again, looking at it.

The bold momentum spread out everywhere.

“Those who run away die in my hand! Attack! Attack!”

“Yes, yes! Yes!”

Terrified soldiers shivered and shook the ground.



The attack, which began as chased, was more violent and ruthless than before.

It is a struggle to live.

“Wow, your lord.”

Sammy looked back at Roan with a little nervous expression.

Roan stepped back further and made a hazy smile.

“Sammy, do not worry.”

A pretty voice.

“I did not come alone either.”

Sammy’s eyes grew bigger in the end.

Other Impes Troop soldiers do the same.

The face was once again anticipated.

“Ho, were not you alone?”

Sammy asked carefully.

Roan once again stepped back and took the floor with Travias’ Spear.

“Because I am fast …….”

The smile on my mouth became thicker.

“I just arrived a little early.”

Scary to end.

Pooh Pooh Pooh!

Horn trumpet sounded the battlefield.

It sounds like an echo from everywhere.

At the same time, large and small flags rose above the surrounding hills.

<Roan Lancephil>

<Amaranth Troop>

<Lancephil Corps>

Then the sound of the shout burst out.

“Wow ah ah!”

The soldiers who appeared closely along the hills.

The elite soldiers of Lancephil Corps are in full enclosure.

“Huh ?! Uh …….”


Commanders and soldiers of the Kallum Lucan coalition were greatly embarrassed by the sound of shouts from everywhere.

Roan looked at him quietly and spoke again with a small but powerful voice.

“I’ll finish it in a hurry.”


The flames soared in the spear.

“I’m a little busy.”

It was true.

Roan had a lot to do yet.

After facing 50,000 Corps in front of me, I had to speed up the advance and evaluate the area around the southern Kingdom.

‘We must defeat Kallum and Lucan and save the Kingdoms.’

Even at this moment, the Southern Kingdoms will spend a day in pain.


The spear grabbed the grip and grabbed power.


The sound of the trumpet sounded more loudly.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Thousands of soldiers and horsemen on the hill began their fierce and wild assault.

It was an attack reminiscent of rough waves.


Roan rushed to the floor and ran toward the allied Kallum Lucan.

“Damn it! Stop it!”

O’Neill screamed as he shook his head.

I do not back down like a cloak, but I try to fight.



With the roar, the flames once again rose.



With screaming, dozens of soldiers were thrown into every direction.

O’Neill also turned the flames over.

“Damn it! Let’s fight flamelessly!”

He shouted with a spark of armor.


In the moment O’Neill Roan appeared.


The sword and red flames that flowed in the red armor gradually decreased.

Roan’s mouth had a hazy smile.

“If you want, I will.”

Relaxed appearance.

“this guy!”

O’Neill kicked out the horseshoe with Houttong.

A giant swordsman waved a space aiming for Roan’s crown.


O’Neill was convinced of the victory.

I was confident to split Roan’s head on both sides.



Roan disappeared with the wind.

At the same time, an enormous number of spears appeared that could not be counted.


O’Neill instinctively pulled the long sword and tried to hit the spears.

But the spear pierced the body after passing O’Neill’s blade like a wind.

“Do not be ridiculous …….”

O’Neill is still blocking his body with his sword.

He bowed his head and looked down at his body.

There were no small scratches on the gorgeous armor.


As soon as I coughed out, red blood flowed out of those little holes.

O’Neill lifted his head again and looked at Roan.

Roan, who had just disappeared, was right in front of him.

“This, this is what kind of …?”

It was a ghost story that I never dared or heard.

Roan gently waved Travias’ Spear.

“Travias’ Spearmanship.”

The spear broke O’Neill’s neck.

“Travias’ Spearmanship ……. It was a terrible and incredible revelation …….”

That was the last word O’Neill left.

Come on.

The spear cleared his neck.

It was a futile death of a leader who led a Corps of 50,000.

The death of the commander was enough to stir up the confusion of the soldiers.

“Ah ……. Corps Commander …….”

“Retreat, retreat! Run away! Corps Commander died!”

The Kallum Lucan coalition collapsed sharply.

Lancephil Corps did not miss this breath.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The sound of the sound of the earth shaft became more disturbing.

Lancephil Corps became a huge wave and swept the battlefield.

Finally, the southern plains of Roan Lancephil began.


* * *


“Hahaha! I did not know that the southern Pyeongjeong would be so easy!”

Lucan Diesu was the one who picked up the glass with a pleasant smile.

Kallum Rinse, who sat on the other side, smiled and laughed.

“It’s all thanks to Prince Lucan.”

“It is a jubilant, and what I have done is … hahaha!”

Lucan laughed again once again and vacated the liquor at once.

Kallum was also quick and empty the cup quickly.

Lucan looked at him quietly and said in a humorous voice.

“Allied vanguard Corps is on its way to Royal Capital Miller, so there will be good news soon.”

At that end, Kallum smiled faintly and nodded.

“O’Neill Bass Tad has led 50,000 troops and will be able to drop Royal Capital Miller without any major problems.”

A confident voice.

Kallum thought that if he were really O’Neill, he would have left Royal Capital Miller.

‘Roan Lancephil is unconvinced of dealing with Simon from the west of the Kingdom.Β It’s not a situation to pay attention to Royal Capital. ‘

Unfortunately, Kallum was very dark with the ejaculation and information.

He had no idea that Roan had already reprimanded Simon and reassessed the western part of the Kingdom.

Lucan laughed and nodded.

“Hahaha! Sure! Sure! Appearance O’Neill Bass Tad Viscount will be able to capture enough Royal Capital Miller.”

On the surface, I am really pleased.

Lucan, however, was black and black.

‘Crack.Β But it’s hard for you guys to drop Royal Capital Miller easily. ”

The purpose of Lucan is to split the Rinse Kingdom into two or more Kingdoms.

Kallum, who ruled the South, did not want to fall to Royal Capital Miller and work with the Rinse Kingdom.

‘We have been told to drag the battlefield to the disadvantage of the appendix O’Neill Bass Tad is not easy to direct our Diesu Kingdom army …….’

When you think about it.


The door of the banquet hall opened up and a disgraceful soldier of the flesh appeared.


The music that filled the banquet hall with the sound of crying quickly stopped.

Kallum, Lucan, and many other nobles and leaders staring at the soldiers frowned.

The soldier knelt one knee and bowed his back.

“Allied Forces Corps Plane Royal Capital Miller A battle took place near the southern Arfeu Forest and as a result was wiped out! O’Neill Bass Tad Corps Commander was a warrior in battle!”


In the moment, there was a huge shock in the banquet hall.

“What is the annihilation?”

“That’s true!”

Here and there the nobleman yelled.

The soldier replied with a loud voice, swallowing the dry spit.

“Yes! True! O’Neill Bass The Allies led by Tad Viscount went into battle when they met Tale Corps near Arpeau Forest while they were on their way to Royal Capital Miller.”

“If it’s Tail Corps, is Roan not the garrison he has deployed to various Fiefs around the Royal Capital Miller?”

“We have not been able to penetrate the garrison that Corps was scraped here and there,” he said.

The question seemed to be unbelievable.

The soldier hesitated for a moment, but replied with a low but powerful voice.

“Roan Lancephil has appeared.”


Once again there was a huge shock in the banquet hall.

This time I went down to the awful silence.

The presence of Roan and the appearance of Roan to the various nobles including Kallum was a great shock and horror.

It was Kallum that broke the silence.

“That’s where Roan and Lancephil Corps are heading now, no where!”

“This is coming to the Potter Fief.”

The soldier answered briefly.

Once again the silence fell.

Kallum and many other nobility faces were white.

But the nobles of Lucan and Diesu Kingdom were making strange smiles.

‘Things get better than I thought.’

It was an unexpected development that the Union Corps of 50,000 was annihilated, but it was very satisfying that Roan broke Kallum’s momentum.

‘You should make me a bigger debt.’

Kallum’s ankle was supposed to fill the shackles.

Lucan made a serious look.

“Your Majesty, I think the situation is unimportant.”

I deliberately laid my voice low and darkly.

Kallum nodded with a serious expression without knowing himself.

‘Greenhorn bastard.’

Lucan looked at the Kallum and said the following.

“I will contact my home country anyway, so I will have more troops …….”

When the horse came about.


Once again the door of the banquet hall opened wide.

This time, a neatly dressed knight appeared.

Somewhat impatient.

Kallum was uneasy and shouted in an annoyed voice.

“What’s the matter?”

At that point, Knight bowed quickly, kneeling on one knee.

“That … that …….”

But I could not easily tell if it looked too surprised.

Uneasiness aroused in the ballroom.

“Tell me straight!”

“What’s the matter?”

The nobles cried out to hide their insecure hearts.

Then Knight looked up and looked up at Kallum.

“As of, Roan Lancephil …….”

A chirping voice.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

The article was the back end with a short sigh.

“The envoy came.”

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