Chapter 228

Roan Lancephil’s reaper.

Several nobles, including Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu, were a bit nervous about the unexpected visit.

‘I would not have come in person myself …….’

Everyone’s eyes turned to the banquet hall entrance.

Phew for a moment.


The door that was tightly closed with the sound of the wooden Troop was opened wide.

At the same time, a simple but neatly conquered young man showed up in a staunch attitude.

It was very relaxed and courageous as it crossed the central space that extended from the entrance to the banquet hall to the patio where Kallum and Lucan are located.

“Huh? Is he …?”

“I heard that the news was lost …….”

“You seemed to be part of the Roan Lancephil camp.”

Some noblemen watched the young man and navy.


Kallum blew out low elasticity.

The young man approaching himself was a familiar man.

“Do you know?”

Lucan looked up and asked.

Kallum did not answer.

No, I did not have to answer.

The young man who arrived under the chairmanship greeted him in the manner of the noble and said his name by himself.

“Sheik Wiggins greets Prince Kallum Rinse.”

In the young man, he was Sheik Wiggins, head of the 12 Hatchlings and Baron of Rinse Kingdom.

At the end of the introduction, the surrounding nobles stood up and rattled.

“The prince!”

“Your Majesty is the only king who inherited the reign of the Rinse Kingdom!”

“It’s rude!”

Kallum and his followers argued that they themselves are the Rinse Kingdom, and that Kingdom is not Rinse, but South Rinse. The kingdom of King Rinse is also called South Rinse Kingdom. I was stubborn.

Of course, Roan and other middle-class nobles and Senate did not recognize it.

It is for this reason that Sheik treats Kallum as a prince rather than a king.

“Sheik Wiggins Baron. It’s been a while.”

Kallum, who was staring at Sheik, growled with a low voice.

The unpleasant tone was strong.

“1st Prince Simon joined the shamans to destroy the Kingdom, and 2nd Prince Tommy had a different name, so I was the only one to take over the Kingdom’s throne. Everything was a decision for the Rinse Kingdom and was a cause. ”

Both eyes gleamed with blazing light.

“You are a nobleman of the Kingdom.”

The same momentum came out.

But Sheik still had a comfortable, cool look and attitude.

Even he smiled a faint smile.

“Did you come to the throne formally? Who set it up? Did you receive the kingdom of the kingdom and its sentences, or did you receive the recognition of the Senate, the nobles of the nobles?


Kallum tried to answer quickly, but Sheik did not even breathe, leaving behind.

“Liss Kowan Duke, a Count, seventeen Viscount, twenty Baron. Except for the knight or baronet, you have received support for a total of thirty-nine people, even the thirty-nine number of local bows and decadent nobles It’s a whole number. ”

The smile on his mouth thickened.

Kallum did not disrespect.

It was the same with other nobles.

There was no doubt that the number of the Nobles whom Sheik had revealed was one.

‘Everyone would be surprised.ย I was surprised when I first heard it. ”

Sheik smiled as he watched Kallum, a half-hearted person, and the nobility’s expression.

He also doubted his ear when he first heard the information.

‘Agens led by Chris, Tenebra troop led by Keep Troop Commander is great, even to Evishun, which was founded by Ian Phillips … It is safe to say that Count Lancephil does not know anything.

It was the same as holding the entire Rinse Kingdom in one hand.

Kallum, who was sleeping at that time, said with a frown.

“I know what you want to say.All right.You might say that I came to the throne a little bit prematurely.But I do not have any difference in the situation wide and far away.I am the only person to take over the throne of the Rinse Kingdom.I rather That’s the problem. ”

Kallum ‘s fingers pointed to Sheik.

“Sheik Wiggins Baron.” Roan Lancephil, who you are following, is a god who has pledged allegiance to the Count of Rinse Kingdom and the Rinse royal family, and that he is a sword to me as a royal family – a terrible rebellion and a disgraceful betrayal. ”

The voice grew bigger and bigger.

I got confidence.

“If it is, Roan Lancephil should drop my armor and weapons right now and run to me, and I have to chuck my head in. I have a mission and responsibility to help me fix the country and rebuild the Kingdom,” sheik Wiggins Baron said.

Scary to end.


“Roan Lancephil is a noble of the Kingdom and must be loyal to the Rinse royal family!”

“The act of Roan Lancephil is a treason that can never be left or condemned!”

The nobles raised their voices and struck them.

‘Ohh.ย It’s fun. ‘

Lucan, who kept his seat quietly, smiled strangely, feeling the warmth.

Then she nodded, smiling faintly.

Count Roan Lancephil has a mission and a responsibility to rebuild the country and rebuild the Kingdom, but ……. ”

The smile became thicker.

“Count Lancephil does not have to get his head on King Prince Kallum and there is no reason to follow his command.”

“What, what!”

Kallum jumped up from the floor with a branch supple.

The nobles and leaders of the surrounding area also sprang to live in Sheik.

Sheik was still behind with a pretty face.

“Rather, Prince Kallum needs to be commanded and directed by Count Lancephil.”

“You look like Roan Lancephil and you’re a porn star!”

Kallum yelled.

Fight!ย visor!

Some leaders were unable to bear the sword.

The moment Sheik turned his head and looked at the guys.

“These guys!”

The hair of the hair is falling.

The leaders who pulled the sword stared at their eyes with a blank expression.

Sheik looked straight at the guys.

Cold and cold aura flowed in my eyes.

“I am a god who has been commanded by the command of a nation.

The momentum exploded.

Originally, Sheik had no intention of doing anything but had learned a certain level of Mana Technique as a descendant of the nobility.

“That, that …….”

Leaders swamped Sheik’s momentum and swallowed the dried spit.

Sheik turned his head again and looked at Kallum.

“Prince Kallum, it’s not me, it’s not me.

It was Sheik, a dignified and loyal, even in the presence of the only prince of the royal family who had sworn allegiance, even if he did not recognize him as a monarch or a monarch.

Kallum frowned over her and shook her hands toward the leaders.

“Take the sword.”


The leaders hesitated and stuttered.

Kallum’s face was well distorted.

“Stupid guys!”

The leader was reluctantly to catch the sword when the gong went out.

Kallum’s face was further distorted.

‘Stuffy guys.’

There was no one leader who could comprehend his own heart and swing his commands glaringly and swing his sword.

He comforted his frustrated heart and stared at Sheik.

“Sheik Wiggins Baron. What does it mean to be ordered and directed by Roan Lancephil?

Sheik screamed and laughed scary after the speech.

“Prince Kallum, who do you think I came from?”

Suddenly I asked Kallum with a frown.

“You are trying to make fun of me now, are not you the envoy of Count Roan Lancephil?”

“It is half right, half right is wrong.”

Sheik put his right hand in his arms.

“I am the Count of Rinse Kingdom …….”

At the same time, I pulled out a piece of fabric of the size of the body only from the body.

Sheik grabbed both ends of the piece of cloth and spread it out wide.


Inside the blue fabric, two swords and shields were embroidered with a Rinse Kingdom emblem in the rounded pattern.

Sheik lifted the cloth high so that everyone could see it, and had a loud voice.

“I am the envoy of Grand Commander Roan Lancephil!”


In the moment, there was a huge shock in the banquet hall.

“Tae, Grand Commander!”

“Did Roan Lancephil become a Grand Commander ?!”

“Who dares to appoint a Grand Commander?”

“Is not it Senate?”

There were horrible voices bursting out here and there.

Sheik stood alone and exclaimed with a flamboyant expression.

“All in front of Grand Commander’s sentence!”

Dignity filled with dignity.

Some fragile civil servants and end commanders knelt down on one knee.

However, most of the nobles and leaders were looking at Kallum as they stood like a stone statue.

It was the same with Lucan.

‘Ohh.ย Grand Commander ……. ‘

He was still making a strange look, but there was a light of tension in the depths of his eyes.

Roan was moving a much larger plate than he thought.

Lucan sat down and looked at Sheik and Kallum alternately.

Now I just have to sit back and watch the situation.

There was silence for a while.

It was Sheik that broke the static.

“Prince Kallum, set an example in front of the Grand Commander’s sentence, if …….”

The voice sank low.

“If you do not have an example, it will soon be rebellion against the Rinse Kingdom.”

At the moment Kallum and the faces of the various nobles were visibly distorted.

If she does not admit Grand Commander as Sheik says, the claim that Kallum and other nobles have taken over the reign of the Rinse Kingdom has become a ridiculous claim.

In addition, it would be Kallum, not Roan, to have the sword in the Kingdom and cause rebellion and rebellion.

Kallum could not speak easily.

Sheik, on the other hand, scratched the inside of Kallum once again with a very relaxed smile.

“How would you like to do this, or would you like to throw yourself away from Rinse Kingdom?”


* * *


Spot!ย Pababababat!

It was followed by an eerie plosive sound.

The lighter spear filled the space and the sharp spear cut the air.



At that time, several enemy soldiers lost their lives and rolled the ground.

A brilliant yet efficient, fast and powerful method.

The spearman, who wears a red armor and steals the enemy in the forefront, was Pierce.

“I am right Crimson Wargod Count Roan Lancephil’s right arm! Pierce!”

He has been in a much more aggressive battle than anyone else as long as he had left Roan.

Thanks to the Lancephil Corps and Tale Corps southern advances, they were quicker and easier than any advance.

“I knew Pierce was a genius, but it’s really awesome to see him again.”

Austin, who was watching the battlefield on the hillside, touched his tongue.

Austin and Pierce were colleagues who fought together since the 42nd Division of Rose Troop.

At that time, Pierce’s talent was so great that it was in the hands of the squad, no Troop, no Corps.

Eventually, his talent enabled him to become a disciple of Viscount Reil Baker, the best spearman of Rinse Kingdom.

“If Pierce returned a little earlier, would not the war of succession have already been concluded?”

At the end of Austin Roan seemed to have a hazy smile instead of an answer.

No denial, no affirmation, no ambiguous expression.

Austin looked at Roan like that, but he soon began to shake his head again.

I realized that it was not easy to hear the answer.

Instead he asked another question.

Maybe it was the most important question in the situation right now.

“Lord, will Wiggins Baron be all right?”

Even if you think about it, it is not a good idea to send an envoy to enemy base in a situation where battle is fierce.

‘But because Ian and Swift suggest that it’s smart … … and Wiggins Baron, he also wanted it strongly.’

I am a bit worried though.

Roan, who looked at the battlefield, replied with a faint smile.

“Do not worry, even Prince Kallum will not be able to kill your enemy.”

“But if you do not kill, you can do something badly, you can capture it and use it as hostage.”

Austin’s words were obvious.

But somehow, Roan was very casual and relaxed.

“If so …….”

I smiled at my mouth.

“Thank you very much for us.”

“Yes? What is it …….”

Austin turned into a strange look.

Roan laughed and turned his head and looked to the south.


“Yes, please.”

Austin swallowed the dried spit without even knowing it.

Roan’s mouth smiled more and more.

“I did not send an envoy to Kallum Rinse.”

“Yes? What do you mean by that?”

Austin was once again puzzled.

Roan whispered in a small voice.

“Sheik Wiggins Baron …….”

The eyes shone and shone.

“He would have picked up steel swords and porters.”

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