Chapter 231

Baron was excited.

‘Lancephil Fief Army is definitely tired!’

I just crossed the Parkes River.

Even the right camp was not equipped.

The child, who had not been able to establish a major in the past, became a small vanguard.

There were several competitors, but I was able to get permission from Kallum Rinse thanks to the speedy movement.

He soon assembled a new type of Troop, the Vanguard Warriors and New Cadillac, in the army and army.

At the same time, he stepped out of the camp and drove to the Lancephil Fief Army on the foot of Maiel’s mountain.

Two heads two heads.

The sound of horseshoe hurriedly beat my ears.

My chest jumped quickly.

‘If you finish this battle well, you can get the trust of your majesty.’

In addition, I was able to name a leader who won the Lancephil Fief Army, the Kingdom’s strongest.

A little far away, I saw the Lancephil Fief Army and spoke his right hand.

“Charge! I sweep at once …….”

But unfortunately the momentum of the call did not end.


One arrow pierced Isaac’s forehead.

One arrow pierced exactly through the brow.

It was indeed the skill of demons.

She held her small tongue and turned her eyes upside down.


It was a faint warrior.

“Huh ?!” Troop Commander! ”


The soldiers who followed him screamed with a surprised expression.

The Adjutants on the left and right rushed to speak and settled Isaac’s body.

More than 5,000 spearheads, the New Cad Troop, hastened to slow down.

Everyone seemed to be embarrassed.



The sound of a magnificent horn hammered me in the ear.

The soldiers’ gaze naturally turned forward.

Two heads, two heads!

A red horse riding violently with dust clouds Troop.

Lancephil Fief Army was a counterattack.

Since the Fief Army’s Doha was still underway, the number of combat troops was not so great.

But it was not the level that you could see.

All of the 2,000 counterattack Troop consisted of Legionnaire.

Moreover, the face of the five commanders who led them was more splendid.

Sammy is not afraid of melee, brave Sammy.

Archer genius Harrison.

Brian’s article of brilliance.

Unpretent genius, Pierce.

And Crimson Wargod Roan Lancephil, who falls under the influence of these people.

These five forces leading Troop at the front were really great.

Five thousand New Troop soldiers retreated unaware of their own.


“Retreat, retreat! Retreat!”

One of the many Adjutant shouted.

An instinctive choice to survive.


“Yes, please!”

Another Adjutant gave a completely different command.

The 5,000 soldiers were not even able to do this, but they were overwhelmed.

The absence of a commander was much more disturbing than I thought.

Right then.


Hundreds of arrows cut through the sky with a sharp pore.

“Damn it!”


Newc Troop troops were scattered all over the place with a quick shield.

Suddenly the ranks collapsed.

The sprint strike, which had been in good spirits, fell into a pit at one point.

Fur Burberbuck!

An arrow poured over it.



Some of the soldiers were unable to escape and fell to the shape of a hedgehog.

Naturally, the Troop heat became looser.

Roan and the four leaders did not miss the opportunity.


Roan and Legionnaire came into the gap.


Travias’ Spear followed the sword and flames.

A path of fire was opened between heaven and earth.

The spark blew every time the spear danced.

Spit!ย Puk!

“Shut up!”

“Ah, ah!”

Several soldiers were thrown out with fireballs or fallen with their throats cut off.

Apparently Trocop has more than twice the number of troops, but it is the Lancephil Fief Army’s counterattack Troop, which takes the lead in the battlefield.


With the roar, the pillar pushed around Roan.


The enemy soldiers who ran down fell into fire.

“Shit! Shoot the arrow! Arrow!”

The Adjutants of Newcord Troop screamed as they pulled the bow.

The soldiers rushed back to Roan and grabbed the rope.



Pierce appeared in front of them with a sweet voice.


At the same time, the spear bent like a shovel, and then the spear swung back and forth.

The speed that can not be followed by the eyes.

Fur Burberbuck!

With the weighty sound, the bows on which the New Cad Troop soldiers were carrying were all broken.


“Do not say that!”

The soldiers swallowed the wind in a surprised expression.

They grabbed the sword of the waist dancing again to face Pierce in front of them.

But somehow my hands and my head did not move as intended.


The moment everyone is puzzled.


A red solid line was drawn along the neck and wrist.

Head and hands that slip smoothly and fall apart at the same time.


The dead bodies with the blunt sound collapsed back and forth.

Pierce is a neat cut to the neck and hands of the enemy soldiers as well as the bow in a single attack.

“Big, monster!”

Newc Troop soldiers screamed in their eyes.

My whole body shook.

At that time, an incredibly bright light flashed in front of me.


The soldiers closed their eyes without their knowledge.

“I closed my eyes during the battle!”

Along with Ignor, a sharp sword came out of a giant beam of light.

The long sword was dancing and the New Cad Troop soldiers slaughtered the space.

The protagonist of the light was the brilliant Knight Brian.

“Stand up, keep your ranks!

“We still have the troop number!”

The New Cad Troop Adjutants encouraged the soldiers.

The soldiers who were loose and scattered gathered in this.

I have improved my fortune and equipped myself with a solid form.

A situation where it is difficult to strike or attack.

But right then Sammy led the Legionnaire to the ground.


It’s as fierce as a wild voice.

Leading Sammy, hundreds of Legionnaires clashed with Newcord Troop.


With the sound of a blunt sound began to compete.

The sword and spear struck at the close range.



Harsh words were poured out.

Spot!ย Papp!

The armor was torn and the skin split.

My life was endangered.

But in the midst of this, Sammy did not step back.

A warrior who is not afraid of death.

“Ahh ah ah!”

Sammy pushed the New Cad Troop soldiers against each other with a great deal of fondness and sworded them.

Legionnaire followed them.

Spit!ย Stop!

With the creeps, the arms of the enemy soldiers were cut off.

It was the moment when a tense power race was finally decided by Sammy’s victory.


“Mi, I’m pushed!”

The new Cad Troop, which had a hardworking form, once again collapsed before the fierce attacks of Sammy and Legionnaire.

“Oh, no!”

“I can not do this! Retreat! Retreat!”

“Return to the camp!”

Eventually the retreat order was dropped.

Using shields from his former colleagues, the soldiers in the rear began escaping toward the main camp of Maiel’s mountain.

“Sa, help me!”

“Take me, too!”

Leading New Cad Troop soldiers screamed quickly.

But there was no soldier coming back or coming back.

‘I lived!’

‘I’m alive!’

The escaped soldiers were satisfied with their lives.

His mouth came up slowly.

However, the smile disappeared as if washed away.

“Where to go!”

Together with the voices of the New Cad Troop soldiers, red riders appeared.

The horsemen fell flat on their bodies and rushed quickly to block the retreat.

At the same time, he twisted the torso and pointed at the New Cad Troop soldiers to the elongated palace.

A handful of archaeologists, one of whom is a Legionnaire.

The leader of these was Harrison.


A few dozen armed men followed the arrows horribly as commandments fell.

Fur Burberbuck!

Tens, hundreds of arrows pierced the New Card Troop soldiers who had escaped.

The archers were proud of their great speed.

Of course, Harrison was the most prominent.

He shot up to five arrows at a time.

Nevertheless, all five arrows pierced the enemy’s head and chest precisely.

Harrison was also the man who pierced Isaac’s mistress who was originally Troop Commander of Newcord Troop.

“It is the skill of the ghost!”

“It’s a ridiculous skill!”

Troop soldiers croaked and cried.

Even the response is abandoned.

I was just lucky and I was just praying to survive.

Two heads, two heads!

The horseshoe sound became more loud.

The New Cad Troop troops took the lives of escapes.

“Behold the thrush!”

“Get away!”

While Harrison and the archer were holding their ankles, Roan and Sammy, Brian and Pierce followed him and pounded.

Pierce’s spooky spearman.

Brian’s dazzling swordsmanship.

Sammy’s brave assault.

Harrison’s tight archery.

And Roan’s powerlessness over these attacks.

The aerodynamics of the five people were really powerful.

But in the first place, the number of Troop troops was so big.

Despite the bloody attacks, some of the Newc Troop soldiers were able to escape the pursuit and escape to the Kalu coalition camp on Maiel’s mountain.

“At most one thousand.”

Sammy smiled faintly and posted a report.

There were only a thousand enemies who survived and escaped.

The situation is the same as collapsing.

Roan, however, did not chase him.

“The enemy base came out.”

The various Troops that have been prepared for combat in the Kalu Allied camp have begun to emerge in earnest.

With only 2,000 counterattack Troop, they could no longer deal with them.

‘This is enough.’

Initially their purpose was to earn a very short time.

Roan pulled the reins and turned their horses.

“We are going back.”


Sammy and other commanders quickly responded and followed it.

Lancephil Fief Army A number of troops from the Kalu Allied forces flew radiantly behind Roan and his commanders heading for the base.

The scale of this was almost 10,000.

I felt the urge to wipe out Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army at once.

In Roan’s view, it is a crisis in the near future.

But his facial expression was still roomy.


Roan, who joined our college, called Austin.

Austin, who was watching Doha, rushes.

“Did you call?”

“Doha situation?”

In a quick question, Austin replied with a calm voice.

“Half finished.”

“It’s faster than I thought.”

Roan nodded with a satisfied expression.

He turned around and stared at the Kalu coalition that ran across the fields.

I had a hazy smile on my mouth.

“Move the cart forward! Place a magic wagon behind it!”


The soldiers quickly responded and moved quickly.

It has already been a long time since I was a movement that was familiar to me, but one was natural and soft.

The wagon, carrying the food and materials, came forward and took a long left and right.



The commanders climbed onto the cart and shouted.


The soldiers who moved the cart swiftly clung to the end of the wagon with the reply.


Two holes with palm-sized holes pulled up the tip of the wagon.

At the same time, the handles of the left-hand carriage fits precisely between the exposed holes when the car was tightened.

Then the palm of the hand pulled up was pushed down a tree of the size again, and it cut into the groove in the middle of the handrail handle.

Kee profit!

The soldiers stuck to each other, and they did not fall easily even if they swung from side to side.

Continuing to connect the cart in the same way, a hard temporary barrier made of wood was completed.



Over the next several decades, a huge magical wagon has settled behind the wagon at regular intervals.

The whole of the Fief Army could not be completely protected, but it was still equipped with a solid faction.

Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army, however, did not end with this.

Austin, who was looking at the situation, reported in a loud voice.

“The magic vs crossbow assembly is over!”

At that point, Roan nodded with a hazy smile.


A short order is dreadfully falling.

Spiral.ย Spiral.ย Spiral.

Together with the sound of the tree Troop, dozens of magic crossbows were placed in the space between magic wagons and magical wagons.

This was the first time that the Rena Magetower, the Technical Bureau, and the Alchemy Bureau worked together to improve the crossbow, which had a classic bar in Roan.

“I just wanted to save it until the war with North Rinse Kingdom, but I’m sorry.”

Austin turned his appetite and shook his head.

“I can not help but being in a situation.”

Roan responded briefly as if it was nothing, and sent a receiver.

Soon many soldiers appeared carrying wooden boxes of the size of a torso.


“The enemy is now in front of you!”

Harrison and Brian, who were watching the situation, shouted with a loud voice.

Roan nodded and sent a receiver again.

Austin, who was beside him, quickly screamed.


The soldiers opened the wooden crate frightfully as the order fell.

Inside, the fist-sized pits of an adult male appeared.

It was a strange shape, but it was a dedicated arrow, Lumas, of the magic vault.

There were fifty Lumas per wooden box.


Austin ‘s next order fell.

The soldiers quickly packed ten Lumas into a small groove in the Caraban of the Great Crossbow.

Then he pulled the long barrel with the Lumas.

This is profit!

A massive protest moved hard.

“Loading completed!”

“Loading completed!”

The soldiers who were attached to the magic large crossbow all responded with one voice.

Austin took a short breath and looked at Roan.

“Lord, we are ready.”

At that point, Roan nodded slowly and walked toward the wagon, serving as a barrier.

I saw the Troops of the Kalu Allied army rushing in the middle of the floats.

In a word, it is a gesture.

Roan stood still and gauged the distance, and very slowly took his right hand.

The Lancephil Fief Army soldiers who were watching watched their breath deeply.


Roan broke his wrist and sent a receiver.

Austin did not miss an order.

“Plate wear helmet!”

At the moment, the soldiers swept the front of the helmet with his left hand.

Get off!

With a cheerful sound, a new version of the song appeared on both eyes.

Plate Helmet.

It was made by a combination of Lancephil Alchemy Bureau and Lancephil Technical Bureau. It was made of a mixture of various minerals based on iron, and then punched dozens of small holes in it, and then covered with magic stone powder.

The Bender Troop, also known as the Twilight Troop, was the very first thing that used it.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

I heard the enemy’s horseshoe sound in my ears.

The prestige of the 10,000 troops was really great.

But Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army soldiers did not get tired of one.

Rather, he was ready to go out and fight.

“Prepare for battle.”

Roan’s soft voice flowed in the wind.

At the same time, the right hand held all the way fell to the front.

Austin yelled at him as if he had waited.


Finally, the demonstration of the magic vs crossbow was released.


A sharp siege hit the ear.

Lumas, flying through the sky, was shining in the sunlight.

It reminded me of a ball of light.

And finally Lumas came over the enemy’s head.

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