Chapter 236

“To be precise, it would be a good idea that there was no battle down fight.”

Viscount Heath Potter had a long breath.

“The Lancephil Fief Army squads did not hide in the hillside, on the side of the mountains, on the banks of the riverside, and they did not come out, but sometimes they threw arrows or bruised them and resisted them.”

“You did not hide out in the camp?”

Kallum Rinse frowned.

‘Lancephil Fief Army’s army and desperately fighting desperately in the army, but only the buttocks keep the seat?’

It was hard to understand.

Obviously, there was something wrong or something else.

Heath was quick to gauge the intentions of such Kallum.

“Actually, the messenger came from the camps before the battle.”


It was a series of things I could not understand at all.

Heath nodded.

“Yes, here is a letter from your envoy.”

He took out a piece of paper from his bracelet and handed it to Kallum.


Kallum frowned after reading the contents on the paper.

Heath said in a sagging voice as if he had waited.

“The Lancephil guys have been told they do not want to fight the Elva Dionell Baron.”

It was true.

Certainly, the letter contained these.

Heath’s words continued.

“We, and Dionell Baron, did not have any trouble,

“Actually, they did not respond to the battle?”

Kallum got the hang of it.

Heath nodded.

“Yes, I can not fight against guys who do not come out of the camp, I tried to attack the camp, but the positions of the camps were very effective, and I could not achieve my goals because of their security and stability.”


Kallum and Lucan had a low penetration.

Heath’s face hardened.

“In this state, you will not be able to battle any more, and you will just waste your time.”

It was simple to say, but it was more complicated than I thought.

Kallum’s face also hardened.

‘If it was an ordinary battle, there would be no big problem.’

Even if your opponent does not have a combat down battle, you can defeat enemy forces by moving your army and your army to win the battle.


‘We are allies. In this battle, the Diesu Kingdom army set up a big majors and our corps can not do anything,

In the future, there was a concern that it would take the initiative in the issue of papers and compensation.

The situation is supposed to be in the southern part of the Rinse Kingdom, including the Viscount Potter Command.

I did not even know if I had to give a bigger territory.

‘I can not do that.’

Kallum looked at Greg Sinais Viscount, which was a nuisance.

‘It is not good for me to go ahead and give orders.’

It was possible for Lucan to catch a black substance.

Both eyes shone and shone.

Greg, who had been looking at the situation at the end of the night, set his mind up.

Kallum’s intent was to see at once.

But his hair was not so good.

“If they do not want to hide out in the camp because of Dionell Baron, why do not you leave Dionell Baron on your side and turn the rest of your friendly forces toward the middle class?”

At first glance, it was a pretty good offer.

A small number of troops tied the feet of the enemy, but rather to strengthen the middle army to defeat the enemy base.


“That can not be done.”

Heath shook his head with a hardened look.

He looked straight into Kallum ‘s eyes.

“I tell you this, but I need to think about the worst.”

At that end, Kallum turned into a low voice.

“Do you really mean that Elva Dionell Baron may have been with Roan Lancephil?”

“Not necessarily.”

Heath shook his head.

But he did not even back off.

“But if that’s the case, really, if Dionell Baron is in a relationship with Roan Lancephil, the moment he turns his friendly army into a middle army, the whole army will fall into the hands of the enemy.”


Kallum shed a low penetration.

He was troubled with dirt on his lips.

Sadly, Kallum did not believe in his followers as well as Roan.

‘The victory and defeat of this great battle begins with a very small one.’

I did not have to make a bad situation.

Kallum nodded, gazing at Heath.

“That’s enough.”

He finally did not believe in Elva.

“Then what should I do?”

He asked the question lightly, pretending to be a little worried, and then solved his plans.

“I would rather have Elva Dionell Baron and his troops move to the middle army, and then organize them into reserve troops. It’s clear that Dionell Baron’s armed forces are excellent, You’ll be able to use it. ”

It was a good word to say that it was a part of the spleen, and that it was excluded from the battle in one word.

Kallum nodded slowly.

It was a suggestion that he wanted exactly.

“Good, I think it would be good for both Allied forces and Dionell Baron.”

Soon the order fell.

Heath ‘s mouth was leaning slowly up his head.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the army soldiers and the army soldiers seemed to be embarrassed.

I could not believe that Elva, one of the leaders among the various leaders, was organized as a reserve force.


Elva did not react to Kallum’s command, but took a long breath and led Troop to the camp.

Kallum had a cool look as if the sick suffered.

The battlefield was not bad.

‘Although we have not been able to win, we are in fact advantageous in the middle war.’

In addition, the Diesu Kingdom army of the army was already in a state of victory.

If you raise your army’s Kallum army, you could end the battle faster than you expected.

My heart ran fast.

The victory seemed to be in front of me.

The next day, the day began to blaze and the battle began.

The Diesu Kingdom army of the army increased the momentum and drove the Lancephil herd.

He took three more big and small camps and set up a big majors such as making the Lancephil camp fight back.

In the meantime, Jill Serra was also reassigned and reassigned Roan and Lancephil Fief Army.

It still maintained its whistle, but conquered three or four hills that were favorably located and favored by the land.

“What happened to his army?”

Kallum stood on the watchtower and looked carefully at the battlefields.

Greg answered with a faint smile.

“As Dionell Baron moved to the Middle Ages, there was a battle as well, conquering strategically important forests, hills and gorges, and robbing two enemy camps.”


Kallum smiled brightly and nodded.

Now I feel that the battle is flowing properly.

At that time, Greg had his appetite again, and with a sad face.

“It was just too strong to attack, but I was attacking deeply, and my general, Captain George Lopez Count, was seriously injured.”

Kallum frowned.

“What is the situation?”

“Fortunately, there is no big obstacle to life, but it will be difficult to carry out the post of chief of staff.”


In Gregg’s report, Kallum shed a low penetration.


When something good happened, bad things followed.

“Who will succeed as a successor?”

Kallum ‘s question was that Greg was puzzled for a moment and then answered with a low voice.

“There’s Viscount and Viscount Heath Potter, who used to be the Adjutants of the Lopez Count and who led the bandit.”

At the moment, Kallum ‘s eyes became round.


The name stuck right into your ear.

Heath posted his favorite remarks last night.

The worries were not long.

“I will appoint Viscount Heath Potter to the position of the ambassador.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Greg bowed his head with a wedge.

He also had no disagreement with the appointment of General Heath.

There was a noteworthy and loyal aspect, and it was one of the cherished commanders.

Appointment news was soon passed on to the camp.

The soldiers of Viscount Potter as well as Heath were greatly pleased and cheered.

But there was a person who was more pleased than these.

“Yes, finally became the chief of staff?”

Roan Lancephil was the one who laughed and laughed.

“Yes, the intelligence officer who was looking at the Kalu coalition forces posted a report.”

The man in black, happy, bowed his head.

Roan’s mouth smiled more and more.

“I know.”

When he answered briefly, the happy man concealed his trace like a fog.

Roan, left alone, nodded, breathing deeply.

“Now all the plates are made up.”

Satisfied voices filled the barracks.


* * *


“This is difficult.”

The elderly man, who had grown a white beard to his chest, shook his head again.

He was wearing brightly glowing clothing and an elongated hat.

Sitting on a gorgeous pedestal as a garment, I tapped my armrest lightly with my fingertips.

That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.

A cheerful sound rang.

“Do I have to kill Io Lancephil …….”

A voiced tone of pain.

Straight-forwarded men beneath the pedestal leaned over with a grim look.

They were also wearing purple garments like the elderly.

But the shape was much simpler and the hat on the head was much shorter than that of the old man.

That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.

For a while, only the knocking of the armrest filled the war.

How long has it been?


The old man stopped his fingers and smiled faintly.

“The Holy Word was heard.”

The men who were terribly afraid of falling horse fell on one knee.

The old man smiled brightly with both hands pinched.

“Send a lion to Mills Voiza and Clay, and I will give them the Holy Land.”

The men who were kneeling on one knee at the end replied with one voice.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Heu Heu Heu.”

The old man laughed strangely and nodded his head.

The identity of an elderly man wearing gorgeous garments and vases of purple light was Veldrica of Devesis Church, which all Empire and Kingdom believe in following.


* * *


“Damn! This is ridiculous! Are they really monsters?”

Greg Sinais Viscount screamed with both eyes.

He led his hand corps on the fifth day of the battle.

Unlike the squad and the army, the middle forces were still unable to overcome Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army.

But even though the Supreme Commander, Greg, led 20,000 soldiers, the battle was very tight.

“Those guys are the problem, those guys!”

Where Greg’s gaze is heading.

There were three leaders leading the Kalu coalition soldiers to death or slaughter.

ping! Fining! ping!

Along with a cheerful sound, sharp arrows separated the space.

Fuck! Fur Burberbuck!

The arrow pierced the soldiers’ forehead and necklace without any exception.

White hair.

Even with a single arrow, I even had three soldiers.

Harrison was the leader who showed a gigantic bow skill.

“Uh, uh, uh ah!

One of the soldiers turned their wings and fled to Maiel’s mountain.

Harrison quickly pulled the rally and grabbed the protest.

“It is impossible to run away from me.”


Device Geek!

The rope was bent with the sound of a wooden twist.


With a cheerful sound, an arrow flew over the sky.

The arrow swung wildly in the rough wind of the field.



The arrow pierced the soldier ‘s head in the exact same run.

It is hard to believe even with eyes.

However, the more unbelievable sight was spread out next to it.

Spot! Stop!

A sharp spear struck the soldiers with the wind.

The spear danced all the time.

Front and back, left and right.

The Kalu Allied soldiers rushed from everywhere, but no one could escape the keen kiss of the spear.

“It is.”

“Turn it off.”

Dozens of soldiers collapsed with the sound of boiling blood.

Blood was sprinkled along the spear rising toward the sky.

“Let’s do it.”

The spearman’s stature was Pierce.

He trembled with great spear and dug into the center of the enemy.



The enemy soldiers rushed as if they had waited.

But before they could move, they lost their arms and neck and fell helplessly.

I did not even see a spear that was about to wind.

Spot! Papp! Stop! Stick it!

Only sharp paws and an eerie plosive beat beat my ears.

Of course, at that time, the soldiers of the Kalu Allied Forces fell into a dead body.

“Shit! Shoot the arrow! Spear it!”

Greg shouted with his red-faced face.


Soon dozens, hundreds of arrows and spear covered the sky.



With the roar, the fire flashed between the sky and the earth.


The arrow and the spear disappeared as a handful of fire without penetrating the flames.

Black ash flakes like snow.

There was Roan wearing a red armor under it.

“A monster like …….”

Greg frowned over Mogan and looked at Roan.

My hands shook my feet.

But it could not escape.

No, I did not have to run away.

Obviously Roan, Pierce, and Harrison’s armed forces were terrifying, but they were also red blood shedding people.

‘The number of troops is at most 5,000. Push it. If you keep pushing even if you do not do it, you will eventually fall! ”

5,000 to 2,000.

It was a history difference that could not be fought in the first place.

“Attack! Attack!”

Greg shouted with a loud voice.


ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

In the Lancephil massacre, the drum sound of the retreat sounded loud.


Roan shouted loudly and turned his horse.

Five thousand Legionnaires, including Pierce and Harrison, started to retreat quickly.


Greg, who had given a powerful command to attack, stared at him with a strange look.

‘retreat? why?’

Obviously, the difference in military history was great, but it was not so bad that the lease was enough to retreat.

‘What else do you mean …?’

I heard from the doubt.

Thanks to that, I did not even give a chase order.

At the time, the sound of a horn was heard on the right side of the Corps.

Pooh Pooh Pooh!

With the long, grand sound, the large corps and the giant Corps were revealed.

“That’s …….”

Greg had two eyes circling within.



The Lancephil army, who had to face the army, appeared on the battlefield.

“Stand, do not betray?”

A terrible thought filled my head.

“Prepare to battle power.”

I gave a nasty command.

There was no anxiety.

Greg was not so smart, but he was very careful and worried about not being in-house.

At that time, a horseman ran like a fleet.

He shook his head with his arms wide.

“Lancephil army defeated! Lancephil army defeated!”

A successful war that I never thought of.

The horsemen laughed brightly and shouted once again.

“I will join the army!”

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