Chapter 238

Roan Lancephil has never met Viscount Heath Potter.

But it was not without the relationship at all.

‘Because I had the Flamdor Mana Technique I should have had Viscount Heath Potter originally …….’

Heath was the one who found Reid’s Flamdor Mana Technique in his last life.

Of course, I got caught by Edwin Voiza Duke as soon as I got it, but I lost my life.

‘Anyway, it was his, so I wanted to help him in some way.’

It was the same reason he had Brent’s ring instead of Aaron Tate and recommended him to the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander.

In the meantime, Kallum Rinse came to acquire intelligence that he was trying to redeem the southern part of the Rinse Kingdom, including the Viscount Potter Command, with Lucan Diesu’s hand.

Roan immediately notified Swift to Heath.

Heath, who was following Kallum, did not believe Roan’s words, but afterwards, Kallum and Lucan actually held hands and gave up Viscount Potter at will.

Roan did not miss that opportunity.

He persuaded Heath with the help of Swift.

Following the end of the War of Three World War, he promised to keep the existing Viscount Order and to win a big prize in the podium play.

Heath took Roan’s hand in the end.

I could not get the land that I lived in for generations as a family.

“Viscount Potter! Thank you!”

Roan shouted in a loud voice as he broke through the Kalu coalition.

Likewise, Heath, who was facing enemy soldiers, responded with a faint smile.

“Forgive what you have not followed from the beginning!”

Once I had a heart and made a decision, I never looked back again.

Roan smiled faintly and kicked the horseshoe.

Now it was time to concentrate on the battle, not the chat room.


Roan’s left hand moved quickly and delivered a signal.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

The sound of the trumpet sounded oddly, and the small flags shifted.

At the moment, the Lancephil army lined up in an oblique line and broke through the Kalu coalition.

Already in confusion, the coalition of the Kalu Allied army collapsed, unable to properly defend itself.

Five thousand reinforcements that followed the formations that followed were running.

“This, gosh …!”

Confident of winning, Kallum frowned in the face of Lancephil Lieutenant.

‘What the hell is this?’

I could not understand the sight in front of me.


The shivering pupil moved following Heath.

Heath Potter’s betrayal.

It was something I had never expected.

Heath Potter was one of his aides.

‘Is it because you decided to hand over Viscount Potter to Lucan?’

That was the only idea I had right away.

‘But when I unified the Kingdom, I decided to give up the yolk land near the Royal Capital,

It was a very attractive condition.

At that time Heath was very pleased and once again vowed absolute allegiance.

‘That was all acting?’

Kallum’s face turned dark.

While complex ideas continued, the Lancephil army, headed by Roan, was approaching every moment.

‘Damn it!’

I went up to the tip of my tongue.

An urgent gaze swept across the battlefield.

‘Fight? retreat?’

Judgment did not stand.

The number of troops still dominated by the Kalu coalition.

However, the whole army, which was the main force, was in a state of confusion and could not play a role.

More than anything.

‘I can not tell how many of you have betrayed me.’

The battlefield was so wide that the Heath-led army was divided into two armies, each running from the right and rear of Lancephil’s army.

Viscount Potter County on the right was obviously betrayed.

On the other hand, the forces behind the Lancephil army were not sure whether they were betrayed.

‘In this situation, I can not make a positive judgment.’

A situation where life could be dangerous.

The worst was to think of the case.

‘Let’s think that the whole army is betrayed. If that is the case ……. ‘

There were no odds in the present state.

Kallum broke it.

The anger grew sharply, but it could not indulge.

There was still a reserve force at the base.

In addition, there was the Diesu Kingdom of the army who succeeded in the victory.

‘I will step back and reorganize.’

The traitor was bitter, but it was not so difficult to think about giving up.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Kallum quickly turned the command and then turned his head.


The main commanders rejoined and followed it.

The 5,000 reinforcements, which had been in good spirits, hastened to retreat.

Roan and Lancephil also spurred the speed of assault.

Along with that, the Kalu coalition forces, who followed them, also speeded up.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

There was a strange chase of chasing and chasing, followed by chasing.

The retreat of Kallum and reinforcements led to the base of Maiel’s mountain.

‘Damn it! I’m concerned about the formation of the pursuit. ‘

Kallum frowned.

Roan and the Lancephil midfielder were caught up in the wrong form.

The retreating route was slightly subdued because of the long lagging squad of diagonal lines.

Even if I ran straight, my horse was slightly shifted to the east.

Of course, it was not such a big difference that there would be problems with the retreat.

‘But somehow, I do not know why …….’

I had an unpleasant aura on my back.

I feel like I forgot something important.

Two heads, two heads!

The sound of horseshoe hits my ear.

Kallum shook his head like he was trying to blow up a complicated idea.

The Kalu Allied reinforcements, led by him, broke through the hills and hills and ran quickly.

Roan and Lancephil also spurred the pursuit, but the distance was not narrowed.

Right then.


Roan lifted his left hand over his head.

Harrison, following his back as if waiting for a moment, shot up an arrow toward the sky.

Paii profit!

A sharp sound rang the battlefield.

It was early.

At the same time.


Lancephil Fief Army’s unique horn trumpet filled the battlefield.

What is surprising is that the sound was heard from the front, not from the rear.


Kallum felt like hairs all over his body.

My breath was blocked.

The sound of a horn was heard from his front hill.

An uneasy gaze led to the end of the hill.

That moment.

“Wow ah ah!”

With the sound of a great shout, Corps and Troop climbs up the hill.

<Tail Corps.>

<Piedes Troop.>

It was Piedes Troop who led the Lancephil army known to have collapsed.

The commander who led Troop was Austin, who never showed up during the battle.

“I have waited long, Prince Kallum.”

Austin laughed faintly and lifted his sword.


“Charge! Wow ah!”

As the order fell, the Piedes Troop soldiers headed for Kallum on a hill, furiously headed by Austin.

It was a situation where the retreated road was blocked.

Kallum became more and more emotional.

“Break it! Break it! I will return to the camp with all my strength!”

His face hardened.

‘Such a stupid!’

I was late myself.

‘If Heath Potter was betrayed, Lancephil would not have collapsed either!’

The situation was urgent and overlooked that part.

“Get out!”

Kallum kicked out the horseshoe, cutting down the Piedes Troop soldiers.

The surrounding Adjutant, the Knights, and the soldiers surrounded Kallum as he escorted him.

“We’ll be there!”

“Open the way!”

The raging gaggle rang the battlefield.

Stop! Stick it!

A fierce battle was unfolding with a creepy sound.

The reinforcements and soldiers were desperate.

Here I knew that if Kallum was caught or killed, it would all be over.

There was a fierce breakthrough that ignored my life.

Thanks to the Piedes Troop’s tight encirclement, there was a moment of loopholes.

“Break it! Break it!”

Kallum and reinforcements did not miss that opportunity.

Doo Doo Doo!

There was a fleeting break with the sound of the horseshoe ringing the earth.

“Stop it! Do not miss it!”

Although Austin encouraged him with a loud voice, it was not easy to deal with the articles that Legionnaire or General Soldiers set to die.

“I’m through!”

Eventually, Kallum and some soldiers broke through the network, starting with the knights.

Austin, Piedes Troop, Roan and Lancephil, who were chasing after him.

But Roan, as well as some of the commanders’ faces, was pretty and casual.

Roan pushed the reinforcements soldiers who failed to catch up with Kallum and speeded up their chase.


“Yes, Lord!”

Austin, who was commanding Troop without following Kallum, replied with a loud voice.

Roan flew past Austin and gave a new command.

“With the army base, follow the enemy to kill!”


Austin responded briefly and sent a signal to Piedes Troop.

For a moment Legionnaire and the soldiers ran to the side of the Parkes by turning their ankles.

It was to cope with the real Kalu coalition army that was chasing after Roan.

Roan was pursuing Kallum with only Amaranth and Viscount Potter troops in Troops.

There were no cases where two different clans crossed, running in the opposite direction, or clinging or bumping.

The Lancephil Fief Army was a strong army of well-trained robots.

“Damn it, that monster!”

Kallum looked at Roan as he was following him.

It was awful.

He was not merely strong.

Roan did not know the impossible and give up.

‘It is a moment to come to the end of hell.’

I was sick.


“Go, let us stop!”

“Turn it off!”

The general soldiers who followed Kallum were knocked down by Roan, Amaranth Troop, and Viscount Potter.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Kallum spewed out his disgust.

His face rose red.

The gaze naturally headed to the base of Maiel’s mountain shore.

“What else is Elva Dionell doing? I have to lead a reserve force now and save me!”

It sprang to Elva.

This time the gaze headed west.

“Lucan Diesu, this stupid guy, you know what we’re doing and we’re going to be attacking him.”

I think Lucan is going to be on the gauntlet.

At that time, a familiar sound dug through my ear.

Paii profit!

It was early.

Kallum looked back quickly.

It was an arrow shot from the Lancephil Fief Army.

Puuuuuuuu! Pooh! Pooh!

Once again, the sound of a horn was heard in the forward retreat.


Kallum blew a long sigh.

The Lancephil Fief Army, with the Troop machine on the left, between the forests and the hills was revealed.

It was the Triaron Troop belonging to Lancephil who was known to have collapsed.

“I was waiting.”

Baron, the Troop Commander, spoke the same words as Austin.

At the same time, I raised my right hand.

“Charge! Catch Prince Kallum!”

“Wow ah!”

Just as Piedes Troop, an assassination charge began.

“Damn it!”

Kallum opened his eyes.

There was nothing left to do.

He grabbed the dick hard and kicked his horseshoe.

Gunma cried painfully and covered the ground.

“Drill it!”

“Secure a retreat!”

The surrounding knights swung their swords, ready to die.

“Shut up!”

“These barbarous men! This is the only king of Rinse Kingdom!”

“Die, these guys!”

Houton and Ivar hit the ears.

“That’s your idea!”

“Where is the king of the royal family, the king without the kite?”

Triaron Troop soldiers sneered and sword and spear.


“Shut up!”

The knights of Kallum were busy, but they could not deal with all the soldiers who were running from everywhere.

Soon he pierced his sharp sword and spear sideways and his chest, arms and legs.

An early warrior at the end of the battle.

But their death was not in vain.

Kallum was able to escape through the siege again, thanks to the knights fighting for his life.

“Follow me! Do not miss the prince!”

Baron screamed, swinging his sword.


“It’s okay.

Roan shook his hand as he passed by.

Baron nodded slightly instead of the answer.

I already knew what Roan meant.

Paii profit!

The third ceremony, like waiting, flew toward the sky.

Puuuuuuuu! Pooh! Pooh!

Again, the majestic horn of the trumpet sounded on the battlefield.

Kallum, who barely escaped through the siege, spat out a long breath.

“And again …?”

Kallum gazed at the hills and Maiel’s mountain, just before his eyes.



The hills and hills, as well as Maiel’s mountain along the foot of the large and small Corps tanks and troop gushed up.

A long, endless procession of flags.

ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

The drum that filled the atmosphere filled the battlefield.


Unbelievable situation, no situation I do not want to believe.

Not to mention the retreat, it all fell into the hands of the Lancephil Fief Army all the way to the foothills east of Maiel’s mountain, where the original Kalu coalition army was located.

I could not go back to the main camp.

“Turn off, I mean the end …….”

A vocal voice came out.

At that time, the nobles, knights and soldiers who were still guarding Kallum were clamoring.

“It’s too early to give up!”

“Right side, right side!”

“The road to the west is still open!”

“Break it down and join the army’s Diesu Kingdom!”

Thoughts were poured out.

Kallum looked west.

Unlike the south and the east and the north, the west had poor security and loopholes.

It seemed possible to break through any time if it tries at once.

“phew …….”

Kallum had a long breath.

The expression was not good.

“Do not you think you’ve opened the way for purpose?”

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

“Do not you think that great Roan Lancephil has left the western zealot alone for no reason?”

Self-motivated questions followed.

Nobles, knights and soldiers could not easily answer.

Kallum looked back at their faces and spoke again a long breath.

“Yeah, let’s see it once.”

The gaze on the west looked sharp.

“It would be better to sit still and wait for death.”

A slim voice.

Kallum pulled the reins back and kicked his horse.

“We’ll take the lead!”

“I will pierce the road!”

Knights and soldiers ran ahead of Kallum and wielded a sword.

Kallum followed suit and watched it, and there was something I wondered about.

‘Come to think of it…….’

The gaze headed towards the Corps and Troop of the Lancephil Fief Army towering above the hills and Maiel’s mountain foothills.

‘When did Roan make such a force again?’

It was something I could not understand.

Back then, Roan, Amaranth Troop and Foster Viscount were on display.

A relaxed look and attitude unlike a chase.

Kallum bit his lower lip.

‘Are you laughing at me now?’

Sadly, the prediction was a hit.

There was a grim smile on Roan’s mouth.

‘Kallum Rinse.’

A gentle gaze followed Kallum ‘s back.

‘Run away and run away.’

It was Roan’s meaning that made all the holes to escape.

Because I wanted something else.

His gaze turned to heaven.

The bright sun shined the two eyes.

‘If the sun goes down …….’

A cool light flowed through the eyes.

‘Your life will also be made.’

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