Chapter 239

“Huck, huck.”

The rough breath rose to the tip of the tongue.

Kallum Rinse looked back and forth with his pale face.

The number of nobles and commanders, knights and soldiers who followed them have now decreased to a noticeable number.

Fortunately, the Lancephil Fief Army’s encirclement has been broken.

‘No, they opened the way …….’

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

Two heads, two heads!

Kallum kicked his horse and ran to the west and west.

I was planning to join the Kalu Allied forces, led by Lucan Diesu.

As we passed through the hills and hills, a clear field appeared.



Kallum pulled the little pigeon with a surprised expression.

Gunma, which ran fast, slowed down slowly.

“Crown Prince?”

An embarrassing voice.

In his reach, there was a 10,000-strong Allied army of Kalu, led by Lucan Diesu.

“Why is this place ……?”

It was something I could not understand.

The Kalu Allied army, the Diesu Kingdom army, had been victorious enough to push the Lancephil army back.

By now, you have to be farther north than your current location.

“Why is the King’s Majesty such a place …?”

It was the same with Lucan who was upset.

He frowned upon his head with a frown.

The two eyes converged with a complicated light.


Then, with a low sigh, the face was lightly scratched.

Lucan clung to Kallum and said in an urgent voice.

“I received a letter from the commander of the army, Viscount Heath Potter, who was in a trap of enemy troops and was in danger of collapsing the army and the life of his king was in danger.


Kallum had a deep sigh.

Roan had already written to the Diesu Kingdom.

Kallum shook his head with a twisted look.

“Heath Potter is a traitor. He betrayed us and attached to Roan Lancephil.”


Lucan circled his eyes.

Kallum quickly explained what had happened so far with his subtle voice.


All of the story, Lucan shed a low penetration.

A cool aura turned to the neck.

“I do not want to think about it, but I do not think there was any reason why Lancephil, who we were dealing with, was defeated.”

Frankly, it was Lancephil Fief Army’s unbeaten defeat.

Moreover, it was impossible for Roan who was well-prepared to make a poor preparation for his army.

At that time, the Coal Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Viscount, gave a short sigh with both eyes.

“Then I saw Lancephil, who had been defeated to move to the base,

“The resistance is strong.”

Lucan was the last.

Yesterday and today were not able to catch the victory easily, unlike the early days when we were winning.

Now that I’ve come to think of it, I think it’s all part of Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army.

The hairs of all the body were tightly bound.

“Maybe I should move in haste.”

Lucan looked around everywhere.

Anxiety that Roan could not figure out what he was prepared to do was a part of his whole body.

“I can not attack Lancephil’s friend again because the situation is …”

Kallum took a short sigh.

“Maybe I should get away from this place.”

Still, it will be easier than retiring alone because of the history of the Diesu Kingdom army.

Lucan nodded slowly.

“Where would you like to retreat, Roach Castle?”

Originally it was right to retreat to Rochy Castle, a temporary Royal Capital.

It was a good place to rearrange the Corps because of the abundance of supplies and food.

But Roach Castle was the lead of Viscount Potter before the temporary Royal Capital.

“It would have passed to Roan too.”

Constructing a camp at the foot of Maiel’s mountain, Roch Castle’s security and defense was assigned to Viscount Potter.

When Heath was betrayed, he also betrayed Roach.

Lucan frowned.

“It’s not good.”

It was not simply because one sex was crossed.

The Kalu coalition is now being used as the base for Roach Castle.

If Roach had been cast into Roan’s hands, there would have been a problem with supplies and supplies.

Kallum and the surrounding commanders were also aware of this fact.

“I think I should go to Hart Ford Castle anyway.”

Hart Ford Castle was located further south than Loch Castle and was a short distance from the Diesu Kingdom.

The material and food were not as abundant as Roach but the walls were high and hard, so it was easy to spread the temple.

“Let’s wait for the Diesu Kingdom’s troops there.”

“That would be great.”

At the end of Kallum, Lucan nodded.

There was no other way to come up.

Soon, 10,000 troops, headed by Kallum and Lucan, headed southward.

Roan and the pursuit were not seen whether it was glad or unhappy.

No, not exactly Roan and the pursuit.

Roan, too, was deliberately slowing him and following him away from Kallum.

“Can I really chase this?”

When Pierce asked cautiously, Roan nodded with a gentle expression.

“Do not worry, we just have to keep track of the guys as far away as we are now.”

The gaze went north.

“They can not run away anyway.”

Roan’s chasing after them is in contrast to what he expected from his retreat.

Fortunately, everything has been done as planned so far.

Pierce laughed and nodded.

“Yes, the plan was really great.”

A proud voice.

“Who said they drafted this plan?”

Pierce repeatedly asked.

Roan smiled and replied briefly.

“Swift, Beulo, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, Nuns.”

The names of the six succeeding ones.

Later, they were called the brain of Lancephil.

“The future of the manor is bright.”

At the end of Pierce Roan shook his head.

He spoke in a humble voice.

“It is not a manor.”

The smile on his mouth was thicker.

“The future of the country is bright.”


* * *


“Sin, I’m sorry.”

At the end of the last words, one knight lost his life.

There were already dozens.

Kallum and Lucan breathed a long breath with a devastated look.

‘It is awful.’

‘Is that Roan Lancephil’s skill …….’

I was sick.

No, to be honest, it was scary now.

Kallum and Lucan sat on the horse and looked around.

The troop, which was close to 10,000, has now fallen to less than half.

In particular, the aristocracy, commander, and knights, who can be considered as elite troops, suffered a great deal of damage.

South, Heart The road to Ford Castle was a way to hell.

Lancephil Fief Army was revealed wherever he went, wherever he wondered.

The surprise is the fact that their identity is the Lancephil hero that the Diesu Kingdom counterparts had.

‘Lancephil’ s army had retreated backward and divided his troops. I’ve been ambushed on the way to Ford’s castle in advance. ”

It was hard to believe.

It was hard to understand how to pull troops out of fierce battles and send them elsewhere, but what was even more surprising was that Roan and Lancephil Fief Army were predicting Kallum and Lucan’s heart to Ford before the battle began.


A long breath came out by itself.

I was terribly tired.

It was on the verge of a sudden surge in surprise attacks.

I feel like I just want to sit back and relax.

But now was not the time to spare.

“Get up and start again.”

Kallum encouraged the wounded and caught the horse.

Of the 5,000 surviving soldiers, only half of them were born.

The soldiers were tired.

I forced myself to follow Kallum and Lucan.

They crossed the hills and hills again and crossed the forests and rivers.

The hard march continued.

Right then.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The sound of the horseshoe rumbling through the ears.

Kallum and Lucan, dark shadows on the faces of soldiers following him.

‘I mean the end …….’

Kallum was disappointed.

The situation was not good.

The soldiers were carrying their injured body to the forcing.

Now, once again attacked by the Lancephil Fief Army, there was a great deal of trouble.

There was a bitter light on both eyes.

It is the same with Lucan.

‘Is my choice wrong …….’

The first time I went to the face I was always confident.

Even if I kept my seat without greed, I could climb the throne.

Lucan, however, could not be satisfied with what was given to him.

I had a bigger dream and I took Kallum’s hand for that dream.

What is the result of the selection?

My life was in danger immediately.

My head was complicated.

Kallum and Lucan laughed and looked at each other.



A familiar voice dug through my ears.


Kallum and Lucan looked at the direction in which their voices were heard with wondered eyes.

The place where the gaze headed is a hill which rises to the edge.

Within a few minutes the corps rose, and a group of crowds appeared.


Kallum burst out with a moderate resilience.

It was not an enemy.

It was not the Lancephil Fief Army.

A Corps sprang up the hill and fluttered in the wind.

<Dionell Corps.>

The identity of the group was the Dionell Fief Army, led by Elva Dionell.

The Corps, which was formed as a reserve force in the middle army base, revealed a moment of despair.


Elva was the one who shouted loudly.

She was full of big and small wounds that had gone through quite a lot of battle to the place.

Elva was also tired.

She fell down from Gama and knelt on one knee before Kallum.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little late.”

A good voice.

She was a great heroine.

Kallum looked at Elva with a gaudy eye.

When I saw her for the first time in a situation where I was ready to die, the feeling I felt was definitely joy and relief.

But soon my mind fell and bitter emotions filled my head and my heart.

‘I am sorry, but the moment I admit Elva …….’

It becomes a form of acknowledgment of oneself mistake.

Even if it was not, I could not be a loser myself in the place where the game was played.

My eyes were worn.

I have eaten my heart.

“Elva, did not you see that Heath Potter betrayed the middle and reinforcements in crisis?”

I do not have a nonsense.

Elva still bowed her head to one knee.

“It took me a long time to see the battlefield so far away, and I tried to get out of there, but Maiel’s mountain, as well as the nearby Fief, fell into the hands of Roan Lancephil.

“Shut up.”

Kallum shook his hand and broke the horse.

The battle is to take responsibility for the crushing of Elva.

“Because we did not save you on time,

Kallum suddenly closed his mouth and opened his eyes.

Eyes went beyond Elva to Dionell Fief Army, who just arrived.

Like Elva, it was one of them.

But among them, there were those who were wearing clean clothes alone and a faint smile.

Kallum shook his body.

“Sheik Wiggins!”

Thunderstorms burst out.

Kallum was looking at Sheik Wiggins.

“Nice to meet you, Prince Kallum.”

Sheik greeted her with a loud voice.

The moment Kallum’s face rose red.

“Elva! What the hell happened to this! Why is he here?”

I feel like hearing will fall off.

Elva replied with an embarrassed look.

“Sheik Wiggins is an enemy lion.

When the horse approached it, Kallum waved his hand without enduring it.


Elva’s face came back with a cheerful sound.

Kallum hits his cheek as hard as he can.



Dionell Fief Army commander and soldiers all frowned.

I press it with anger.

Elva looked at her hands as if she were alright.

Above it, Kallum’s profanity was poured out.

“This stupid year! Do not you know what the situation is now? Our lives have reached a stalemate! It is a thorny one!” But are you worried about the life of the enemy lion in this situation?

When the horse came about.

“Prince Kallum, no, Kallum.”

A low, silent voices ranged coolly.

The main character of the voice was Sheik.

He had a hard, hard look with a smile on his face.

Sheik moved slowly toward Kallum.


He passed by the commander of the Dionell Fief Army and naturally drew the sword of the waist dancing.


The commander, who was stripped of his sword, reached out later, but was pushed back by Sheik’s gestures.

Sheik was also an aristocratic housewife and was learning more than a normal level of Mana Technique.

“You, this young lady is now pointing at me at the sword!”

Kallum stepped back and yelled.

Sheik smiled faintly and nodded.

“I made a hand out to my friend.”

“Chi, friend?”

Kallum frowned and looked at Sheik and Elva alternately.

“Sheik Wiggins. I pulled back the sword.”

Elva got up from her seat and stirred her hands.

Sheik looked at her and smiled.

“Elva. I can listen to whatever you say, but I can not listen to that request.”

At that end, Elva asked in complex expression.

“Why? Because I am a friend?”

Sheik did not immediately answer, but looked at Elva quietly.

He shook his head with a short breath.

“You’re not just a friend to me.”

The smile became thicker.

“I’m a friend I love.”


At the moment Elva’s face rippled.

Both eyes shook sharply.

‘Do you love me?’

I thought it was a crush on my own.

Sheik did not think of himself as more than a colleague.

‘Well, when did you start?’

Elva looked at Sheik and smoked her lips.

Sheik was counting the minds of such Elva.

“When the war of succession began and the twelve Hatchlings were killing each other and killing each other, I would know that you are what I am …….”

Bitter, self-conscious eyes.

Sheik quickly spat out a long breath.

“I’m sorry to be like this, but I could not stay still because I saw a loved one hit.”

He soon pointed at the sword towards Kallum.

Kallum yelled at him.

“This, this crazy guy!

He gestured toward the surrounding knights.

“Kill this guy!”

As the order fell, one knight approached her to Sheik.

He was one of the surviving survivors of the Lancephil Fief Army’s numerous ambushes.


Knight took a long sword and settled in front of Sheik.

“Bare necked at once …….”

Houtong did not last until the end.


The thrill of the knight fell to the bottom of his feet with a creepy sound.


Kallum swallowed the winds and stepped back.

The gaze moved along with the sword ‘s owner.

“Elva, why are you …….”

Elva was the one who stood up to the knot.

She kicked her knuckled kneed and slammed it, then stood up at Kallum with a long sword.

“Your Majesty, I can not help it.”

Elva’s eyes turned to Sheik.

“I also want to protect someone I love.”

A fine voice flowed on the wind.

“This, these crazy guys …….”

Kallum spit out his obsession.

His face rose red.

The barely holding cord of reason was cut off.

“Kill them! Kill those two years! I will give the Count to those who cut Elva and Sheik’s neck!”

The unconscious command has fallen.


Knights and soldiers who followed Kallum swallowed dry saliva.

Both eyes shone with a hot aspiration.


They pulled the sword and headed for Kallum.

It was to cut Elva and Sheik’s neck.

Elva pointed at them with a dirty voice and gave a commanding voice.


The command was very simple.


The Dionell Fief Army responded briefly and then hit the ground.

There was not a single soldier in charge.

They were followers of Elva, not Kallum.

“These stupid guys!”

Kallum shrieked screaming.

When the Count was awarded, the soldiers of the Dionell Fief Army thought they were going to freak out for Elva and Sheik’s neck.

He misjudged that all the people in the world would be of the same race.

visor! Fight! visor!

The battle began with a chant.

The Kalu Allied soldiers, whose plaintiffs were originally wounded, did not become Dionell Fief Army opponents.

Especially Elva and Sheik were so great that all the soldiers who had stumbled on were all dead bodies.


Kallum shook his body with his fist clenched.

There was nothing that could be done according to his will.

Then Lucan approached and said in a low voice.

“It’s hard to work, I think we should get out of it.”

Several knights and commanders have been selected.

Kallum reluctantly nodded and stepped back.

At the same time, I ran to the south, kicking the horse.

“Do not miss the king!”

Elva later found Kallum’s escape and yelled out loud.

She shook her head with a faint smile.

“Let it run away, because you are going into the coffin by yourself anyway.”

“Ah …….. Is there any plan for the future?”

When Elva asked in an incredible expression, Sheik nodded silently.

“It’s amazing. In the beginning we were not Count Lancephil’s opponents.”

Elva paced her tongue.

The Dionell Fief Army quickly overtook the Kalu coalition soldiers.

Even so, the Kalu coalition soldiers lost much of their strength and ability, and Kallum and Lucan, as well as the commanders, all lost their focus.

The battle ended much cheerfully than I thought.

“We clean up the battlefield and heal the wounded.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Corps soldiers at Elva’s command had time to rehabilitate.

At that time, a group of horses and hills were exposed.

Roan and Lancephil Fief Army who were chasing after the distance effortlessly.

“Sheik Wiggins Baron.”

Roan drove Gunma and approached him with a faint smile.

Sheik smiled brightly and bowed his head.

“I am worried about God.”

At the end, Roan laughed and shook his head.

“It’s all because of your abilities.”

The gaze naturally turned to Elva.

Roan did not say anything.

Eventually, Elva bowed deeply first.

“If you want my neck, I will be willing, but please save my soldiers.”

Attitude toward heroine.

Roan shook his head.

“What I needed was not your throat.”

A word to say.

Elva breathed deeply and bowed her head again.

“Thank you.”

A voice with a little strength.

Roan pulled the reins and turned their horses.

“Thank you to Wiggins Baron, for he has committed himself to you for life.”


Elva blew low elasticity.

Sheik smiled silently.

“It’s hard to take a break and we’ll follow Kallum.”

At the end of Roan, Sheik and Elva bowed slightly.

“Thank you for caring me.”

Their faces looked very relaxed.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.


Soon after, the shorts and chases followed Kallum.

The pursuit was very relaxing as before.

Instead, the Lancephil group, who was ambushing from the front, tormented Kallum and Lucan.

Knights and soldiers lost one or two lives in a series of off-season attacks, and eventually Kallum and Lucan, only two, remained.

“Roan Lancephil. He must be playing with us.”

At Lucan’s end, Kallum nodded silently.

Obviously it was a very embarrassing situation.

However, somehow I felt relieved in my face.

“Roan Lancephil, he’s obviously a great guy, but I think he made a mistake this time.”

Kallum pointed forward with his fingers.

Lucan moved his gaze to the end with a strange look, and within a short time he smiled brightly.

Beyond the rugged hills, there was a small castle surrounded by solid walls.

“Heart of Ford Castle.”

At the end of Lucan, Kallum nodded slowly.


I smiled at my mouth.

“Roan seems too relaxed.”

“We would not have survived to the end and did not expect to arrive at Hart Ford Castle.”

The two of them took a long breath and kicked the horseshoe.

With repeated battle, mana and stamina had already bottomed out, but in the end, the feeling of survival came to fruition.


Guma fell down with a tough maneuver, knowing he had done his part as soon as he arrived at Hart Ford Castle.

Kallum and Lucan walked to the castle without even looking after them.



Violent men and citizens flirted with both eyes as they watched Kallum and Lucan.

“Lung, Your Majesty?”

Kallum, Lucan, Kalu Allied had already once been a Pearl of Heart Ford.

Thanks to the general citizens, Kallum and Lucan could see their faces.

Kallum screamed at his face.

“Close the gate! The enemy will come!”

“Bring something to eat! Clean water and new clothes are needed!”

Lucan screamed, too.

But somehow the stewards and citizens stood still and stared at Kallum and Lucan.

It was snowing.

“Everyone’s blocked up!”

“Bring something to eat!”


“Your Majesty’s soldiers take away everything and have nothing to eat!”

A sharp voice struck my ear.

At the moment, Kallum and Lucan’s face were visibly distorted.

“Who is the one who just shouted before?”

Cool voice.

“If I do not show up right now, I’ll cut off all of the guys here!”

Continue to shout.

“I can not come out now!”

Kallum gave two eyes and looked over the citizens.

The citizens stood still and stared straight at it.

‘The atmosphere is not that bad …….’

Lucan, who was beside him, first noticed a strange mood.

Numerous citizens gathered around the gate.

Everyone looked sharp and sharp.


Lucan sneered at Kallum, still on the run.

Kallum, who was driving the citizens as much as he could, was frowned upon.

“Look around.”

Lucan said with a little nervous expression.

Kallum looked at the surroundings, still wondering.


Low elasticity flowed out.

Citizens who filled the neighborhood.

They were pouring forth a sharp force.

“These, these …….”

Kallum stuttered with a slightly embarrassed look.

“Well, I will not be able to step back now! Where is the castle, castle?”

I do not want to be overwhelmed by the momentum and intentionally raised my voice.

But the atmosphere did not change easily.


“The castle died in the hands of His Majesty!”

“I am dead in my hand, what is that?”

Kallum screamed seizure.

Again, somebody shouted.

“The soldiers of your Majesty have taken away their food and their possessions, and they have gone out of their way to spoil the wives of the city, and have been thirsty for the persecution of the king’s soldiers!”


Kallum and Lucan broke off with a slight resilience.

I finally remembered.

Two men, the ANKALU alliance, the evil and the atrocities committed in the Ford castle here.


A dry spit passed.

‘Not good…….’

The two men retreated behind their backs.

But there was no place to run away completely surrounded by the citizens.

“No, go away, and if you go away now, I will not ask for your sins.”

It’s still a bit of a scare.

The citizens did not move and kept their positions.

“Joe, good! I will release the riches and make a great reward for those who are damaged!”

Now I wrote a recurrence.

However, the cold momentum of the citizens did not get better.

Then someone raised his voice and shouted.

“No matter how great a reward you make, your dead wife does not come back alive!”

Soon there was a crying voice burst out.

“My daughter!”

“My parents do not survive again!”

“Poor my children!”


It inflicted terrible sorrow and anger.

“Uh, uh …….”

Kallum and Lucan were greatly embarrassed by the resentment.

I would have picked up my sword right now, but now I’m out of mana and stamina.

Only two people could not cope with so many citizens.

“Die! This is the devil!”

“You are not our King!”

“Where is the king who kills his people and raids him?”

Citizens began to throw things at hand.

“This, this!”

“These crazy things!”

Kallum and Lucan spit out their gossip and escape.

But the number of citizens was far greater than I thought, and the things they were throwing were far more than that.

Puk! Fuck! puck!

Blunt plosive sound.

Not to mention cups, trays, farm tools, and even stones that rolled around the floor.

The citizens threw everything into their hands.


“Shut up!”

Kallum and Lucan crouched down and sat down.



Citizens reminded me of a flame.

The plural flames did not easily disappear.

“Turn it off.”


Kallum and Lucan lifted the floor with blood.

“This, these lowly things ……..”

Kallum shook his hands and spit out his obsession.

He could not believe the present situation.

It was the same with Lucan.

‘I, Lucas Diesu, the Prince of the Diesu Kingdom, is stoned and crawls on the ground!’

I have never even imagined a situation.

Fuck! Fur Burberbuck!

Stones and objects continued to divide space.


Now the bones are broken and the breath is blocked.

If it was wrong, it seemed to miss the cord of life like this.

“Buy, buy, save …….”

Gear was begging for his life.

Kallum and Lucan picked their heads.


Humiliating situation.

The citizens nodded in a frosty expression.

“I begged my daughter to live like that!”

“But what did your boys do?”

“I cut my arms and cut my neck with a knife!”

“Die! Your boys are begging for their lives too!”

They threw stones and objects again.

Fuck! Furberbuck!


Kallum and Lucan breathed a sigh of relief and gave up their whole body.

‘Is it like this …….’

Right then.


The floor shook tremulously with the sound of a magnificent horn.

‘Sound of horseshoe?’

Kallum and Lucan instinctively lifted his head and looked at the gate.

The citizens who threw stones and objects were carefully scattered.

Through a wide open gates, a group of crowds showed up.

<Amaranth Troop.>

The giant troop towering behind the gorgeous Troop machine boasted tremendous utility.

<Roan Lancephil.>


Kallum and Lucan had a deep sigh.

Finally, the pursuit, led by Roan, arrived at Hart Ford Castle.


Roan fell from Gunma and stood before Kallum and Lucan on the floor.

“Turn it off.”

Kallum shook his body with the blood in his mouth.

He desperately looked up and looked at Roan.

“Oh, come on, I am,” I said, “I can not die like this.

He burst into tears like a child.

Roan looked at the scene and sent a signal to his left hand.

So two soldiers rushed to Kallum and knelt down.


The bones were all shattered, and severe pain was transmitted.

“Turn it off.”

Kallum kept raising red blood.

“Sa, help me live.”

He kept begging for his life.

‘I, I am a royal family. Roan Lancephil will not kill me either. ‘

Vague anticipation.

Unfortunately, Kallum still did not know Roan.

Roan stood in front of him and touched Travias’ Spear of the waist dance.

“Kallum, the Grand Commander of the Rinse Kingdom, I will ask for your sins.”

A tremendous momentum came out.


Kallum shook his body.

I wanted to yell, but my voice did not come out of my mouth.


Travias’ Spear day came out with the song.

“Kallum Rinse, you have attracted foreign powers to disturb the kingdom and impersonate King Sasaro, but the greater sin is the inhumanity of the people of the Kingdom.

Decisive expression and voice.

“But you have the right to save your own life as a clan of the royal family.”


Heart Ford citizens were deeply saddened.

I thought Roan would be different.

It was the moment when the expectation collapsed.

On the contrary, Kallum smiled a faint smile.

‘right. Roan Lancephil. You’re the guy with the idea. ”

I wanted to cheer even now.

At that time Roan’s mouth had a hazy smile.

“So I Roan Lancephil …….”


The wrists holding Travias’ Spear were slightly twisted.

“I’m going to erase the Rinse Kingdom and the Kingdom.”

“He, what is it …?”

Kallum circled his eyes.

Roan whispered in a small voice.

“It means that there is no longer any royal right that you can exercise.”

That was the end.


Travias’ Spear broke the space with this cheerful sound.


With the creeps, Kallum’s throat was cut off nicely.


His head fell to the floor.

It looks like it still can not be trusted.

Roan spoke in a cold voice, gazing quietly at the dead body.

“Kallum Rinse, yours will be recorded for the first time in history as royalty who died in the hands of the Kingdoms.”

It was Kallum who left a name in history anyway.


Citizens burst into resilience.

The light of ecstasy that can not be hidden in the eyes came up.

Roan grabbed Kallum’s body by beckoning.

“What about Lucan Diesu?”

Pierce approached and asked with a cautious voice.


Lucan was still trembling all over his body.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“Once you’re in custody, you have to use it.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Pierce answered briefly and soon grabbed Lucan and stepped back.

Roan stood still and looked around the citizens.

Everyone was crying.

The burning fire of revenge and revenge that has been burned down.

Roan breathed deeply.

I have just crossed one of the two big mountains.

The gaze went naturally to the north.


I had a strange smile in my mouth.

‘Now it’s your turn.’

A confident look and eyes.

The war was coming to an end.


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