Chapter 240

Roan and the pursuer stayed at Ford Castle in Heart.

He once unleashed his fortune and took care of Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu, the citizens who were victimized by the Kalu coalition, and nearby Fief residents.

In addition, we did not hesitate to support our soldiers and wounded soldiers in a battle without breaks.

Of course, Roan did not focus solely on post-processing.

He called the person Swift, who moved with him, to Diesu Kingdom.

Lucan Diesu was planning to nullify the Diesu Kingdom troop deployment as hostage.

“Will it work?”

Austin, who joined late, asked with anxious voice.

Roan nodded slowly.

“Lucan is not just a prince, but the next king, so the Diesu Kingdom will not move.”

After the talk, Sammy and Harrison intervened horribly.

“But Lucan has a younger brother who is two years old.”

“Rather than take Lucan out on this occasion, I may be trying to become my crown prince.”

Austin nodded.

“Then the hostage operation is not meaningful.”

Everyone looked worried.

Roan, however, was still smiling and smiling.

“Do not worry about that, because Swift will take good care of you.”

The horse did so, but actually there was a corner to believe.

Roan had heard rumors about Lucan Diesu’s brother, Robin Diesu, in his past life.

Robin’s mother, as a maid of the royal palace, soon became famous when he gave birth to him.

Since the origin is low and there is no power to change it, I have not been able to take care of it since I was a child.

As a result, the older and older the character became.

Lucan could be nominated as a prince at a relatively young age because his rival, Robin, was so messed up.

‘Diesu Kingdom, I want to get Lucan out of whatever it is.’

Of course, Robin, who is not only capable but also ambitious, could move arbitrarily.


‘You do not have to worry about Swift telling Robin to put his hand down.’

Roan planned to divide the Diesu royal family through this opportunity.

The idea of ​​breaking down potential enemies early on.

‘If Robin grasps the subject by himself and steps away, it is as good as it is.’

Anyway, the Lucan hostage operation meant success.

the problem is.


The only remaining enemy to Roan and Lancephil Fief Army was North Rinse Kingdom, led by Clay.

‘Once you finish the maintenance of the Fief Army.’

Currently, the number of troops available to the Lancephil Fief Army is less than 30,000.

Because of the repeated battles, there were deadly wounded and wounded, and the garrison and detachment were placed separately at the border and main base fief.

In addition, in case of emergency, we had to leave the defenders again on the border with the Diesu Kingdom.

‘Then the available force drops to 20,000.’

It was not good.

According to Agens and Tenebra troop, Evishun, the North Rinse Kingdom currently has more than 50,000.

It was originally the number of aristocrats who followed Duke Webster ‘s army, including the Druids convened by Clay, and the mercenaries drawn by the superior administrative capacity.

‘If you make a compulsory conscription …’

The number of troops could have more than doubled.

But the real problem was not a compulsory conscription.

‘Mills Voiza is leading the Estia Empire and the Byron Kingdom, who is just looking at the opportunities.’

Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army had to deal with three powerful armies alone, even if they were holding hands with Clay.

Roan took his right hand with a waist dance.

I felt a solid baton with my fingertips.

‘Grand Commander’s Baton.’

For the first time, I was planning to bring down the mobilization in the name of Grand Commander throughout Kingdom.

I think I will summon the nobles who are maintaining their full power.

‘Well, it would not be 20,000, but …’

The nobles of the Rinse Kingdom had exhausted most of the Fief Army due to the fierce war of succession and the repeated strife.

For that reason, Roan was also dealing with Kallum and Lucan solely with the Lancephil Fief Army.

However, it was not possible to make compulsory conscription for the general population.

‘It’s impossible in reality.’

Already the Kingdom people were in a difficult and painful situation every day.

The majority of farmers have lost their harvest time.

As the weather became colder and colder, we could not summon them to the battlefield.

Roan breathed deeply.

I covered my left chest with my right hand.

I felt a solid object with my fingertips.

‘Should I use this …….’

I can not easily make a decision.


“Lord, sources have arrived.”

Chris put out a bad expression.

Roan nodded, throwing away the complicated thoughts in his head.

Soon five skinny informants appeared.

“What is the situation?”

Roan asked briefly.

Everyone’s eyes and ears went to the sources.

“As expected, Holy Land’s Holy Land is down.”

A lowered voice.

Count Lancephil, including Austin, has hardened the look of the subordinates.

The source of information was a long breath and a trail.

“North Rinse Kingdom and Estia Empire held hands.”

I never wanted to hear.

Roan nodded his head.

It was a bad situation, but I could not be disappointed.

‘You only have to give him bait.’

He grabbed Grand Commander’s Baton and stood up from his seat.

“I leave Sammy to the south, including Hart Castle here at Ford.”


Sammy hurriedly bowed his head.

Roan’s two pupils were covered in bruised light.

A very quiet moment.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

“The rest goes north.”

A loud but powerful voice pierced my ears.

Finally, the command of the beaver fell.


* * *


<Grand Commander Count Roan Lancephil has valued Southern Kingdom!>

<Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu’s Kalu alliance collapsed!>

<Kallum was killed by a stone thrown by the Kingdom’s people!>

<Kingdom southern regained peace!>

The whole of Rinse Kingdom was shrouded.

People applauded Roan and Count Lancephil, who overturned the unfavorable lease and won the perfect victory.

Unlike other royal families and nobles, the Corps and the Troops were greatly impressed by the wealth of their fiefs.

Thanks to the fief’s residents, Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army visited and prayed daily for prayer, hoping to stop by for a while.

These beliefs and support for Roan have spurred the hearts of some young nobles and wise prestigious celebrities

They joined Roan’s camp to add even a little strength.

Grand Commander’s Baton and not the sentence, but Roan’s, and people began to gather.

In the meantime, one shocking rumor swept across the Kingdom.

<North Rinse Kingdom and Estia Empire clasped hands!>

Until now, the forces that fought fiercely against each other with their swords suddenly joined together.

The two armies called themselves the Rinse Liberation Army and began to march toward the Royal Capital Miller.

Against this, the garrison of the Lancephil Fief Army and the Rinse Kingdom Northern Regional Corps fought against each other, but there was a big difference in the number of troops and their ability.

Eventually, the northern part of the Kingdom was surrounded by horrific war.

People once again shed hot tears as they watched the country trampled by foreign powers.

Just then, a rumor like the wind came to me like a wind, as if you were counting the angry hearts of the people.

<Grand Commander Roan Lancephil started beating!>

Roan, who was in the south of the Kingdom, started the North in earnest.

The people of the Kingdom were not enthusiastic about taking a break and were once again enthusiastic about Roan’s journey to the battlefield.

In particular, residents of the Northern Kingdom shed tears of joy as they praised Roan as a hero.

On the other hand, the command post of Rinse Liberation Army showed a surprise to North Korea of ​​Roan earlier than thought.

“Is this all right?”

“We have not been able to defeat Northern Regional Corps yet.”

Rose Sanders Baron and Irvine Hass Baron, commanders of the Liberation Army and Mills assistant, muttered in a hard-fisted look.

Both were aristocrats from the Rinse Kingdom, just like Mills.


“Do not worry.”

Clay sitting across from him smiled faintly and shook his hand.

The look and attitude was very relaxed and comfortable.

He looked at the map spread out on the table and whispered in a small voice.

“The North of Lancephil Fief Army is rather late.”

“It’s late …”?

Rose laughed awkwardly and put an honorable late reply.

Originally Clay was a terminal administrator from Druid.

He was not a man of the nobility of the Kingdom who was worthy of his kindness.

But now Clay was King Rinse’s agent and military commander.

In addition, he was with Mills Voiza as co-Supreme Commander of the Rinse Liberation Army.

‘Damn it.’

Though the obedience has gone up, I could not deal with it.

It was not a problem of Silk Rose alone.

The Liberation Army, especially the aristocratic commanders following Mills, did not like Clay.

‘Foolish things.’

Clay was gauging the entities of several noble commanders.

‘So you can not be.’

There was a ridicule in the inside.

Now was not the time to judge a person from the origin.

‘What matters is ability.Β ability.’

I thought it was like a thought and I wanted to strike a sneer.

But he did not try hard, pointing the map with his fingertips.

“I would have used the Viscount Potter in the first place to destroy the Rochis Castle and completely destroy the Kalu coalition, which would have been able to end the battle at least ten days earlier.”

A confident voice.

Everyone nodded in the expression of yes.

Mills, who was sleeping at that time, spat out a short breath.

“Roan Lancephil did not want that victory, he wanted to put Kallum’s judgment directly on the people of the Kingdom, to get the reason that the king’s nobility chose the sword against the royal family, It is. ”

It was true.

Roan, who was not a prominent noble family, was the most important thing.

It is the reason that the opposition of the aristocrats can be minimized and the support of the people of the Kingdom can be obtained.

“That’s why Roan Lancephil would have put together a number of plans and kept Kallum Rinse and Lucan Diesu on the brink of continuing.”

At that point, Clay slowly shook his head.

“That’s the problem with Roan Lancephil, he cares too much about the process.”

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

“The important thing is the result, you know the noble idea of ​​creating a good world, but it takes too long to get the results because you value the process too much.”

Clay spread his arms wide.

“Look, I was an administrator of Count Lancephil, and I already built the Kingdom.”

It was a word of honor.

“I bleed somewhat in the process, but eventually I got this position.”

The smile on my mouth became thicker.

“I wanted to make a world that I can live in. To make a better world, I have to shed blood.

Roan and Clay.

They both dreamed of a world where they could live, and they wanted to make a world where they could live.

However, Roan considered the process to be important as well as Clay, who was only interested in the results.

At least Roan thought it necessary to have a process that everyone could understand.

It was so unreasonable that someone had to die for no reason for someone’s happiness.

Clay breathed deeply.

“Watch out for me and Roan Lancephil, who will make the world a better place to live.”

Striking expression and voice.

Mills stared at Clay like that.

‘Too overly confident.’

Of course, it was also true that there was such a great ability.

But Mills could not feel any worse.

‘The country that you press and press is not able to last long.’

The Rinse Liberation Army pulled the soldiers out of force, but in the case of Roan, people were gathering themselves.

That was the difference between Roan and Clay.

‘Is not this what I mean by bringing in the Empire Army …….’

Mills smiled and shook his head.


“You have arrived.”

I heard a polite voice outside the command room.

Clay, who was looking at the commanders with a confident look, smiled brightly.

“Take it inside.”

A little excited voice.

Mills and other commanders looked at Clay with strange expression.

I did not hear that there was a guest.

In the meantime, the door that was closed firmly was opened and two young leaders appeared.

Clay smiled a strange smile standing beside them with light footsteps.

Mills asked everyone on behalf of the strangest expression.

“Clay Supreme Commander. Who are they?”

Clay answered with a faint smile.

“You are from Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom.”


* * *


Agens, Tenebra troop, Evishun’s sources moved quickly.

He still had a hard, hard look, but his tongue went up very little.

Looks like he is forced to laugh.

They quickly knelt on one knee and bowed their heads.

“I asked the bait.”

Short report.


Then a short order was dropped.


A person with a long breath and a hazy smile.

The person who issued the short order was Roan Lancephil.

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