Chapter 248

Ian Phillips also did not expect a car.

Certainly, it was a good thing to command and control the confused inmates.

‘And even more effective if Clay is a commander.’

It was a way to transform into an elite power group in a short period of time.

No, it was exactly the way you could make it look like an elite force.

‘I draw a line on a pumpkin, not a watermelon.’

Ian smiled a strange smile.

Rinse Liberation Army Conscripts seemed very solid but in reality they were very rugged and frail.

If I just peeled the skin, it would almost collapse.

It was not easy to break the shell, however, because Clay’s abilities were better than expected.

Pierce was even struggling.


‘For us …….’

The smile on my mouth became thicker.

‘There is a lord.’

The gaze turned to the battlefield.

Roan and Amaranth Troop, who had scrambled well, turned around suddenly and returned to the camp.

It looks like a retreat.

But Ian was not at all embarrassed.

So far everything has been as planned.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The horseshoe sounded rough.

Roan and Amaranth Troop retreated to the depths of the rear past the right wing of the Liberation Army and Asta Troop.


Roan gave orders with the signal.


Amaranth Troop turned to the west with the horses of the horses.

Pierce and Aster Troop on the right side of the big detour.


A water-mana bottle belonging to Amaranth Troop shook the flag.

At the moment Pierce and aster Troop collapsed and retreated.

“Wow ah!”

“Push it!”

The right-wing of the Liberation Army troops pulled up momentum as Asta Troop retreated.

I am very excited by the fact that I have won against Lancephil Fief Army, an elite stronghold.

Thanks to the command of Clay, Troop, which was moving in unison, was slightly disturbed.

Noble commanders, knights and elite soldiers, who were at the forefront, came out in front, and the conscripts behind them lingered slightly.

“What, what is it?”

“Do you have to follow it?”

The conscripts were embarrassed.

Because the commands and actual movements of Clay sent from the car tower were different.

There was a lack of experience.

The hard heat completely collapsed.


Roan did not miss that opportunity.


Amaranth Troop struck the side of the liberation army right wing with a loud answer.


Gunma, Gunma, Gunma and humans clashing and a blast of roar came out.


“Uh, how are you doing!”

The conscripts did not get caught up in the attack on themselves.

“Get out!”

“Do not block the road!”

The Amaranth Troop members wielded a sword, a spear, and an ax along with the idols.

Spit! Stick it!

A terrible sound was heard in a row.

“Oh, shit!”


The inward right-wing inmates wielded weapons instinctively.

But only a few months ago, they were ordinary farmers, and it was impossible for them to deal with the Amaranth Troopers.

“Shut up!”

“Turn it off.”

With the sound of boiling, the bloody wind came on.


I’m sorry!

A red fireball burst out with a hot wind.

Flame and fireworks.

Among the beautiful and frightening scenes, Roan showed up.

A gentle sword red light flowed all over the body.


The conscripts could not make it, but swallowed only the dry spit.

Roan looked at them with a loud voice.

“I tell the conscripts! If you want to live, run away! Those who run away will not chase you! But …….”

A low, strong voice pierced my ears.

“No one who opposes will keep alive!”

The pressure of throat is blocked.

“Do you run away?”

“Do you want to live if you run away?”

The conscripts were upset.

Roan had a long breath, gazing at him.

In fact, he did not want to hurt the conscripts.

‘But you can not admit it on the battlefield.’

It could be a way to save the enemy and lose the friend.

If you do not kill, you die.

That was the battlefield.

‘Just give me a chance to run away.’

It would not have been possible to give it any chance, but it would have killed everything.

However, the number of conscripts among the 70,000 troops of the 2nd Rinse Liberation Army exceeded half of them.

‘When one man escapes, two people are upset. When two people run away, four people are upset. ‘

In particular, if a conscript lacking combat experience was much more likely to be upset than regular soldiers.

“Say again! Run away! Those who run away will not chase you!”

Roan once again shouted in a loud voice.

This was not merely a statement to the conscripts in the vicinity.

It was a reminder to the liberation army, the army, the army, or all the inhabitants of the third and fourth generations that had not yet been revealed.

‘If you hear this news, it will surely fluctuate.’

Roan wanted them to collapse on their own.

I did not want to meet at least on the battlefield.

‘If you meet …….’

Roan on the battlefield was a ghost and Wargod.

‘Because you have to kill.’

Roan laughed and waved Travias’ Spear.


With a sharp pore and flames in the air.

It feels as if the space is divided and the space is divided.

“Uh, I do not want to die!”

One of the conscripts abandoned the weapon and fled.

That was the starting point.

“Do not run away!”

“If you run away, you can live!”

Inevitably, the inmates who had been dragged into the battlefield began throwing weapons and fleeing.

It seemed to look like a mighty wave.

Soldiers fall asleep.

The right wing of the liberation army group collapsed rapidly.

‘Good. done.’

Roan smiled faintly and quickly sent a signal.

The command to run away is not to follow.

Instead, they turned their horses and attacked the elite slaves of the right-wing liberation army who were fighting with Pierce and Aster Troop.

“Huh ?!”

“Damn! What happened to this!”

Right-handed sicknesses who pushed Asta Troop with great force were greatly embarrassed by sudden rearward surprise.


The wind and the flames skyrocketed.

Roan and Gama flashed through the fire.


Every time Travias’ Spear moved, the soldier’s life flickered and disappeared.

“To, Roan!”

“It’s Wargod!”

Some nobles and knights cried out to Roan.

Roan smiled and shook his head.

“I do not think it’s time to worry about me now.”

The right wing commanders frowned at the end.

“What is it …?”

A look full of wonder.

That moment.

Stick it!

A spear with an eerie sound pierced the chest of the knight.

“Turn it off.”

The knight died down with a boiling sound.


The commanders were frightened and turned their heads to find the owner of the window.

Where gaze stays.

At the end was Pierce.

He stepped back with Asta Troop at Roan’s command, and then went on counterattack.

“Do you really want to start now?”

Pierce smirked and twisted his wrist.

The moment the spear pierced his chest, he swung around his body and swung back and forth.


At that time, enemy soldiers and knights were thrown all over the place.

A spearman that is really terrible.



Aster Troopers flew over the knights that fell before a sharp spear.

Roan looked at it and pulled quickly.

“Pierce, I leave it to you!”


Pierce replied briefly and sprayed it once again.

Burberry Burber!

The spear blurred and soon pierced the soldiers’ heads.

It was a spearman that was stronger than last time.

In the meantime, Roan turned his horse back to the right wing of the Liberation Army.

He and Amaranth Troop broke through the battlefield and defeated a large number of Liberation Army troops on a Troop unit.

No, I was just breaking the hard shell that is wrapping the elite stronghold.

Thanks to this, the right wing did not advance easily, unlike the main army and the left wing.

From the standpoint of the Liberal Army’s middle class, the plan was completely out of order.


Clay, who was looking down at the battlefield from the car, laughed.

‘You found a solution faster than you thought.’

Roan and Ian were better than I thought.

‘A small number of slaves break the chain of elite slaves and conscripts and break down the heat.’

That was the solution.

No matter how Clay was commanded, it was useless if the conscripts were themselves confused.

The Rinse Liberation Army used the existing aristocratic commanders, knights and elite soldiers as a link to prevent the conscripts from becoming confused, and Roan and Amaranth Troop had broken the link.

To do that, I needed a leader with strong force and soldiers.

‘Roan Lancephil. It’s definitely strong. ‘

Roan made it so easy that it was difficult.

I had to admit the ability to destroy the 30,000th Estia Empire army and the Rinse Liberation Army 1st, led by Heather Myers Viscount.

But there was no need to be discouraged.

Clay’s gaze moved along with Roan and Amaranth Troop.

“From now on, you should be upright.”

He placed his blushing on the water-mana bottles and quickly pulled several orders with his hand gestures.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

A small flag flashed without a break.

There has been a subtle change in the right-wing formation that had collapsed without interruption.

To be precise, Roop and Amaranth Troop, who had not yet dealt with the rear Troop, slightly twisted the approaching line and moved to the oblique line.

As many Troops were moving at the same time, the heat and light areas were clearly divided.

Of course, it was a change that only Clay, who looked over the entire battlefield, could notice.


“Sa, help me!”

“Run away!”

In the meantime, Roan, along with Amaranth Troop, extirpated the Right of the Liberation Army.

It is the appearance of watching the battlefield.

It seemed as if I could break down the whole right side soon.

Right then.


Roan frowned.

Suddenly, a lot of the Troops that were blocking the front were disappearing and the panorama view was clear.


Roan laughed.

I caught the situation late.

‘I was guided without knowing …….’

I rushed the right wing Troop without any hesitation.

I thought everything was going to be released as it was.

Clay, however, crafted the Troop formations in a subtle way and passed them in little by little towards the central base with Roan and Amaranth Troop.

Roan instinctively focused on the light heat, and without knowing himself, passed through the inside of the right wing and moved to the place where the Liberation Army base was located.

‘Right turn is too thick to go back.’

Moreover, it was not possible to battle the right wing Troop with the main base behind the back, which could be called the main base.

There was no choice.

‘We must attack the central base.’

Roan laughed and looked at the car tower.

Clay’s face looked crisp.

A faint smile.

It was a confident expression.

‘I have prepared a gift for you.’

Roan looked up and looked at the central base.

At first glance, it was not much different from left and right.


Roan bit him.

‘If the right wing collapses, the central base and the left wing will also collapse.’

It was not a problem to start a little earlier.

Roan grabbed the reins and raised Travias’ Spear.

“Break through the central base!


The Amaranth Troop responded with a voice and kicked the horseshoe.

Two heads, two heads!

The horseshoe sounded and the assault started.

Amaranth Troop rises in the form of a pointed apocalypse, starting with Roan.

It means to pierce the central base with a sharp beak.

“It’s done.”

Clay, looking down at the battlefield on the roof of the car, smiled faintly.

His gaze followed Roan and Amaranth Troop.

‘If you think the central base is the same as left and right, it is difficult.’

The mouth was hungry.

“Raise the flag.”

The water-mana bottles soon pulled out small flags at the lower command.

Unlike the flag that waved so far, it was an elongated flag with a triangular shape.



The sound of a horn was heard in the central base.

At the same time, the central base, which had kept its heat while it was on its way, began to slow down.

Not only that.

The soldiers in the center and outskirts of the formation changed positions.

Very fast and skillful appearance.

Roan carefully examined the enemy base with Kalian’s Tears.

At the moment his pupil trembled.


It was not the general soldiers who hid themselves in the center of the formation and then turned outward.

They were Druids like Clay.

That’s why Roan was so sure.

There were quite a lot of faces among them.


“Seriously. It’s been a while. ‘

Among the soldiers out there were Serifas, former director of the Druid Bureau.

Clay was the Serisi who was in charge of the vacated Druid Bureau when he illegally monitored Roan, intercepted it, and was deposed as a terminal administrator.

‘We were pretty good together …….’

Roan laughed.

Roan, unlike Clay, believed seriously.

Serifa also believed in Roan rather than Clay.

Roan was also a little shocked when the Druids, including Serifas, betrayed because the relationship between them was so intense.

‘Eventually you will meet on the battlefield. That too…….’

The wry smile grew stronger.

‘As an enemy.’

Roan banged his lower lip and kicked his toes.

Doo Doo Doo!

The horseshoe sound became more loud.

Rugged, fierce thrust.

Roan and Amaranth Troop, and Ceri and Druids in front of it.

They quickly came close.

Just then the Druids painted a strange shape with both hands.


The light blinked along the palm of my hand.


Kuguugu palace!

The land in front of the Druids shone and soon the unknown brown pillars rose.


The earth trembled with the roar.

The brown pillars were called up as soon as they rose as high as the car tower.

The pillar gradually changed to a very familiar shape.

“Trees?” “Trees!”

“It’s huge!”

Amaranth soldiers screamed with their eyes rounded.

Roan frowned.

‘Summoning …….’

This is also the first time I saw it with my own eyes.

No, exactly this was the first time in my life.

“Oh, oh!”

The giant trees shook the big branches with the new ones.

“I, the tree screams!”

“Go, you shake your branches!”

That’s amazing.

But there was a real surprise.


The huge tree started to move with a huge roar.

They moved on two legs like a human being.


All the Amaranth Troopers swallowed the dried spit with a tense look.

But Roan was making a strange smile.

“Clay, is this your gift?”

The smile became thicker.

“Maybe I picked the wrong gift.”

Powerful voice, relaxed expression.

Right then.


Roan’s body flashed with a glowing red flame.

The fire burned him and Gunma all the more and burned even more fiercely.

Roan spoke to the giant trees with Travias’ Spear.


Low growling voice.

Soon there was a great jiggle.

“I’ll burn you!”

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