I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 396

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The blood moon comes, the gods will be reduced to mortal, and the old days will rule the world again...

Li De's heart was shocked. He didn't expect to hear the news about the arrival of the old days in Zhao Yue's mouth.

And this time node is-ice and snow cover the earth.

During this period of time, with the continuous Evil God cut open seal, it caused a lot of players to speculate on this time.

For ordinary players, these are not things they need to care about but pure interest.

But for the Grand Guild, if the clues before the opening of the new expansion can be captured in advance, then by making a certain response plan, it may be able to take the lead and obtain greater benefits.

He remembered what Plague God had said on Risle City before, and instantly concluded that this effort-consuming news was very reliable.

"The old days are here..."

"Is there any more useful information about this information?"

Looking at Li De's serious expression, Zhao Yue's face is also very serious, and she obviously also knows the extraordinary news.

"Mr. Li, the information about Evil God is too high-end. At this stage, the player group has very little contact. It is difficult for us to collect more in a short time.

However, we have detailed statistics on the news posted by players on the forum. Since the birth of Evil God in Risle City, so far, the number of times the Evil God known to the main plane of glory has been broken has reached 36 times.

In other words, 36 Evil Gods have been resurrected.

As for the areas that players can’t reach, I’m afraid there will be more..."

When Li De heard the words of corner of mouth twitching, he felt a few separate scores inexplicably, why the Spiritual God of the main plane was excluded, but so many Evil Gods were sealed on the main plane?

"The Data Analysis Department speculates that these seals may be the oldest period of glory, left at the beginning of the creation of the world, because the intelligence we collected, even about the earliest Myths and Legends thousands of 10,000 years ago. Mention about these old Evil Gods."

Zhao Yue's words are not unreasonable, and the information collected by Evil God Li De in the old days is completely blank.

It is reasonable to say that these Evil Gods are so powerful and impossible to leave a trace. The Gods of Light like to promote their great achievements in the past, there is no reason not to do so.

This can only mean-either the old Evil God was so long before the gods were born, the gods were sealed before they could record it,

Then there is a powerful force that erases everything about the old Evil God.

Either way, the information revealed here is shocking.

"The arrival of the old Evil God will cause a huge shock in "Glory".

You can completely treat it as a new expansion or version update.

This matter is very important. Inform the data analysis department to collect this information. "

Li De looked serious, "I will send an NPC in "Glory" to contact you later, and at the same time I will establish a contact channel in "Glory".

If there is an emergency and you can’t contact me outside, you can go to pass the message through that channel, and I will know soon. "

He spends most of his time silent in glory, so contacting him by phone is purely blind.

"Yes, Mr. Li."

After talking to Zhao Yue about work for a while, Li De didn't have the mind to stay in the company.

Ice and snow covered the earth, returning in a swirl of dust in the old days... It was already the end of September, and it was only three or two months away from the Winter Moon.

Ice and snow cover the ground but it is right in front of you.

Since the public beta, the timelines of the two worlds have overlapped. After there is no time difference, Li De feels that time seems to pass faster and faster. Fortunately, he is a Blood Race with eternal life...

After repeatedly instructing Zhao Yue to ask the data analysis department to increase the search for the old Evil God information, Li De did not stay much and left the Scarlet Moon directly.

When he walked out of the company's door, his inner urgency was once again elevated.

The old days are coming... This represents variables.

The current city of Dawn is not yet psychologically prepared for the great changes.

He must speed up the layout.

Back home, Li De didn't hesitate, and went straight to glory.




The city of Dawn, at this time it has not been more than ten hours since Li De left.

When his eyes opened, the moon just rose.

Li De sat on the chair behind the desk, not at all, hurriedly got up and began to contemplate seriously.

Now that you have gotten the vital news that the old days might fall in this wintery moon, you must make good use of it.

"Whenever changes occur, it is okay to be prepared now."

Li De slowly calmed down.

"Come here."

Eh~The door was pushed open, and the two Blood Race guards saluted respectfully.

"Under the crown."

"Call Karp, Stanley, Harrison, and Frey as quickly as possible."

"Yes, under the crown."

Feeling the seriousness in Li De's breath, several guards did not dare to delay and immediately turned and left.

Twenty minutes later, the four of them entered in file, and when they saw Li De, they raised their chests to say hello.

"Yan, under the crown."

Li De glanced at a few people without being too verbose, and went straight to the topic.

"The space channel constructed by Plague God has been cleared by me. The City of Dawn will no longer be in danger in a short time."

"But now, I have got a more important piece of news." Li De took a deep breath and repeated Zhao Yue's words, finally his expression was solemn.

"When ice and snow cover the earth and the blood moon comes, the gods will be reduced to mortals."

"This news will change the whole glory, we are in big trouble."

Harrison heard this brows tightly frowns, a little uneasy.

"Under the crown, the snow and ice will cover the earth only when you fully enter the winter moon. Generally this time is at the end of December and the beginning of January.

The time is short at present, only three months are left.

We must respond. "

Only three months left... Li De's eyes narrowed slightly.

"I call you here to deal with the upcoming cataclysm.

You have all felt the power of the old Evil God up close. If you really wait until that day comes, it will definitely be the biggest crisis encountered in the city of dawn.

Let’s not mention whether Plague God can find the city of dawn when the old days come,

If there is a disturbance in the outside world, our normal trade will be affected, and even if it is too serious, it may lead to a suspension of all forces. "

Several people have already realized the seriousness of the situation, although the war on Burial Ground ended with a victory in the City of Dawn.

But the power of Plague God still makes their faces dignified, and the endless violent half-mouse people are still in front of them.

"Men, you give the order."

Harrison has a deep gaze, "holy light Blood Race will always be a sharp knife in your hand!

Your will, we will execute it with life and soul! "

Li Dewei did not grind, turned his head and looked towards the Level 18 Orc King with the head of the huge lion.

"Carp, you first return to Underground World to stabilize the situation, and at the same time, send intelligence personnel to investigate the halfling and all the information of Underground World, especially the power above the extraordinary.

Next, Underground World will become our key target. When the outside world is not suitable for expansion in a short period of time, an undeveloped world will undoubtedly bring us greater benefits. "

When Li De spoke in this tone, cold glow flashed in his eyes, "In addition, we must also collect information about the Black Dragon in the silt marsh.

After I have slaughtered the extraordinary spider on the spider plane, it's time to do something with that Black Dragon. "

He has breakthrough extraordinary, and the existence that has plagued the city of Dawn should be cleared.

Especially Black Dragon in the silt marsh, he has not forgotten that the opponent still holds a Divine Item in his hand.

He said that he would tie the Black Dragon to the square of the City of Dawn. The bull that once blew has now come to be realized.

"Yes, under the crown!"

Carp showed a bit of excitement on his face.

Slaying the dragon, and still preparing to slaughter a genuine extraordinary Black Dragon. This is the ultimate glory that everyone aspires to, didn't expect that he could get involved one day.

"Frey..." After Li De arranged the task, he stopped talking, looking towards his second-generation descendant.

"What is the status of the hills and hills? Did the Centaur encounter external pressure because of the Battle of Risle City?"

"Under the crown, everything is normal in the low mountains and hills."

Frei respectfully responded, "Contrary to what you worry about, because of the mighty power of the Ironhoof Tribe in the Battle of Risir City, we have received more respect.

Even many nobles in Lin City have set up Chamber of Commerce branches in the free market to trade with the Ironshoe Tribe. "

Sure enough, strength is the only one.

After seeing the power of the Centaur, those humans who had been dismissive of the Centaur began to take the initiative.

Li De is slightly nodded, this incident is not so unexpected.

A large number of elites in Lin City were ruined in Lisle City, even if humans wanted to do something to the Ironhoof Tribe, they were powerless.

Moreover, there is nothing to conspire in the barren wasteland, a place where birds do not shit. These nobles trade with the Ironhoof Tribe to find out the source of the High Rank equipment on the centaur.

"Where is Guido Blackwind, the king of the Murloc tribe and the Stormwind Empire?"

The Storm Empire...Frey corner of mouth twitching, "Under the crown, the Storm Empire has now pulled up an army of 200,000 people because of the blessing of the centaur and the blessing of the protagonist of the destiny.

And with our support, he is now gaining momentum.

The centaur in the City of Wind has received news from Guido, but what action did that extraordinary centaur not at all make..."

"As for the Murloc tribe, as they got alchemy bombs, they have all been knocked down near the Lost Coast, and their strength is increasing day by day.

At the same time, the relationship with us has become closer. "

"Okay, next we are going to sell the weapons and equipment, alchemy bombs, even magic scrolls and wine in the warehouse, and replace them with magic materials, ores and other important raw materials for storage.

No one can tell whether the outside world will be as safe as it is now when the old days come.

We must reserve enough supplies to survive this winter. "

Li Deji is very solemn and his face is full of solemnity.

Frey respectfully nodded, "Under the crown, I have contacted the murloc tribe and asked them to obtain magical raw materials for us.

And also signed a one-year supply contract with them, so that they can prepare the magic raw materials in advance, we can receive these goods first, and the missing equipment will be delivered after the factory is produced. "

This is the credit period? Li De satisfied nodded.

"It's done well, continue to increase efforts to stock up, don't be afraid that we won't be able to produce, do it boldly.

The more raw materials there are now, the more turbulent the situation is, this is our ballast stone, which cannot be compared with simple wealth. "

Frey did a great job this time, so he won't say more.

But he suddenly remembered something, looked towards Harrison, and asked.

"How is Beamon, who was captured by us, now?"

After being captured from Risle City, Beamon, who had the golden bloodline flowing through it, is still imprisoned in the City of Dawn.

At the beginning, the captive came back because of lack of strength of Faith, and he didn't rush to deal with it. Then there was the Spiritual God head, which made him less time to pay attention to the opponent.

"Beamon was imprisoned by us in the dungeon. Everything is normal now. Do I need to bring him here?"

"Close it for now. I don't have time to pay attention to it. A Level 19 Bimon can't affect the overall situation. I'll talk when I finish dealing with the matter at hand." Li De waved his hand.

The city of Dawn is no longer what it used to be. He suppressed the opponent purely because of the golden bloodline. Otherwise, he would not care too much if he changed to an ordinary Level 19.

Then the conversation turned around.

"Harrison, the task I gave you before, I'm afraid I haven't completed it in the past few months?"

"Men, what do you mean?" Harrison was a little confused.

"First, build an agricultural town on the dawn plain to grow food.

Second, research on fully automatic alchemical harvesters,

Third, the development of urban rail cars,

Fourth, the city's lighting system. "

Li De said one by one, these are the tasks he assigned to Harrison when he retreats and devours the divine.

However, Plague God puts too much pressure, and the entire city of Dawn is turning in response to this war.

So these living facilities are obviously impossible to develop in such a high-intensity war.

Harrison smiled bitterly and nodded, "Yes, the Institute of Magic Industry and various production workshops are busy dealing with the violent half-mouse, so..."

"It's okay, it was normal before.

But in the next few months, we will shift the focus of external work to the interior of the city of Dawn.

Especially the establishment of agricultural towns is a top priority. The wheat on the Moonlight Plain can be produced two seasons a year, and each season can provide about 200,000 people with a year's rations, which is 400,000 people in two seasons.

Although the wheat seems to be a lot, we still have to provide food for the orcs and two thousand giants, which directly leaves a gap in our food.

So it is necessary to open up enough farmland for food production before the wheat planting time has passed this winter.

You can mobilize all the casters of the Scarlet Mage Tower and the Blood Race without a mission to help reclaim farmland.

I need more food. "

Li De's face is a bit solemn when talking about this issue.

Food is the most fundamental lifeblood of a city. The city of dawn is no longer short of food, but with the increase in population and the appearance of giants, food supply crisis has appeared.

Now that the old days are coming, he must resolve these issues that will affect the stability of the city of Dawn as soon as possible.

"I will continue to grant you the permission of Burial Ground. You can mobilize Space Power to solidify the space channel in the agricultural towns to be established, and connect these agricultural towns with the city of dawn."

"At the same time, other aspects of research must also urge the Institute of Magic Industry to speed up the research progress.

I need to see results as quickly as possible. "

Several tasks were issued in a row, which made Harrison feel pressured, but the speaker of the city hall responded without any complaints.

"As you wish, under the crown, all these tasks you issued will be completed before the dawning day!"

When Li De heard these words of resolute and decisive, his face slightly slowed down, and he continued after thinking a little.

"In addition, this year's looting of population can be temporarily stopped if no suitable target is found.

The joining of nearly 2,000 adult giants has greatly eased the lack of labor for residents, and the population of the City of Dawn can temporarily meet our needs.

Furthermore, we have been fighting this year. We have not continued to build new urban areas and lack areas to house new people.

So it can't be delayed for a year. "

There are priorities. The plundering of the population was the most important thing in the city of Dawn, but with the increase in the population of the city of Dawn and the strength of the military, this matter is not so urgent now.

Preparing for the coming of the old days is the top priority.

After arranging the next development task of the City of Dawn, Li De turned his gaze to a silhouette with a hideous scar on his face.


"Under the crown."

"Now Lin City has countless legends about Yiluo's crown, and its reputation has reached its peak.

The dark covenant, as a subordinate force of Yiluomian, will definitely become the first choice for many people to cooperate.

After you return to Lin City, you immediately spin off those dark businesses, leaving only the necessary core assets.

Whether it is aristocrats or sect who throws olive branches on the dark covenant in this process, as long as it is normal cooperation, don't refuse.

If a force wants not to be destroyed, the smartest way is to form a net to pull everyone around you into your war chariot. "

Li De gaze as if a torch, "With your wisdom I believe you can handle this matter well."

"In addition, the breaking dawn sect is now ready to preach to the outside world on an tentative basis. You should also handle the pre-mission preparations this time.

After the Winter Moon, I will start my mission in Lin City. "

"At the same time, you need to secretly send someone to find the Chief-In-Charge of the Crimson Moon Guild, and establish a communication channel with it,

In the future, they will pass messages to me through this channel if they have something to do. I will write a contact letter later, and you can get the trust of the other party after you take it. "

"Finally, after you contact the Chief-In-Charge of Scarlet Moon, some of these advertisers will participate in the research work of Magic Array.

You must take these people to the Dwarf Valley without revealing your identity, and don't let them notice the specific location of the Dwarf Valley. "

Li De ordered one after another without any nonsense.

Time is running out, and he won't be able to lay out as slowly as before.

"Observe, under the crown."

Stanley responded with a serious expression, as a former Evil God believer, an evil life wandering in the dark.

He naturally knows, if it is true that Li De said that the old days are about to cover the world, the gods will be reduced to mortals, then what kind of turbulence will happen.

Human nature always has a dark side hidden.

When the gods who once guarded the Lord's plane no longer have the ability to shelter their believers, and when the light is no longer shining, then the entire social order is at risk of collapse.

This is an era where theocratic power is higher than the royal power, and the major sects play a role in stabilizing the social order.

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