I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 397

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The huge monster in the city of dawn began to spin quickly under Li De's order.

The most eye-catching thing is the intensity of foreign trade, which has been directly increased by several times.

Especially for the stock of raw materials, it is crazy.

Not only the low hills and the murloc tribe, but now the Level 17 orc shaman-Morton Misty who is in charge of the lion tribe, this old orc shaman transformed by Li De with the strength of Faith under the order of the city hall Also began to increase efforts to trade demonic beast fur with the orcs.

Not to mention the dark covenant and the scarlet mage tower in the deep prosperous area.

The finished materials in the warehouses of various forces are exchanged into raw materials at the fastest speed. In the Scarlet Mage Tower, even the most basic raw materials can be directly used to trade magic scrolls.

Moreover, the price of exchanging raw materials for magic scrolls will be more favorable, which directly attracted a large number of nobles.

More and more news of Evil God's breaking the seal makes people feel that the future is about to change, and no one who can survive in this chaotic and dangerous world is an idiot.

Although raw materials may be precious in the future, no matter how precious they are, they cannot compare to the magic scroll that can form battle strength.

So the magic scrolls produced every day by the Scarlet Mage Tower will be sold out by the great nobles and Chamber of Commerce, even more enthusiastic than when the Scarlet Mage Tower first sold magic scrolls.

Li De was not idle when the various forces were executing orders.

Underground World.

Magic crystal vein.

The original spider cave has become a solid underground fortification after more than a year of construction.

The passage extending in all directions has become a smooth standard road, and several main trunk lines have been expanded to 30-blades high and 50-blades super underground passages. Everyday all has a large number of magic bats transporting and mining. Magic spar coming out.

At the same time, each road is 500 blades apart, a strong fortress level will be set up, and the magic crystal veins are protected in the strongest way.

Most of the army that mines ores and guards are orcs, and the orcs inherit some of the characteristics of the wild beast. They have a weakened dark vision and can maintain sufficient battle strength in a dim environment.

Besides, the beasts are powerful and endure hardships. As long as there is enough food, they will not be tired if they dig ore every day.

However, at this time, Li De didn't have the mind to inspect the magic crystal ore veins that are important to the city of dawn.

He is standing in front of the space channel on the spider plane at this time, with a subtle expression.

At one time, this was the place he was most worried about, for fear that the two spaces suddenly widened and the two extraordinary spiders would kill out of it.

The orcs alone do not have this ability to deal with the extraordinary.

Fortunately, what he worried about never happened.

"The power that the space channel can hold is still not enough to allow extraordinary access..."

The current space channel of the spider plane is like a fist sized hole. It is impossible for a normal adult to get through this hole.

Li De browses slightly wrinkle.

"Space Gate used to be able to protect the magic crystal vein... but now it has become an obstacle."

The Space Gate is erected on a huge flat rock wall with about 30 space channels with 3 or 4 blades in diameter. Cave spiders are still crawling out of it.

He used these space channels to raise pigs and obtain Death Power.

After thinking a little bit, Li De didn't hesitate, turned his head and looked towards the orc king Karp beside him.

"Kapu, you lead your subordinates to guard here. I open the space channel and there may be a lot of cave spiders."

After nearly two years of construction in this underground space, the fortifications are much better than the defensive ring in Burial Ground.

He has no worries about whether he can withstand the attack of cave spiders.

"Under the crown, you can rest assured that there is no way to break through our line of defense!"

Kapu's tone is firm, his eyes cannot be shaken.


Li De was not verbose, floating directly in front of the rock wall, staring sharply at these Space Gates.

After a while, the scarlet power on the body ignited like a blazing flame, and then under the shocking gaze of the surrounding orcs, the cave spiders just stepped out of the space channel and burst directly with a burst, turning into green blood mist.

The scene was very shocking.

Dozens of space channels have been pouring out cave spiders continuously, and every time they come out, they burst, like fireworks are being set off in the space channel.

Death is pervasive.

Li De's face was cold and indifferent, this kind of little scene did not cause him any psychological fluctuations.

The energy on the body is eroded away like a tide moved towards space channel.

Other Burial Grounds that reach the super Ordinary Level can already expand to the magic crystal vein, so he can already use the power of Burial Ground to shake the spider plane at this time.

If it is a plane that has a master and is intact, even if this plane is weaker than Burial Ground, it is not so erodible.

But the problem is that the spider plane has already lost its owner and is almost broken, and a part of the power of the plane has been swallowed by the god Asreja, which makes the spider plane that is already in the collapse stage even more ruin Unbearable.

The current spider plane has long been lacking in rules, and the power of the plane is constantly leaking out, and it will collapse and collapse in a hundred years.

Hundred years seem to be very long, but for a plane with a life cycle of hundreds of several countless years, that’s just a blink of an eye that’s all.

How can an aging and dying plane stop the erosion of the truly thriving Burial Ground?

The power of the surging plane is like a high concentration of sulfuric acid. The moment it invades the spider plane, the surrounding light is instantly distorted.

The indescribable force of terror collided and stirred on the rock wall.

Under that pressure, the surrounding air became extremely dense and dense like mercury, and the orc warriors had difficulty breathing.

And Li De, who is at the core, is like Heavenly God. His brilliance is dazzling, and the terrifying power in his hands continues to surge in.

He can clearly feel the resistance encountered by Burial Ground invading the spider plane. It is the instinctive rejection of the plane, but this resistance is like a thin film when no one is controlling it. It breaks with a light poke.

Under Li De’s domineering force, the surrounding area with dozens of blades turned into space fragments that were twisted and torn, like a sharp knife slashing through the air, no matter what was contaminated by the space fragments, instantly Will be shattered.

The scene looked like Li De was about to destroy a plane, which was inexplicably trembling.

Finally, after reaching a certain point, Li De's eyes opened in anger, and the strength on his body began to crush ten times.

ka-cha ~ The sky suddenly seemed to be broken glass.

There appeared spider web-like cracks in the entire space, and then it burst out in an instant, and countless small space fragments splashed like crystals.

At this moment, a gap in the space widened by a hundred blades was revealed, and the stinky spider plane appeared in front of the surrounding orc warriors.

This is the first time Karp has seen the spider plane, but the first time he saw this mysterious plane, he can only describe it as shock.

The ground of the spider plane is covered with green blankets, and above the blankets are the mountains flying upside down above the sky.

Countless cave spiders connect mountains flying in the sky with cobwebs. The sky is full of traces of cobwebs.

One after another, huge, hideous cave spiders are crawling on the spider web connected by the mountain peaks.

This picture is like a devil's lair in ancient Myths and Legends.

It is intimidating and chilling.

After sensing the abnormal movement of the space, especially after sensing the aura belonging to the outside world, the cave spider seemed to be crazy, roaring, rushing towards the broken space channel to kill.

Seeing this scene, Li De's heart moved, his right hand stretched out slightly, and then under everyone's attention, the Space Gate of Burial Ground opened wide.

Like a huge abyss, directly enveloping this irregular Space Gate with a diameter of 100 blades wide.

The orc army that was ready for battle only saw a flash, and the torn Space Gate just disappeared in place.

There is only the mottled rock wall that was broken by space fragments strikes. The space channel they have been stationed for more than a year has completely lost track.

Burial Ground, under Li De's control, forcibly grafted the tunnel that originally anchored the magic crystal vein on the spider plane.

In other words, now the channel that anchors the magic crystal vein on the spider plane has become the anchor Burial Ground.

From then on, cave spiders can no longer appear in the magic crystal veins, and they can only appear in Burial Ground through the space channel.

This kind of forcibly changing the anchor point is impossible to do if there is a master on the spider plane, but Li De bullies the two extraordinary spiders without this ability to control the spider plane.

"Kapu, you continue to be here to prevent accidents."

Li De left his body after leaving a warning.

Kapu can only smile nodded wryly when he sees this scene.

Even the Space Gate is gone. Li De is not giving them a chance to do meritorious service at all.

Turning his head and glanced at the puzzled orc warriors beside him, he could only shook his head and put the saber away.

He knows Li De's cautious character... It's too difficult to have an accident.




Burial Ground.

After the two planes were connected, I felt the breath of Burial Ground, and the cave spider moved towards Burial Ground as if going crazy.

The huge channel with a diameter of hundreds of blades wide provides a wide enough path for these hideous monsters.

si si ~

The voice of the cave spider is very harsh, like a sharp object striding across the glass, which can make people get goose bumps.

Li De floated in the air, seeing the scene like locusts pouring into the Burial Ground, there was no slight fluctuation in his expression, his eyes looked towards the depths of the spider plane.

At the moment the space shattered, he sensed the breath of the extraordinary spider queen, and the other ghost face spider queen beyond Ordinary Level was coming at a violent speed.

"Dirty insect, you, dare to break into Master Frost's territory, dare to despise the majesty of the master!!"

Just as Li De was about to move, an arrogant tone came from the sky.

Atlantic Frostscar resounded through the earth with a chilling voice.

Li De doesn't know why this giant dragon is called Atlanta, but he always likes to be Lord Frost... Is it possible to have only half of his last name?

Thousands of cave spiders pouring into the lower part trembled after the sound of Atlanta, as if they were under some irresistible pressure,

Even the shiver coldly dared not move in place anymore, and the sharp roar that was excited before became a scream of fear.

Extraordinary Dragon's Might. Those who are stunned by Dragon's Might will gain negative states such as fear and panic. All attributes are reduced by 40%.

The ultimate battle strength of Dead Spirit Race is definitely not comparable to these common level 8 and 9 cave spiders, and a small number of 1Level 0 cave spiders.

The advantage of the ultimate life aspect of giant dragon to the lower life is vividly and thoroughly.

"Taste the taste of frost~"

Then under Li De's gaze, this extraordinary giant dragon with a 26-edged wingspan swooped down and attacked.

When I was 100 blades high from the ground, I lowered my head directly, a white frosty breath flashed in the white bones throat, and then hu~ 呲啦~

Above the sky with hundreds of blades, the absolute zero-degree dragon's breath that can freeze the space directly gushes down.

In this brief moment, Li De could even clearly sense where the dragon's breath passed. The space of Burial Ground became obviously stiff, as if it had become a block of ice.

Absolute zero, freezing space,

The cave spiders below that shiver coldly didn't even dare to move were immediately violently attacked.


After these ferocious monsters touched the frost dragon's breath, they were immediately covered with white frost and stiffened in place.

The Frost Dragon's Breath in Atlanta not only has an attack range that reaches the blade distance, but the damage range has reached an exaggerated 50 blades.

Within this range, all cave spiders have become ice sculptures reflecting rays of light.

And this group of cave spiders with more than 3,000 heads had their souls harvested after only three dive attacks by Frost Giant Dragon Atlanta.

When this extraordinary frost giant dragon spread its wings and lifted off again, the ground has become a field of ice, and the hideous and terrifying cave spiders were frozen in place with the appearance they had before their lives.

At this moment, it is like a large-scale ice sculpture exhibition hall, but these ice sculptures are all frozen monsters that’s all.

When Li De saw this scene, he couldn't help but took a deep look at Atlanta, which was soaring in the air.

This guy is indeed extraordinary. If the guy with Withered Bone, he must descend to a low altitude of 30 blades before he can attack with dragon's breath.

Not to mention the extraordinary level, even the frost giant dragon of the same level is better than the Bone Dragon.

Bone Dragon is transformed from a dead giant dragon. In most cases, it cannot reach the battle strength before him.

But the frost giant dragon is different. This kind of terrifying existence is originally the life of the undead. According to legend, the frost giant dragon is made up of the main god of the Spirit Race, the god of the undead, a powerful Spiritual God who once fought with the Death God and used a part of the priesthood. Create the ultimate arms.

Only during the battle of various Gods of the past, the god of the undead fell, and the frost giant dragon, a horror race created by him, is also gradually dying out, until no trace of it is seen again, so it will be forgotten by the world.

This is the existence that can compare with normal giant dragons and even meet force with force, the ultimate killer of Spirit Race.

Now, this powerful race will once again show its edge in Li De's hands.

Li De also believes that when he finds a few suitable sources for raising pigs, sooner or later the Frost Giant Dragon Race will appear in groups again and become the sharpest sword in his hand.

As for the origin of the piglets, there is one in front of him at this time.

He is so anxious to conquer the Spider Plane, and it is one thing to find the extraordinary spider who killed him to take revenge, and more importantly-there is no better existence than the Spider Plane for raising pigs in a short time.

But before that, he wants to eliminate the hidden dangers in it-both ends are extraordinary.

As for whether the waiting will be conquered or crushed, it will be overturned.

A cold light flashed in his eyes.

Because of his fighting intent, the power in his body began to be awakened slowly, just like lava, gu gu bubbling and surging in blood vessels.

After Li De's breakthrough was extraordinary, he didn't have time to test his own strength. Now these two extraordinary spiders have undoubtedly become his test stones.

The killing intent skyrocketed.

si si ~

Just after Atlanta took off, there was a long hissing sound from the depths of the spider plane.

The cave spiders that were originally stunned by the supernatural Dragon's Might seem to have been beaten into dragon's blood. The imposing manner has risen in vain, and the resistance to Dragon's Might has also greatly increased at this moment. Then these monsters with full faces look like tide Moved towards Burial Ground again and came from within.

His hideous and twisted face gives people a chill that lifts the top of the head.

"Did it finally show up?"

Li De's eyes narrowed slightly as he felt the terrifying aura in the spider plane approaching.

"Atlanta, clean up all cave spiders entering Burial Ground.

But you don't want to enter the spider plane... These spiders can only die in Burial Ground. "

"Obviously, my master... these tiny insects will become ice ballast among the great frosty population!"

Tsundere's voice came, this superb giant dragon is unparalleled.

Li De corner of mouth twitching, disinclined to pay attention to this guy, stepped out, and the second blink had appeared before the space gap, and then stepped out and entered the spider plane.

Leaving Burial Ground, the feeling of heaven and earth turning around him disappears, but the aura on his body is even more terrifying.

Level 23, extraordinary, the golden ancestor bloodline.

Any word in this can make people afraid.

He at this moment is the greatest horror on this plane.

After Li De entered the unstable space of the Spider Plane, it was like a huge boulder crashing into the lake, ripples in circles, and even cracks in space appeared.

The power of his body within the body has already made this plane feel unbearable pressure.

Li De gaze as if a torch, scan everything around.

The spider plane is still in the same scene as before, the mountains fly upside down in the sky, and the white spider webs with silky slime are connected by air corridors.

A string of cave spiders move on the silk like a sugar bottle gourd. When they are walking, they make the sound of zi zi ~ the mucus is touching their hands. It sounds very disgusting.

The light on the entire plane is slightly dim, like thick dark clouds covering the sun, and an indescribable smell of fishy smell is permeated in the air. It is the unique smell of spiders, which makes people sick.

si si ~

The densely packed cave spiders up, down, left, and right now surround Li De who broke into the spider plane with no dead ends, and feel that the breath that does not belong to them emits fierce roar one by one.

In such a terrifying environment, even a determined veteran will have his legs weakened.

pu~ pu~

Suddenly there was a sound in the air, which was like an offensive signal. The cave spider hanging on the spider silk suddenly bent its huge abdomen, pointed its mouthparts at Li De, and then began to spew the spider silk.

Thousands of cave spiders spit out cobwebs at the same time, and the scene becomes extremely spectacular. The spider webs are like birdcatchers, and they pounce on Li De with a flood of poisonous mucus.

The stench in the air is extremely pungent for an instant.

But Li De didn't even look at the spider webs that could submerge the giant dragon, and disappeared in place after stepping out.

After a few breaths, when Li De appeared again, he had reached a distance of thousands of blades in the spider plane, far away from the gap in the space surrounded by hundreds of thousands of cave spiders.

But at the moment it appeared, a terrifying breath came from around.

Li De's eyes were sharp as a blade, and he fiercely looked towards the mountain on his right hand that was three hundred blades high, with a large head and a small bottom, which was wrapped in countless spider webs and suspended above the sky.

He sensed that it was the breath of an extraordinary spider queen.

At this moment, Li De didn't hesitate.

bloodline shackles, unblock.

The golden ancestor bloodline, activated.

hong long long ~

Thunder like the Tearing Space in the dark clouds.

ka-cha ~ka-cha ~ It seems that some ancient chains that block the world are swaying within the body, and then the Bloodline Strength like a giant dragon hiding under the water, burst out in this brief moment.

The energy is like a volcano burst that has been suppressed for thousands of millions of years, and the splashing lava is as high as absolutely ten feet.

Li De's body, which has been scoured and transformed countless times by the gods, has not collapsed under this terrifying energy at this moment, but has completely carried this indescribable and described power.

The world is shocked.

Li De only feels that at this moment he can reach out to teach the world and step on his feet to break mountains and rivers.

The endless power makes him seem to be resurrected from the fallen gods and demons in the battle of the gods.

Because the surrounding space cannot withstand this exaggerated force, it splits every inch like a spider web, and the scene is shocking.

And at this moment, on the mountain that is three hundred blades high, stepping~a sound of intertwined gold and stone sounded.

Then a giant spider with 8 blades, 20 blades in length, covered with black hair, and eight sharp arthropods that can only tear the shield appeared in front of Li De.

The most frightening thing is that this terrifying monster has a hideous and distorted face on the head, which looks chilling,

The teeth next to its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl are more heart-shaking than the giant blade of the dragon, and between one level and one combination, steel can be clamped into powder.

The extraordinary spider queen!

Li De's eyes burst out, and the fighting intent burst out.

The imposing manner on his body skyrocketed again.

Today's prey, he is about to decide!

Open the attribute panel subconsciously, and the level of the supernatural spider queen appeared in front of him, superb·lv21, but before he came to look at its skill attribute, he felt that the terrifying murderous intention was coming.

The supernatural spider queen who was 200 blades away from him suddenly opened her mouth wide, before blinking.

Squeak~ A shock wave burst into the mouth that can shatter space.

The shock wave was like an air cannon, and the area of ​​two thousand blades in diameter immediately suffered indiscriminate attacks.

The surrounding cave spider burst directly, and green juice splashed.

The fungus blanket on the ground was torn into pieces like pieces of paper, the rocky ground under the fungus blanket was broken, and countless rubbles flew up into the sky.

The scene is like a doomsday that will destroy the world, full of terrifying breath that makes people sweat on their foreheads.

And Li De's location is the main direction of the shock wave attack, because the energy is too terrifying, the space in front of him is shattered at this time, it seems that this blow can even a giant dragon.

But what is surprising is that Li De did not move. Yes, he just floated in the void. It seemed that this was enough to kill the ordinary person. A hundred and a thousand attacks were just a breeze blowing.

But the Extraordinary Spider Empress did not show mercy, but increased the volume of roar. It had already recognized that this was the bandit who snatched the spider eggs.

The anger is skyrocketing.

hu hu ~

The air shock wave was like a long knife that could tear through the armor, and it hit Li De directly after a blink of an eye.

At this moment, the wind rolled up ten thousand zhang huge waves, and the rolling rocks of Wanblade Mountain collapsed, and the power was unstoppable.


The moment the air wave hit Li De, the blood burst.

But what is even more shocking is that even if the wave of air can be Tearing Space, it can't make him back even half a step!

The surrounding mountain peaks turned into fragments, and rubble and fragments of cave spider's limbs flew up. All this is just a foil to the eternal silhouette in the sky.

Thirty seconds later, the terrifying shock wave released by the extraordinary spider subsided.

At this time, I looked towards Li De again, and the scar on his body was recovered completely at the moment when the shock wave subsided.

This scene is like Demon God resurrected.

He actually forcibly used his fleshy body to hold the extraordinary release shock wave.

Moreover, it is hard to use any defensive skills.

If outsiders see this scene, they will scream impossible, how could this be the body of ordinary life!

Even the giant dragon has to retreat in this world-destroying impact, and the frontal smashes the extraordinary attack without any damage. How powerful is this silhouette? ?

Li De's eyes were as cold as ice. He resisted an extraordinary attack, but he wanted to try his defensive power after activating the bloodline of the golden ancestor.

Now it seems to satisfy him.

After all, this spider queen is not just in name only, but also in reality transcendent, and the level is as high as Level 21.

Such an attack, even if there are tens of thousands of soldiers here, will definitely be wiped out instantly.

So it is no exaggeration to say that the power that Li De possesses now has exceeded the limit that most people can imagine.

Even in the extraordinary, he can be called unparalleled in battle strength.

"Now, it's my turn."

Li De wanted to come a second time after seeing the Extraordinary Spider, and there was a cold arc on the corner of his mouth.

A year ago, this extraordinary boss, who was almost invincible, is now in his eyes, with only one hand.

At the moment the voice fell, Li De's body burst into an indescribable terrifying aura.

The abyss blows up and hell collapses.

The cave spiders in the range of tens of thousands of blades around only feel that Evil God, the abyss of teaching the world, seems to have descended on the world at this moment.

And Death God's sickle is harvesting their souls.


The scarlet power of Li De's body was directly ignited like a hell flame.

The terrifying power makes the space crazily twisted.

The magic power on the body works, but in the blink of an eye, the first four-ring spell-the forbidden technique order appears.

The Extraordinary Spider Queen, who was still preparing for a second attack, suddenly went dumb.

Because the magic power around it has been solidified, it cannot be mobilized.

As a spellcaster, Li De is not affected by his own spell under spiritual control.

But this is just the beginning.

The eyes were cold and terrifying. After a few breaths, several powerful four-ring spells threw away in turn.

lava Fireball, the arrival of Thor, the disaster of ice and snow, the ultimate storm, the thorns of the earth...

After being extraordinary, his control of magic power has increased again, and the formidable power of these four-ring magic has also been improved again.

The magic mixed with scarlet power is like a natural disaster that destroys the world.

The terrifying lava Fireball burst directly beside the supernatural spider queen, and the thunderbolt realm burst out like a myth of extinction.

The Extraordinary Spider Queen couldn't avoid it, and directly ate two four-ring spells.

But just after the extraordinary spider came back to his senses and was about to get up and escape, a terrifying blizzard-ice and snow disaster blew up in the surrounding two hundred blades. The cold storm caused the temperature to drop by dozens of degrees, just because of the high temperature. The hot space is directly frozen.

At this time, the terrifying tornado storm began to rise-the ultimate storm, the tornado with a diameter of 50 wide, as many as 8! !

The terrifying wind speed instantly tore the rocks, and the broken rocks whizzed like a sharp long knife under the acceleration of the storm, forcibly tore the mountain floating in the air frantically.

Even if the mountains are thick and heavy, but under the strangulation of as many as 8 terrifying storms, they will collapse soon.

What's even more exaggerated is that the cold frost under the blessing of the storm not only did not shatter, but increased destructive power.

The ultimate frost storm.

The superposition of the two four-ring spells has achieved several times the formidable power of a single four-ring spell.

In the terrifying storm, the extraordinary spider queen who was forced to dispel magic by the forbidden technique could only rely on her body to resist, and her abdomen bent sharply to spit out spider silk and venom.

But under the terrifying frost storm strangling, the rocks are only shattering, how can spider silk and venom cause the slightest harm? ?

What is even more shocking is that at the critical moment of strangulation, a terrifying spike filled with scarlet power suddenly strung up on the ground.

Then, under the blessing of terrifying magic, the ground stabbing directly moved towards the mountain in a pressing forward imposing manner, and crashed up,

As if a sharp knife pierced the tofu, puci ~ gravel bounced. At this time, the supernatural spider queen strangled by the frost storm did not realize that the mountain below it had been pierced.

After a few blinks, babble~

The entire mountain exploded directly into two divided into two, and when the Extraordinary Spider Queen reacted, it couldn't avoid the ground thorn that moved towards its abdomen.

puci ~ There was a sound of flesh and blood being penetrated, and then the supernatural spider queen was directly pierced through the abdomen with scarlet power.

The twenty-bladed cave spider was directly raised high by the ground thorn, and the scene was once speechless.

At this time, the mountain began to collapse because it lost a certain balance. Eight violent tornados mixed with ice and snow directly shred the broken rocks.

Seeing this scene, Li De's eyes moved slightly, his right hand stretched out and slightly clenched his fists. Those tornado violent movements moved towards the center, and they did not give the extraordinary spider queen who was pierced by the ground time to react.

si si ~ The roar of pain sounded ten thousand times sharper than a sharp knife on the glass.

The huge frost storm encircled and pierced it terribly, and the extraordinary spider queen received a terrible blow instantly.

In the end, 8 tornado storms with a length of 50 blades merged into a super tornado storm with more than 200 blades.

Even the clouds in the sky were stirred by the storm at this moment, and the fungus blanket on the ground, broken stones, and the broken corpses of cave spiders were all stirred up by the storm.

The picture is like the Divine Punishment sent down by the Spiritual God in the church murals who violated those unforgivable sins.


And accompanied by the wind whistling in the ears.

The roar of the supernatural spider queen became more and more tragic. This superhuman who only attacked once was suppressed by Li De on the spot, and there was no room for resistance.

But then the system hint suddenly sounded and he was slightly taken aback.

"Ding~spirit strength has reached the requirements, and multiple casts have been successfully performed, and the dual cast talent has been upgraded to multiple casts."

Multiple casts?

He was just subconsciously smashing out a few powerful spells directly in his hands, and he didn't even consider the problems of multiple spells.

But now, he can feel that the barrier that prevented him from casting spells has disappeared. As long as his spirit strength can be controlled, then he can release 10 spells at the same time.

True Fortress Mage.

After receiving the system's message, Li De's expression was a bit subtle. Multiple spellcasting is not something ordinary and extraordinary, and additional conditions must be met.

The most important of these is to possess the two extraordinary passives: extraordinary magic affinity and extraordinary magic control.

The biggest problem is that the "extreme" level is already the pinnacle of passive skills. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to reach beyond Ordinary Level.

Unless it’s a bloodline terrifying super-level existence like Li De, or even if it’s promoted to Legendary, most spellcasters can only master double-casting, at best, they can perform pseudo 3rd-layer spellcasting as he did before.

After the swallowing divinity was upgraded, his potential had reached an unspeakable level of horror, with multiple spells in his body, and even at this time Li De could not estimate how strong he was.

si si ~

As several magic attacks attacked at the same time, the voice of the Extraordinary Spider Queen gradually became faint.

Although this spider queen is strong, but in front of Li De of Heavenspan, it is still only crushed.

Li De gaze as if a torch, after feeling the other party's breath gradually faint, he waved his hand slightly, a few magics in this brief moment collapsed instantly, like a breeze, and the scene of destroying heaven extinguishing earth just turned into The dragonfly touches the water lightly brook gurgling.

But the scene of destruction around is still a reminder of what happened here.

The extraordinary spider that was pierced by the ground has no more breath at this time. No matter how strong the body is, it has become a lamb to be slaughtered.

Li De didn't even use the power of one third in this battle. Just a few magic smashed this supernatural head is no longer enough.

Although the gap between the two sides is only two levels, the battle strength is already as different as heaven and earth.

But when Li De was about to step forward to explore the physical state of the Extraordinary Spider Queen, the space behind him suddenly tore.

Then a three-bladed, weird spider with a sharp guillotine like a mantis appeared behind him.

The thin wings flapped frantically, and the surging air brought an exaggerated speed to it, and the forelegs of the two blades slashed up against Li De.

The water bottle burst, and murderous intention suddenly appeared.

Li De felt the murderous intention and then the corners of his mouth hung a cold arc, and his body was about to tear the forelegs of this weird spider's blade for a second, turned slightly, and then the right hand just grabbed it like this. The forelegs of the blade that could only cut the steel weeds.

The other party is horribly tearing Space Power in front of him, as weak as a child.

The same routine, the last time he stepped into the spider plane, he was killed by this extraordinary blade spider, and now he still wants to repeat the trick.

It's so stupid.

The big green eyes of the blade spider flashed a bit of fury, and the other blade's foreleg whizzed at the same time, and the space was torn under its edge.

But in his shocking gaze, Li De stretched out his right hand, and then grabbed the foreleg of another blade.

This? ?

At this time, the blade spider's mind must be full of question marks. What is this operation?

But before I had time to react, I suddenly only felt a pain in the forelimbs, puci ~puci ~ accompanied by two dull sounds, green's juice splashed.

Then this extraordinary blade spider watched his two ultimate weapons forcibly pulled out by the terrifying life in front of them.

The forelegs of the blade are gone.

Li De held the sword-blade spider's weapon in both hands, and the arc of his mouth became colder and colder.

When an Old Hu has no teeth, what else can it use to show off one's military strength?

After feeling that the prey that could be slaughtered at will has become an unmatched terrifying existence, the blade spider with great wisdom did not choose to harden it, but turned around and hid directly in the space and escaped. .

Li De didn't seem to be surprised to see this scene, but the blood-colored eyes were getting colder.

The two front limbs of the blade disappeared in the hands, and then the right hand made a fist. The Bloodline Strength erupted like a lava, and the scarlet power on the body instantly burned like a flame being poured with gasoline.

Bloodline Strength, consumes 50%.

The moment the body burst out almost overflowing, Li De punched out to the void in front of him.

At this moment, the crimson power that was compressed to the extreme was a million times more fierce than a cannonball, and the terrifying energy burst out in an instant.

The world seems to be trembling.

Then a more shocking scene appeared. Within 500 blades around Li De, the space in this brief moment was shattered and shattered like a broken mirror.

Space turbulence broke out.

The extraordinary blade spider that had just concealed in the dimension plane fell out of the bursting space like a dog.

Seeing this scene, Li De's eyes became more and more indifferent, his right hand stretched out slightly, and the scarlet power spread again, and then he made a fist with his five fingers.


The power of the scarlet escaped.

hu hu ~ The scarlet power pervading the 500-blade space around it is like a drop of water into a sponge, moving towards the extraordinary blade spiders.

In the blink of an eye, there was a burst of scarlet all over the Extraordinary Blade Spider.

At this moment, this blade spider only feels the souls are going to die, and an indescribable breath of danger seems to swallow its soul.

But just when it wanted to enter the dimensional plane again, a light shout cut off all his hopes.


Li De's indifferent voice resounded through this cracked world, and then the body of the Extraordinary Blade Spider burst instantly.

All the arthropods shattered and burst, and dozens of densely packed pits appeared on the body, and green mucus gurgled out.

I was just about to show off one's military strength and wanted to hunt Li De’s extraordinary spiders. At this time, they fell from the air like a dead dog,

Bang~ After hitting the ground, it made a dull sound. Although it hasn't died yet, its condition is not better than that of the extraordinary spider queen who was besieged by several four-ring spells.

The spider plane has extraordinary two ends.


Without the slightest grind, without the slightest hesitation, these two do not know how many years of extraordinary dominance on this plane have been. At this time, they became little sheep slaughtered at will by Li De's feet.

The surrounding cave spiders lost the control of the Extraordinary Spider Queen. Under Li De's radiant Heavenly Might-like imposing manner, they did not dare to approach, and fled with endless fear in their hearts.

The Li De at this moment is the Demon God resurrected from the ancient times.

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