I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 398

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Suppressing the two extraordinary not at all caused Li De a little bit of difficulty, because the battle strength of both sides was already incomparable.

Li Deli had a bored look at the blade spider who was limp on the ground, shook the head.

I wanted to sharpen the knife, but now...

The long trousers haven't taken off yet, and the other party is already dead.


After snapping his fingers, a big transparent hand appeared in the sky, directly lifting the twitching blade spider on the ground.

Then turned around and went behind the Super Spider.

Looking at the abdomen pierced by the ground, Li De, the spider queen who was still wailing, waved his hand and withdrew the magic.

After the ground thorn lost its magical blessing, the hong long long ~ began to shatter one by one from the sky, and the huge figure of the spider queen fell directly.


A magic shield rose around Li De to block the blown mud.

The dust settled.

The overlords of the two spider planes, neat and tidy, collapsed to the ground, completely becoming a dead fish.

The eyes of these two extraordinary spiders looked towards Li De, full of anger and unconcealed panic.

Li De's terrifying power has exceeded the limit of their imagination. They can rule hundreds of millions of cave spiders, and they have no resistance at all in the face of this terrifying and strange life.

si si ~

The supernatural spider queen uttered a few painful wailings, which faintly meant an acknowledge allegiance.

Monsters who reach the supernatural have a certain degree of intelligence, and cave spiders are not a tenacious race.

Many of the dark beings in Underground World like to keep such monsters in captivity and guard bunkers or mazes the most.


Li De shook the head. Unfortunately, he already has the queen of death spiders. Although the queen of death spiders has a lower level, he is still qualified as cannon fodder.

The function of the cave spider has overlapped with that of the death spider, and he doesn't seem to have much demand for this power.

In contrast, continuing to maintain the position of the pig farm at this time in the Spider Plane will help him even more.

After all, Death Power can directly recruit the ultimate life of the frost giant dragon, and the cave spider...it's nothing but ugly, especially the ghost-faced spider inside, which is so ugly and terribly ugly, standing in the yard The dog was taken aback.

But in any case, this is two extraordinary things. Although a bit weak, the level is here after all.

If you just kill it like this, it will undoubtedly be a waste.

Li De didn't hesitate, and two steps forward, his blasphemous words were as cold as ice.

"acknowledge allegiance, or destruction!"

The ancient terrible language is terrifying and terrifying, and it does not require blasphemous language by outsiders, and the meaning of its language can be directly known to the other party through spiritual means.

After obtaining this ancient language from Asrega, Li De liked to treat these dark beings with this extremely evil language.

Because it can not only make the other party understand, but it can also cause great divine might.

si si ~

Without hesitation at all, the two extraordinary spiders screamed for acknowledge allegiance.

This is not a determined race. After encountering an invincible existence, the acknowledge allegiance is just a choice of survival instinct.

As for Li De snatching the spider queen's eggs... After the black widow spider lays eggs, even the male spiders that mate with it will eat it. This kind of monster follows instinct more, and survival instinct is the priority option above all else. .

Li De didn't have too many surprises when he saw this, his right hand stretched out, and the strength of Faith began to spread out slowly.

The strength of Faith of more than 500,000 makes him full of confidence, isn't it just to conquer two extraordinary? Tonight, Young Master Zhao pays...

The rays of light slowly burned the eyes in the gloomy environment, and the strength of Faith moved towards the heads of two spiders like a tide.

The two extraordinary spiders have already had an acknowledge allegiance, and Li De's imposing manner is still pressing on them at this time, so the two spiders have no Willpower to resist, and the strength of Faith began to smoothly transform their souls.

Ten minutes...twenty minutes...

After half an hour.

holy light is bright.

Li De's strength of Faith dropped by 200,000 at this time, leaving only 300,000 in the blink of an eye.

But correspondingly, there are two other battle strengths that exceed Ordinary Level again.

Although this battle strength is not much stronger than him, transcendence is transcendence, and breaking the sky is not comparable to Level 19.

After the strength of Faith's baptism transformation, the two spiders quietly returned to normal. Even the two forelimbs forcibly ripped off by the blade spider by Li De have germinated young buds, and it may not be long before they can grow again. ultimate weapon.

Open the attribute panel, Li De saw the attributes of two spiders in his eyes.

Blade Spider

Title: Killer (Increase 1000% strength, 500% sharpness of forelimbs, 200% increase in attack speed)

Level: Extraordinary-lv20

Skills: Extraordinary assassination, extremely fast flight, breath trace, bloody slashing, fast slashing, spinning.

Passive skills: extraordinary Bone Armor, sharp double-edged, highly poisonous,

Special skills: hidden space

bloodline: spider bloodline (rebirth from a severed limb)

Evaluation: A blade spider with assassination talent, is a hunter in the shadows, most likes to kill enemies from the back.

The Ghost Face Spider Queen

Title: Queen of Ghost Face Spider

Level: Extraordinary-lv21

Skills: Super strong air wave shock wave, spit poison, tenacious spider silk, curse of weakness, violent attack.

Passive skills: strong body, strong Bone Armor, highly poisonous

Limited skills: multiply, dominate the spider colony

bloodline: bloodline after the spider (increases the speed of spawning)

Introduction: An extraordinary spider with powerful ability can rule the entire spider colony, and all spiders in the spider colony will unconditionally obey its commands.

After reading roughly the skills of the two extraordinary spiders, Li De was slightly nodded.

The role of the two spiders have nothing common with each other, the assassin route taken by the blade spider, and the dominating route taken by the spider queen, but it's not bad and can come in handy.

Especially the blade spider. After the blood pool was transferred from Frey, there has been no powerful Guardian to protect it. At this time, the blade spider appeared, which undoubtedly made up for this point.

An extraordinary guardian of Blood Race's most precious blood pool, protecting the remains of Spiritual God in the blood pool, is worthy of the scale and strength of the city of dawn.

As for the supernatural spider queen, the effect is even greater.

The spider plane is a natural pig farm, and all he needs is for the queen to order all cave spiders to lay eggs desperately, and then wait until the hatched cave spiders become adults and go to Burial Ground to be killed by themselves.

It's that simple.

The spiders of High Rank above Level 15 will stay, and will be taken to the battlefield when they encounter a big battle.

Because of the special attack of the Spider Plane, after the Extraordinary Spider was enslaved, it was equivalent to the Spider Plane.

On the entire plane, the queen of spiders is the only master.

This broken plane can no longer raise the third supernatural, so no one will compete with the spider queen for status.

"Take me to your lair."

After being transformed by the strength of Faith, all the trauma he had just received has been recovered at this time. Li De can directly issue orders through the spiritual imprint remaining in the Extraordinary Spider Queen to communicate with spirit.

Going to the lair is naturally to see if there is any gain. The god Asrega, but he found it in the nest of the spider queen, in case we find another...

Moreover, this kind of thing may also be true, but Asrega has survived from the ancient times and has fought against Spiritual God.

The most important thing is that this guy has lost the memory in front of him, so he himself does not know whether his soul has left any treasures to recover his strength after recovery. He has never had a chance. Come in for a second probe.

Athleja is a god, and no matter what treasures this terrifying life leaves behind, it is absolutely extraordinary.

"zi zi ~yes, master..."

Although the spider queen can't speak, after the soul of strength of Faith baptism, she can still convey what she wants to express through the Soul Seal in her mind.

The supernatural spider got up and moved towards another direction.

The blade spider hides in the dimension plane.

The supernatural queen can't fly, but its speed is not slow at all.

After climbing a high mountain, this huge monster started directly on the road with a swing. It looked like...Spiderman?

A terrifying life with 8 blades and 20 blades is swinging wildly among the mountains in the sky. It's hard to describe the scene.

Many cave spiders will be smashed by them alive in the middle, but the queen of spiders doesn't care at all and is very domineering.

When Li De saw this scene, his expression was very subtle.

It's fine for Spider-Man to go forever, you are so big...too scary.

Ten minutes later, the spider queen who had been in the sky for a long time suddenly loosened the spider silk behind her ass, and then the huge body dropped directly from the sky, hong long long ~ the ground nearby trembled.

Li De corner of mouth twitching, he feels inexplicably that there seem to be few normal people around him......

Slightly lowered his head, he saw a small hill within the valley densely packed Devil Crystal Stone piled up into a mountain.

It's the spider lair he saw when he broke into the spider plane last time.

This small valley is four to five hundred blades long and wide. It is an exaggeration to accumulate such a large area of ​​Devil Crystal Stone.

zi zi ~

The supernatural spider queen hissed twice, and then gestured to the valley as if offering a treasure,

Li De was a bit greedy when he saw this scene for the first time, but he didn't have much reaction at this time.

Even the devil crystal mineral veins are occupied by him. Although there are many Devil Crystal Stones, they are not bad.

But since he is here, these Devil Crystal Stones naturally cannot be wasted by this guy.

"Let the cave spider move the Devil Crystal Stone here outside the space channel, leaving 10% is enough for you. You can tell me if it is not enough later."

"Yes, master..."

After passing the information to the Queen of the Extraordinary Spider, the spider decisively executed Li De’s orders despite a bit of dismay. After a huge scream, densely packed cave spiders appeared from a distance, and these caves The spider started carrying these Devil Crystal Stones and walked out like ants moving.

Li De was quite satisfied with this scene. These guys are a bit ugly, but they are still pretty good at doing hard work.

Thinking for a while, looked towards the supernatural spider queen again.

"Last time I got a bronze egg with you, have you collected anything similar?"

The bronze egg was the baby that hatched the gods. The egg that was formerly the bronze dragon was later occupied by Asrega.

"Something similar?"

After thinking about it, the spider queen shook the head, "Master...I only found this egg..."

Li De raised his brows when he sensed the message from the spider queen, he just asked if he was in case, and didn't care too much.

After all, being able to get Asrega is already favored by the lucky Goddess.

But when he just withdrew his attention, the next message from the queen made his expression freeze.

"However, near the egg I found, I sensed a Devil Crystal Stone that scared me...It seems to want to devour my soul..."

Oh? ?

Devouring Soul? ?

Li De became interested, "Take me to see."

The spider queen shook the head, "It is already not in the original place..."

"Where is that?" Li De puzzled.

"Brought me back..."

Can I...not be so nonsense?

Li De has a black line on his face, the IQ of this spider queen is worrying...

"Find the Devil Crystal Stone."

"Yes..." After answering, the spider queen turned around and went directly to the mountain within the valley, and began to search.

Li De looked at the other person turning around randomly in the Devil Crystal Stone, the corners of his mouth twitched again, and the interest he had just raised disappeared instantly.

What good things can this guy really find? He was very skeptical.

This is the case with these arthropod monsters. Although they are wise, they also have a bit of stupidity. It's okay to let them fight to death, and do other things.

Three days later, most of the Devil Crystal Stone on the hill within the valley was removed by the cave spider, and the supernatural spider queen was still searching inside.

Just when Li De's patience was exhausted and ready to leave the spider plane, this Hegemon finally seemed to have found something, and then turned around out of the small valley with a thumb-sized spar in his mouth.

"Master~ I found it."

Feeling the information in his mind, Li De was taken aback for a moment. He didn't expect the other party to find it.

Looking at the huge mouth of the Devil Crystal Stone, which is the size of rice grains to the spider queen, Li De waved his hand, the mage's hand appeared, and then pulled out the mouth of the spider queen.

He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed when he took the infallible Devil Crystal Stone into his hand.

Nothing, even an ordinary translucent stone that’s all in his senses, not to mention Devouring Soul, not even magic.

"Is this... a mistake?"

Li De didn't work out the reason, and opened the attribute panel directly with the thought of taking a last look.

But this one glance made his eyes wide open to the extreme.

Broken Divine Spark

Quality: Special

Status: Broken and sleeping (1 million dark strength of Faith is required to activate)

Introduction: A broken Divine Spark, but it still contains the power of the "Dusk priest", which requires a lot of darkness to activate it.

Is my motherfucker blind? ?

Li De's eyes widened, his face full of incredible.

It turned out to be Divine Spark? ! ! !

He just wanted to blindly touch the mouse to see if there is anything good in the place where the gods exist.

But this is too ridiculous, right? ?

A Divine Spark was thrown on the ground like trash and turned over for a long time before it came out? ?

If he didn't ask this sentence today, would this thing be ignored?

"Athlegar, this prodigal thing, hides this thing, but I don’t remember it, prodigal......"

Li Depo was a little bit distressed, but his expression was very excited.

This Divine Spark exists here, and it is definitely a good thing that Asrega did. Apart from the evil spirit who can shake Spiritual God, who else would throw Divine Spark on the ground? And I found it beside the bronze egg.

This is definitely a back hand that Asrega left for herself, and it can be used to quickly restore strength after recovery.

But didn't expect that guy had no chance to be resurrected for many years, and he lost his memory after being resurrected. This led to this precious Divine Spark being hidden by an illiterate spider.

"Hurry up, keep looking for something similar to this Devil Crystal Stone!

In addition, immediately activate all the cave spiders, find the items with different breaths, and find the entire spider plane for me! "

Naturally, Li De won't just stop like this, and directly ordered the spider queen to find it. What if there is more? Although the odds are slim, this thing is worth the cost, even more how is just a simple search.

si si ~

The queen of spiders immediately began to issue orders after receiving Li De's instructions, and after just a few breaths, the spiders on the entire plane began to move.

Various strange things were carried to the front of the hill for Li De to choose.

Li De focused his attention on the broken Divine Spark while distinguishing.

Even if I know that this is Divine Spark, but after his spirit strength is released, he still can't sense the aura on it, it seems that it is indeed a stone.

eyebrows slightly frowned, Death Power started to input turbulently, but Divine Spark did not respond at all, as if this power was not what it needed.

After a slight pause, Li De directly began to transform into strength of Faith output,

But what surprised him was that 呲啦~Strength of Faith made a violent corrosion sound after touching Divine Spark. The gray Divine Spark trembled, expressing extremely resisting resistance.

Li De stopped slightly, looking towards the attribute above with regret.

It takes 1 million dark strength of Faith to activate.

He just wanted to try it, but it still didn't work.

Dark strength of Faith... What he has is the pure strength of Faith of light, which is the opposite of the dark strength of Faith.

Dark strength of Faith Only evil beliefs can be possessed, such as the killing of Evil God believers, blood sacrifice, and destruction of the world, etc. These will produce dark strength of Faith.

Li De browses tightly frowns.

Strength of Faith is easy to handle, but the darkness of strength of Faith undoubtedly makes him a little embarrassed.

The foundation of the breaking dawn sect is set, he is always impossible to temporarily transform the sect into a dark sect?

The loss will definitely be greater than the value of this Divine Spark, which is not worth it.

After concentrating for a moment, Li De's eyes suddenly lit up.

Where is it?

This is Underground World.

What is Underground World?

Dark races, neutral races like halflings are an absolute minority in Underground World, and most of them are pure dark races.

What kind of transformation do we need to get the strength of Faith? Isn’t it enough to teach directly underground?

"But if you want to have a very important point in preaching underground, you can no longer use the name of sect, or even dark creatures can only produce light belief..."

Li De thought for a while, his eyes slowly lit up.

"I don't need to stare at the breaking dawn sect all the time...Why can't I create a new sect for preaching?"

"I already have so many vests, not more of this one..."

After figuring out this key, Li De's thoughts instantly became clear, and countless thoughts rose.

After rubbing this Divine Spark a little, Li De's eyes slightly narrowed, and the light in his eyes is uncertain.

"Divine Spark, priesthood, divinity, these all are the most precious things of glory

Especially this god, its value can even be exchanged for a Human Kingdom.

No matter how much you pay, it must be activated.

If I can integrate into this divinity, then my strength will increase unprecedentedly...

When the time comes, don’t say extraordinary, that is, Legendary is the number one brother in front of me.

At the time when the old day is approaching, this Divine Spark came too timely, the Plague God lurking in the abyss is still glare like a tiger watching his prey, this old Evil God will wait until the old days come If you can descend on the main plane, you will desperately destroy the city of dawn..."

Li De immediately made up his mind, the next goal-Underground World.

No one can make him shake.

Moreover, whether it is to activate the Divine Spark in hand or the strategic layout of the city of breaking dawn, the battle for Underground World has become inevitable.

This time is definitely a huge gain.

Li De's smile couldn't be restrained no matter what, that determined heart was already overwhelmed by surprise.




After the harvest of Divine Spark, Li De spent three days in the spider plane.

The past few days conducted a sweeping search, just to make sure that no other treasures were missed.

Divine Spark is so precious, Li De is afraid that if there is anything left to be found, then he will suffer a blood loss.

But in the end, the cave spider rummaged over the entire plane. The strange items in front of the small valley were piled up on dozens of hills and no other treasures were found.

Li De could only stop when he saw this, but at the same time he also asked the queen to send a team of cave spiders to search for a long time.

Leave aside the harvest of Divine Spark. In the past few days, Li De has also learned more about the spider plane.

The supernatural queen was born after the death of the previous generation, and there are only two supernatural spiders on the plane of spiders, and the highest level of the other spiders is only Level 19.

The most important point is that all spiders on the spider plane can be considered descendants of the extraordinary spider queen.

It’s not that these spiders are born from it, but that the supernatural queen will give birth to the second generation of queens. The level of these queens is about Level 15. Then these queens lay eggs, and then Ordinary cave spider.

Among them, Level 15 magic spiders and Bone Armor spiders are all made of spider egg mutations produced by the extraordinary spider queen.

But it is the common spider queen who gives birth most.

Currently, there are about 200 common spider queens in the entire spider plane. These common spider queens can produce 200 spider eggs every day.

200 heads is 40,000. In other words, 1.2 million spider eggs can be produced in 30 days a month, which is 14.4 million a year.

The hatching time of cave spiders is also very short. They can hatch within one month of laying eggs, and they will become adults in two months after hatching.

In other words, a cave spider has a total of only 3 months from hatching to adulthood. Although this time is much slower than that of a dead spider that can swallow Death Power in less than a week after hatching, it can’t stand the other spider. There are so many common spider queens.

This is also the reason why cave spiders can continuously emerge from the Space Gate for more than a year.

After Li De understood the reason, he decisively ordered that the Extraordinary Spider Queen continue to lay eggs, increasing the number of ordinary Spider Queen to 1,000.

But the supernatural spider queen made a hard time, "Master, we can't feed so many spiders..."

The load-bearing capacity of the Spider Plane is limited, impossible unlimited rioters, this is a aging plane, not comparable to the prosperity of Burial Ground.

Li De gave a solution directly after considering it.

"These spiders have been raising not at all, and directly ordered that, except for the spiders that keep the brood running, the remaining cave spiders will all attack the Burial Ground... which is the plane opposite the Space Gate."

I can’t afford it because there are too many stocks of the Spider Plane. If I consume these stocks, wouldn’t I be able to afford it?

The position of the Spider Plane is now a pig farm. Li De doesn't care about these dark monsters, which are covered with fur and are extremely ugly.

He only needs Death Power, a lot of Death Power.

Strength of Faith has transformed the soul of the extraordinary spider queen, and naturally obeyed Li De's orders.

Although Divine Spark was not found in these three days, most of the exaggerated Devil Crystal Stones were moved back to Burial Ground.

This can be considered a not-so-small gain, worth at least 2 million Kim Puck-although he will not sell Devil Crystal Stone.

As for the level of the extraordinary queen of spiders...what level does a toolman want, an obediently and honestly pig farm manager is enough, and he doesn't need this queen to be on the battlefield.

However, another statistic surprised Li De. After several battles, there are now more than 200 level 15 spiders on the spider plane.

The cave spider that occupies a plane, its slowly accumulating power cannot be underestimated.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal compared to the number of tens of millions, and millions of spider eggs can be produced every month. With such a huge base, it is normal to have a batch of High Rank battle strength.

The only pity is that the battle strength of monsters like cave spiders is incomparable to humans of the same level or Blood Race. Level 17 Grot can easily kill 20-30 Level 15 cave spiders...

The gap is not generally large.

But some are better than none, and they can be regarded as a backhand here. In the future, if there is nothing wrong, they can be released to resist a wave of damage.

By the time Li De has dealt with the spider plane and returned to Burial Ground, it was September 27th.

Holding the gray Divine Spark in his hand, his expression was quite cheerful.

This time the trip to the Spider Plane is definitely a great harvest.

Not only enslaved two extraordinary spiders, controlled the spider plane and established a stable pig farm, laying a solid foundation for obtaining Death Power in the future, but also getting the inestimable Supreme Treasure-Divine Spark, and Divine Spark that contains part of the evening priesthood.

His extraordinary perception felt that the Dusk priest seemed very suitable for him...because the Dusk priest had a very terrifying extension-the dark priest.

There is no need to say more about this. Blood Races are the darlings of the night. Without light, they are the most powerful existence.

So Li De valued this Divine Spark a little bit more in his heart.

The top priority now has changed from acquiring Death Power and cultivating frost giant dragons to fighting in Underground World, conducting a new round of missions, and acquiring the strength of Faith in darkness.




Burial Ground.

Li De looked at the extraordinary giant dragon soaring in the sky in a great mood. He has been pleasing to see everything in the past two days, even cave spiders are not so ugly.

At this time, the blade spider is hiding behind him in the void, and the supernatural spider queen continues to rule the entire spider plane, making plans for his pig raising plan.

At this moment, Li De didn't want to stay any longer, he wanted to return to the city of dawn immediately to make a plan to conquer the Underground World.

Propagating faith is the right way.

"Master... a lot of shiny babes... is this a reward from you?"

But the characteristics of Blood Race are destined that once they are exposed, they will face encirclement and suppression by all humans.

One or two Blood Races. Fortunately, although they will attract the attention of the church, they are just like that, but once the Blood Race expands, it will be intolerable by any human being-because the Blood Race can only survive by devouring humans.

Although other dark races are terrifying, they can live without humans, and don't need to lie on humans to suck blood all the time.

So although human beings are hostile to other dark races, they are not so exaggerated. Only Blood Race, the relationship between the two sides can almost only be described by mortal enemies.

The more blood races there are, the more humans die, and no one can bear this happening.

And with the development of the City of Dawn, Li De can already feel that this city will meet bottleneck in the near future.

The City of Dawn has passed the stage where only thirty to twenty thousand people can significantly improve their strength.

At this time, regardless of the number of human beings or the expansion of power, the blank areas of the City of Dawn are slowly entering a state of saturation.

So at this stage Li De wants to expand the city of Dawn, the best choice is Underground World.

Although the environment here is worse than the surface, there are many Underground Tribes, life is prosperous, and various mineral resources are also abundant, which can completely make up for the lack of resources in the city of dawn, which has been dragging its feet.

The more important point is that now the Underground World will be exclusively enjoyed by him.

Currently, there is no intelligence that there are any forces on the surface.

This is too tempting. With such a big piece of cake, how much benefit will it get if it is exclusive to the City of Dawn?

According to the intelligence collection during this period, Underground World is an irregular ellipse, with an approximate length and width of 4000 kilometers.

The southern provinces are only 5,000 kilometers long and 4,000 kilometers wide.

So this piece of Underground World is a vast land comparable to the southern provinces.

The area explored by the City of Dawn now does not even contain 1% of the land.

At a time when turmoil is about to occur outside, if Underground World can be taken into the arms and become a private place for the city of dawn, then the city of dawn will maintain rapid development for a long time to come.

Of course, now there is an extremely important point-mission.

He needs preaching to harvest the faith of dark life, and 1 million dark strength of Faith can activate Divine Spark, which is a lot.

Of course, these Li De envisioned plans require him to do more detailed operations in specific circumstances.

After explaining Karp, Li De went back to the city of Dawn directly through Burial Ground.

As for the magic crystal vein, the Space Gate will also be fixed here, and there will be no need to detour through the underground passage to come to the magic crystal vein.

Once this fixed space is opened, it is equivalent to this magic crystal vein to grow in the city of dawn.

This is why Li De, at the expense of hundreds of millions of Death Power, has to upgrade Burial Ground to extraordinary.

The ability to open Space Gate anywhere is too helpful for the city of dawn, even to the extent that Li De can't describe it.

The simplest analogy-work efficiency has more than doubled.

Previously, mining stones in the mining area needed to be transported by magic bats. Now the mined ore can be directly drawn to the steel-making blast furnace through Space Gate.

The long transit journey in the middle can be omitted directly. The equivalent to steelmaking blast furnace is built on the ore vein, which is more than convenient to describe.

Moreover, there are countless similar things, including the stone used for urban construction can be mined directly on the mountain and then moved to the construction site, and logistics materials can be delivered within seconds...

Even now the City of Dawn can be directly connected to the Dwarf Valley through Space Gate.

This meaning is extraordinary, because it means that the Dwarf Valley is directly merged into the city of Dawn.

It's so unreasonable. Space Gate can connect two cities that are thousands of kilometers apart.

Business transactions, cultural exchanges, this level of convenient transportation has unimaginable benefits.

The city of Dawn will leave from the valley of the dwarves next, which greatly avoids the risk of the city of Dawn being discovered by outsiders.

The blood pool.

After Li De returned to the City of Dawn, not at all, went back to the city hall, but went directly to the blood pool.

At this time, the paths on both sides of the blood pool are already full of Devil Crystal Stones. The energy inside the Devil Crystal Stone naked eye can be seen escaping, and these escaping energies are slowed down under a special breath. Slowly absorbed by the blood in the blood pool.

In the central area where the Holy Spirit is sealed off by the stone gate, Li De can still feel the rich energy contained inside.

But his purpose today is not to inspect the blood pool, but to leave other blade spiders beyond Ordinary Level here.

The blood pool is the foundation of the Holy Light Blood Race, and there is the Supreme Treasure of the Spiritual God remains at this level. The previous guards are indeed a bit monotonous, and the existence of the blade spider can make up for the lack of high-end battle strength.

After instructing the stationed Blood Race, Li De left amidst several descendant excited and admired eyes.

At this moment, all his thoughts are on the broken dusk Divine Spark, and there is no time to do anything else.

After breaking through the space, Li De appeared directly in Harrison's office. The first sentence he saw this capable man made him stared wide-eyed.

"Harrison, I got a Divine Spark..."

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