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Hearing Lee De's words, Harrison's expression was very wonderful.

I even wondered if I heard it wrong, what is Divine Spark? Spiritual God is the strongest of Source, the value of this thing cannot be described in simple words.

But now... Li De said he got one. Is this thing so good to get?

"Under the crown, are you talking about Divine Spark?"

Looking at Harrison's shocked expression, Li De felt a little nasty in his heart. When he saw Divine Spark just now, his expression was not much better than Harrison.

"Yes, a Divine Spark with the priesthood of dusk..."

There is still a priesthood? ! !

Harrison's eyes widened again, his face filled with disbelief.

Is this going to dig out Spiritual God's hometown? Or has it breached another Spiritual God ruins?

The God of Creation is on top, isn't he dreaming?

Looking at Harrison who hadn't come back to his senses for a long time, Li De smiled and began to talk about the process of getting Divine Spark. After listening, Harrison spirit slowly recovered.

His face excitedly said, "Under the crown, you are definitely blessed by God of Creation!

Not only can we conquer the terrifying existence of God’s evil, but also get Divine Spark! !

The god of creation is on top, the holy light blood race will surely become a race of gods! "

God race, heir of Spiritual God.

According to the current development trend, the probability of Li Decheng becoming a god seems to increase substantially.

As a descendant of the Holy Light Blood Race, if Li De is truly a god, then they will undoubtedly become the biggest beneficiaries.

God, this is no fantasy.

"Don't think about that many."

Li De waved his hand, becoming a god is too far away, even Legendary still has a long way to go, reminding that the strength to deal with the coming disaster is the key.

"Now, I need to obtain the dark strength of Faith to activate this evening Divine Spark."

"And the best place to get the dark strength of Faith is undoubtedly Underground World...

Halflings, gray dwarves, night elves, half-orcs, caveman, harpy...etc. etc., these races can all allow us to obtain the strength of Faith of darkness. "

Harrison also stabilized his emotions and said decisively after a little thought.

"Under the crown, conquering the Underground World is the plan we made before, and now we can start it immediately.

Using the army to suppress resistance and faith to resolve dissatisfaction, this land will be shrouded in your light. "

"Yes, that's what I think."

Li De's eyes are burning, "We need to conquer a city, and then use this city as a support point to radiate all around."

"You mean...Black Iron Fort?"

Harrison expression congeals, "This city built by halflings is undoubtedly the core location of the area near the silt swamp.

According to the Intelligence Section, there are many tribes and ethnic groups around here, such as the night elves in the south of Dark Iron City, the half-orcs in the north, these all are powerful tribes. "

Li De nodded, looking thoughtful.

"The original plan was to slow down the corrosion of Underground World, making this land like a centaur on a low mountain and hills, becoming a part of us under the economic influence of the city of dawn.

But now that the old days are approaching, we are running out of time, this corrosion plan can only be changed to a faster conquest plan. "

"The power of the City of Dawn has long been different from what it used to be. It is enough to conquer this land!"

"No matter how much power they hide, no matter how powerful they are, the iron hoof of the city of dawn will crush everything!"

Although Li De's tone was calm, his overbearing dominance and ambition were enough to make anyone look at him.

The power in his hand is enough to make him fearless Underground World for all the challenges.

"Under the crown, your eyes will be the guiding light of the city of dawn!"

Harrison raised his chest and bowed, the fanatical worship in his eyes was crazier than that of fanatics.

The speaker of the city hall witnessed Li De stepping up against the sky and growing the City of Dawn to a level of digital transcendence. His trust in Li De, even without the influence of the bloodline, had already been extended. full.

Li De took a deep breath with sharp eyes like a falcon.

"Harrison, immediately ordered the reorganization of the army and dispatched all Legion of the King's Blade to prepare for battle."

"This battle will be a battle to lay the foundation for the rise of the city of dawn. There will be no retreat!"

The King's Blade is an army built by Li De, commanding all the army except for the caster and Blood Race.

among which is included Wings of Dawn, Legion of Orcs, Legion of Centaur, Legion of Humans, Legion of Giants.

The number and strength of each Legion varies greatly.

After several expansions, Wings of Dawn currently has 5,000 people, equipped with 8,000 magic bats, of which 3,000 are responsible for airdropping alchemy bombs.

The other 5,000 are the magic word Knights, carrying aerial crossbows, responsible for sniping and killing local air units and protecting bombing troops.

The orc Legion comes from the lion tribe, with a total number of 50,000, and the Dwarf Mountain within the valley also has 60,000 orc warriors who can go to the battlefield at any time, and is the main force in the underground battle.

The Legion centaur was dispatched from the iron hoof of the low hills to resist the violent half-mouse. The total number is 40,000, and the Archer and the heavy warrior each have 20,000.

The total number of human Legion is 10,000. Archer, thieves, warriors, Knight, etc., are the most professional Legion,

Giant Legion has 1,200 heads in active service, 1,000 heads are Double-headed Human Demon, 200 heads are One-Eyed Giant, among which there are more than 10 people with battle strength above Level 15, equipped with High Rank standard equipment, a real torrent of steel .

In addition to these regular Legions, the caster team is also extremely luxurious.

Currently, the number of Holy Light Blood Race has exceeded 2,700, among which the fresh Blood Mage has 2,000, and the rest are the Blood Sword Guard and the Blood Blade.

After more than three years of training for the Dawn Mage Tower, there are more than 200 combat mages who can go on the battlefield, and they are all Level 5 and above.

Although no 1Level 0 senior mage has been cultivated, with Li De's investment of resources at all costs, the power of this caster team is also enough to make people startling.

In other words, adding up these tribes, the number of troops Li Deneng can mobilize at any time has exceeded 100,000.

This does not count as Self-destruction spiders and unmobilized troops outside.


"As you bid."

Harrison took the lead, and Li De didn't stay in the office much, and directly appeared in the Tearing Space in the Chapel of Dawn.

This is a war that will not be inferior to the Battle of the Five Armies in Risle City. The entire city of Dawn will turn for this.

But unlike the last time, sect will take up a lot of color this time.

He wants the site, and he wants the strength of Faith.

Seeing Li De suddenly appearing at the church, Nicole, who had not gone out, was a little surprised.

The girl who was already slim and graceful and graceful came to Li De's side and bowed slightly, "Good day, Kachar City Lord ~"

The big black eyes are full of joy. She hasn't seen Li De for a long time.

Li De smiled slightly, "Nicole, where is your elder sister?"

"The elder sister went to the Underground World to teach, Sir City Lord, are you here to find the elder sister?" Nicole couldn't help but feel a little lost.

"No, the same goes for you." Li De's words made the girl with smart eyes happy.

"We are about to send troops to conquer the Underground World.

But unlike before, this time it is not just for land and resources, but also for faith. "

"For faith?"

Nicole's delicate brows twisted slightly and looked at Li De hesitantly.

"But our preaching in Underground World is on the right track. It won't be long before I believe that a large number of halflings will become your believers..."

"No," Li De waved his hand, looking directly at this pleasant girl, "this time, I need the faith of the dark race."

"The Dark Race?"

Nicole was a little surprised, "But the deal for breaking dawn sect is too bright. Few dark races will betray their own camp..."

In fact, it is not betrayal but unwilling. Letting a group of bloodthirsty dark races believe in the peaceful sect is different from forcing the lion Old Hu to eat grass.

This is why the breaking dawn sect is currently only spread among halflings.

"No, this time we are not spreading dawn sect."

"Not spreading dawn sect?" Nicole was a little confused.

"Twilight is coming, and the multiple planes will be destroyed. The great God of Twilight is the eternal god, and only he can save the world. His followers who believe in him will gain eternal life at the time of world annihilation, heretic and unbelievers , Will be given eternal pain by the God of Twilight."

Li De solemnly uttered a standard Evil God doctrine, looked at Nicole’s not knowing what to do expression, and slowly said, “I will create a new sect, and this sect will be named Twilight sect......"

"And you, will cooperate with the evening sect to preach."

Nicole stared wide-eyed, somewhat surprised, "Sir City Lord, do you want to recreate a sect?"

Although she doesn't believe in sect, she also knows that sect doesn't mean to build it...or else the sect in this world would fly all over the sky, and those humans who joined the evil camp would not be so honest.

"No need to worry, this mission is not to abandon the dawn sect, but to harvest the belief in dark life, so I re-established a sect.

Nicole, few people have a talent for management. This time you will follow me to Underground World. In the early stage of Twilight Sect, you need to cooperate with management. "

Nicole's eyes lit up when she heard the words behind, and she followed Li De to Underground World? ? Nothing else is important, just this sentence makes the girl be eager to have a try, and the air feels fresher.

"Yes, Sir City Lord, Nicole will not let you down."

"Go and pick some trustworthy and clever churchman to follow along.

After the army reorganization is completed, it will be deployed immediately. "




Black Iron Fort.

As a city of halflings, here has always been a symbol of prosperity, at least for the various races of Underground World.

Now this concept has become more recognized by the public.

Because the surface forces called the City of Dawn brought a lot of precious materials to the Black Iron Fort, and even many things that Underground World did not have.

Interestingly, the supplies brought by the City of Dawn were only distributed to a few halfling nobles in the Dark Iron Fort.

In just half a year, the power of these halfling aristocrats who have obtained the right to operate has greatly expanded, and their private soldiers and guards have even worn extremely precious armor.

This makes many halfling nobles jealous.

The Black Iron Fort is located in a luxurious aristocratic manor near the city center, and an ongoing banquet is particularly lively.

Because today is the messenger of the City of Dawn, the respected Otis Earl invited the nobles of the city to come to the banquet, and it was stated that the City of Dawn will choose more halfling nobles to cooperate after the dinner today.

Even Sir City Lord rushed to hear the news.

"I heard that Master Otis intends to re-select a few partners. I wonder if it is true?"

"Is it necessary to say? The products in the city of Dawn are so popular, and the families that they cooperated with during this period have made people jealous..."

"If Your Excellency Otis takes out the right to operate the magic scroll this time, then I have to make a profit for whatever I said..."

"If I can get the right to operate weapons, my subordinates may be able to change into High Rank equipment and longbows in half a year..."

The luxurious hall was illuminated by magic lights as bright as the surface. Below, halfling nobles wearing luxurious clothes from the City of Dawn were chatting and communicating with each other.

Most people are focusing on their goal tonight-the city of breaking dawn will be assigned new management rights.

With its strong industrial strength, the City of Dawn was crazy dumping goods in Underground World during this period,

The halflings don’t know the huge profits of dumping, they only know that they can get a slice of it from the dumping of the city of dawn.

So one by one is extremely cooperative.

The second generation descendant Otis is now sitting at the round table in the center of the banquet hall. The main seat is empty. This is his habit until now, because in his heart, only Li De is qualified to be the main seat, even if the opponent is not there. .

Looking at the more enthusiastic crowd, the face of this second-generation descendant has a somewhat unconcealable smile.

After Li De handed Underground World to him, he lived up to the expectations and thrived here.

Not only can we obtain a large amount of supplies for the city of Dawn every month, but also let Dawn Sect spread faith in this land with peace of mind.

The smooth development of Underground World has greatly improved his position in the City of Dawn.

This is definitely something to celebrate for him, who has been in the second-generation descendant almost invisible before.

"Master Otis, Master Frey is looking for you..."

At this moment, a Blood Race next to him came forward and whispered in Otis' ear.

After hearing the other party's words, Otis' eyes flashed a little surprised. Why did Frey appear here at this point in time?

Don't you need to guard the low hills?

Otis stood up with a little surprise, and after a few conversations with a few halfling nobles, quietly left the lively banquet living room.

Under the descendant's guidance, Otis entered the back room, but when he stepped into the house, his face was a little surprised.

"Under the crown?"

At this time, Li De was standing under the brightly colored murals in the back hall, with an elegant and calm temperament.

After hearing the sound, Li De turned his head and looked at Otis’s surprised expression slightly smiled.

"Why, don't you recognize me?"

At this time, Otis came back to his senses and hurriedly stepped forward to greet his chest.

"Nye'an, under the crown, I just didn't expect you to come suddenly."

After speaking, his eyes condensed slightly, as if remembering something, he quickly asked, "Mian, what task do you need me to perform?"

According to Li De's character, under normal circumstances, dignified will inevitably appear, and seldom will hide his identity and come quietly, so he asked this question.

"Task?" Li De laughed, "How about you coming to be the City Lord of the Black Iron Fort?"

Otis is not an idiot, he immediately frightened, "Under the crown, are we going to do something with halfling?"

"Tonight, all the top halfling men are here?"

Li De answered the question, but Otis understood it instantly.

"Under the crown, all are here.

Tonight is planning to add a few new partners to redistribute benefits. The halflings we previously supported have worked well, so we plan to take this opportunity to expand our influence..."

"There is no need to work so hard anymore. After today, the Black Iron Fort will only obey the orders of the city hall."

Li De's eyes were calm, "I sneaked in to make sure if there is something extraordinary hidden in this city."

"Extraordinary? Have you noticed the other party's trail?"

"This city is not at all extraordinary."

Otis felt that he had misheard, why he heard a bit of regret from Li De's tone.

Li De's eyes narrowed slightly, his expression somewhat subtle.

There is no difficulty in pushing this city horizontally with the power of the City of Dawn, but after all, there are many hidden powers in Underground World.

So for the sake of safety, he went in to confirm whether the Black Iron Fort had more power than the army could handle. Otherwise, an extraordinary, a forbidden spell would appear at a critical moment, so how many people would he lose?

But it seems that the city is still overestimated.

The fact is true. What a terrifying battle strength is transcendence. It is normal to be scarce in number. Not everyone is like the city of dawn, with a few transcendences appearing overnight.

"Under the crown, what shall we do next..."

The voice of Otis hadn't stopped, and the hall outside suddenly became lively.

"Master Mohali..."

"Collins City Lord, Good Night."

The noise outside seems to be a great character.

Li De, hearing this slightly smiled, stepped straight out.

"Otis, follow me to meet the last City Lord of the Black Iron Fort. From now on, this city will become a past."

"As you wish, under the crown."

There was a bit of excitement in Otis's eyes. The breakthrough of Li De was not a secret among the senior staff. He had confidence in his heart and he naturally had a hard waist.

Collins Greyclaw, Level 18 halfling, as the City Lord of the Black Iron Fortress, he has recently felt a lot of pressure.

Because the edge of the city of Dawn is too strong.

Although the two parties are currently in a cooperative relationship, the City of Dawn just relied on its excellent products to support several halfling aristocrats who were previously unwelcome to him. The influence of these aristocrats during this period has greatly increased and caused him It's not a small obstacle.

Moreover, the daybreaking sect of the other party has been preaching crazily recently, making Dark Iron City's own sect feel a great danger, and many people even ask him to stop the other party from preaching.

But this is not the point. The point is that the other party wants to extend its influence to the army recently. This discovery made him angry. The army is a taboo for him, and it is absolutely intolerable.

So today he deliberately brought the patron of the Dark Iron Mage Tower-Level 18 Arch Mage Mohali Greyclaw,

In order to suppress the arrogance of the City of Dawn, he wanted to let these damn vampires know who the master of the Black Iron Fortress was.

"Where did that vampire go?"

After the original excitement and greetings sounded by Collins Greyclaw's indifferent words, everyone was quiet.

Looking at the imposing manner of Collins, everyone in the halfling sensed something was wrong.

It's not like coming to a banquet at all, it's more like asking sin.

This made many halfling aristocrats' eyes dizzy, and they began to think in their hearts.

"Otis! Damn vampire!!

The Lord of the Black Iron Fort has arrived, come out to meet him! "

At this moment, the two halfling guards behind Collins shouted loudly, with an extremely disrespectful tone.

There was another discussion among the surrounding people, and it was obvious that this scene exceeded everyone's expectations.

But no one spoke.

The scene is so quiet that dripping water can be heard.

Step on~

Just as the atmosphere became more and more rigid, suddenly the sound of footsteps aside sounded in the quiet hall.

This immediately caught everyone's attention.

Along with the sound of footsteps, an almost perfect silhouette appeared in front of everyone from the back hall with an elegant temperament like an inheritance countless years Imperial Family nobleman.

"Kachar City Lord?"

Collins heart startled, his eyes raised a bit of fear.

The last time we met, Li De's terrifying imposing manner made him still feel heart palpitations.

But after Yu Guang saw the Level 18 Archmage behind him, his confidence was restored.

The Level 18 archmage is definitely the trump card power of Dark Iron City. He doesn't believe that the vampire of the opponent can contend.

"City Lord Collins, something?"

Li De's eyes were indifferent, and after scanning the crowd, he raised his brow.

The strongest is the Level 18 Archmage... It's really boring.

When he heard Li De's words so unceremoniously, Collinston, who was in the mood to question his sins, became angry.

Slapped the table, shouted at Li De.

"Kachar City Lord, when we worked together, we negotiated that the City of Dawn cannot do anything to harm the Black Iron Fort.

Now, your people have crossed the line. Not only do you support some halflings who want to fight against me, but you also intend to control the army of the Black Iron Fort! ! "

When Li De heard this, he suddenly remembered the very interesting sentence on the earth. If the treaty is not to be torn up, why should it be signed?

His face remained unchanged, and I scanned a circle of halflings with different expressions, said with a smile.

"What are you going to do?"

Collins is frowned, Li De's calmness made him feel uneasy, but he still held back the strangeness in his heart, opened the mouth and said.

"From today, all business cooperation in the City of Breaking Dawn can only be carried out with City Lord Manor, and you must ask City Lord Manor for instructions every time you preach, and you can only preach after passing."

When Li De heard this, he gave this Level 18 halfling a weird look.

This guy...want to eat everything?

"What if we don't agree?"

"Don't agree?" Collins looked at him with a flat breath, and Li De, who looked like an ordinary person, had cold eyes, "No, Kachar City Lord, you will agree!"

The words fell, and the magic power of the archmage in the gray robe beside him surged instantly.

The power is appalling.

At this moment, many halflings around even felt that they had encountered the evil dragon in the wasteland, and the huge pressure made them difficult to breathe.

"Sigh~The Mohali Archmage is getting stronger and stronger!"

"I heard that Archmage Mohali killed a Level 15 ghost wolf with a single spell last month..."

"This is too terrifying, and the two vampires on the other side are afraid to be frightened by Lord Mohali!"

"Ai, it's a pity, I'm still thinking about getting some franchise rights from them, didn't expect all belong to City Lord Manor now..."

The surroundings discuss spiritedly, but none of these halflings think Li De will not agree.

After all, this is the protector of the Black Iron Fort, an archmage whose level has reached Level 18.

Li De felt the pressure, his face has several points of stunned.

This is it? ? ?

Looking at Li De not speaking, Collins flashed a bit of satisfaction, and he was sure of today's goal.

Even if the opponent can compete against Mohali Archmage, I am afraid that he is unwilling to have a conflict in Black Fort. This is still his territory. Once the fight starts, he is absolutely confident that he can keep the opponent.

"Now, I think the City Lord of Kachar should agree?"

Li De laughed, "I have a better way..."

Collins laughed in his heart when he saw this scene. The first time he saw Li De, he thought there might be a battle today. After all, the aura on the opponent was very strong last time.

But didn't expect the other party to look at him now.

This Level 18 halfling City Lord smiles brighter and brighter.

"Go ahead, City Lord, Kachar."

But at this moment, Li De uttered a word that shocked the crowd as everyone watched in the hall.

"From today, the Dark Iron Fort has become the territory of the City of Dawn, and there is no need to discuss mutual distribution in the future."

Collins complexion stiffened, "What did you say??"

There was a strong anger in the eyes for an instant, "Kachar City Lord, don't joke at this time."

"Are you kidding?" Li De, the smile on his face slowly narrowed, the rays of light in his eyes were like eagles hunting, piercing people.

"You also deserve me to make a joke with you?"

When I said it, the whole room was shocked.

All the halflings looked at Li De with an indescribable look.

Did they hear me right?

Under the persecution of the Level 18 Archmage, how dare this vampire say such a thing? !

Is he not afraid to face the anger of Lord Mohali? ?

But in the next second, an unspeakable breath filled the hall.

The sky collapses and the earth collapses, space distortion.

At this moment, everyone only felt their souls trembling.

Collins, who had just risen in anger, stared wide-eyed and looked towards Li De, who was just as calm as an ordinary person, with an extremely shocking look.

If Level 18 Archmage Mohali is an evil dragon in a wasteland, then Li De's aura is like an ancient Evil God who has swung a sword to destroy more than a dozen planes and smashed out of the abyss .

Terror, invincible.

The two are simply not one-dimensional lives.

Li De stared at the surrounding people indifferently, the extraordinary aura of Level 23 erupted at this moment, and the coercion deep into the soul looked down on sentient beings like the gods above the nine heavens.

No one can resist this power, no one dares to look directly into his eyes, no one dares to touch his majesty.

The Scarlet Lord, when the enemy stares into your eyes, they will be forced to perform a Legendary Will Test. If the Will Test fails, the opponent will fear you, and all attributes will be reduced by 20%.

The King of Immortality, when facing a dark creature with a legendary rating of less than 10, the opponent will fall into a negative state such as fear, panic, and weak will. The attribute is reduced by 20%,

When terror comes, the enemy will be tested for will every 10 seconds, and the will will fall into boundless fear if the will is below the threshold

Two titles and a halo skill, instantly plunged this hall into endless fear.

Before transcendence, life of the same level could not withstand the superposition of Li De's three skills. At this time, transcendence will release this power.

The effect has increased by more than 10 times.


Under the impact of this sky-collapsing aura, the halfling aristocrats slumped their legs and slumped on the ground, and they couldn't even raise the will to resist.

The vampire in front of him really made their souls tremble like Death God at this moment.

too terrifying.

"Super, extraordinary?!!!"

The Halfling City Lord Collins Greyclaw of Level 18 is now stared wide-eyed, and his face is full of disbelief and horror.

He didn't expect that this vampire would be something other than Ordinary Level!

Endless fear swallowed him, and at the same time unspeakable regret rose in his heart. If he knows that the other party is extraordinary, let alone threats, just see him will not see...

Mohali, the Level 18 archmage, is still gritting his teeth and moving his magical power under the pressure of the sky. As an archmage, his heart is still strong enough.

Don’t just admit defeat, resist, definitely resist!

"Just so?"

Li De looked at all this indifferently, and then without any more nonsense, the right hand stretched out, and the scarlet power instantly ignited.

Then, under everyone's shocking gaze, five fingers clenched fists slightly.

puci ~

The blood light burst, and the flower of death bloomed.

The Halfling City Lord of Level 18 exploded and died.

The scene suddenly fell into extreme silence, and the fear in this group of halflings intensified ten times, one hundred times.

Leave aside the identity of City Lord, but this is a Level 18 halfling...

Level 18! ! !

There are only two in the whole city.

Now, it was squeezed directly in front of everyone! !

Death without dignity, like a worm on the roadside being trampled to death.

Then what's the point of their resistance? ?

The self-confidence of the halfling in the house was fatally affected.

Mohali's heart trembled when he saw this scene, his legs softened and he knelt to the ground, and the magic power he managed to gather directly collapsed at this moment.

The bloody smell in the air was strong and pungent. When everyone looked towards the elegantly standing Li De, their eyes were shrouded in fear.

It's like looking at an Evil God......

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