I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 400

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The essence of war is to seize resources for survival, which has not changed in glory or the earth.

And Li De's attack on the Black Iron Fort is just the same. He will not put a coat of justice on himself, and he disdains it.

Because of the war between races, there has never been a distinction between justice and injustice.

Wolves eat meat, sheep eat grass, kindness or justice is so ridiculous in front of this food chain.

But the only certainty is that even if Li De is in the food chain, he will only be the highest hunter, not a lamb waiting to be hunted by outsiders.

After he crushed the Level 18 halfling City Lord, in the banquet hall, all halfling nobles were swallowed by boundless fear.

The gaze that looked towards Li De was filled with endless horror.

Extraordinary, they didn't expect that the City Lord of the City of Dawn, who has been working with them, has reached extraordinary!

Just thinking of this word is enough to make the unwilling halfling aristocrats whose will to resist becomes nothingness.

Transcendence is not the power they can deal with. The power of the entire Black Iron Fort can only crawl and bow under the pressure of the transcendence crown.

Humans may be able to raise the courage to charge a giant dragon, but ants definitely do not have this courage.

At the moment when Li De’s imposing manner was distributed, the ending of the Black Iron Castle was doomed.

"Kachar City Lord, do you really want to go to war with halflings?

The extraordinary city of Luce will never sit back and watch the Black Iron Fort be occupied..."

The Archmage of Level 18, the halfling spellcaster Mohali of hair grey-white gritted his teeth and said this sentence in defense of dignity.

Although his heart is still shrouded in fear, as a spellcaster, he has his own pride.

Although Li De is strong, he is unwilling to acknowledge allegiance...The halfling also has a powerhouse, and the city of Luce is more than one extraordinary!

"The City of Luce... an extraordinary halfling?"

The imposing manner on Li De's body is like a landslide, and the waves are rolling. At this time, he is like the center of a Level 12 storm, and everything around him will be shattered under the awe of his escape.

Scarlet's eyes looked directly at the archmage Mohali, his tone cold.

"So what?"

Four eyes face each other.

The moment he saw those scarlet eyes, Mohali only felt a chill rushing directly into his mind from his back.

Terror swallowed everything about him.

He saw countless demons and evil spirits roar in those bloody eyes, screaming, moved towards him and culled.

His soul seems to have been swallowed by hell in this brief moment, staring at the abyss.

The hair on the whole body stood up at this brief moment, and my legs were even trembling.

Great terror! !

Mohali slammed back three steps in horror, suddenly stumbled upon a limp halfling behind him, and fell directly to the ground with a plop.

The imposing manner that just happened so hard to condense is shattered like weeds at this moment.

Just staring at Li De, the will to resist that was just gathered collapsed.

Li De's face did not change the slightest when he saw this scene. A Level 18 great mage that’s all kills like pigs and sheep.

The halflings who glanced around the room and dared to look straight into his eyes were all scared of Devouring Soul, and even several halflings were directly scared into idiots.

Evil God is here.

"From today, this city belongs to the city of dawn."

Li De's indifferent tone was domineering and unquestionably strong.

"The Black Iron Fort will be renamed the City of Twilight."

"And you will all become residents of the City of Dawn."

Simple words can reveal huge messages.

Occupying the Black Iron Fort, and also changing the name of the Black Fort, what does this mean? This means that the City of Dawn is really going to deal with Underground World and halflings!

Moreover, the city of Luce, which they believed to be the backer, would no longer depend on it, because this silhouette has reached extraordinary.

Many halfling aristocrats looked at each other in the same way, and they all saw the horror and dazedness in each other's eyes.

If their City Lord just provokes the vampire to be crushed, it deserves the crime, then now, the other party obviously planned it.

But... what if they know all this?

A strong sense of powerlessness hangs over each halfling's head.

The weak, have ever had the right to choose?

At this moment, hong long long ~ Suddenly there was a loud noise outside, like the world collapsed.

Along with the explosion, there was a horn of war and countless killings.

There were at least tens of thousands of troops listening to that movement.

"Who attacked the Black Iron Fort?"

"Huh? Could it be that the army from the City of Dawn came in?"

"These vampires are definitely prepared..."

The halfling aristocrats were cold all over, and the sound of fighting outside made them weak, desperate rise in the mind.

After Li De heard the noise outside, he violently converged the imposing manner that was constantly pressing on everyone's heart, and sat directly on the main table.

Looking at all this indifferently.

Long after the majesty dissipated, these halfling nobles came back to his senses and dared to stand up cautiously.

They looked at Li De with the same eyes as the devil.

The fear is unabated.

Level 18 Archmage Mohali saw bitterness in his eyes.

Originally, tonight, in order to deal with the erosion of the City of Dawn, Collins brought him to pressure the opponent to force the City of Dawn to give in, but in the end, the City Lord of Collins died.

Even now, the entire Black Iron Fort has to be controlled by the opponent.

The emotions in my heart are hard to tell.

He is not an idiot either. From the moment the other party showed his extraordinary aura, he knew that all this was impossible.

What level of existence is that extraordinary? What qualifications does the Black Iron Fort have to contend with the extraordinary? ?

It's just that he can't figure out why the City Lord of Kachar was willing to trade with Black Iron Fort last time?

Is it to find out their bottom line?

This halfling archmage is afraid that he would not even think of it when he died. Most of the half-year ago, Li De who negotiated a deal with them was only Level 18...

After a while, the halfling archmage showed a bit of decisiveness on his face, a few steps forward in front of all the halfling nobles, said solemnly.

"Dear Kachar, the Black Iron Fort belongs to you from today. We are willing to move out of this city and give up all our resources and wealth to the city of dawn."

In a word, all halfling aristocrats have different minds, and moving out of this city does not mean giving up all their previous wealth?

Li De heard this for a moment, laughed, he didn't know whether to say the other party was bold or stupid.

I have courage, but my vision is lower. Although this black iron fort is important, it is the halfling itself that he has more fancy.

The value of these lives who are good at making bows and arrows is not inferior to the city itself, or even beyond.

There are as many as 50,000 halflings in the Black Iron Fort.

This is a lot of wealth, as long as it can release its potential, it will not improve the city of Dawn at all.

"Who told you that I am only here for this city?

The Dark Iron Fort will belong to the city of dawn, and the halfling will also be part of the city of dawn. "

Hearing Li De's calm but undeniable tone, Mohali, the Level 18 archmage, was sucked in a breath of cold air. The most unwilling thing to see in his heart still happened.

The other party not only wants this city, but also halflings!

I opened my mouth and wanted to say something, but looking at the graceful and indifferent, but in the bones but domineering silhouette, I could only sigh helplessly, and swallowed all the words into my stomach.

The weak never have the power to resist.

If you don't want to die, you can only accept everything imposed by powerhouse.

Powerhouse has everything, and no one will not know the rules of survival of Underground World.

Li De saw that the halfling spellcaster was softened and no longer verbose. He began to think about how to rule the city after occupying the Black Iron Fort.

There is no doubt that the value of the Black Iron Fort itself lies in its location.

Occupying the city is not his main purpose. His main purpose is to radiate all around and harvest the beliefs of the dark races around the city.

Forcing those dark beings who do not believe in or believe in other Spiritual Gods to believe in the twilight sect-although this sect has not yet been officially established.

Divine Spark needs 1 million dark strength of Faith to activate, this data is not small.

From its creation to the present, the strength of Faith obtained by breaking dawn sect may add up to about 1.5 million...

Although there are reasons for the belief of a few people at first, it is very difficult to obtain the strength of faith in general.

So he must take this matter seriously.

Divine Spark, which contains the priesthood of the evening, is also worthy of his attention.

Fortunately, he doesn't need to start re-accumulating strength bit by bit like breaking dawn sect now. He can directly mobilize the army to press on and force preaching.

More importantly, all he will be preaching are evil dark races. The preaching process does not need to implement the sect just and honorable set, but can use some extraordinary methods.

Dark life is not a kind-hearted life. Normal missionary methods are just too lazy for the other party.

And who is he? The ancestor of Blood Race, the absolute super dark villain.

Using some violent and bloody means to achieve the goal is in line with his identity.





"Take it in!"

"Put down the weapons in my hand and surrender, I swear in the name of the city of dawn not to kill you!"

"For the breaking of dawn!"

Two hours later, there was a fierce fighting outside the door, and then a sound of footsteps came from far to near.

The halfling aristocrats in the banquet hall turned their heads after hearing the movement, and then they saw an extremely strong silhouette with the head of a lion in front of them.

Seeing the luxurious halfling aristocrat in the house, Karp's eyes flashed a little bit of coldness, and he saw Li De's silhouette just after he wanted to speak.

With a joy on his face, he stepped forward a few steps with the right hand hammered into his heart and saluted respectfully.

"Under the crown, the Black Iron Fort has been occupied by us, and all the resisting defenders have become prisoners."

Hearing this, the halfling aristocrats sucked in a breath of cold air, only to feel a dizziness coming.

Although the Black Iron Fort has only 50,000 halflings, the army has a total of 20,000. When this is less than two suns, it is so gone? ?

In such a big city, tens of thousands of people can't stand up to two sundays? ?

Many halfling aristocrats who are still holding a fluke mentality feel distressed for a while, and countless words can't be said.

But they didn't expect what Li De said after speaking up made them feel depressed.

"Why did it take so long?"

Is this still human?

Such a big city, guarded by tens of thousands of people, is it too long to take it down two days ago?

Is the army they trained all waste? ?

"Under the crown, it took more time to collect prisoners,

There are still many dark races in the Black Iron Fort. These people marched into the city by army and began to rob and steal, causing a lot of trouble. "

Li De couldn't help being speechless when he heard this. Such things are always indispensable during wars.

"How many prisoners have been captured now?"

"We still have time to count in the future, but the number of people is expected to exceed 100,000..."

"100,000?" Li De was a little surprised now, "There are only 50,000 halflings, so where are that many?"

"It's a caveman..." Karp explained, "Halflings have enslaved more than 30,000 caveman people, so they appear to be more numerous. The remaining 20,000 are other dark beings."

Li De is nodded.

The caveman is a humanoid life, with no low intelligence, like living in underground caves, good at digging and building,

Its appearance is very similar to the weird life that covets the Lord of the Rings in the movie Lord of the Rings-gu lu, but it is stronger than gu lu.

It is a good coolie to mine ore, so this race is often enslaved.

"Under the crown, what should we do with those prisoners?"

"Put those dark races in detention, and when the Temple of Twilight is completed, they will be the first believers."

"As for halflings, ordinary halflings are transported back to the city of dawn, and the soldiers are also temporarily detained. They will all be soldiers of the city of dawn in the future."

After speaking, Li De looked towards Archmage Mohali.

The smile in the eyes made the level 18 caster feel inexplicably cold on the back.

With Strength of Faith, those high-level people who want to resist are clay chickens and pottery dogs.

But it's not in a hurry now. Although the Black Iron Fort has been breached, these halfling nobles are still unwilling, and want to wait for the rescue of the city of Luce. After all, halflings still possess extraordinary existence.

So it’s not cost-effective to use strength of Faith to transform them. The strength of Faith consumed when the opponent is unwilling will double.

The solution is easy. They will be honest after a month of closing.

People are cheap bones, do not break their hopes, always have unrealistic illusions.

When the time comes these high-level anti-waters, the halflings at the bottom naturally can't make any waves.

"Take these nobles take along to withdraw, this archmage stay."

Mohali's face stiffened when he heard this, but he couldn't say anything.

The one sitting in front of him is extraordinary, genuine extraordinary!

Don't say he is Level 18, even at Level 19, there is still no possibility of resistance at all.

"Otis, go with Karp...

In addition, sorting out the list of nobles who are close to the City of Dawn will allow them to coordinate and rectify order. "

"Yes, under the crown."

When everyone left, only Li De and Mohali, the halfling archmage, remained in the luxurious banquet hall.

The scene fell into a weird atmosphere.

Li De didn't even look at the halfling at all. He slowly picked up an unused cup on the table and poured himself a cup of warm black tea, and began to taste it.

Mohali couldn't stand this atmosphere, and finally couldn't help but opened the mouth and said.

"Under the crown of Kachar, I don't know what you are going to do with the Black Iron Fort?"

"Do you want to know?" After taking a sip of tea, Li De put down his tea cup gracefully, then stood up and walked straight to Mohali.

In just such an action, this Level 18 archmage, the protector of the Black Iron Fort, retreated three steps, and was directly swallowed by fear.

For him, the handsome silhouette in front of him is not a vampire at all, but more like a giant beast that devours the world and tears through the abyss of the main plane.

Li De's eyes slowly became sharp, and the extraordinary aura on his body once again unscrupulously moved towards Mohali.

Furthermore, this time is a targeted crushing, the imposing manner is more than twice as powerful.

Black's eyes became scarlet eyes again, and the imposing manner in this brief moment climbed to the extreme.

Every time he takes a step forward, the heavens and the earth seem to collapse, and the halfling archmage in front of him is looked at more often, and his heart collapses more.

Extraordinary power is no longer a level 18 halfling that can contend.

As he approached Mohali 10 Blades, Li De expressed congeals and yelled.

"Kneel down!"

The blasphemous language is more terrifying than the spiritual impact of the five rings under the infinite power of his ten steps.

This Level 18 archmage only feels that his soul is struck by a steel hammer in this brief moment, and then puci ~ a mouthful of blood slams out, and his legs are soft and fall to the ground.

Level 18 vs.Level 23, although it is only Level 5 on the surface, the strength is tens or hundreds of times worse! !

The soul pressure released by Li De is totally irresistible, and transcendence is already another level of life.

Just after Mohali was swallowed by fear, Li De stepped forward, his right hand pressed directly on the head of the halfling archmage.

In the horrified eyes of the opponent, the holy strength of Faith surged out.

divine technique, soul assimilation, consumes 2000 points of strength of Faith to transform the non-breaking dawn sect camp into the most loyal temple warrior of dawning sect, who can absolutely control the soul of the opponent, and the strength of Faith consumed increases depending on the strength of the opponent's soul.

This divine technique is one of Li De's many hole cards, the most frequently used and the most unsolvable. Its ability is close to a bug. If not for the strength of Faith consumed each time, it is absolutely invincible.

Mohali only saw a dazzling and holy power invading him, feeling that instinct was wrong and wanted to resist,

But in front of the terrifying pressure that almost crushes the soul, he can't do it at all, and can only let the force enter his body.

This is the first time that Li De has forcibly transformed and resisted the will of life.

Although this Level 18 Archmage has been crushed by an imposing manner, the opponent's resistance will not diminish.

But with 300,000 strength of Faith as the base, he still has no intention of stagnation.

The horrible strength of Faith surged out, and the white rays of light made the surrounding magic lights meaningless.

Strength of Faith began to drop thousands of points every three to five seconds, fast enough to compare with the assimilation of two extraordinary spiders.


Mohali's resistance is still fierce. This halfling is not willing to acknowledge allegiance at all, but the reality is always so cruel, it is not unwilling to refuse.

Powerhouse decides everything.

Strength of Faith is the strength that a Spiritual God can possess. It is something a Level 18 halfling can contend.

Under the irresistible force, Mohali's soul little by little was transformed...

Half an hour later, Li De’s attribute panel dropped a full 80,000 strength of Faith.

As a rich and powerful local tyrant, he couldn't help but make his eyelids jump with distress.

It only costs 100,000 strength of Faith to transform an extraordinary spider. Forcibly transforming this guy costs 80,000...The cost is nearly three times more than normal assimilation.

If this time is to forcibly transform an extraordinary soul, Li De can't imagine how much strength of Faith will be spent, I am afraid that 500,000 will not be the bottom line.

The twisted melon is not sweet.

"Under the crown, Mohali Greyclaw, your loyal believers greet you..."

But quench your thirst.

Li De looked at Mohali who was kneeling on the ground with a very happy expression.

The city of Dawn has another caster, which is very good.

Mage Lord is always a minority, and there is no too many.

There are so many battle strengths above Level 15 in the City of Dawn, how many real spellcasters are there? ? Amy, what then? Frey and Stanley can only barely calculate, and the others are gone... As for withered bones and frost giant dragons, they are just pure life characteristics and cannot be generalized.

This is also the reason why he would crush the Level 18 halfling City Lord and leave behind the Level 18 Archmage.

Moreover, his next missionary plan must have a strong enough figure to sit in.

"Get up."

Li De opened Mohali's attribute panel casually.

Mohali Greyclaw

Title: Protector of the Black Iron Fort, Halfling Genius Mage, Halfling Light

Level: Level 18

Racial skills: Hawkeye (increasing sight), quick attack and delicate control

Spell: 16 spells in the first ring, 8 spells in the second ring, 5 spells in the third ring, and 3 spells in the fourth ring.

bloodline: halfling bloodline (increase the control of magic)

Introduction: A rare spellcaster among halflings, but because halflings have limited bloodline talent, it is difficult to break through to higher levels.

Mohali's attribute can be described as crude, not to mention the supernatural giant dragon, which is beyond Ordinary Level, and other spiders are much better than him.

Although extraordinary spiders are extraordinary and talented, spiders have nowhere to learn skills. On Mohali's poor attribute panel, neither is innate talent nor skills are too small to see.

More importantly, this guy doesn't have a strong talent, and bloodline is also unbearable.

No wonder the introduction above said that because halflings have limited bloodline talents, it is difficult to break through to higher levels.

Halflings are not a spellcasting race, it is not easy to have a talent for spellcasting.

"Mohali, next I will create a new sect-dusk sect, you will be the Archbishop."

Li De looked at this Level 18 archmage with scorching eyes.

No matter how bad this guy is, his level is still there after all. Although his battle strength is weaker, he can still be on the table.

Everything in the formation of Twilight Sect started from scratch. He has always been impossible to let the pastor of Dawn Sect serve as the churchman of Twilight Sect, and a new team must be formed.

Halflings have a good reputation in Underground World, and they are used to their best.

"Under the crown, I will use my life to defend your glory!"

After the soul is transformed, Mohali regards Li De's interests as the highest, and naturally he will not have any objections to this matter.

"Very well, the god of twilight is my incarnation, please take it seriously.

I need you to preach for me in the current Black Iron Fort, the city of dusk in the future, and our mission goal is those dark beings.

You need to spread the glory of the twilight so that the reputation of the god of twilight can be heard from the earth. "

"However, the most important thing now is to appease the captured halflings and find out who are willing to work for the city of dawn. I need to restore the prosperity of this city as quickly as possible."

"As you wish, under the crown."

Mohali also knew where the current problem was, and immediately responded.

Li De waved his hand and walked out of the two Blood Race guards in the dark. After a brief explanation, the two took Mohali to find Karp and Otis.

Looking at the empty hall, Li De didn't linger much, got up and walked outside, and a few descendants behind him immediately followed.

I know a secret passage to the outside of the Black Iron Fort. As long as we get rid of these orcs, we can leave the city.

These damn surface life, absolutely don't want to enslave the great naga! ! "

In the peripheral zone of the square, twenty or so very weird beings are talking in a low voice in their own language.

These weird dark beings are 3 blades tall, and their lower body is a snake body with spots. From the waist up, it is a human body.

It looks like a snake clan, but unlike the snake clan, these dark beings all have four arms.

Moreover, their backs start from their necks, with a row of hideous red barbs, which can make people feel chill at a glance.


Underground World is a very special life.

The prestige of these high-ranking races of the abyss of Evil God in Underground World is no less than that of night elves.

Darkness, terror, and killing are synonymous with them. Similarly, powerful, mysterious, and spellcaster are also their titles.

It is said that there are naga in the sea, but naga in the ocean and naga in Underground World are completely two types of life.

The orc warriors in the guarded area did not recognize these dark beings from their experience of dealing with naga.

Otherwise, it would never be as simple as using ordinary chains. These powerful life front battles will not be inferior to Blood Race.

Moreover, their skills and talents are extremely terrifying, and anyone who dares to look down upon these dark beings will pay a heavy price.

"Listen to my orders!"

The Naga who gave the command is the strongest warrior among them. His body is like a steel forged, and his bronze muscles are full of dazzling power.

It's hard to imagine what kind of lethality such a warrior will cause if he equips him.


The surrounding naga should be whispering, while watching the surroundings with extreme vigilance.

There are as many as tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the square, and they also have powerful units like giants that are invincible. They can only escape by creating chaos. It is simply unrealistic to rely on them alone.

No matter how strong the battle strength is, it will be difficult for them to escape when surrounded by dozens of people without equipment.



As the leading male naga warrior counted down in a low voice, more than twenty naga around him lifted their hearts.


Along with angry roar, the muscles of the strongest naga are like tight springs. In this brief moment, a terrifying force was released, and the strong steel chain was broken in an instant.

ka-cha ~

And the surrounding naga also follow closely from behind. The chains of those fingers are like bubbles, which can't restrict these terrifying lives at all.

The moment the lead Naga broke free from the chains, the barbs on his back suddenly separated, and two magic scrolls appeared inside.


One of them was torn open, and then slammed into the prisoner.

hong long long ~

There was a huge explosion, and a flame rose into the sky.

The captive, who was already terrified, was immediately frightened, and immediately exploded the pot and began to run wildly around.

The time for all this to happen was so fast, it took only a few blinks from Naga to break the chains to tear the magic scroll.

When the surrounding soldiers reacted, it was too late to stop these naga's actions.


These four-armed dark beings that are so strong that they roar in shock, and then come out of the cage like wild beasts, moving towards the orc warriors guarding in front of them.

The orc warriors were furious, and under their noses, these damn prisoners wanted to escape? !

If these captives escaped, do they still need their faces? The military rules for breaking dawn are so strict, this must be sent to the military law department for punishment.

The orc warrior slammed forward.

The two sides directly collided together. At this moment, the blood light burst.

The leading Naga and the orc warrior who came from the opposite side were fighting head-on. The long sword of the orc warrior was like a dragon, and the cold glow pierced people's eyes. As long as they were cut, let alone the naked Naga, it was just wearing The equipment will also suffer serious damage.

However, the Naga warrior, who had reached Level 11, turned around very strangely, avoiding the sharp edge of the long sword by a fraction.

The huge snake body slammed into force, and the moment in a flash approached the orc warrior in front of him directly,

The orc warrior drew his sword abruptly and tried to force the opponent back, but what shocked the orc was that Naga's hand suddenly filled with green rays of light, and then slammed at him. Plunges into his chest,

ka-cha ~The strong armor of the orc warrior was directly pierced like tofu, puci ~blood splashed, when the naga pierced the heart of the orc warrior, this short and dangerous collision declared who the victory belongs to .

I have to say that as a high-ranking race, Naga's strength is extremely terrifying. Even if the two sides collided with bare hands, they killed more than a dozen orc warriors. They only paid the price of two deaths.

After the orc warriors were killed, the weapons in their hands naturally became the sharp blades of the naga.

Four arms, holding four long knives.

Plus the fighting skills beyond the imagination of these ordinary orc warriors.

Soon, when the riot caused by the explosion of the magic scroll, he was in this corner where no one noticed.

More than twenty naga have gone crazy.

These average levels 8, 9, and even two 1Level 0 naga against the 5, 6 orc warriors are purely one-sided battles.

In less than 30 seconds, the line of defense guarded by 35 orc warriors was pierced.

These naga only paid the casualties of three people, and all the others took advantage of the chaos and entered the alley.

At the moment of stepping into the small alley, the leading Naga tore the only remaining magic scroll, and then all of the Naga's figures little by little became transparent, and finally disappeared completely from outside sight.

When the surrounding orc warriors came to support him, the trail of Naga had been lost in the alley. After searching for a while, he could only roar at the empty alley with anger and anger.

The chaos in the square did not last long, although some dark beings wanted to take this opportunity to break through,

But when they have their weapons and equipment intact, they can't shake the dawning army. After losing their equipment, how can they be the opponent of the dawning army?

Not all races have such a powerful naga as a high-ranking race, most of the dark life’s battle strength is actually equivalent to that of the orcs,

But whether it is an orc warrior or a centaur warrior, they are all wearing High Rank armor and carrying sharp sabers.

When the equipment gap between the two sides is widened to the extreme, and the level difference is not big, it is simply a rolling battle.

The turmoil quickly subsided.

When Li De came to the square, only the strong smell of blood and the corpses of the dark beings who wanted to ride the chaos and resist were left in the air.

"What just happened?"

Aware of the smell in the air, Li De raised his brows and looked towards Karp who had also just arrived in the square.

The Level 18 orc king's face was a little embarrassed, "Under the crown, just now his subordinates reported that when I went to inspect other areas, several prisoners resisted."

"Rebelling? What's the situation?"

Li De's face eased, this kind of thing is inevitable, but the dark and bloodthirsty lives on the square, not little sheep.

But Karp's words made him stunned.

"The prisoners broke off the chains and tore a three-ring magic scroll, creating a lot of chaos, and then killed the guarded orc warrior while the other slaves resisted and fled."

Run away? ?

Li De's eyes were a little surprised. These dark beings were all unarmed, and they were able to kill the guarded orc warriors with bare hands.

Moreover, I can escape even if there is a magic bat in the sky, which is not simple.

He raised some interest.

"Contract the corpses of our soldiers, and distribute the pension funds to their families in accordance with the regulations.

Also, do you know the race of those dark beings who escaped? "

"Under the crown, it's Naga." Karp looked a little annoyed, and his face as the main commander was naturally dull after such a thing.

So many people can still be run away by the opponent...Even if the opponent is Naga, I can't forgive him.

There are a lot of things to deal with just after occupying the Black Iron Fort, and the manager is not enough, so he did not arrange the High Rank battle strength to be there, otherwise this kind of thing would not happen.

"Naga?" Li De eyes shined.

Among the few races in Underground World that interest him the most, apart from the handsome night elves, they are Naga.

Naga, as a high-ranking race, its talent is not inferior to that of Blood Race, and among the Myths and Legends he collected, Naga’s battle strength is extremely powerful.

"Have anyone caught alive?"

"No, all ran away."

"It's okay, take me to see the battle scene, maybe I can find something."

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