I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 401


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Following a few people to the place where Naga had just escaped, Li De saw the corpse of a higher race comparable to night elves.

The long snake body is thick and powerful, as thick as a bucket, and the upper body muscles are like steel forged, full of power.

There are densely packed scars on the four arms. Although they are placed on the ground weakly at this time, no one will doubt how powerful battle strength these beings will burst out when holding weapons while they are alive.

The dark red barbs on the back are particularly eye-catching, like the fins of a swordfish and like a dagger that can tear through steel, full of distinctive ethnic characteristics.

“Under the crown, Master Karp, we have not traced the traces of the naga, they seem to use magic scrolls to hide their figures…”

At this time, a Blood Race stepped forward to report, and his face was also a little uncomfortable. Obviously, Naga’s escape made the face of the proud Dawn Breaking Army look a little dull.

“Are these naga still alive?”

“All were killed.”

Li De was slightly nodded, looking at Naga’s corpse with some appreciation in his eyes.

With bare hands and no weapons, facing a fully armed orc warrior, he did not show any weakness and forcibly killed it. This is definitely not simple.

Moreover, the body structure of this race is completely a natural killing machine.

Four-armed naga, the advantage of two more arms is not as simple as one plus one. For ordinary fighters of the same level, seven or eight may not be the opponent’s opponent.

This gave him a different idea.

The dusk sect is about to be established. If you can conquer a powerful Underground Tribe, let it become the churchman of the dusk sect……

Although the army in the City of Dawn is strong, the biggest problem is that it is not suitable for long-term stationing in Underground World.

This is true both in life habits and experience in dealing with dark creatures.

It stands to reason that Blood Race is the most suitable, but Blood Race Li De is still useful. The mission is destined to be a long time, not a one-off sale, and requires a long stay.

The old days are coming. No one knows what will happen when the time comes. He is impossible to throw such an important battle strength as Blood Race underground.

“Go and collect all the information about the naga, I want to know everything about this race.”

“Yes, under the crown!”

Since the other party can come to the Black Iron Fort to trade, someone must have seen these naga, and someone who has seen it may know where the other party’s tribe is.

Knowing the specific location of the Naga tribe, everything is easy.

hundred thousand army is in hand, he doesn’t believe that Naga has the power to counter him.

He is very interested in conquering this powerful upper race.

But this matter still needs time to do, now the most important thing is to establish the twilight sect.

Thinking of this, Li De looked towards the orc king Karp beside him.

“Kapu, let the order go on and rename the already built Church of Dawn to Dusk Church,

At the same time, all the road signs or other traces of the Black Iron Fort in the city were erased and replaced with the city of dusk. “

After thinking about it, I added an extra sentence,

“Don’t move the halfling church, seal it up first, just prohibit outsiders from entering.”

“Come back and report to me immediately after doing all this.”

Kapu’s face is solemn, “Yes, under the crown.”

Waiting for the Level 18 Orc King to lead his troops down, Li De looked at the prisoners who were strictly guarded.

The central square of the Black Iron Fort occupies a huge area. At this time, more than 20,000 prisoners were held in custody and still looked very relaxed.

Caveman, halfling, gray dwarf, harpy, snake tribe, goblin, dwarf… all kinds of weird races.

The diversity of life is not necessarily worse than the surface.

But unlike life on the surface, most of the races here have a nauseating smell of blood, and their eyes are full of cruelty and bloodthirsty.

chaotic evil, lawful evil, neutral evil… There are various camps, but without exception, the suffix is ​​evil.

Li De can clearly sense the brutality in the eyes of these dark races, but he doesn’t care.

When it comes to darkness and cruelty, it seems that there are not many dark races that can match Blood Race, but he has changed the style of Blood Race in the past.

After thinking a little bit, he didn’t move immediately, but stopped his figure. He was waiting for Karp’s response.

All actions must wait until the dusk sect is established before they can begin.

Two hours later, Karp’s silhouette reappeared.

“Under the crown, the Chapel of Breaking Dawn has been changed to the Church of Twilight. The original frescoes and holy statues have been replaced. The traces of the Black Iron Fort on all landmarks in the Black Iron Fort have been replaced by the city of dusk.” p>

Hearing this, Li De smiled slightly.

Finally, the plan can be officially launched.

The first part of this plan is…building sect.

The breaking dawn sect was created by him accidentally, but after the first experience, the second time will be very comfortable…

Thinking of this, Li De narrowed his eyes slightly, and his body slowly floated up.

Then, under the gaze of all the captives, the real Blood Race was revealed, and the appearance that was perfect and coquettish appeared in front of the dark race below.

The bat wings with the dark red mysterious rune spread out slightly behind him, setting off his already mighty posture Unparalleled.

Li De floating in midair immediately attracted everyone’s attention, but no one knew what he wanted to do.

After a while, the imposing manner on Li De’s body began to gradually climb, the Scarlet Lord, the Immortal King, and Fear descended… several skills were activated simultaneously.

At the same time, the strength of Faith also started to consume. With this power belonging to Spiritual God, these powerful skills began to exude a more terrifying power.

The amount of true spirit strength.

At this moment, Li De appeared to the world like a Demon God tearing apart the abyss. The violent imposing manner was like an eighteenth-level storm raging, and thousands of tons of seawater were swept into the sky.

Everyone below is like Ye Xiaozhou under his breath, trembling, fearing, panicking, and helpless under the majestic force that sweeps the world.

Mountains collapsed, and the world cracked.

divine might be like a prison.

Fear swallowed everyone’s souls.

“I hereby announce the establishment of the twilight sect. The twilight is coming, and the multi-planetary planes will be destroyed. I am the great twilight god and the eternal main god.

Only I can save the world, and believers who believe in me will gain eternal life at the time of world annihilation.

The unbelievers and heretic will be given endless pain! “

“I am the god of dusk, in charge of the priesthood of dusk,

I declare in the name of the ancestor of Blood Race, City Lord of Twilight! “

“The twilight sect is officially established!”

The blasphemous language in Li De’s mouth resounded throughout the world, and along with the unspeakable divine might, everyone suddenly saw the real Spiritual God come to the world.

The tough-minded warriors can’t help but die at this moment. Many races who resisted the unsteady will directly kneeled to the ground at this time, and the uncontrollable idea of ​​acknowledge allegiance rose in their hearts.

They actually witnessed the coming of God! !

Among them, the caveman people are the most. There are as many as tens of thousands of caveman people occupying a corner of the square. After seeing the Spiritual God’s power, they all bowed to the ground, all eyes shrouded in fear.

This long-time enslaved race is weak-willed and has no belief of its own. After Spiritual God is born, how can they resist?

“Ding, Li De Kachar swears to establish the evening sect, priesthood: evening, doctrine: evening is coming, the multiple planes will be destroyed, the great evening god is the eternal god, and only he can save the world , His followers who believe in him will gain eternal life at the time of world annihilation, and the unbelievers and heretic will be given endless suffering!

It was detected that Lid Kachar owns the city-Dusk City, the race-Blood Race, has 1 Dusk Temple, and has 27 fanatics.

Meet the requirements for establishing sect, and twilight sect was established. ”

“Ding~You have established Twilight Sect, and you are free to appoint clergy.”

“Ding~You set up a second sect, you get a legend of 10, and you get a character experience reward-100,000.”

After several continuous prompts from the system, Li De felt even more that a new force appeared in his body within the body, but this force was extremely weak, like a seed that had just germinated.

And this force does not at all conflict with the strength of Faith within the body, but is very harmonious.

He couldn’t help being satisfied with this scene.

The establishment of the twilight sect is exactly the same as when the dawn sect was established, but his current conditions are much better than before.

But one thing he didn’t expect was that the system even included the fanatics of the breaking dawn sect.

This also made him a little curious. Isn’t the mad believer a single sect? In other words, God can have many Avatars, and these Avatar fanatics of Spiritual God also admit it?

In Glory, many Spiritual Gods have their own second or even third identity. The acceptability of believers is much higher than Li De thought. After all, the stronger the Spiritual God, the more benefits the believer will get .

Li De opened his attribute panel with a bit of curiosity, and the panel of dusk sect appeared in front of him alone.

Dusk sect

God of Twilight——Leed Kachar (False God)

divine technique: 1, soul assimilation

Title: Dusk (inactive)


Sacred relic means: None

Number of temples owned: 1

Number of believers: 0 mad believers, 0 devout believers, 32 believers, 1399 pan-believers

strength of Faith: 23 o’clock

Why don’t the fanatics count in the twilight sect?

After looking at all the attributes, Li De’s expression was a little weird. Not to mention the fanatics, he has just established Twilight Sect, so there are thousands of pan-believers and dozens of believers? ?

What is going on here? ?

With a bit of doubt, Li De narrowed his eyes slightly, and connected the believers who believed in him in the Divine Sea.

After a while, countless emotions appeared in my mind.

Fear, worship, yearning…

This is?

Li De looked towards the group of caveman people who were not valued in the corner. Except for less than 10 other dark races, among the thousands of believers, they were all these lowly slaves.

The caveman people are ordinary dark races. Apart from being able to live and excavate buildings, they have nothing to show their strengths.

But at this time, Li De seemed to see the treasure, his eyes shining.

While feeling Li De’s gaze, many caveman people trembled, their eyes flashed with panic and panic, and after a while, the pan-believers shua~ shua~ shua~ on the attribute panel rose to 2000, even the number of believers Hundreds of people have passed through.

Li De noticed this change and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. The speed of becoming a believer isn’t this too ridiculous?

These caveman people are a bit awesome.

thoughts move, under everyone’s gaze, floated above the caveman with boundless power, his eyes were like electricity, and his blasphemous words resounded like nine days of thunder.

“The humble caveman, believe in me, I will bless you and give you great power!

I can make the race that once enslaved you become your slave, let you trample on the corpses of other races and climb the mountain to kiss the footprints left by me when I stepped on the ground, and bathe in the grace of God. “

divine might be like a prison.

In the eyes of these caveman people, it seemed as if the ancient master set foot on the earth again, the breath pierced the Changhong, and the whole piece of Star River prostrated under his feet.

Billions of absolutely creatures acknowledge allegiance, and mountains and rivers are also calling for it.

This is God’s gift to them, this is God’s whispering to them, bathing in the grace of God, they are watched by the great Spiritual God, and the great Spiritual God will give them strength! !

The God of Creation is on top, this must be your blessing.

Countless caveman people fell into madness immediately after Li De’s words were said. Many people directly bowed to the ground in what they thought were pious, with unspeakable fanatical worship in their eyes.

What is the position of caveman in Underground World? Slave, humble, dirty, shameful slave.

They have neither a strong body, nor sharp minions, nor a natural talent for casting spells.

In addition to their ability to reproduce, they can be said to be useless.

The caveman gods have already fallen for countless years. They have no faith of their own. They are a lowly race that even the Spiritual God does not want to look at them.

Under such a tragic background, how lucky is it to be watched by the Spiritual God above the nine heavens?

It’s like a beggar wearing ripped clothes begging on the street, suddenly received the king’s appreciation.

That kind of feeling is not that the players in the game can’t feel it.

The divine might radiated by Li De’s burning strength of Faith is deeply imprinted in the souls of these humble slaves at this moment.

At this moment, he is a stalwart existence comparable to the shining moon.

Under the boundless deterrence, these caveman people have no ability to resist. At a speed that Li Dedu could not predict, they became the first believers of Dusk Sect.

For 3 minutes, Li De was so swayed against the sky.

The infinite imposing manner is like a mountain of billions of ten thousand zhang high collapsed. Even if the caveman wanted to resist, they couldn’t support it anymore, and they had to bow down to acknowledge allegiance.

In just a few minutes, the number of believers on his attribute panel reached an exaggerated level.

Number of believers: 0 fanatics, 47 devout believers, 1230 believers, 8985 pan-believers

Twilight sect has just established the number of believers directly above 10,000.

Li De looked very happy when he saw this data.

Although these believers are weak caveman people, only three hundred orcs can defeat these tens of thousands of caveman people in a frontal battle.

However, he is here to reap the strength of Faith. It doesn’t matter whether the battle strength is strong or not. Only those who can provide the strength of Faith are serious people.

When Yu Guang glanced around, he could feel the entanglement, fear, and fear of these dark races, and at the same time mixed with incredible and somewhat uncontrollable yearning and worship.

It seems impossible for them to see the Spiritual God, but they are in awe of the terrifying aura he exudes.

But the status of these dark beings in the Underground World is much higher than that of the caveman people, so a word is far from making them convert their beliefs.

In this case…

Li De thoughts move and looked towards the caveman who has the strongest belief among people.

The tone is still like a master sitting high on the altar, overlooking the world.

“Caveman, my loyal believer, I sensed your calling and inner desire.

I, the immortal god of twilight, will bestow the power to slaughter the giant dragon, the most devout of you! “

The word shocked the world.

Many dark races looked at each other and gave caveman the power to slaughter giant dragons? ?

Is this a joke?

The caveman are so weak that their cubs can be killed easily. This kind of low life highest level can not break through 1Level 0, even a large part of it is only Level 4, which belongs to the weakest race in Underground World.

If we want this weak existence to gain the power to slaughter giant dragons, unless Gods Vestige comes!

Gods Vestige… After this thought came up, he immediately looked towards the floating Li De in the sky with inexplicable emotions.

This, is this really a Spiritual God?

At this moment, their inner doubts are far from being eliminated.

Li De didn’t have any unnecessary nonsense. He stretched out his hand and waved his hand. In the gaze of all the dark races and caveman people, one of the caveman people was ragged and skinny like a skeleton.

After seeing the skinny, almost dying caveman, everyone was stunned.

This? ? Does that mysterious twilight god want to give this caveman power? ?

The gaze that was originally a little doubtful is now full of unbelief.

How is it possible that this kind of caveman who can trample dozens of caveman to death with one foot can gain the power to slaughter a giant dragon? ?

The God of Creation is on top, they would rather believe that this is a dream.

“My believer, I perceive your piety, the most pious believer will get my reward.

Now, in the name of the Lord of Twilight, I give you strength! “

Li De’s eyes are like electricity, he doesn’t care about those questioning gazes. The surging power on his body is like ten thousand zhang snow peaks collapsing and crashing down.

Unspeakable terrifying energy diffused from his body. Scarlet’s energy was like blood, almost condensed into substance, and rushed into the thin caveman within the body.

Li De narrowed his eyes slightly, mobilizing all the Bloodline Strength hidden within the body, and pouring in with the scarlet power.

Strength of Faith is also mixed into it.

Li De’s eyes are like thunderbolt, imposing manner showing off one’s ability.

After breakthrough is extraordinary, his control of strength has reached an unprecedented level, and directly using Strength of Faith and his Bloodline Strength to transform a weak life is an unprecedented attempt and an extremely bold attempt.

Under his control, the scarlet power directly burned the inferior blood of the caveman within the body.

Blood is a relationship that carries strength. The opponent’s bloodline is too weak, even if it is strengthened ten times or twenty times, it cannot meet his requirements.

The bloodline, the golden ancestor of his within the body, began to occupy this weak body, and its terrifying power filled the caveman’s blood vessels.

But his golden ancestor bloodline is so terrifying, how could it be a power that only a Level 4 caveman can bear.

The moment Bloodline Strength entered the opponent’s body, the caveman within the body burst into small blood vessels, and a burst of blood filled the body,

Fortunately, Li De has the foresight and has forcibly blocked the other’s perception, otherwise this caveman will definitely be directly hurt.

Bloodline Strength is too strong, and everything collapses.

Fortunately, Strength of Faith has a strong recovery ability and began to frantically repair the damage that was destroyed.

Destruction and repair are carried out at the same time, which makes the caveman’s body a meat grinder.

Li De relies on the terrifying strength control of energy to keep the two forces in balance.

But this kind of control over power has been exaggerated to a shocking level. As long as there is a slight deviation, the opponent will explode and die.

Dancing on the tip of the knife can no longer describe the exaggeration of this behavior. This is a needle placed on the tip of the knife and jumping on the tip of the needle.

And his strength of Faith, which is more than 200,000 left, also began to decline at an exaggerated rate, even more terrifying than when he forcibly conquered the Level 18 Archmage Mohali.

Ten minutes later, Li De’s forehead was already sweating, and the strength of Faith dropped to 100,000. But now, the opponent’s body has only been remodeled by 20%.

In other words, his energy is not enough.

The rest of the light swept across the attribute panel, and there were more than 20 million Death Power left on it.

As soon as the faith moved, regardless of his disregard, he began to mobilize this terrifying force.

At this time, the caveman’s body is his proving ground. If he fails, he will become benevolent. He is determined to die… Well, the other side is determined to die.

After a while, in the sky, there was a breath that made everyone’s backs and souls shiver.

Death, they smelled death.

The dark life below sees Li De’s silhouette and the fear in the eyes becomes more and more intense, as if his incarnation at this moment has become a harvest with a sickle and so on Death God!

The number of believers has risen directly at this time.

Showing their strength and majesty to believers is one of the ways Spiritual God gains faith.

With Death Power as a backing, Li De immediately stabilized.

I have to say that the golden ancestor bloodline is powerful, even if the source of power is changed, he can still perfectly control the transformation of caveman by that power.

The difference is that Death Power’s repair of the caveman’s body gave him a thick Death Aura.

Time passed slowly, and instead of feeling impatient and disdainful, the dark race below was gradually filled with shock.

Because everyone perceives that above the sky, the caveman who was originally weak and extremely weak is undergoing tremendous changes.

The thin body began to become full, and the muscles slowly expanded, until in the end it even seemed to be cast from steel, exuding a sense of power that makes people palpitating.

The body’s breath has changed from the original candlelight to a wild dragon. Even if there is no eyes opened, you can still feel the opponent’s eruption, and the mountains must be broken.

The dark race below has been stared wide-eyed, and horror filled the heart.

The god of twilight hanging high in the sky, under everyone’s gaze, gave a weak caveman with the power of a giant dragon.

Something that made their heart tremble happened!

Gods Vestige, legendary Gods Vestige has appeared!

Li De made caveman people from the degree of being trampled to death at will to horror to make everyone fearful. That kind of intuitive shock cannot be simply described in words.

“The god of twilight? The god of tyranny is above, is this the real Spiritual God? Under the great crown, please give me instructions, I feel my faith is shaking…”

“Hiss~It’s so scary, didn’t expect that I actually saw the real Spiritual God one day!!”

“The great god of twilight, after seeing your divine might, I am willing to be your most loyal believer…”

“That lowly caveman can actually be rewarded by my god! If my faith is more pious than him, will the great twilight lord one day also turn his attention to me? Me too Can you bathe in the grace of God?

My lord, I am your most devout believer…”


The dark life below looked at the caveman’s increasingly powerful imposing manner, and had completely lost his language ability, and his growing mouth could not close.

Many lives that were originally just other spiritual god believers or unbelievers began to quietly change their beliefs.

They have great expectations in their hearts, hoping that they can get the strength of the great crown that blooms ten thousand zhang in the sky.

Ten minutes, 20 minutes, until half an hour later, Li De looked at Death Power, which was only five million left, with a rather subtle expression.

He didn’t expect that this act of suddenly have a thought would have cost him such a high cost.

hundred thousand strength of Faith, 15,000,000 Death Power, plus all of his Bloodline Strength, his body is now the same as Qijirou, and for a week, his legs are weak.

But, after all, it succeeded.

Feeling the breath of the caveman in front of him, Li De couldn’t help showing a bit of joy on his face.

This experiment was not in vain.

But in the end, the most critical thing is not yet completed.

I glanced down a circle, then uttered Tianxian, and the blasphemous words echoed in the sky and the earth again.

“I am the immortal lord of twilight, mastering eternal power.

In the name of the Lord of Twilight, I give my most pious believer the caveman the power to slaughter giant dragons.

Wake up! My most loyal believer! “

With the blasphemous language that erodes the soul, hong long long ~

There was lightning and thunder in the sky.

Under everyone’s gaze, a terrifying lightning burst suddenly around Li De’s body, and the Silver Dragon danced wildly.

Thunder god descends.

The sudden appearance of thunder and lightning set off Li De, who was originally divine might, like a prison, even more unparalleled in the world.

Under the dim light, Li De, who was burning with scarlet power, unfolded his bat wings with dark mysterious patterns. This picture was like Demon God, plus the endless thunderbolt lingering beside him, directly The atmosphere is set to the extreme.

At this moment, the number of believers soared by 3,000.

In this area of ​​thunder and lightning, the highly anticipated caveman suddenly opened his eyes.

Then just stood in the thunder and lightning out of thin air.

Born like a bath of thunder and lightning.

A terrifying aura permeated his body.

Under Li De’s deliberate operation, the dark life below felt the caveman’s magnificent power.

Terror, terrifying, and invincible.

The scene fell into deathly silence.

On the sky, there is only the roar of thunder and lightning.

Like a demon like a god.

At this moment, the system sounded a reminder to make Li De distracted slightly.

“Ding~Congratulations on your understanding of the divine technique-faith strengthening, faith strengthening: consuming strength of Faith to strengthen believers, each time a minimum of 10,000 strength of Faith needs to be consumed, the more strength of Faith consumed, the higher the strength , The stronger the strength of the believer, the more strength of Faith needs to be consumed.”

divine technique? ?

It turns out that strengthening believers is a divine technique… Li De’s expression is quite wonderful, and the joy on his face cannot be covered.

After curing the divine technique, releasing it again next time is much easier.

“Under the crown, your loyal believer—Kadri Fang, thank you for the power you give, and I will defend your glory with my soul.”

At this time, the tall caveman in front of him knelt down, and Li De’s thoughts were interrupted by a high and firm voice.

Li De came back to his senses and subconsciously opened the caveman attribute panel in front of him, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Kadri Fang

Title: God-given son (the caveman blessed by Spiritual God gains a powerful force, the deterrent to the caveman increases by 1000%, and the full attribute increases by 300%)

Level: 16

Class: Fury Warrior

Skills: strong arms, fast attack, furious roar

Limited skills: violent combat (enter a violent state, without fear of pain, without fear of any coercion, 500% increase in strength, immunity to soul and mind control)

Bloodthirsty physique (strength increased by 300%, after injury, can swallow flesh and blood to quickly recover from injury)

Death erosion (Death Power is attached to the attack, resulting in a weakened state, all attributes are reduced by 10% for each attack and can be stacked 5 times)

The body of the dead (within the body can store Death Power, after receiving a fatal injury, it can consume Death Power to restore the injury)

bloodline: violent blood (combined with the powerful bloodline of bloodline, the ancestor of Blood Race, increase all attributes by 300%, and can swallow the blood of High Rank to increase strength)

Evaluation: A caveman warrior with a lot of talent, because he was transformed by Spiritual God with a powerful force, has surpassed the caveman’s limit and reached another level.

Li De’s eyes lit up after reading the attributes, and he has to say that the caveman he transformed from the Great Accomplishment book did not disappoint him.

This guy is a lot stronger than the halfling Level 18 archmage Mohali, and his talent is not comparable to that halfling archmage.

Compared with the opponent’s previous level of only Level 4, the current improvement is more than a powerful description, it is simply a new body and soul.

This Kadri Fang was a caveman before.

Now you can no longer call him a caveman, you can call it a super Saiyan caveman.

Giving the opponent the power to kill the dragon is not empty talk.

Li De looked away from the attribute panel after reading the skill attribute, and focused on the super caveman suspended in the air.

Height 2 blades, strong arms as thick as thighs, ten fingers like daggers, with a sharp claw that can pierce shields.

The body is not at all straight up like a human, and still has the obvious racial characteristics of caveman arched waist, but the other person’s bending at this time is not like the caveman to dig a cave, but— -hunting.

The curved waist is more suitable for this super caveman’s body to exert force. Once it initiates an attack, it is definitely more violent than a lion culling its prey.

Kadri Fang’s eyes are blue, but with scarlet bloodshot eyes, they look inexplicably fearful.

His mouth has extremely sharp fangs, and no one can doubt whether he can crush steel.

The muscles on the body are like forged in the model with molten iron, full of the power that even the orc warriors are blushed with shame.

Powerful and perfect.

Only these two words can trust the Level 16 caveman who is transforming at this moment-Kadri Fang.

Li De is very satisfied with his creation.

Although the cost is expensive, the harvest is worth the price.

With a wave of his hand, the super caveman slowly descended from the thunderbolt field, and the perfect body appeared in front of everyone.

Shock and envy are the emotions in the prisoners below.

“The God of Creation is on top, so terrifying, is this really a weak halfling?”

“Unbelievable, this is the real Gods Vestige!! Gods Vestige!!!”

“Is this the power of my god? Praise you, my eternal faith…”

“The caveman can be so scary, I don’t even dare to look directly into his eyes!!”

Crazy discussions sounded from the captives, even if the divine might in the sky did not dissipate, but everyone could no longer conceal their inner horror, and subconsciously vented them to their partners.

After Kadri Fang fell on the ground, those caveman who were not selected were completely mad.

The gazes they looked towards Li De were full of enthusiasm and hope.

They just watched their weak clansman become such a powerful existence, which made the caveman who has been bullied and abused seem to have found Savior.

Fanasis is their only emotion at this time.

They will definitely become Mianxia’s most loyal believers, when the time comes, Mianxia will watch them, and perhaps, will give them the same powerful power! !

The caveman will become a powerful race under the protection of the crown!

With the change of mentality, the number of believers on Li De’s attribute panel is increasing frantically.

When he opened the attribute panel again, the column of believers in the twilight sect above had a huge change again.

Number of believers: 3 fanatics, 629 devout believers, 6490 believers, 7205 pan-believers

The total number of believers has exceeded 13,000, which can only be described as exaggeration and outrageous.

The twilight sect has just been established.

Li De lowered Gods Vestige in front of everyone, and the effect was terrifying.

But the surprise was not over yet, the system prompt rang again.

“Ding~ You played Gods Vestige perfectly once, and the reputation of the god of twilight begins to spread in Underground World, and you get 10 points of Underground World legend.

And got the title-Spiritual God comes to the world.

Spiritual God comes to the world: Your strength is well known by Underground World. Twilight sect is more attractive to believers when preaching in Underground World, and 30% more persuasive when preaching, and believers are easier to deepen their faith. “

Spiritual God comes to the world?

The smile on Li De’s face was instantly bright.

For this newly-acquired title, he can only use perfection to describe it, which is nothing short of it.

He just wanted to preach, and immediately sent a tool to increase the efficiency of mission.

However, the gains are actually obtained by trading his knowledge. Isn’t it just for these rewards that he invested so much?

However, this matter is not over yet.

“Believe in me, and you will get my reward,

Hearts and unbelievers will be subject to Divine Punishment. “

Li De’s eyes were sharp as a blade, but the terrifying thunderbolt field concealed his expression, and the blasphemous words blasted along with the thunderbolt, instantly causing the dark life below to be under tremendous pressure.

hong long long ~

Under his deterrence, the number of believers on the attribute panel once again skyrocketed by hundreds.

But after Li De felt slightly, he frowned.

He discovered that some of the dark races below had believed in him, but only one of the half-orcs did not.

Looked towards the area where the orc captives are located, those evil creatures whose faces look sinister are ugly and indistinguishable from the orcs in the demonic beast of the earth are still silent at this time.

The half-orcs are different from the caveman, the god of half-orcs still exists in the world at this time, and the battle strength is extremely expensive.

So these ugly monsters are extremely strong in their beliefs.

Li De slightly hesitated and then his eyes slowly raised murderous intention.

killing the chicken to warn the monkey, only the bloodiest means can make these dark lives fear.

looked towards the area where the orcs are.

“The blasphemer will be punished.

Kadri Fang, use the power I give you to kill these humble blasphemers. “

These words made the complexion of the dark life around the half-orcs greatly changed, and then began to evade all around frantically.

They don’t want to be attacked by the horrible caveman.

The number of half-orcs reached 500 at this time, but they were all tied up by strong iron chains. Because the Naga’s escape made the guard warriors tighten the chains a few times, the half-orcs sensed danger at this time. Coming, but still unable to move freely.

Li De narrowed his eyes slightly, killing a group of bloodthirsty wolves and slaughtering a group of tied up lambs, that kind of deterrence is not the same level.

With a wave of his hand, the originally strong chain ka-cha ~ all broke.

The orcs escaped.

“roar! !”

“For the orc god!!”

“No one can enslave a great orc!!”


The wild beast came out of the cage, and the bloodthirsty and militant half-orcs immediately roared at the surrounding soldiers and dark beings.

Even many people have moved towards the guarded orc warriors rushing away.

But just when these half-orcs approach the surrounding crowd, touch~

It bursts directly like a balloon.

Blood stumps spattered up.

“Humble blasphemer, you are the prey of my believers.”

Li De’s indifferent tone sounded.

“Kadri Fang…start hunting.”

An order was given, and the surrounding crowd watched. Kadri Fang, this super caveman’s body suddenly swelled, from the height of 2 blades to 2.5 people, and at the same time, his back was bent. It’s even more powerful.


The eyes were filled with bloodshot eyes, and there was a wild beast growl in the throat.

Then a bloody killing started under everyone’s shocking gaze.

peng peng ~peng peng ~

A huge force stepped on the floor, and Kadri moved towards the halfling madly rushing away, and dozens of halflings in the front saw this scene with a fierce roar, and then rushed straight forward.

The surrounding crowds are now stared wide-eyed, for fear of missing something.

The caveman fights the strong half-orcs, which was unimaginable before, but now, this picture is happening before their eyes.

After a few breaths, the two sides collided head-on.

The halfling in the front raised the chain in his hand and waved it moved towards Kaideli, but the silhouette of this super caveman disappeared in front of him in a flash.

The sharp claws are as sharp as guillotines, ka-cha ~ a huge head flies up, the first half-orc was killed without even came back to his senses.

With the death of the first half-orc, a bloody massacre began.

The caveman was rampaging on the battlefield like an ancient Titan, and all the orcs he attacked were torn apart.

Sharp claw, fangs, elbows, legs, knees, every part of the caveman’s body has become a killing weapon.

If you touch, you die, if you touch, you die.

The number of half-orcs over 500 was declining at a rate visible to naked eye under the terrifying slaughter.

After a few minutes,

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