I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 402


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“Anthony Captain, there are more traces of the naga ahead, do we need to ask for help? Or follow?”

A young human warrior reported to Anthony, who was a high-ranking commander, with a solemn face. Looking at the silhouette of the hero in dwarf armor in front of him, the young warrior had a sense of worship that could not be concealed.

In just two years, the young commander in front of him rose up like a comet, and step by step became the dazzling new star of King’s Blade.

Even the many adults of the Holy Light Blood Race can only look up behind them in the Blade of Kings, and they have become the object of worship for him and countless recruits.

The fearless person-Anthony, this is the recognized title in the blade of the king, and the other’s bravery has been recognized by countless people.

Anthony looked at the adoration of the young warrior and his face was calm. He had seen this look countless times, and he was excited at the beginning.

But now, his tempering heart has been calm and composed.

The immature young man who envied others as fighters in the City of Dawn had already become a senior commander with 300 people.

Slightly turned his head and looked towards the direction pointed by the young warrior. The dim light not at all caused trouble to him. When he took the fearless sacred sword and gained the inheritance of the fearless heart,

Neither the mountains, snow, nor the fog of the lake can hinder him anymore.

“Let the messenger team spread the message, and leave a trace behind us to facilitate the arrival of the large forces.”

Anthony’s eyes narrowed slightly. “We have been looking for the traces of Naga for a month. Since we captured the city of Twilight under the crown, these powerful evil beings have been on our task list.

But no one can catch even a naga alive for such a long time, which is enough to explain many problems.

Naga’s perception is extremely sensitive, and the battle strength is also extraordinary.

Notice everyone to be careful! “

Naga was too cunning. Not only did it leave no traces in the city of twilight, but the people who dealt with it did not know where the other tribe was.

So the military order to search for the Naga has been issued for a month, but no progress has been made.

The military order that Li De personally issued, the entire King’s Blade has found nothing, which undoubtedly makes all the soldiers feel faceless.

A few times before, Anthony led the team to find the clues of Naga, but the other party was too vigilant and found them tracking, and finally found nothing.

At this time, receiving news from Naga again, Anthony undoubtedly took a breath in his heart.

This time, no matter what, the living naga must be captured and asked to find out where their tribe is!

Military orders are like mountains.

Following Anthony’s order, the three-hundred Legion immediately began to act.

Several bats quietly spread their wings and left to report to the rear, and the marching troops began to leave secret but very easy to be found by the people.

This is a low bush forest. The space rock wall above the sky emits faint light, which is completely indistinguishable from the ground.

But what is surprising is that after Anthony gave the order, the hidden army got up with a pair of strange Devil Crystal Stone glasses on each eye, because the back of the head was tied tightly with a strap, it looked like Quite weird.

“Be careful, everyone, don’t touch any hard objects with the sun glasses!”

Small Captain whispered some warriors who were carefree.

This is the latest secret weapon developed by the City of Breaking Dawn, which allows them to obtain almost daytime sight in a dim environment. The damage of the sun mirror may not decrease the battle strength much, but it is white for search and tracking. blind.

The 300 people were divided into three hundred-man brigades, and they were advancing forward in the shape of a product. Each brigade was separated by a hundred edges. This would ensure the search range and support each other in case of danger.

Anthony walked in front of the team, his sharp eyes like a falcon, always watching everything around him.

Underground World danger lurks on every side, poisonous snakes, spiders, even poisonous vines, man-eating trees, pits everywhere, silt pools with deadly germs…

The threat here is ten times that of the surface.

After ten minutes of traveling, the two spies in front quietly responded.

“Master Anthony, there is a tribe of gray dwarves half an hour ahead, do we need to go there?”

“Gray Dwarf?”

Anthony frowned, a close relative of the dwarf, the gray dwarf looks not much different from the dwarf.

The difference in appearance is that gray dwarves have a pair of gray eyes, but they are completely opposite to the dwarves who love peace and kindness. What these evil beings like most is enslaving the weak ones to search for ores for them, and they like to use all kinds of dark evil The forging method of manufacturing equipment.

Push the slave into a steel furnace, quench it with the blood of a baby, use a living person to refine weapons… etc. These evil ways cannot be more common.

“There is no need to manage, our target is only naga, these gray dwarves are left to the dusk warriors. The churchman under the crown is happy to conquer this gray dwarf tribe.”

Antoni doesn’t want to have extra branches. Compared to capturing a tribe of gray dwarves, Naga is obviously more attractive, because this is an order from Li De.

“Yes, my lord.”

Sha Sha~ Sha Sha~

Traveling in the bushes inevitably rubs against the bushes, and the subtle sounds are particularly permeating in the dim environment.

The whole team marched without any other sound except for the rubbing sound, showing surprising qualities.

After half a day’s day, two non-human silhouettes suddenly appeared behind a bush in front of him. Anthony’s face condensed, and the long sword in his hand quietly unsheathed.

“Master Anthony, there is a discovery ahead!”

Anthony’s expression eased after hearing the sound, and two silhouette faces appeared in front of him a few steps forward.

These are two kobolds with slightly skinny builds, wearing light wallets.

Because of the good nose, kobolds are equipped in every Legion, which is very useful for chasing or finding enemies.

“What found?”

“Bloodstains, we smelled blood on the grass, and the breath of Naga is very strong.

This group of naga may be out hunting or fighting with people, some of them are injured…”

The kobold’s tone was a bit of excitement. If they really caught the Naga, it would definitely be a great achievement.

Furthermore, so many troops in the City of Breaking Dawn did not capture the Naga, but in the end they were captured. This is a great honor.

Naga is injured?

Anthony smiled and wanted to order the entire army to press on, but suddenly he seemed to remember something, figure stopped.

Brows frowned suddenly, this time…is it really that simple? ?

He hunted these evil beings for a month in this area where Naga often moves, and he has never encountered such a clear trace of the opponent.

Those evil beings not only have extraordinary battle strength, but their wisdom is far beyond ordinary beings. Such a deadly weak spot will never be left behind.

A sharp wave of his hand.

“Everyone stopped moving forward.”

Huh? The kobold who came to report was taken aback, shouldn’t it be speeding up at this time? Their goal is ahead, why should they stop?

The young soldier who has been following Anthony looking thoughtful opened the mouth and said, “Master Anthony, do you suspect there is a problem here?”

Anthony nodded, “Do you think the cunning of Naga, they will show such obvious weak spot? Especially when we know we are hunting them.”

In the past month, the army of the City of Dawn has been madly spreading all around, centered on the City of Twilight. A large number of tribes of dark races have been conquered or destroyed.

Naga, ordered by Li De himself, is the key hunting target of all the troops. They are extremely active in encirclement and suppression of the Naga. This has led to the extremely high vigilance of the Naga, and many times its traces are found. The opponent fled.

But now everything is going too smoothly, which makes Anthony feel something is wrong.

“Ammon, how did you find these traces of naga in detail?”

When I heard the question, the young soldier named Ammon next to him opened the mouth and said, “Yes, my lord.

Five days ago, I heard a few captured dwarfs say that they saw the traces of Naga walking in this bush, and then I brought people to check and confirmed that it was traces of Naga. , I will report to you immediately…”

“Did you hear the traces of Naga from the arrested dwarf? Not from the Intelligence Section?”

Anthony’s brows condensed, his anxiety suddenly increased, “Why didn’t you tell me in the first place?”

“My lord, at that time you were busy with the army and I didn’t have time to report to you in detail, and our intelligence personnel also provided us with this information.”

Ammon explained quickly.

Anthony’s face was slightly calm after hearing this, but he still felt a problem in his heart. Although the dwarf is smart, these lives are too weak, and their individual strength is comparable to that of the caveman.

If it’s Naga who wants to deceive them, it’s not easy.

There was definitely a problem, and Anthony immediately issued an order.

“Get out of this bush immediately, dominate the army, let the magic word bat support, and use the air force to search.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this order, but when they saw Anthony’s solemn expression, they immediately responded. As the commander of this army, Anthony’s prestige is extremely high, and there is no disobedience.

But just as Ammon and several heralds were preparing for the next order, suddenly a scream came from a distance.


At this moment, Anthony’s hairs stand up and he suddenly looked towards the direction of the screaming sound.

“The army on the right has been attacked, signal everyone is ready to fight!”

Aimeng’s face turned white, and he immediately held a weird military whistle in his mouth. After a while, a sharp voice came out several kilometers away.

After hearing the sound of the military whistle, the warrior immediately began to guard, the sword was unsheathed, and the crossbow was full.

But the scene fell into a situation that no one could predict in the blink of an eye. After that scream rang, only two or three breaths, and screams from both wings kept coming.

In the face of the sudden attack, Anthony did not panic, and immediately ordered decisively.

“Let the troops on the two wings move closer to the middle, and the troops will center on me, form an array!”

In this environment, if you rashly kill in any direction, you may suffer a tragic blow. The best way to deal with it is to gather your strength and break through.

After the second order was issued, personnel from the two wings approached soon,

“What happened?”

“Master Anthony, Naga, many naga, they disguised with magic, we are surrounded by these naga!!!

“Encircled?” Anthony’s face was a bit solemn, “Can you know the general strength of the opponent?”

“I don’t know, they are hidden very good, we can’t see their body shape at all.”

“Ammon, did the distress signal go out?”

“Sent out.”

“Okay, immediately form a formation. Archer is in the middle. I will play forward. The caster is ready to cast the spell. We charge ahead from the right.”

Anthony gave the order again, and it was undoubtedly a very risky thing to go back the same way at this time, because he couldn’t determine how much troops the opponent had ambushed.

On the contrary, it is better to kill from the flank, you can win your life if you kill.

Forbidden by order, the army quickly formed a formation moved towards the flanks and rushed away.

On the way, Anthony made a slight count. At this time, the number of people gathered was only in the early 200s, which means that in this short period of more than a minute, one third soldier has been killed.

This made Anthony’s heart sink.

The number of these naga is more than he estimated. If the response is improper this time, these fighters and even him may not be able to return alive.

But as the main general, Anthony still maintains an extraordinary calm.

The killing intent in the eyes began to condense, and the fighting intent in my heart was high.

No matter how many people ambush this group of naga, if he dares to come, then he dares to kill!

The cross long sword engraved with blooming Luanwei flowers in the hands feels Anthony’s fighting intent. The pattern on it flows slowly like water, full of mysterious that cannot be described.

fearless sacred sword, only fearless warriors can exert the greatest formidable power.

Soon, after Anthony ordered a breakthrough, the first wave of collisions began.

The air on the right wing was filled with a nauseating smell of blood, and he pounced straight into his nose before it arrived.

Fear, like a poisonous snake, wants to swallow every soldier’s heart.

But Anthony, who is in front, is not afraid of all the rampages.


After crossing a low bush, in front of him, like a ghost, dozens of four-armed naga holding a long knife appeared in vain.

The long snake body, cold eyes, and dark red barbs on the back all explain the horror of this race.

Neither party has any extra words.


In one word, blood light suddenly appears.

Anthony held the sword in both hands and put it in front of his chest, facing the Naga who was charging ahead.

The four-armed Naga is terrifying and terrifying, with four long knives in his hands waving at once, let alone one person, even five people will face cold sweats at the same time.

But Anthony is not fearless, his sharp eyes are like a falcon hunting a lamb.

The body is like a spring compressed to the extreme, and the muscles suddenly exploded with terrifying power. Two steps forward, Anthony can already see the hideous face of the opposite four-armed Naga.

The power of both arms is transmitted on the fearless sacred sword, cold light flashed.

Anthony long sword slashed straight down, and the four-armed Naga swung his sword to resist,

However, the two weapons are not of the same grade at all.

The four-handed long knife was directly smashed and broken like tofu. It was a bit of horror on the face of the four-armed Naga, but he had no time to react.

One sword cut Nine Layers Heaven.

The corpse divided into two.

The blood spattered several blades high.

A scattered fresh blood imprint appeared on Anthony’s face.

“For the break of dawn!!”

After slaying a four-armed naga, Anthony roared.


The blood’s boost to morale is extremely obvious. After Anthony’s roar, the soldiers who followed him also roared at the four-armed Naga.

An unknown bloody collision unfolded in this unknown bush.

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