I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 403


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No one can describe how terrifying it is to fight the four-armed naga in a dark environment.

As a high-ranking race, Naga possesses battle strength that ordinary people can’t imagine. When all four arms are slashed with long knives, even a thick shield can only be like a bubble.

Anthony also encountered unprecedented obstacles at this moment.

fearless sacred sword With a faint brilliance, the sharp and unparalleled blade has become a terrifying killing blade.

However, it is still not enough.

Even if he has the inheritance of the fearless heart, the battle strength is almost invincible under the frantic siege, but the soldiers around him are not.

Though these fighters are all elites trained in the City of Dawn, they wear full armor and carry sharp weapons.

But when facing the four-armed naga, they are still harvested like wheat.

The gap between the two sides is too great.

Naga, who has lived in a cruel environment since birth, is far better than a warrior at dawn in terms of battle strength and combat experience.


A roaring young warrior rushed directly to the four-armed Naga who was attacking and killed him, and the long sword in his hand violently slashed.


The sound of metal collision exploded, and Naga’s two long knives crossed, firmly blocking the deadly attack.

The murderous intention in the long and narrow green eyes was awe-inspiring. At the moment of the collision, the remaining two arms were not at all idle, and one of them held a long knife and slashed directly into the abdomen of the young soldier.

呲啦~sparks radiate all around.

The High Rank armor blocked the fatal blow, and the young warrior showed a bit of joy on his face and drew his knife back, but just when he was preparing for his second attack.

puci ~The fourth arm holds a long knife and cuts directly from the gap in the armor in his neck.

Blood splashed up.

The four-armed naga, when it comes to melee combat, the superiority that this upper race has is too great.

Two fists are hard to beat with four hands, not to mention that the naga of the same level also has the battle strength of crushing level against human fighters.

This is the nature of the upper race. Naga’s bloodline is far stronger than that of humans. Only a higher level or stronger bloodline can eliminate this gap.

But the truth is always cruel. The City of Dawn can equip each fighter with High Rank equipment and weapons, but it is impossible to let each fighter have the bloodline of the upper race.

Talent is the most unreasonable thing.

“Get closer to me!!”

Anthony roared loudly after beheading a naga. At this time, his armor had been blood dyed red, and the blood on it had fallen like drops of water. The black armor was full of the most glamorous and bloody traces.

As the only spearhead of this team, this warrior holding a fearless sacred sword bears the greatest pressure, even facing several naga attacks at the same time every time.

Every time you step forward, you are stepping on Naga’s body.

Fortunately, although Naga is strong, Anthony is not inferior to anyone.

Every time you swing the fearless sacred sword in your hand, you will see blood.

Extraordinary battle awareness, strong fighting skills, coupled with unimaginable danger perception.

This successor of the Legendary profession is the most fearless fighter.

Blood, stumps, death, in this brief moment became the main theme.

The fighting continues.

The army that broke the dawn in a short time has no time to support, they can only rely on themselves.

But there are too many, and the surrounding naga not only decrease as they break through, but they get bigger and bigger.

Anthony no longer has the energy to take care of the soldiers around him. When the Naga who is several times larger than himself appeared, everything went into an uncontrollable situation.

There are fewer and fewer soldiers around him…

Anthony’s breathing began to become heavier.

Every time you wield a long sword recklessly, you need to consume a lot of physical strength. From the very beginning, you run wild, and now your steps are getting heavier.

In the end, Anthony has no idea how long time has passed, and the number of naga he killed is no longer counted.

Kill out.

This is the only thought.

But with the passage of time, the originally strong body began to show unspeakable weakness, and the abundant strength of the body within the body slowly faded.

He can’t hold it anymore.

However, Anthony remains unwavering in his eyes.

Only the mortal courage is qualified to hold a fearless sacred sword.

No matter who it is, there is no way to stop the Dawnbreaker’s charge.

But the difference in strength between the two sides is too great.

How can these three or two hundred people break through the trap designed by Naga?

One after another human warriors were killed by the four-armed naga holding a sharp blade, and the fighting sound in the air became smaller and smaller.

Until the end, only the silhouette of Anthony remained in the entire battlefield of bushes.

Three hundred soldiers, no one lives…

When Anthony felt that there was no breath of a warrior around him, his eyes were full of sadness and unspeakable anger.

Kill! !

The long sword in his hand has recovered even more violently.

The powerful Naga around was harvested frantically by Anthony who suddenly broke out like cutting wheat.

The sharp long sword made it impossible for all the naga to collide with it a second time. The sword shattered and the body burst.

At this moment, Anthony incarnation has become the sickle of Death God, reaping Naga’s life wantonly.

After beheading 57 naga in a row, he suddenly stepped on a corpse and staggered.

At this moment, Anthony felt an extremely terrifying crisis hit behind him. He just wanted to get away, but the two four-armed naga in front of him slammed forward, ignoring the sharpness of the fearless sacred sword, using the most Haunted him in a tragic way.

long sword waving.

Bah! At the same time the two human heads were raised, hoo! A naga in the shadow let go of the bowstring in his hand, and the arrow dashed across the sky with a deadly breath.

puci ~

Blood splattered.

The panic of horror devours Anthony,

I hit the arrow!

The moment this thought arose, the fearless warrior suddenly turned his head and looked around. At this moment, four-armed naga were all around him.

There is no flow.

The soldier who has been following him has long since disappeared without a trace.

The whole army was wiped out.

The warrior he brought out has been sleeping on this land forever.

Wars have always been tragic and without mercy.

In order to fight for living space, the war has magnified this tragedy ten times a hundred times.

The anger and sadness in Anthony’s heart is eating away at him right now.

hu~ hu~

But he was too tired. At this moment, Anthony only felt the sound of heavy breathing resounding in his ears.

The shouting and fighting around him have disappeared. Apart from breathing, he can only feel his heart beating on peng peng…

Are it over?

Looking at the surrounding naga surrounding him, Anthony’s arm holding the fearless sacred sword was shaking unconsciously. At this moment, he could even clearly see that the opposite naga’s face was full of ferocious and murderous eyes.

Under the siege of hundreds or even thousands of naga, no one here can escape. His soldiers can’t, nor can he holding a fearless sacred sword…

At this moment, the old man Jick Uncle, who had been living with him, suddenly appeared in Anthony’s mind, and he remembered the words that changed his life.

“Anthony, becoming a soldier is a very painful thing. Are you really ready?”

“You will watch your comrades die in battle, and watch your brother die for you to block the enemy’s sword,

You will even kill some unarmed and innocent people under the military order, you will pass death every day, and you will be the executioner and butcher that everyone hates! !

You will live in the cloud of war and death, and you will never escape.

Are you ready? “


puci ~

An extremely sharp arrow pierced through his chest, and Anthony’s body leaned forward, and the blood in his mouth was spit out uncontrollably.

At this moment, even he can no longer feel the pain, exhaustion and weakness numb his nerves.

Anthony’s lips were trembling uncontrollably, and his body looked like weeds in the wind might collapse at any time, and his eyes had ghost images even when they looked towards the front.

“Jike uncle…I do not regret…”

Like an oath, Anthony whispered in his heart when he was about to collapse, then looked at the Naga in front of him, and slowly raised the fearless sacred sword in his hand and placed it on his chest.

“To break dawn…”

Weak but extremely firm voice sounded on this bloody battlefield, and the fearless imposing manner even stopped the surrounding four-armed Naga’s figure for a moment.

The tragedy of a soldier.

Return from the Shroud.

Anthony let out a final low growl, moved towards the four-armed Naga in front of him and rushed away.

The soldier at dawn, even if it is dead, will fall on the way to charge.

Behind him is the glory of dawn, what everyone expects of him.

fearless, fearless.


The surrounding time seems to have slowed down thousands of times at this moment. The silhouette holding the cross long sword burned his life at this moment, bursting out the last force into the four-armed naga.

blood splashed.

When the heart is no more fearless, no matter how many enemies on the opposite side, no matter how strong, then the opponent’s long sword will be no more sharp and scary.

Also regarded as grass and mustard.





On a small hill far away from the battlefield, several four-armed naga with extremely shocking imposing manner saw this scene, and their expressions were a little subtle.

The head of the Naga has a crown made of sarcoma on his head. The narrow eyes see the scene where Anthony has not flinched until he died, showing a sense of appreciation.

“Didn’t expect, these humble surface creatures have such courage!

This human warrior has won my respect, so I plan to…after his death, I personally give his body to the mouth of the abyss to swallow, just like this lowly night elf. “

After speaking, he turned his head and looked towards the naga beside him, and among these naga, a night elf covered in scars with his hands tied up was particularly eye-catching.

The night elves captured by the naga have long pointed ears, black eyes, and dark ash-gray skin, which is a completely different elf color. In Underground World, this skin It can hide its figure well and fit the environment very well.

Its appearance is almost perfect like an elf, except for the scars on his body that ruin the charm.

“Patriarch, under the crown of Austin, we need us to conquer the night elves and enslave these lowly lives,

This night elves is their Mistress’s daughter, we can use this night elves to get more benefits…”

“Mistress of the night elves?”

The headed meat crown Naga subconsciously reached out and touched an inconspicuous scar on his face, his eyes flashed with murderous intention.

“Damn bastards, one day, our blackscale naga clan will enslave that lowly race and rob them of everything!!”

“hmph, humble naga, night elves are a race blessed by the great queen of spiders, even if you take refuge in the damn Black Dragon, it’s useless.

The Black Dragon in the silt marsh is just like a worm in the silt, just like a worm in the silt, just like a worm in the silt. “

The scarred night elf showed a bit of sarcasm on his face, and his tone did not become low because of his embarrassment.

The pride of night elves is not inferior to the elves on the surface, but their love is killing and conspiracy…

Hearing this, Naga’s face became extremely cold, and her narrow eyes looked like a demon preparing to hunt.

“Austin’s crown possesses the power that you humble lives can imagine?

Rose…Although the spider queen is powerful, will she respond to your call? Can she come?

In Underground World, Austin is the only and invincible existence under the crown! “

Although the well-known powerful divine force Evil God, the lord of night elves, and the god of conspiracy, Rose Queen, makes the Flesh Crown Naga extremely jealous.

But this is the case. Underground World is not Bottomless Abyss. No matter how powerful the spider queen is, it is impossible to come to life. Here, the powerful Black Dragon is invincible.

Moreover, there are so many followers of Rose Queen, the ordinary night elf tribe is not qualified to win the attention of that mighty Spiritual God Evil God.

“hmph, ignorant idiot, do you know how powerful the spider queen is?”

The mockery on the night elf’s face grew stronger.

The flesh crown naga did not speak any more at this moment, but the murderous aura on her body was countless times richer.

If it wasn’t for this night elf, he would shave off the opponent’s flesh and blood and devour her soul little by little!

“Take her back alive. I have arranged everything. As long as the surface life probes here, they will eventually find the night elf territory…”

There was a bit of cold and cruel flashes in the eyes, “After the life on the surface and the night elves fight, we will completely wipe out these two forces.

When you get the Night Elf’s Tree of Life, it will be the beginning of Naga’s rule over the Underground World…

As for Austin’s crown, it will be our spearhead, breaking through the city of halflings, killing their extraordinary…

Everything will belong to the naga, the great naga! ! “

The bound night elves suddenly complexion changed when she heard this, she didn’t expect that the ultimate goal of these naga turned out to be brought trouble to others, wanting the strong Great Influence that suddenly appeared a month ago to collide with the night elves , And these naga hide behind and make a profit,

“No, you will not succeed!!”

“Will not succeed??

Trust me, no one can resist the temptation of Tree of Life!

Those humans on the surface are no exception. Even if they know that we are doing it, they will do everything to deal with you…

Really, interesting…”

The Naga’s voice is extremely cold, making people shudder.





Anthony is about to be swallowed by the Naga, no matter how sharp the fearless sacred sword is, no matter how brave he is, he will be exhausted, and this fearless warrior still carries an arrow that pierces his chest.

He can’t hold on.

The rays of light in Anthony’s eyes are slowly dimming.

The secret technique activated only by consuming life cannot be sustained by him at this moment.

took a deep breath, Anthony turned his head and looked around, and saw that at least hundreds of Naga’s corpses had fallen around.

The peace of mind is restored.

At this point in the fight, he has no desire.

The only regret is that he may never see Jack Uncle again,

Also, the girl who is still waiting for his triumphant return.

Sorry, Grey Young Lady.

Anthony’s pale face was covered with blood, and his eyes with no focus were regretful and unwilling.

I broke my promise…

The next season of recovery,

I can’t accompany you to see the hillside full of Luanwei flowers…

I wish I would go to see it again with you…

The fleshy crown Naga in the distance saw that on the verge of collapse, but there was no silhouette of falling down, his expression was cold.

Without the slightest mercy or pause, the cold Naga voice resounded across the sky.

“Kill that human, then take his corpse!”

After the order was given, the surrounding Naga was madly killed by Anthony, and began to surge unscrupulously, all rushing towards the dying silhouette like a candle in the wind.

Anthony’s eyes were blurred at this time, and he could only faintly hear the terrifying and weird roar around him.


When hundreds of naga surging up, like a violent wind and waves, it directly drowned the small boat like Anthony.

The ending without suspense.

Seeing this scene of the fleshy crown Naga narrowed his eyes. Although this human bravery was appreciated by him, he would not hesitate.

Furthermore, an ant that’s all, no matter how strong it is, it is nothing but a weak life he smashed with his hand.

Slightly raised his head, his narrow eyes slowing down the killing intent, and he stretched out his hand and waved, letting his men lift the night elf to prepare to leave.

Several Naga guards exuding terrifying aura followed directly with the bound night elves.

But at this moment, suddenly there was a terrifying wave behind him.

The fleshy crown naga trembled all over, he just felt like an ancient giant dragon opened his eyes and stared at him.

The hairs stand upright.

Turning his head slowly, then he saw a mythical scene that will never be remembered.

A long sword illusory shadow, a long sword illusory shadow with a height of three hundred blades, is erected on the sky.

The lifelike sword shadow of Luanwei flower blooms like a vigorous plant in the season of recovery.

And the breath of long sword illusory shadow is like a plane collapsed and collapsed, even if it is extraordinary, the complexion will be greatly changed.

“This is?!!!”

An uncontrollable shock flashed in the eyes of the fleshy crown Naga.

Is it the human who he just regarded as an ant? ?


puci ~In the central area submerged by the Naga, a bright radiance burst out suddenly, sword energy tearing the world.

Everything is gone.

The Naga who had just swarmed up seemed like ice and snow melted at this moment, turning into fragments of limbs in front of that indescribable scary sword energy.

Within twenty blades, barren.

Under the gaze of all the naga, a silhouette of shattered armor, covered with scars, and even a chest pierced by an arrow appeared in front of everyone.

But unlike the dying before, an indescribable and terrifying force is filling the opponent’s body at this time.

Sword energy is like a sharp dagger sweeping by, even a strong and thick shield will be instantly crushed into slag under the power of sword energy.

What is even more eye-catching is that the cross long sword in the opponent’s hand is slightly shiny, and it looks exactly the same as the three hundred-edged cross long sword illusory shadow in the sky.

The human being is still closing his eyes at this moment.

The flesh-crowned Naga in the distance saw this scene with an unconcealable greed on his face.

That long sword is definitely an incredible weapon, the lowest is a Legendary equipment, and it may even be a Divine Item.

Thinking of this, the heart beats with peng peng.

“Kill him, snatch the long sword from him!!”

A low-level human that’s all, the other party only temporarily triggered the weapon in his hand, no matter what, it is absolutely impossible to control the weapon of this level! !

So, this long sword can only belong to him!

Naga’s words resounded through the world, and the Naga who had just been stunned at this moment had murderous intentions skyrocketing again, with a low roar in her mouth, and then everyone rushed forward.

But as the group of naga approached Anthony’s 20-edged edge, those closed eyes suddenly opened in this brief moment.

rays of light skyrocketed.

Illusory shadow of fearless sacred sword appeared in the pupil, and the space seemed to be shattered and cracked wherever the eyes passed.


The three-hundred-edged sacred sword illusory shadow in space suddenly moved towards Antony and stabbed down.


The sky is generally collapsed, and the boundless sword energy distorts the space at this moment.

But after the illusory shadow of the sacred sword stabbed, it did not at all cause Anthony the slightest damage, but like ice and snow, it melted into a terrifying force and entered his body within the body at the moment it hit him.

The aura on Anthony’s body gradually rose.


Just the beginning.

After the last light of the illusory shadow of the sacred sword melted into the body, Anthony began to narrow his eyes slightly.

The eyes are sharp as a blade.

Looking at the four-armed Naga who still rushed forward in spite of it, the right hand directly raised the fearless sacred sword.

At this moment, the energy within the body of Anthony gushes out like a volcanic eruption, and the sacred sword illusory shadow that has just been swallowed by him is once again condensed with the cross long sword in his hand.

But in the blink of an eye, a three-hundred-edged illusory shadow condensed into a huge sacred sword with its tip facing outwards, and where Antony stood was the hilt of this long sword.

sword energy in this brief moment makes the sky and the earth gloomy, and the heavens and stars seem to be creeping under its feet.

Seeing this shocking scene, the faces of the surrounding naga changed drastically.

But just before everyone had time to react, Anthony’s right hand swung the fearless sacred sword violently.


The handle is 300 blades long, 30 blades wide, and 20 blades high. It is completely accomplished by the sword energy group of the Tearing Space. The illusory shadow is close to the ground and sweeps across the square at this moment.

The scene is like the coming of War God in Myths and Legends.

Even the troubadour of mythological baptism will be stunned to see this scene.

Like a god.

The long sword Anthony swings is like a wooden stick sweeping ants on the ground, and the 3-blade naga is weak like an egg under the sacred sword illusory shadow.



Blood, stumps, grass clippings, gravel.

Where the long sword swept, everything was falling apart.

The earth collapsed, the vegetation was raze to the ground, and the gravel became dust.

The moment the densely packed Naga hit the sacred sword illusory shadow, it was directly torn apart by the terrifying sword energy and burst into blood mist.

sacred sword illusory shadow is not to kill the enemy by sharpness, but the horrible sword energy that cannot be described and described.

The sword energy illusory shadow in Anthony’s hand looks like a galaxy. This invincible thing that traverses the heavens has been held in his hand.

Sacred sword in the palm of the heavens, slashing out the stars.

Everything around was turned into a gray fly. When Anthony turned around for the first time, the surroundings centered on him, all within 300 blades were raze to the ground.

Boulders, bushes, land… broken and collapsed.

And the thousand-headed naga has become a blood mist at this time.

When Anthony stopped his hand, the scene fell into deathly silence, and their breath was the only sound at this time.

The remaining Naga stared wide-eyed stared at this scene. His face was filled with shock and disbelief that could not be said.

How is this possible? ? ! ! !

Thousands of powerful naga were killed by a single sword? ! !

Is that human being possessed by Spiritual God? ?

At the center of countless light at this moment, Anthony suddenly seemed to sense something. He turned his head abruptly and saw the flesh-crown Naga hundreds of blades away.

Four eyes face each other.

The lingering eyes of the sword energy are as cold as ice and frost at this moment.

The fleshy crown naga only felt a breath that pierced the soul invaded his mind, and his scalp was numb.

Then the other person’s words made him just feel a cold breath from behind to his mind.

“I am the inheritor of the fearless heart. Today, with your blood sacrifice, I will break the 300 soldiers.”

The talk is over.

The 300-bladed illusory shadow stabbed straight out of thin air.

The heavens and the earth were eclipsed, the mountains almost collapsed.

Everywhere the sword shadow passes, there is nothingness.

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